Car Accident Dream Meaning and Interpretation

The only consolation of having a dream where you are in a car accident is that you wake up, and you’re in bed. As consolations go, that can be a pretty big one, considering the alternative, especially when your dream is as stressful as this. Car accidents, whether in dreams or in waking life, are a reminder not to take … Read More

Kidnapped Dream Meaning and Interpretation

As you know, not all dreams are full of fantastically-impossible things that you wish you could do in waking life.  Some dreams you have, wake up, and hope they never come true, and dreaming of being kidnapped is certainly one of them.  So why do we dream about things we never want to happen? Negative dreams are very rarely a … Read More

Demon Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are demons real, visiting you in your most vulnerable state to tempt you, to convince you that everything is lost, and you should do what you want anyway? Or do they represent part of you, as many dream symbols do? Dreaming of demons can be a bewildering experience, as why they manifest in our dreams has been argued over for … Read More

Ghost Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams of ghosts can be very vivid, but what do they actually mean? A ghost appearing in your dream essentially represents something which has been left unresolved, and it’s still ‘haunting’ you to this day, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Reasons Why You’re Dreaming of Ghosts For the most part, ghosts in dreams represent something you’re … Read More

Tree Dream Meaning and Symbolism

While some dream symbols can be mostly negative, such as a car accident, a demon, or a ghost, a tree is largely a positive sign.  When they appear in dreams, trees symbolize our life goals, what we want life to look like, and a personal journey of discovery. What does a Tree Mean as a Dream Symbol? A tree in … Read More

Swimming Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Swimming is one of those activities that is instinctual, so it’s no surprise that a dream of swimming is a common one to have. Although it’s a widespread dream, it will mean something slightly different to everyone, as your associations with swimming, related memories, and your relationship with water will be completely different from other people’s.  Here’s everything you need … Read More

Flight Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A dream where you miss a flight can be as uncomfortable as actually missing your flight in waking life. It leaves a horrible tangle of nerves in your stomach, and this feeling can linger for the rest of your day. But what does it actually mean? If you think about the feeling it leaves behind, like you know you should … Read More

Yellow Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Color plays an important role within dreams, nearly as important as how a dream makes you feel. Dreams are very visual, or that’s how we perceive them, and color is one of the biggest and most obvious indicators when it comes to dream interpretation. Dreams can draw your attention to the color of something, and when it feels significant that … Read More

Magic Dream Meaning and Interpretation

One of the most interesting things about dreams is that they’re usually extremely surreal, usually including any number of impossible things, but they still feel real while we are in them. This is a magic all of its own, but what does it mean to dream of magic itself? Magic in dreams carries a lot of symbolism, and while it … Read More

Labyrinth or Maze Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A maze or labyrinth is a fairly uncommon dream, and it usually denotes a challenge of some kind. It can reflect your emotions about how you feel your life is going, if you feel you need more knowledge or experience in order to move forward. While mazes and labyrinths are similar, it’s important to know the distinction between the two, … Read More

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