Spirit Animals & Symbols

In the Native American history, spirit animals are an embodied form of a spiritual guide. Spiritual guides can show themselves to us whatever way we are willing to see them, and it is normal for people to connect with theirs through the face of a familiar animal.

Spirit animals can provide us messages by showing in our dreams or being present in our overyday lives. Understanding the wisdom and symbolism of the different animals can give us much insight in how to successfully guide us through the challenges in our world.

Our spirit animal directory can assist you in finding the meaning and wisdom of any animal you connect with in day to day life or have a dream about!

Platypus Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a platypus is just as unusual as the animal’s appearance, and if you dream of a platypus, you’d be forgiven for being very …
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Chameleon Dream Meaning

Chameleons are indigenous to rain forests and deserts, but they can often be found in our homes, as pets. These strange creatures are known for …
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Alligator Dream Meaning

A lot of people have experienced dreaming about alligators at one time or another. If you have, you are probably wondering what the animal represents …
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Bird of Prey Dream Meaning

Birds, in general, are connected with freedom and liberation. However, when it comes to interpreting a bird in dreams a lot depends on the type …
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Bear Dream Symbol Meaning

Bears don’t often appear in dreams, but when they do, there can be many different interpretations. You will need to think of the way you …
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Rat Dream Meaning

We may think that to dream about rats is bad luck, but it can also be a positive sign. In this article, we will take …
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Spider Dream Meaning

Have you been dreaming about spiders lately and wondering what it means? For some people, spiders can be a terrifying symbol that attracts a little …
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Fish Dream Meaning

When interpreting a dream about fish, we have to look at the context of the dream to fully understand it. Fish are often a symbol …
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