Dream Symbols

The Colored Pencil Method: Dream Interpretation Technique

You might find it hard to interpret your dreams. More often than not, what and who you see in your dreams are just symbols for something else. Usually, you will have to look up these symbols in a dream dictionary, but perhaps you would like to try out a new way of interpreting your dreams. It’s called ‘The Colored Pencil … Read More

Tests and Schoolwork Dream Meaning

Dreaming about taking tests and doing schoolwork is common. It ranks as one of the top five dreams that people have. It’s not surprising because around 60% of the population of the world receives formal education of some sort.  Many of us are lucky enough to spend 12 or more years studying especially if we go to college. It is … Read More


Did you have a dream about radio and want to know what it may possibly mean? If a radio appears in your dream, it is highly likely that there is something being communicated. A lot of times, our dreams can be quite symbolic. Nevertheless, there are times that your dream may be a type of message dreams as well, wherein … Read More


A dream of a maze or a labyrinth can provide you an insight into the true feelings you have about your journey in life. It can also give you a perception regarding your current problems and the choices you need to make.  The majority of people believe that mazes and labyrinths are similar things. However, that is not always the … Read More


Have you been experiencing a dream about mail or messages lately? Mail and messages hold a lot of potential meanings. They can carry positive, negative, or neutral things. A message may contain good news, money, valuable information, and answers to the questions lingering in your mind (see also mind mapping dream meaning) (see also mind mapping dream meaning). Nevertheless, you can receive … Read More

Koala Bear Dream Meaning

Koala bears are indigenous to Australia, so if you don’t live there, the only place you can see them in your country is in a Zoo. Nevertheless, koalas are loved across the world. They are one of those animals kids often fantasize about having as pets. Often, koalas appear in our dreams, too. In order to fully understand the dream … Read More

Ivy Dream Meaning

Ivy is composed of around 15 species of plants and belongs to the genus, Hedera. It is fast-growing and can both creep along on the ground and climb up buildings. I’m sure that most of us have seen buildings covered in ivy. So, you’ve had a dream about ivy and you don’t know what it means. Ask yourself a few … Read More


Champagne is a bubbly type of wine. We normally save one for special occasions and are often associated with romance. It is also a symbol of wealth and celebration. Generally, champagne in a dream hints only of good things. Seeing champagne in your dream can be a representation of love and money. Nevertheless, it can be treated as both losses … Read More


Are you curious about what it means to dream of a castle? If you’ve had this type of dream and been wondering what its possible meaning is, then make sure to keep on reading to find out all bout it. Castles are a big part of history. Likewise, you may see them in a lot of works of fiction. Because … Read More


A dream about arms can present numerous different meanings and interpretations. We use our arms in many different ways. We use it to hold something, hug others, as well as raise or lower them to imply something significant. When interpreting this dream symbol, you must consider details like what the arms are doing in your dream. You also need to … Read More