Kidnapped Dream Meaning and Interpretation

As you know, not all dreams are full of fantastically-impossible things that you wish you could do in waking life.  Some dreams you have, wake up, and hope they never come true, and dreaming of being kidnapped is certainly one of them.  So why do we dream about things we never want to happen? Negative dreams are very rarely a … Read More

Eating Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Over the centuries, we’ve gotten pretty good at refining our diets, and how to get the very best out of any flavor. We’ve invented so many techniques and different technologies to help preserve food for longer, whether that’s as we grow it or after it comes to the plate. But it’s not often that food creeps into our dreams, which … Read More

Eyes Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreaming of eyes, or your dream focusing heavily on someone’s eyes, can be a very vivid dream, but it’s not always clear what this dream is trying to tell you.  Take eye color, for example. The color of the eyes appearing in your dream dictates the meaning. Brown eyes represent a need to be more grounded, or being deceived.  Yellow … Read More

Driving Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreaming about driving is synonymous with how in control of your life you feel, regardless of whether you drive in waking life or not.  For those that drive in waking life, dreaming of driving can reflect the skills you need in order to be safe, such as keeping your eyes as far ahead as possible, being vigilant, and the persistence … Read More

Key Dream Meaning and Interpretation

While we use keys in our everyday life and take them for granted, I’m sure you’ve lost your keys or forgotten them at least once, highlighting their important role while they sit in the background. This is similar to keys that appear in dreams. They don’t often make an appearance while we’re dreaming, but when they do, it’s important to … Read More

Planet And Space Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Since humans have been on earth, we’ve looked at the sky and the stars, and later the planets, wondering what they could tell us.  For the longest time, we’ve wondered what these planets could tell us, what secrets they may unlock, and how we might come to understand the universe and our own existence better.  This is also true of … Read More

Teacher Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Teachers in life can take many forms, not just those in classrooms, but those who help guide us through the more difficult times that life throws at us. They can help form the ideals which we shape our lives on, our beliefs, and what we want out of the future. A teacher figure appearing in your dream can be a … Read More

Lion Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Lions have inspired many cultures, myths, stories and legends. As dreams go, lions can make a regular appearance, and there’s a lot of symbolism behind them. Largely, dreaming of a lion is a good sign, pointing to strength, resilience, grace, and good luck. But there are times when a lion appearing in your dreams is a warning, reflecting how you’re … Read More

Visitation Dream Meaning: Dreaming Of Someone Who Has Died

The details within your dream often shape your interpretation and its overall meaning, but there are some dreams which you cannot get past a certain event in your dream to look closer at what it might mean.  Dreaming of people you know who have died is an extremely common dream, and it can cause any number of strong emotions, which … Read More

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