Key Dream Meaning

We use keys every day. We use them to lock and unlock our houses, gates, cars, even our diaries. Keys often appear in our dreams, too. Usually, they represent a certain symbol. In this article, we’ll share our knowledge of key dream meaning, in hope that it helps you interpret your dream better.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Keys?

Keys are one of those objects you don’t share with a lot of people. Therefore, it’s not surprising that dreams about keys can symbolize hidden things. There might be some information you’re hiding from a certain person. Another possible dream interpretation is that you’ve suppressed certain feelings you didn’t want to deal with. Here are the most common symbols of keys in dreams.

Hidden Knowledge

If you dream about a key to a locked cabinet, a journal or a library building, it means that you’re seeking hidden knowledge. No, we’re not talking about a magic scroll or the key to eternal youth. What we mean by hidden knowledge are the things that our intuition tells us. Imagine being torn between two choices. You’re struggling to make your pick in waking life, but your intuition can send you signals through your dreams. The dream is a reminder to trust your guts. 

Keeping Secrets

Growing up, a lot of people kept journals. There are even diaries with locks for those extra careful about other people reading their thoughts. Keeping secrets from someone is one possible dream meaning. 

A key can also symbolize your hidden persona. Do you sometimes behave differently around certain people? That’s probably because you’re trying to hide some things about yourself. For instance, you could be trying to hide your sensitive side from other people, worrying they’ll end up hurting you. However, maybe the dream can be telling you you’re being too careful without reason. 

The Key to Power

Imagine holding the key to a gold chest. In such a case, you have the power in your hand. Sometimes, the key can symbolize power in dreams. Whether it’s a key to a treasure box or keys to a prison cell, in all cases the one that has the key, has power. The same goes for car keys. Vehicles in dreams often symbolize control. Therefore, having the keys to a car means you’re in control of your life. 

Problem Solving: Finding a Solution

Often, dream symbols are just a word game. Key is a synonym of an answer – therefore, dreaming about it can actually symbolize a solution to something. A dream about keys can mean you’re searching for a way to overcome an obstacle or solve a problem in waking life.  

Seeking the Truth

Keys can also symbolize truth. The dream might be reminding you that certain people around you are being dishonest with you. Searching for a key can also represent your search for a deeper meaning of things. 

Other Common Key Dream Meanings

There are different possible key dream meanings, and it all depends on the context of the dream. Here are a few possible situations and their meanings.

To Dream Of Finding Keys 

Finding keys in a dream is like solving a puzzle (see also labyrinth and maze dream meaning) (see also labyrinth and maze dream meaning). This dream can mean that maybe you’ve found the missing piece, a solution to a problem. 

To Dream Of Something Being Locked Away

Things behind the locked door are a symbol of your goals. This dream is a reminder that, since you don’t have the key, you’re unable to reach them. The search for a key is actually a rocky road filled with obstacles that keep you away from achieving your aims.

A Ring Of Rusty Old Keys

Old keys symbolize things from the past. These are the things you forgot or repressed, but at some point, they’ve emerged back on the surface. They worry you so much that you’re unable to fully focus on other things in life. This dream reminds you of the importance of dealing with these problems as soon as possible, in order to have a piece of mind.

There’s another way you can decipher dreaming about rusty keys. This dream can symbolize your long-neglected skills. Do you feel rusty? Maybe you forgot to exercise in such a long time that you get tired just by doing 10 push-ups. Or you haven’t spoken a certain language in forever, so now you’re having a hard time putting a whole sentence together.

Being Locked Up

Whether you’re dreaming about being behind bars, or you’re locked inside your own room, these kinds of dream scenarios have a pretty straightforward meaning. Being locked up symbolizes your feeling of being trapped, in a figurative sense. Maybe you feel like you can’t get out of a relationship that’s been oppressing you. Or perhaps you feel like you’ll never get the promotion you worked hard for. In both cases, the dream symbolizes a situation you don’t see a way out of.

The Keys To A House

The keys by themselves don’t tell us much about the dream meaning. That depends on other factors, like who’s house it is. The house characteristics are also important. Imagine holding the keys to a house in the middle of nowhere, with a fenced yard and barred windows – this can mean you’re trying to keep certain things hidden from other people. 

Giant Keys

Seeing giant keys in a dream symbolizes big wishes. These are the things you want most in life – like a promotion or buying a new house. 

Losing Your Keys

Losing keys can be stressful – especially if you don’t have a spare one. Dreaming about losing your keys is never a good sign. This dream is usually about your responsibilities and how you feel about them. These obligations can be related to both your work and personal life. 

On another note, loss of keys can also represent a lost trust in a specific person. Maybe you feel like you can’t put your trust in them anymore, and that upsets you – so much that it troubles you even in your sleep.

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