What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Swimming Pool?

We visit swimming pools to burn off stress, exercise, and relax. So it won’t be a great surprise that dreaming of swimming pools links closely to your emotions, specifically those that don’t always make it to the surface. The swimming pool might indicate you need to look at your feelings more closely, perhaps there is something you have not considered … Read More

Yellow Snake Dream

What would you do, if a snake was in front of you? Scream? Run the other way? Attack it? Evolution has drilled into us that snakes are predators, they are dangerous, and you should be wary.  A dream with snakes involved can be unpleasant. It can even turn into a nightmare, but its symbolism isn’t as rooted in fear as … Read More

Maps Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Did you dream about a map or maps? These dreams can be really intriguing. Maps are all around us. When we imagine the world we live in, we usually imagine a map of planet Earth.  Maps are what we use to orient ourselves in the world – and this was the case since ancient times. While 500 years ago a … Read More

Magic Dream Meaning

While our dreams can be realistic, more often than not, we tend to dream about all kinds of unbelievable things. Flying, traveling through time, breathing underwater are just some of the things we see while asleep. We can’t do these supernatural activities in real life, but everything’s possible in the dreamland. And whether you actually believe in certain supernatural forces … Read More

Junk and Junkyard Dream Meaning

What is junk? To most people, junk is something they leave behind or throw away once they no longer need it. Used napkins, empty water bottles, broken sunglasses… The current condition of these things means they no longer serve their initial purpose. The word “junk” is usually used to describe all of these objects.  To certain others, junk is something … Read More

Jar Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams about fascinating things like dragons, snakes, or the end of the world, often catch our attention due to their powerful symbolism. However, sometimes even the most mundane objects can send us meaningful messages in our dreams. Enter: the jar.  Believe it or not, dreams about jars are actually rather common. Not only this, but dream jars can have a … Read More

Dreams that Come True – What Does This Mean?

Have you ever had dreams that come true? Don’t be alarmed – some people get it, too. What’s the reason behind dreams that come true and what does this mean? If you are perplexed about these occurrences in your life… Or perhaps you are hoping to dream of better things and make them happen… Then, you will surely learn the … Read More

4 Hidden Meanings Behind Dream Of Husband Dying Revealed

Do you sometimes dream of husband dying? It can be a very scary and disturbing experience to have this kind of dream. This is why it helps to understand what is really going on. After all, this is a sad dream about someone you really love. But let us study what this dream exactly means and why there is no … Read More

Dreams About Being Killed – Meaning and Interpretation You Should Know

Do you sometimes have dreams about being killed? It can be a very distressing and disturbing experience when this happens. You wake up feeling absorbed in that frightening vision you have in your dream. Nobody wants to go through this situation, without a doubt. So, what does it mean when you dream of someone or even yourself being killed? Is … Read More

The Real Meaning Behind a Dream That Someone Died

We totally get it – a dream that someone died is never a fun experience. But then it does happen from time to time. You wake up feeling uneasy after such a haunting dream. Does it really mean someone in your dream will actually die such a fate? Or is there a hidden meaning behind this dream? We analyze and … Read More