Metaphors and Symbols in Dreams

When we dream, what we see can be described as symbols or metaphors. While we may have a pre-cognetive dream where the meaning is literal, more often than not we will dream in metaphors and symbols. In this article, we will be taking a look at what these mean in dreams.  Metaphors and Symbolism in Dreams  So what is a … Read More

How to Stop Nightmares

What Causes Nightmares and Bad Dreams? There can’t be many people who can say that they have never had a nightmare or bad dream. They can be caused by a variety of things connected to your waking life. Often we will wake up feeling frightened and anxious. We might even feel that we are completely alone. Usually, we will have … Read More

Ashes Dream Meaning Symbol

If you dream about ashes, it can have an assortment of interpretations. We are going to take a look at some of them here.  Ashes Dream Symbol & Meaning  If you have a dream about ashes, you have to look at the context they appear in as they can mean different things. You may see the ashes of a loved … Read More

Queen Dreaming Meaning & Interpretation

It is quite common to dream of royalty. In this article, we are going to take a look at what it means to dream of queens.  What Does it Mean to Dream of a Queen? A queen in a dream is a symbol of power and wisdom as well as of maternity. Queens are often seen as majestic leaders but … Read More

Mind Mapping to Interpret your Dreams

If you create a mind map of your dream, it will help you considerably to interpret your dream. Dreams are intricate and can have an assortment of meanings even if the subject matter is the same. You have to look at all the symbols in the dream and decide how you feel about them. What is a Mind Map? Perhaps … Read More

Hand Dream Meaning

Hands are used for so many things, writing, using the computer, connecting with friends and loved ones, gardening, and the list just goes on. We probably take hands for granted, but it would be very difficult if we didn’t have them.  Because they are a focal symbol in our waking lives, don’t be surpised if they feature in many of … Read More


A dream about a ghost is typically a symbol of being hunted by something in your past. Likewise, it may imply that old memories are resurfacing because of recent events. COMMON GHOST DREAM MEANINGS: Past Regret/Remorse  Is there something you did in the past that you are now regretting? Are you feeling remorseful about it and wish you have never … Read More

Garage Symbolism And Meaning

If you dreamed about a garage, it’s possible that your subconsciousness is telling you to pay attention to your life goals. However, understanding the meaning behind this symbol requires an in-depth analysis of its characteristics. Things like color, material, type of garage, as well as what’s in it, all matter when trying to interpret the dream. Actually, dream symbols without … Read More

Gambling Dream Interpretation And Meaning

When we dream about gambling, it can mean a number of different things. Gambling in dreams is peculiar, because it can have very positive and very negative meanings, depending on the context. However, in any case, these dreams can carry important messages. This guide is here to help you find the right interpretation.  Common Dream Symbol Meanings for Gambling As … Read More

Galaxy Dream Symbol Meaning

Have you ever dreamed about the galaxy? It is a vast space with many secrets, but it is also a symbol of hope, wishes, and aspirations. The dream can be looking towards the future and what it will bring for you. There are many interpretations that we can attribute to this dream. It can mean that you need space to … Read More