Mail and Messages Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Mail or messages appearing in your dream have a lot of symbolism, so if you do dream of receiving correspondence, you can be left feeling confused or concerned, depending on the nature of the message you received.

A dream which features a message or some sort of mail isn’t inherently a good or a bad sign by itself, and it depends on the nature of the message and how it appears within your dream. 

If you’ve been wondering about the future, or how something will turn out, it’s common to have a dream about receiving a message or a letter. 

Your subconscious is giving you what you want, but the message may not appear how you expect, and you might struggle to decode it.

Common Message or Mail Dreams and Their Meanings

Dreaming of Receiving Letters or Messages

Dreams about receiving mail often occur when you’ve been thinking about the past, and those you are no longer in touch with. 

It suggests that you want to reach out to them – whether that’s possible in waking life or not – as you long for the connection you had with them, how they made you feel, or you simply miss them.

If you dream of receiving mail, but you can’t read the message because the letter got wet, the ink got smudged, the message was corrupted, or the letters kept rearranging themselves, your subconscious is telling you that there’s something vital which you are missing.

This may be something as simple as forgetting an important anniversary, event, or date, or you feel someone is not telling you the whole truth. Maybe you’re missing a significant detail which could make or break a project, if you’re able to realize it in time and factor it in. 

Dreaming of receiving a voicemail represents an uptick in your social life. A close friend will come to you for advice soon, and it will bring you closer as a result.

Dreaming of Delivering Messages or Mail

If you dream of delivering a letter or a message to someone, this is your subconscious pushing you to move forward in some way. 

Maybe you’re in the middle of making a life-changing choice, and you feel that the timing is more crucial than making the decision itself.

A dream of delivering mail draws your attention to the influence or impact you have on other people. If you dream of someone gladly receiving mail, you should practice being more optimistic, or it might be time to make an effort to spend more time with others.

If you dream of someone dreading the mail you deliver, this suggests that you need to be careful of what words you use in a delicate situation, which may happen in the near future. Tread carefully, and make sure your intent isn’t misinterpreted.

Working in a Mail Depot in Your Dream

Dreaming of working in a mail depot or sorting mail in a post office isn’t a good sign. It reflects that you feel overwhelmed or overworked in your professional life. 

There is a great imbalance between how much time you devote to your work life, and how much time you divide up for your personal life, whether that’s simply enjoying yourself and spending time around your family or friends, or going after your personal goals. 

Dreaming of a mail depot also refers to how well you’re communicating with others. Piles of letters or packages clogging up conveyor belts or filling rooms mirrors how you are being reticent in waking life. There are things you long to say, but you hold back for fear of being judged.

Writing Letters in Your Dream

Dreaming of writing letters is an interesting one. It can simply be a wish fulfillment dream, where you want to reach out to someone, or you want to admit something to yourself and come to terms with a difficult truth in a safe place to do so.

Writing a single letter in your dream can point to someone thinking of you, someone who you never see these days. 

It can be a sign that you should be the one to contact them first, signalling the start of a renewed relationship or friendship, adding a lot of meaning and purpose into your life.

Losing Messages or Mail in Your Dream

Dreaming of misplacing an important message mirrors miscommunication in waking life. Alternatively, it is a sign that you should be careful, as you’ll receive some unexpected news which may need you to be wary in the coming weeks.

Dreaming of Throwing a Message in a Bottle into the Sea

In a dream, if you throw a bottled message into the sea, this suggests that you’ve developed your own unconventional ways of coping or handling the difficult things that life can throw at you. 

Or, it shows a desire to be honest with yourself, or a stranger, in a way that means you cannot be judged for your truth.

Discovering a Message in a Bottle in Your Dream

Dreaming of finding a message in a bottle, washing up on a beach or unearthing it in sand reveals an impending epiphany or new perspective. 

It won’t be one that you’re actively searching for, but it may become life-defining.

How to Find the Meaning Behind Your Message or Mail Dream

How you receive the message in your dream, and how you react to it, defines the meaning behind the dream. 

If you feel excited, happy, or content, the message appearing in your dream is a good sign for the future. It can foretell that your social life will be much busier and happier in the future, providing you with a different sense of purpose or perspective on life. 

Remembering that you were worried about receiving a message points to dreading what the future may hold, or unexpected news. You want things to be predictable, to make them easier to handle.

The Condition of the Letter

If you dreamed of getting a letter, consider where it was addressed to, and who, even if you were the intended recipient. 

A smudged name or address on the envelope refers to an important detail in life which you haven’t yet recognized, and this dream is telling you that it will do you more good to pay attention, than to pretend something doesn’t exist.

If the letter looked damaged, as if someone tried to burn it, this represents a truth you haven’t recognized because you don’t want it to be true. You’re in denial, and pretending that something doesn’t exist, unfortunately, never makes it go away.

Picture any stamps the letter had, such as Christmas or themed stamps, and where the letter was from, and any personal associations with that place.

Are You Waiting For Something?

Dreaming of receiving mail or a message often occurs when you’re waiting for an outcome in waking life. 

If you’re waiting for news, this is unlikely to be a prediction – although that is possible – but it can be a way of your subconscious gauging your reaction and preparing for it.

After a dream like this, you may feel more ready to deal with unexpected obstacles, outcomes which are not what you hope for, and situations that require a split-second decision.


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