Key Dream Meaning and Interpretation

While we use keys in our everyday life and take them for granted, I’m sure you’ve lost your keys or forgotten them at least once, highlighting their important role while they sit in the background.

This is similar to keys that appear in dreams. They don’t often make an appearance while we’re dreaming, but when they do, it’s important to pay attention to this dream, as there is an important message behind it.

What do Keys Represent in Our Dreams?

While we keep keys on us pretty much all the time, we very rarely hand them over to other people. In a way, they symbolize our personal sense of control, power and security, and these themes often crop up in our dreams. 

Keys can also symbolize solutions, knowledge, or your deepest-seated desires.

Adjust Your Expectations

Keys appearing within your dreams can indicate that you are trying to do too many things at once. You’re so focused on trying to push ahead in as many areas as possible that you won’t get everything done.

In this case, you need to prioritize your goals, and understand that you’re only human. You cannot do everything all of the time. 

But, you can be smart about it, and organize your to-do list in order of what needs completing first.

A Pivotal Point

A dream involving a single key can occur when you’ve found something that will shape a whole chapter of your life, or someone. 

This may mean a new friendship, a romantic relationship, a fulfilling hobby, or a new purpose that will drive you forward and give you plenty of motivation. It will define this period of your life, for better or worse.

You’ll be able to look back on it and say, ‘this was when everything changed.’


Keys in dreams can represent security. After all, they are what keep our homes, our sanctuaries, and our means of getting from one place to the next, our cars, safe.

So in this dream, it’s important to remember if you lost a key, or found it, as this will point to finding a new sense of security, or a period of time when you’ll feel very vulnerable. 

The Solution You’ve Been Searching For

If you’ve got more than a few problems plaguing your waking life, this dream can be a way of your subconscious telling you that the hard part is nearly over. 

Within this dream you’ve found a solution, or you’ll shortly find the fix that will make everything a little smoother, and easier to deal with.

If you dream of losing a key which was integral to a mission or story in a dream where it played a vital role, this suggests that the current method you’ve been using won’t work. You’ll need to find another way.


Keys in dreams can also symbolize strength, power, and the willingness to take control of a situation, in order to get things done. 

It can imply that you need to assume control of a situation in order to solve it, or you’ll soon find yourself with a renewed sense of power and capability, and what you choose to do with it could define your future.

Common Key Dreams and What They Symbolize

Dreaming of Finding a Key

A dream where you find a key relates to finding the right solution to fix an ongoing issue you’ve been trying to solve for a while. 

This dream is a reassuring sign that you’ll be able to move forward, and you’ll be able to put this issue behind you.

Or, dreaming of finding a key suggests that anything you’ve been embarrassed about lately will soon fade into the background, as you’ll have much better things to consider soon.

Dreaming of Losing a Key

Dreaming of losing a key points to having an argument with a close loved one. You’ll both say things you’ll regret later, and this regret is a testament to how you both value your relationship. 

The anger comes from how deeply you care about each other, so attempt to make up as soon as your tempers have cooled off. Your connection is too important for anything else.

Giving Someone a Key in Your Dream

If you dream of giving someone a key, this is symbolic of you placing your trust in them. You may be leaving your worries with them, or things you’d like their advice on. 

You may also be doing the same for them, and trusting them to come to you when they have problems.

Being Unable to Unlock or Lock Something with a Key

If you find a key which you know should work for a door or locked object or window in your dream, but it won’t open, this suggests that you need to develop your skills further in order to succeed. 

While you have some experience, you don’t yet have the tools you need in order to go after a long-standing goal or dream.

If you dream of being chased, and you need to lock a door, but the key won’t turn, this implies that you won’t be able to hold onto what you’ve already achieved, or you won’t be able to use a new skill that you’ve recently acquired.

How to Interpret Your Key Dream

Dreams involving keys can be very specific and personal to you, so it’s worth looking at your own personal associations and memories involving keys, when you want to discover the meaning behind dreaming of keys.

How Many Keys Were in Your Dream?

One thing you should consider when trying to interpret this dream is to remember the number of keys in your dream, as this changes its meaning.

One key can indicate that you need to spread your efforts across multiple methods or projects in order for something to work.

Two keys within your dream implies that a situation in waking life will surprise you.

If you dream of too many keys to count, this symbolizes your capability, your power, and your authority. It can also point to the weight of responsibility.

How Did You Feel When You Saw The Key?

This is the most important thing to consider, when trying to find the meaning behind the key in your dream, as it will dictate whether the image is a positive sign, or a negative one. 

Think of your own associations with a key as a symbol, as this can also guide you to the right meaning behind your dream.


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