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Koala Bear Dream Meaning

Koala bears are indigenous to Australia, so if you don’t live there, the only place you can see them in your country is in a Zoo. Nevertheless, koalas are loved across the world. They are one of those animals kids often fantasize about having as pets. Often, koalas appear in our dreams, too. In order to fully understand the dream … Read More

Chameleon Dream Meaning

Chameleons are indigenous to rain forests and deserts, but they can often be found in our homes, as pets. These strange creatures are known for their camouflaging ability, and sometimes, they are starring in our dreams. To find out the meaning behind chameleon dreams, keep on reading. Common Chameleon Dream Meaning There are many things a dream about chameleon can … Read More

Alligator Dream Meaning

A lot of people have experienced dreaming about alligators at one time or another. If you have, you are probably wondering what the animal represents and why it would be in the forefront of your subconscious mind. When an alligator appears in your dreams, it may be a sign that you have found a hidden instinct within yourself. It may … Read More

Bird of Prey Dream Meaning

Birds, in general, are connected with freedom and liberation. However, when it comes to interpreting a bird in dreams a lot depends on the type of bird you dream about and the situation in which it appears. Dreams about birds of prey, such as a hawk, an osprey, or an eagle, are almost always connected with issues of power and … Read More

Platypus Dream & Spirit Animal Meaning

If you wonder what 30 million years of physical separation from the rest of the world can do to a continent’s flora and fauna, look at Australia. More than 80% of animals and plants endemic to this continent are found nowhere else on this planet. One of these animals is the platypus. It’s a mammal like no other. It lives … Read More

Peacock Dream Meaning

Peacocks are definitely among the most extravagant-looking birds on the Earth. Their beautiful iridescent blue-green colored feathers spread out in a train make them look out of this world. That’s why it’s not surprising that these birds appear as sacred in different cultures and religions. Peacocks are native to India. As a consequence, some of the oldest legends related to … Read More

Mockingbird Spirit Animal and Meaning

The mockingbird is a very interesting type of bird. From the outside, a mockingbird does look special at all. It is a grey, humble-looking bird. But, mockingbirds have a knack at imitating every sound they hear. They often sing like other birds and imitate various insects and amphibians. In cities, they even tend to pick up on random urban sounds, … Read More

Ape & Gorilla Dream Meaning

Dreams about apes can mean a lot of things. While it’s possible you’re way too excited about a planned trip to the zoo, there are also other reasons why you could dream about an ape. Usually, these animals are a symbol of knowledge, communication and resourcefulness. But, in order to understand the meaning behind a specific dream, you need a … Read More

Cows and Cattle: Spirit Animals and Dream Meaning

Cows are associated with farming so why should we dream about them? However, they are also symbols relating to aspects of our lives, so a dream about them shouldn’t be dismissed. They are considered to be spirit animals by some religions and represent a desire to progress in life. Generally, we only dream about them when there is an important … Read More

Dog and Puppy Dream Meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream About Dogs or Puppies? Many of us love dogs, some are afraid of them, and others just don’t want to be near them. Whichever one you are doesn’t take away the fact that they are part of daily life. When we go out, we might see someone walking a dog. Our family and friends … Read More