City Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams of cities are very common, especially if you happen to live in one. Settings in dreams are incredibly important to finding the meaning behind your dream, as they usually hold a lot of symbolism before you even get to the events of your dream, or your emotions during it.

A City as a Dream Symbol

Cities can have many interpretations when they appear in our dreams, as these settings are made up of different components, usually involving a huge amount of people, cars, traffic, buildings, and lights, if you happen to dream of a city at night. 

A Metaphor For Your Professional Life

When a lot of people imagine cities, these are typically linked to career and work opportunities, or your professional life as a whole. 

Take a look at the details of your dream, as this will inform how well you think your work life is going, and what might be in store in the future.

A bustling city full of lights and people refers to an equally packed workload or professional life, maybe one which is getting too much for you, if you find people shoving past you.

An empty city points to a job that you might dread, or one which really doesn’t do anything for you except pay the bills. It can indicate that you feel there’s no progression where you are, or perhaps you feel you can’t switch jobs due to your commitments.

Dreaming of watching a city from on high refers to your aspirations, or your future level of success if you keep working at it. If you are scared of heights in this dream, you feel you aren’t ready for your work life to change, or your priorities to shift. 

Relating To Others

Dreaming of a city also refers to your ability to relate to other people, which isn’t always at the same level a hundred percent of the time. 

If you dream of a very busy city, this can imply that you feel well-grounded, well-connected to others. You get a lot out of your current relationships. 

Dreaming of being in or on a skyscraper looking down at a city refers to wanting to connect to people more, but you struggle to do so. Perhaps you’re not spending time around the right people. 

Wanting to Change Your Life

A city appearing in your dream can point to a desire to change an aspect of your life, or the whole thing as you know it. Maybe things are crawling along, and you want something big to come along and shake up your life. 

Look to Your Relationships

A city in your dream can reveal the need to pay attention to your relationships. Maybe you’ve been neglecting one or more of them, if life has been a little hectic for you lately. 

A city can symbolize a breakdown within a relationship, so you may want to do this sooner rather than later.

Common Dreams About Cities, and Their Symbolism

Being Lost in a City

If you dream of being lost in a city, you may be struggling to make a decision in life, particularly concerning work. 

Maybe you’re thinking of moving jobs or setting out on your own in business, but you’re reluctant to leave the security and familiarity of your current position. 

Or, maybe you’ve been tasked with a new project where you need to make all of the decisions, and you’re struggling with the responsibility, as your choices will decide the outcome.

It may be that your job responsibilities have changed, and you’re not sure exactly what is expected of you. Perhaps you’ve been given extremely vague instructions, or you have a lot of work to do, and you’re rushing around to get everything done.

An Abandoned City in Your Dream

Dreaming of an abandoned city suggests one or more of your relationships will suffer in the near future. 

It can indicate a complete breakdown of a relationship, where you may have an argument you cannot reconcile, and it could be the end of your connection. 

Maybe you’ll come to realize that only one of you is invested in your relationship, or neither of you feel that connection anymore. 

Dreaming of a Flooded City

Dreaming of trying to get through a flooded city points to a future situation which will cause a lot of emotional turmoil. You’ll struggle to come to terms with this situation, or to adjust to life after it. 

It may involve a pivotal change in your life, and while this doesn’t sound great, it could mean a fresh start somewhere in your life, which has a lot of potential.

Flying Over a City in Your Dream

Dreaming of flying over a city like a superhero reflects your social goals or aspirations. You want to be admired and liked by everyone around you. 

It can also suggest that you need to see things from a completely different perspective. Perhaps there’s something else you need to consider.

Dreaming of an Unfamiliar City

Dreaming of a completely strange situation points to an unfamiliar social situation in the near future, where you will struggle to adapt. It may involve many people you haven’t met before, and this could be positive or negative. 


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