What Does It Mean To Dream Of Flowers?

Dreaming of flowers links to happiness which you will soon enjoy. The more flowers that appear in your dream, the happier the future will make you. If you dream of a bouquet of flowers, this signifies spirituality, or the idea of perfection. Things are going perfect for you right now! Flowers in dreams denote that you’re in a great place within your life, and you’re lucky enough to not have many worries. Flowers can also signify a season or a specific period of time, as plants have always and will always be dictated by time and weather changes. If you can remember what type of flowers you were dreaming of, this will help you uncover the meaning behind your flower dream.

Dreaming of dead or dying flowers indicates disappointment and situations you’ll struggle with in the future. It can signify the end of a life stage or a love affair. Dead flowers in your dream can denote that you aren’t realizing your full potential, and it is a terrible waste. Dreaming of giving someone else flowers suggests you have a good appreciation for what you have right now, acceptance where things are at, or respect for someone else.

In Your Dream, You May Have

  • Been given flowers
  • Gave flowers to someone
  • Saw a sea of different flowers
  • Walked through a wildflower meadow
  • Seen a white flower
  • Saw seeds, or bulbs
  • You planted flowers, bulbs or seeds
  • Saw a downpour of petals
  • Seen hanging baskets
  • Seen rows of flowerpots

What do Flowers Mean in a Dream?

If you dream of a field full of flowers, life will take you on a new journey, one in which you’ll enjoy a more optimistic  outlook at the end of it. Flowers in your home in your dream suggest you’ll overcome any problem you will face, as you have the necessary skills to do so. Dreaming of picking a fistful of flowers indicates you’re making a better future for yourself and those you love, or the future will hold a new connection with someone that will run deeply. If you have this dream when you feel someone has ignored you, this dream is mirroring how your feelings have been overlooked. This dream can also suggest you’re too preoccupied with something, to the extent that you’ve lost sight of something important. 

If you dream of hanging baskets overflowing with blooms, you are handling things in the best way possible right now, though it may not seem like it. This affirmation will help you on your spiritual journey, but it’s not a sign you should pause, you need to keep going. If you dream of picking flowers out for a bouquet for someone, this indicates that you’ll have a new love or a profound connection with someone in the future. Dreaming of a picturesque flower garden indicates that the future will hold many positive things, and if you were thinking of starting something new, now is the time to do so, as you’re in the best position to start.  

Flower dreams, unfortunately, aren’t all roses and happy things. Dreaming of cutting up flowers or taking flower heads off when they’re in full bloom signifies that someone or something will cause you a lot of problems and threaten your way of life or inner peace. Cut flowers can also signify there’s a false friend in your life, where the novelty of the charade of kindness will soon wear off. Dreaming of dying flowers sitting in a vase signifies worry, or being so preoccupied that you’re neglecting a relationship or part of your life which could really do with your attention. Dreaming of throwing out flowers suggests there will be trouble in the future, or you’re sick of a current problem, and you just want it over and done with. It can be a sign of impatience, and a warning to keep working as hard as you can for now, to get over the bulk of the problem.  

Dreaming of buying flowers for someone indicates how much someone has been on your mind recently, or you’ll shortly give them something which will improve their life, and this might not be something material at all. It might be a helping hand or listening when they need it. If you dream of someone else buying you flowers, this either signifies bad news which will court a lot of sympathy, or a turbulent time that you’ll come out the other side better off, with a renewed happiness. Your subconscious mind might have picked up cues from someone about their affections for you, and this can also surface in your dream. A bright bouquet of flowers can imply the support you’re lucky to have from those around you will help bolster your prosperity in the future.

Dreaming of a field full of flowers links to the beauty in simplicity. You are over-complicating your life, and you might be focusing on all the wrong things when it comes to making yourself happy. You don’t need to surround yourself with expensive things in order to be content, or continuing to search for the best of everything. Alternatively, this dream promises a better outlook soon, where you’ll release all that stress you’ve been carrying. Now’s the time to look for the good things in your life, and appreciate them for what they are.  

Wildflowers in a dream can suggest you’re unhappy at work, or you feel it’s time to chase down your goals. Artificial flowers are your subconscious drawing your attention to a relationship that is false in some way, or a friendship that’s built on an ideal and not the actual connection you have. You or someone you know is being fake in some way. 

Dreams about flowers can signify many things, just as different flowers mean different things within the ‘language of flowers’. The flowers themselves can symbolize your growth as a person, what drives you through life and how fulfilled you feel. They usually encompass life changes, and how we adapt to those, like a new relationship, or a change in career. Your subconscious may also be drawing your attention to the fact that your potential is pretty much limitless, and this may be something you have forgotten, or you’ve limited yourself to a certain set of goals, and might come to realize that they’re not what you really want after all.

Dreaming of an ex-partner or current lover giving you flowers signifies that you have a new outlook, or fresh ideas which really need to be shared in order to get the best out of them. It can also signify a new circle of people who will enrich your life – is it time you tried that hobby you’ve been putting off? If you felt content or happy during this dream, your feelings suggest you’re on the right path for you, right now.

While flowers in a dream are broadly a positive sign, you may dream of receiving flowers as a negative experience where they’re a gesture of sympathy. This doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a death in the future, it’s more that your perception of the future is skewed in some way, you’re focusing too much on the negative things, and you’re predicting bad things will happen as a result, and you’re more likely to recognize the bad when it comes and miss the good. If you dream of laying flowers on a grave, you have been carrying a lot of guilt.

The Types of Flowers in Your Dream

Different flowers have different meanings in dreams. Here’s some of the most common, most recognizable flowers you might have dreamed about.

What does a Sunflower in a Dream Mean?

Sunflowers appearing in your dream are a symbol of hope. The worst times are behind you, and the better times are ahead. If you’re not there yet, if you’re still going through troubling times, sunflowers in your dreams speak of your resilience. Sunflowers grow tall where the wind blows steadily through them, and they grow to face the sun. A yellow sunflower symbolizes happy times ahead. Did you know that sunflowers absorb radiation, and are used to purge it from the soil?

What do Wildflowers Mean in a Dream?

Wildflowers appearing in your dream suggest you need to simplify your life. You might need to start from scratch in some aspect, but you’ll be glad you did. Wildflowers can also symbolize the pleasure in the little things, and your resilience and ability to heal from awful situations. Dreaming of picking wildflowers mirrors the wealth of support you receive from those around you.

What do Red Roses Mean in Dreams?

It might be no surprise to read this, but red roses symbolize love, devotion, and passion. It might be a sign that you’re in the right headspace for a new relationship to bloom, you’ll enjoy a profound connection with someone new, or you’ll experience a new-found passion in the relationship you already have. Dark red roses in a dream denote grief or heartbreak, and the need to move on from a failing or failed relationship.

What do White Roses Mean in Dreams?

Roses usually symbolize love, and white roses in dreams represent resistance, because of a love. You may be in denial about someone’s actions or the state of their well-being because you only want to see the best in them, while your dream is trying to show you the true state which you already know.

What do Red Poppies Signify in Dreams?

Poppies in dreams denote healing and rest, far away from life’s problems which have caused you stress or injury. Poppies have been used for their medicinal and sedative properties long before opium became popular in the late 1800s. Seeing poppies in your dream means you are, or you will be in a state of healing or recovery from a troubling time. If you haven’t experienced anything bad lately, this signifies that you’ll provide the help someone needs.   

What do Daffodils Mean in Dreams?

Daffodils are most famous for the story of narcissus, the Greek myth about the hunter who rejected everyone who tried to romance him. Instead, he fell in love with his own reflection, and refused to leave it. The flower that we know as the daffodil was said to have sprung up where he died, and this is the origin of the term narcissism. However, this flower doesn’t necessarily mean you’re obsessed with yourself. It can point to needing to focus on the people in your life – perhaps someone’s struggling with a problem that you can help them with. Daffodils are also symbols of a long-lived friendship. 

What do Different Colored Flowers Mean in a Dream?

As colors have different emotions associated with them, it’s important to pay attention to the flowers in your dream, as it can wholly change the meaning.

What do Red Flowers Mean in a Dream?

Red flowers in your dream symbolize passion, desire, happiness, and positive things for the future. It can also suggest you’ll receive some unexpected support soon. Red flowers also signal long-hidden dreams, and perhaps it’s time to bring them out in the open. They can also symbolize the obsession for perfection and the stress that comes with it, in which case, this is a warning dream. Not everything can be perfect.

What do Orange Flowers in Dreams Signify?

Orange flowers in your dream are a very good sign for the future. Think of the color orange – bright, vibrant, hard to ignore. While often used as a warning sign, orange symbolizes joy and happiness, warmth and hope. While white flowers symbolize the hope in innocence, orange flowers represent hope despite experience. You know that things can be awful, people are capable of terrible things, but they’re also capable of immense kindness and generosity. The more you look for happiness in the smallest things, the more likely you are to find it. 

What do White Flowers in a Dream Mean?

White is the color of new beginnings, innocence, peace, and happiness. They can also represent sympathy, sadness, or love which will lead to trouble. The way to distinguish  these meanings and find the one specific to your dream is to remember how you felt in the dream when you saw them, and what you were doing. Did you feel happy or sad? Were you simply walking through them, or helping them grow, or destroying them? 

White lilies appearing in your dream can signify you’re in a position to be able to look at a situation from every perspective, enabling you to make the right decision at the right time. They can also suggest sympathy, or the end of a chapter in your life, and a new beginning. 

White carnations in your dream suggest you’ll gain a new perspective or way of thinking which will carry you well into the future, despite any problems you have recently faced. 

White hydrangeas symbolize the wealth of potential you hold, and how much further you have to go. The amount of blooms on the heavy head of a hydrangea mirrors the many possibilities ahead of you. 

White flowers also signal devotion, either to you or to someone else, a testament to the bond between you. White magnolias suggest a great passion you have will lead you to something elegant. White jasmines signify how you’re thriving, and that you shouldn’t take your foot off the gas right now, as your hard work will really serve you if you can keep going for a little while longer. White dahlias of any kind speak of new beginnings which are a very good omen for the future. Chrysanthemums with white blooms suggest loyalty in friendship, or devotion to someone close to you, which will come back to you.

What do Pink Flowers Signify in Dreams?

Pink flowers in your dream signify affection or romance, but not quite the intense passion of red, which expands their meaning into hope and contentment. Pink has the connotation of something delicate, and this may suggest that the opportunity for something positive will appear, but you’ll only be able to seize it if you’re watching for it, as it could just as easily pass you by. 

Pink flowers signify grace, happiness, and dark pink speaks of forgiveness and matters close to your heart. Pink peonies starring in your dream indicate a renewed faith that you previously abandoned.  Pink tree blossom or cherry blossom signifies moving forward in your professional life, as well as enjoying things while you have them. Pink lilies aren’t a great sign – they denote pain or trouble, but the kind you will overcome quickly.

What do Yellow Flowers Mean in Dreams?

Yellow flowers in your dream denote happiness, trust, respect, and compassion for others. Yellow is associated with respect, and a connection that is not romantic but nevertheless runs deep. In dreams, yellow flowers symbolize hope for the future, your warmth, and how you care for others. It might be time to rekindle lost connections, if you felt wistful in your dream. Yellow daffodils in dreams are associated with the loyalty that comes from friendship, and you may need to help a friend soon. They can also suggest that your friendships will bring about new work opportunities, maybe a friend will put in a good word for you. 

Yellow marigolds in dreams speak of a future filled with positivity in possibilities. Yellow roses indicate the fulfillment of your dreams and desires, after a long period of hard work, your determination will reward you. Yellow tulips also hint at work opportunities, or a talent you’ve hidden which will soon come in handy. 

Yellow chrysanthemums suggest wealth, or an issue with a parent, or issues that run deep and cut deeper. It’s also a good luck symbol for the future. A yellow daisy or a buttercup speaks of the appreciation of nature, or reconnecting to your childhood, and realizing some of the dreams you held back then. Yellow primroses in your dream suggest you need to have a better handle on your emotions, as they are leading you astray.

What do Green Flowers Mean in a Dream?

Vibrant, green flowers in a dream signify a rare opportunity which will give you great luck or fortune if you can obtain it. Green flowers suggest contentment, and achieving a balance in life which will guide you through the future. If you see a lot of healthy foliage among flowers in your dream, this means you’ll have a lot of resilience in the future, and your unconventional approach will help you to get ahead in business opportunities. 

Green chrysanthemums in dreams link to parental responsibilities, either to a child or to your own parents. They can also suggest there will soon be a conflict in your family, or between two people you love and don’t want to see drift apart. Green orchids in dreams signify that while you may be tired, it’s vital that you carry on, as it’s not time to stop yet, and the work you put in now will pay off tenfold in the future. Dreaming of green flowers among bouquets suggests balance, good health, and good luck.

What do Blue Flowers in Dreams Signify?

Blue flowers are regarded as the hardest color for plants to produce, and in dreams, they signify a period of peace, contentment, and a new chapter after all your hard work (see also The Color Blue In Dreams). In dreams, blue flowers project a feeling of calm, and may suggest you’ll be needed in helping someone sort through their emotions to get to the root of a problem. It may also suggest you need to be calmer, or that you’ll enjoy a period of tranquility soon. It might be time to look at your innermost desires and ambitions, and do some introspection while things are calmer, as clarity will be easier to gain this way. In the Victorian language of flowers, blue flowers were often used to signify a lifelong love, long after the honeymoon period had ended. They were also used to convey a deep sense of trust and resilience they gained from being with a partner.

What do Purple Flowers Mean in Dreams?

Purple flowers appearing in your dreams signify wisdom, elegance, and the eye for detail that comes with experience. They also symbolize creativity, or a transition within a creative project. In older dream interpretations, dreaming of purple cornflowers indicated a long-held secret will be discovered, usually an infatuation with someone. To see the tiny purple blooms in a globe thistle, or in an allium indicates someone is worried about you, or you will soon be concerned about them. Purple irises appearing in your dreams indicate you’ll enjoy a new love, either romantically or in a new hobby or work situation. Purple hydrangeas in your dream speak of your limitless potential, so long as you believe it is so. Periwinkles on the ground in your dreams point to good fortune and accepting yourself for who you are. 

What do Mixed Flowers in Dreams Signify?

To see a multitude of flowers in different colors within your dream denotes wisdom, and a balance of sorts. The future holds both good and bad things for you, and while you’ll get through the bad stuff, it’ll help you appreciate the good things in life.

What does a Painting of Flowers Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of a painting of flowers points to a future anniversary, a birthday, or a future appreciation of the way life is right now. You’ll find yourself looking back with a lot of nostalgia, which may or may not be distorted.

What do Flowerpots Mean in a Dream?

Flowerpots appearing in your dream indicates your imagination has been overworked recently. Perhaps you’ve been entertaining too many possibilities, or you’re pushing yourself too hard when it comes to creative projects. If you noticed a sea of color in your dream, flowers filling these pots to the brim, the future has a wealth of opportunities in store for you. 

What do Flowers in a Park Signify in a Dream?

Dreaming of walking through a park filled with flowers signifies an appreciation for nature or the relationships in your life. Parks in dreams can suggest you’re going in circles, or you’re caught in a rut of routine which is too rigid. 

What does a Plant Bulb Mean in a Dream?

Seeing bulbs in your dreams relates to your potential. If you planted them in your dream, this suggests you need to be patient, and make sure you aren’t trying to force something. If you see flower buds in your dream, you may need to help others to realize their potential within. Dreaming of having trouble planting bulbs suggests a sudden end to a relationship.

What do Petals Mean in a Dream?

While petals often have romantic connotations, if you dream of watching them fall to the floor it signifies the end of a romantic relationship, where you’ve become disconnected from the other person, and any love that’s left won’t salvage the relationship. If you’re married, this dream suggests you’re about to go through a troubling time. If you dream of picking petals off a particularly beautiful flower, you’re reading into things which aren’t there, and listening to your insecurities rather than your good sense. True love might be in the cards, but only if you can get back on track.

What does Pollen Mean in a Dream?

Pollen in dreams suggests you’ve become complacent in some way, or too comfortable with the way things are. It also suggests a recovery from a terrible situation, and the need to get rid of anything that no longer serves you, as the baggage will only weigh you down. 

What does Dreaming of Seeds Mean?

Dreaming of seeds signifies the potential in your future. This may be in a relationship or a small idea which will grow into a massive project. If you saw the seeds in your dream, your subconscious may be suggesting that you need to work on your weaknesses, or your resilience. Dreaming of storing, treating, or sowing seeds can suggest either troubling situations in the future, or success you won’t be recognized for. 

What does a Stalk or a Stem Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of stalks or stems mirrors your relationships, and how well you balance them and everything else in life. If the stems are damaged, you’re anxious, and struggling to juggle everything, or you’re focused on other people’s happiness and not your own. 

What do Thorns in Dreams Signify?

Thorns in dreams signifies negativity that’s bleeding into your dreams. You may be holding onto things which will hold you back, or relationships that will cause more hurt than they’re worth. Dreaming of thistles suggests a bright future. Thorny plants which grow fruit in your dream reflect accomplishments despite setbacks, and to experience pain during this dream suggests you’ll make your own success. Alternatively, it speaks of the inability to deal with failure.

What do Flowers Signify in Dreams?

Flowers in dreams symbolize happiness, the need for peace, or too much vanity. If you dream of a snake hiding under flowers, you’re wary about someone’s intentions, their lust for power, or the regret that follows (Out, Damned Spot!). Flowers directly relate to your emotions in waking life, and beautiful, unbroken blooms signify contentment, and a wealth of happiness in a relationship. Flowers in dreams can also mirror satisfaction in your professional life, achieving those long-held dreams, or simply appreciating the good things in life.  

  • Pleasant times ahead
  • Allowing yourself to be proud of what you have achieved, without becoming too arrogant or boasting about it
  • Appreciating the wealth of happiness that your relationships bring you
  • The love for your partner

Negative Interpretations of Your Flower Dream

Negative meanings of your flower dream usually come with the flowers being broken, damaged, or dead.

  • Dreaming of dead flowers reflect a loss of focus or an abandoned dream
  • Potential going to waste
  • Smelling flowers in your dream can suggest you’re unable to recognize good opportunities when they come up
  • Long-lost love

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