What Does The Color Blue Mean In A Dream?

Different colors mean different things depending on the dreamer’s own associations with that particular color, but there are some general messages to pay attention to, too.

The color blue in a dream can signify peace, tranquility, progress along your spiritual path, and the desire for some time away so that you may regain your inner calm. 

But there are other reasons why it might manifest in your dreams, too. Let’s get started.

Why Am I Dreaming Of The Color Blue?

The color blue has quite a few spiritual associations, from heaven, wisdom, belonging, and spirituality. 

Blue tends to be a positive sign in dreams, as long as you feel positive when you see it.

You may see blue in your dream when you want to know where you belong more than this, or you’re about to come across something that will shape your life and change what you want from the future.

If you feel good when you see the color blue, this may refer to positive relationships and influences in your life, as well as what makes you happy. 

If you are worried when you see the color blue in your dream, this points to feeling worried about the relationships you have in your life.

Some dreams of blue suggest that you need to communicate better, or, it can refer to your desire to discover what you really want in life.

It’s also important to consider how the color blue appears in your dreams. A blue tunnel, for instance, suggests that your health is about to improve, while a blue object represents how you are protected in waking life.

Dreaming Of A Clear Blue Sky

Seeing a clear blue sky in your dreams suggests there are many possibilities ahead of you when it comes to your spiritual path in life. The difficulty will be deciding between them.

Dreaming Of A Blue House

A blue house in your dream represents the calm you find in trusting someone who is honest. If you dream of your own house, this means that your spiritual path is about to become clearer, and you may need to consider how you might help others.

A Blue Bed In Your Dream

A blue bed in your dream represents contentment and peace. You’re in a good place right now. 

If you dream of a blue duvet set, this means that you should expect an emotionally powerful event to come into your life, and you may struggle with it.

A Blue Dress In Your Dream

Dreaming of a blue dress implies that you aren’t being honest about how you feel with others, and this won’t serve you in the future. 

It’s also a call to try and avoid worrying about things needlessly. While some things need your attention, there’s no point in worrying about things that might never happen.

Dreaming of other blue clothes is a call to focus on your own happiness rather than trying to make others happy and not yourself.

Dreaming Of Blue Animals

Consider what animal you see in your dreams, as this affects the meaning. If you dream of an animal which is naturally blue, this suggests that you are not listening to your instincts about someone, or it can signify unhappiness.

A blue dog in your dream represents someone in your life who has a strong sense of loyalty, but they are also quite emotionally sensitive. 

A blue cat implies that you aren’t seeing the bigger picture of something.

If you dream of a blue spider, this refers to someone who has a calming effect on you. Maybe it’s worth reaching out to them soon.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Blue In A Dream

Spiritually speaking, the color blue may manifest in your dreams when you are thinking about your potential in life, what you think you can achieve, and what you really want.

If you have been settling for less than your heart’s ultimate desire, your subconscious mind encourages you to think why this might be, and what you can do to change that. 

You may find that you will always wonder if you don’t go after what you dream of in life.

Blue is also connected to the divine, signifying protection, honesty, and wisdom.

If you are someone who believes in auras, the color blue is very important, as it suggests that this person is honest and true, they communicate well, and think deeply. 

Older Dream Interpretations Of The Color Blue

It’s also worth looking at dream interpretations that not a lot of people take notice of these days. 

According to older dream books, dreaming of a blue house signifies that luck is on your side,  and you will soon enjoy an uptick in your material wealth.

A huge blue house such as a manor or a mansion suggests that things are about to go well for you, but it will cause some jealousy.

Dreaming of a deep blue sky is a very good sign, and suggests you’re about to enjoy a perfect time in your life, filled with good fortune and health.

Dreaming of swimming or walking through something that is blue implies that you may be about to start a new adventure.

The Color Blue Is A Positive Sign In Your Dream, If:

  • You feel peaceful when you see the color blue
  • You see a clear, endless blue sky
  • You see a bright blue ocean

Final Thoughts

A dream that involves the color blue is a call to pay attention to what’s going on in your life, and where it will lead to. 

As blue is the color of freedom, tranquility, and spirituality, this may be the universe asking you to consider where you want your life to go.

It also mirrors your emotions in waking life, especially those that you don’t want to acknowledge. 

You might also dream of blue when you’re considering your spiritual path in life, the direction your choices are leading you to, and what you want in the future. 


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