Missing Flight Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A dream where you miss a flight can be as uncomfortable as actually missing your flight in waking life. It leaves a horrible tangle of nerves in your stomach, and this feeling can linger for the rest of your day.

But what does it actually mean? If you think about the feeling it leaves behind, like you know you should be doing something, but you’re unable to, you’re halfway there.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Symbolism Behind Missing a Flight in Your Dream

While dream symbolism isn’t always so clear-cut, there are specific dreams which have some overarching symbolism or meaning attached to them, and dreaming of missing a flight is one of them. 

You Feel You’re Missing Out

If you dream of missing a flight, it’s likely that you feel out of step with where you think you should be, or you feel your progress is way behind other people’s. In short: you feel you have missed something important.

It’s a dream closely linked to regret, and it can be your subconscious’s way of finding an outlet for how you feel you didn’t take a chance when you thought you should, or not recognizing an opportunity for what it was when it came your way.

Dreaming of missing a flight because everything that could possibly go wrong does go wrong, this can imply that you feel you need to take more control over your life, like you see others do. 

You’re worried about being too dependent on other people, but you’re also scared of being the only reason why you might win or fail.

If you feel relieved in this dream when you realize the flight has gone without you, you may be too settled in your own comfort zone. 

You don’t feel the need to go after your goals, as unlikely as they may seem, as you feel it’s safer to stay in the familiar. It’s time to go after a goal that scares you.

Relationship Problems

If you dream of boarding a plane, and people push past you like you’re not even there, this reflects how you feel lonely or isolated in waking life. 

You feel people keep getting the wrong impression of you, and you’re not sure how to go about fixing it.

Dreaming of being ejected from a plane before it takes off (hopefully!) refers to your worries about trusting people. 

You’ve been wrong before, and you have no desire to be proved right this time around. This dream is drawing your attention to your wariness, where you risk isolating yourself from others.

If you dream of waiting around for someone at an airport gate, but they had missed their flight and never showed up, this signifies that you shouldn’t match your high expectations of yourself to what you expect from others. They will always be different. 

If you dream of a close friend’s flight going missing, this is highlighting the amount of attention you’re currently giving them, which may be too much. Occasionally, you need to step back to let them know that you trust them to make their own decisions.

You Risk Losing Something

A dream where you miss a flight can also suggest that there’s a chance you’ll lose something very dear to you in the near future if you’re not careful.

If you dream of missing your flight because you misplace your plane ticket, your current outlook or approach isn’t working. 

If you carry on the way you are, while knowing that something isn’t right, this robs you of the chance to change it, and to alter your course as needed to get back on track. 

How to Look for the Specific Meaning Behind Your Missed Flight Dream

There are other details within your dream of missing a flight which can help define the meaning behind your dream. Was there a particular destination the flight was headed to?

If you have a personal connection with the location, this indicates that you’re seeking out the familiar. If there wasn’t a destination, and the dream was solely focused on missing the flight, this suggests that you need to widen your horizons, and make sure you don’t let all your decisions be dictated by your emotions. 


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