Missing a Flight Dream Meaning

Dreaming about missing a flight can be quite uncomfortable. Usually, we don’t feel very good after such dreams. Instead, they make us feel anxious and nervous; like we are missing something. Even worse, such dreams can often be repetitive. So what’s the catch? How should we interpret such dreams? Today; we try to get to the bottom of this issue. 

What Does It Mean to Dream About Missing a Flight 

Dreams about missing a flight can mean a couple of different things. However, it can be said, that in most cases these dreams are reflections of fears and insecurities we might have. From time to time; we might dream about missing a flight and being happy about it. In that case; the interpretation of the dream could be a bit different. If you’ve had a dream about missing a flight in which you were happy, consult the interpretation tips section at the bottom of this page. 

Dreaming of Missed Opportunities

The best way to interpret a dream is often one that seems most logical to you. Consider this: when we dream about missing a flight, there is always a plane involved. This plane is going somewhere, whether you are in it or not. This is why dreams of missing a flight usually signify all the paths in life we could have taken; but didn’t. Sometimes, there is a small event that could actually make our lives go into completely different directions. Sometimes we might not even be aware that we are missing something, but our subconscious can make it known in dreams. 

Loss of Control 

Another common way to interpret dreams about missed flights is that they actually manifest the fear of losing control. Fear of uncertainty, of not being able to control our circumstances or our destinies is actually quite common. In fact, it is probably present in all human beings in some form. As humans, we naturally want to be in control of things. It makes us feel safe and like there is some direction in our lives. When we lose this feeling of control; it can shake us up deeply, and it can manifest in these kinds of anxiety-inducing dreams. 

Fear of Change 

Planes (and all other vehicles for that matter) in dreams often signify change. We might be feeling like everything around us is changing, but we are standing in place, hence missing the flight. Oftentimes, change is inevitable. And often it is out of our control. Dreaming about missing flights could be a sign that we are missing something important. It could mean that it’s time for us to change some important aspect of our lives, or move on from some situation that has been holding us back. 

Additional Tips for Interpreting Dreams About Missing a Flight

Common interpretations can be good guidelines for interpreting your own dreams. But that’s all they are, just guidelines. When trying to interpret a dream, you have to think of the whole picture. What else was there in the particular dream? Try to remember every detail you can. It is also important to think about the meanings you personally associate with the objects in your dreams, since these associations can be different from person to person. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to interpret your dream the right way: 

Was someone you know on the plane? 

If there was someone you know on the plane that you’ve missed, this is a very important clue for the interpretation of your dream. It could mean that you feel this person is changing or that you are losing them. However, on another level, such dreams don’t have to be about the person involved. Instead, they could be about the qualities you associate with this person. 

Where was the flight going? 

This information could be missing from your dream. However, if the destination to which the plane was flying was known to you in the dream, it could be important to think about what this destination means. Is it a place that is close to your heat, or maybe some place you are dreading? 

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