Ladder Dream Meaning

To have a dream about ladders is often positive, although there are, of course, exceptions to the rule. In general, ladders represent our goals and our journey climbing up to them. However, we can dream that we are falling from a ladder and this can represent our fall from grace. 

In this article, we will take a look at the different dreams we might have about ladders.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Ladder?

There are two types of ladders you can dream about, but they can be intertwined. There is the physical ladder and the spiritual and emotional one. Many lead towards your goals and they may be connected to your career, your relationships, or to your self-development. 

However, there are some other explanations of dreams about ladders that are worth examining.

Higher Awareness

The ladder is frequently mentioned in the Bible. Probably the most recognized story is that of Jacob’s ladder. This story begins with Jacob being turned away from the promised land, but soon after, he has a vivid dream of a ladder connecting the earth to heaven. Angels are flying around and he realizes that the ladder symbolizes the connection between this world and the afterlife. The ladder is a metaphorical bridge between our life and heaven.

Some people believe that to dream of a ladder means that you are going to gain knowledge and wisdom. Others believe that you can have a visitation dream if a ladder is present. This is when somebody who is dead comes to talk to you through a dream.

Another interpretation of a ladder dream is that the ladder bridges the gap between darkness and light. It is rare that anyone is completely in the darkness zone or the lightness zone. However, everybody needs to achieve a balance between the two. 

Finding Success in Your Goals

Probably the most common interpretation of a ladder in a dream is that the higher you can get up that ladder, the more successful you will be in your waking life.

You need to remember that you can’t achieve much if you don’t put any effort into your goals. You have to take the necessary steps to reach the top. If you are at the bottom of the ladder, remember that you can only get onto the next rung with some effort on your part. 

If you dream of a ladder, you need to understand your goals and decide if they are feasible and if perhaps you need to slightly change them. You may have to take some risks and perhaps you need to decide if you are ready to do this. You need to think about what you hope to achieve in your life. A ladder symbolizes opening doors to where you want to go. However, if you are feeling unsure in your waking life, a ladder will symbolize that perhaps you should take smaller steps to achieve your goals.

If you are working on goals in your current life, ask yourself questions. Are you committed to the job at hand? Are you working hard enough? Do you feel as if you are making some progress?

Status Symbol

If you dream of a ladder it can represent where you are on the ladder of success. If your dream shows that you are low down the ladder, it can mean that other people are better in certain aspects of life than you are, but it doesn’t have to be so. The dream is showing you that you can work hard to achieve what you want. This often refers to your role at work. 

If you dream that you are higher up the ladder, it can mean that other people look up to you and that your career is going well. If you are just halfway up that ladder, it means that you have some way to go to achieve your goal. You need to put in more effort in your waking life.

Work and Service

Ladders are particularly important in the work lives of firemen, electricians, carpenters, builders, and painters, among other professions. Don’t be surprised to dream about a ladder if you are in one of these professions as they can represent your choice of job. If you are not in one of these professions, a ladder can still represent your enthusiasm for your job. 

What is interesting is that if you dream of someone carrying a ladder to do a job, it can mean that you will have a much easier time reaching your goals if you ask other people to help you. You might want to do everything off your own back, but sometimes a little help goes a long way.

Types of Ladders and What They Mean as a Symbol

There are a lot of different ladders out there and they all have different meanings. You might dream about a tall ladder such as one used by firemen, or you may see a stepping stool that just has a couple of rungs. Ladders can also be made from different types of material such as wood or metal. Here we’ll take a look at what different types of ladders mean in a dream.

Dreaming of a Wooden Ladder

Wooden ladders can mean a variety of things, so you need to look at the dream as a whole. It can mean that you are going to have a fresh start and that you are going to be happy. You are going to have success in areas you never thought possible. 

Most ladders are now made from some type of metal, so if you dream about a wooden ladder it can mean that you are thinking of the past. Maybe you would like to turn the clock back and do things differently or perhaps you are nostalgic for the old days. 

Wooden ladders can also symbolize someone from the past like your late grandmother. Perhaps you have thought a lot about this person recently and wish they were still alive.

Dreaming of Using a Ladder to Climb a Tree

If you have fruit trees you might dream about using a ladder to climb up and pick fruit. This dream often means that you will soon be rewarded for all your hard work. The type of fruitĀ (See also apricot dream meaning) you dream about can also have some bearing on the interpretation of the dream. Plums, for example, suggest that you feel good about yourself even though your life might not be completely perfect. They can also make you aware of any imperfections you might have. Peaches are symbols of love and relationships and you can dream about them when you are happy. Pears, on the other hand, represent fertility and you might be pregnant or know someone who is.

Beach or Lifeguard Chair with a Ladder

If you dream of a ladder at a beach it can be a reminder to enjoy life more. Perhaps you have been spending too much time at work. 

Another meaning for a lifeguard’s ladder is that you are not certain that you have made the right decisions recently. Maybe you wish that you had someone to help you with your responsibilities or on the other hand, you are not happy that someone else is making all the decisions. Perhaps you aren’t feeling appreciated. This could be either in your home life or at work. 

Dreaming of a Book Ladder at the Library

In some libraries, the shelves are so high that you need a ladder to reach some of the books. If you dream that you are climbing a ladder in a library, it can mean that you want to learn more. Alternatively, it can mean that you are looking for answers to something that is bothering you in your waking life. On the other hand, perhaps you are gaining spiritual knowledge. You need to take note of the other symbols in the dream to get a full picture.

Ladder Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of Falling Off a Ladder

If you dream that you fall off a ladder, it can mean that reaching your goals in life is proving difficult. You could be feeling disappointed that things aren’t going right. Maybe you feel as if you’re not worthy of reaching the top at work. You need to look at your life, in general, to understand why you are having problems. Perhaps you haven’t been working as hard at work as anyone else which is why you aren’t being considered for a promotion. Once you realize and accept that it’s your fault that you aren’t progressing, you can start to do something about it. Alternatively, if you have been working hard at work, but are still being overlooked, it may be time for you to start looking for a new job. 

Falling off a ladder can also indicate that you have problems in matters of the heart. Perhaps you haven’t been paying your partner enough attention and it’s time you changed unless you want the relationship to end.

To dream that you fall off a ladder and die isn’t necessarily a negative dream. Dreams of death (see also zombie dream meaning) usually indicate a fresh start. If things haven’t been going well, you are going to have the chance to reverse matters.

Dreaming of Descending Down a Ladder

To dream that you are going down a ladder from the top to the bottom can mean that you have done something which you regret and feel embarrassed about. 

Descending a ladder can also indicate that you feel inferior to other people. You have little self-worth and it is about time you did something about this. Keep telling yourself that you are just as good as your colleagues and friends.  However, perhaps you have done something lately that has made you feel like this. Have you not given credit to your employees? They could feel undervalued and it is you who is in the wrong. Once you have accepted this, you can move on and give credit where credit’s due. Maybe you stood up your romantic partner to work late and didn’t apologize. It is time to make it up to him or her. Once you’ve identified the situation which has made you feel bad, you can do something to change it.

An alternative meaning for going down a ladder in a dream is that you are not going to be lucky in love. You can change this, however, by being kind, considerate, and open.  

If you see another person going down a ladder, it means that you are going to come across an unpleasant person who may try to belittle you and will talk about you behind your back.

Broken Ladder Dream Meaning

A broken ladder is a little negative. It can mean that you have failed. This can take all manner of guises. You might have a failed marriage or have not been successful in your job. If you can’t fix these mistakes, at least you can learn from them. This dream could also be a premonition for the future. You still have time to turn things around. Alternatively, a broken ladder indicates that you have lost connection with your spiritual side. You have been absorbed with what is happening on earth and have neglected God. You need to soul search and try to understand your source of a higher power.

If you see a ladder crashing down to the ground, you are or will be experiencing financial difficulties. Perhaps there is time to change this from happening if you have been warned. Cut down on your expenses if you can. Alternatively, this dream can mean that you have alienated friends or colleagues by ignoring them in your desire to be successful. Success is not everything. You need friends as well.

Common Ladder Sayings and Phrases

There are plenty of different sayings and phrases about ladders and they can appear in our dreams. We’ll take a look at some of them here.

Corporate Ladder Dream Meaning

Many years ago, it was believed that you could ‘climb the corporate ladder’, meaning that you could work yourself up in a company from the bottom to the top. You could start work as a cleaner and end up as manager of the company. However, this doesn’t happen so much anymore with so many highly qualified people out there. If you feel that you aren’t treated well at work you may dream that you are at the bottom of a ladder and that those in higher positions climb over you to get to the top of the ladder. They could literally step on you to get where they want to be. It is a sign that you should be looking for a better job where you will be respected.

Low Man on the Ladder/Bottom of the Ladder

This phrase means that you are either of a lower social rank than others, or that you are at the bottom of the work ladder. If you dream that you are stuck on the bottom rung of a ladder, your self-worth probably isn’t very high. You should work on this in your waking life. You are just as good as everyone else. If other people do look down on you, perhaps it’s time to end that association. You will probably have to work hard to get to the top of that ladder, but it can be done. 

A more positive meaning to this dream is that being at the bottom of the ladder means that you are starting afresh after a loss or change. Perhaps someone close to you has died or you are starting a new job.

At the top of the Ladder

On the opposite side, there is this saying. It means that you are of a higher social group or rank. If you dream that you are at the top of a ladder, it could be time for you to reflect on your success and how you treat others below you. Perhaps you can help them to climb up a few rungs of that ladder. Give them confidence and praise their work if they do well.

Chutes and Ladders

There is a board game for children called Chutes and Ladders or Snakes and Ladders. You play with dice and whatever number you throw you move forward on the board with a token. If you land on a ladder, you move further up the board, but if you land on a chute or a snake, you move down. 

If you dream about this game and find yourself going up ladders most of the time, it can mean that you are going to be successful at work or have a happy marriage. However, if you keep going down the chutes or snakes, you are not going to have much luck shortly. Perhaps you have been getting your hopes up too high only to see them dashed at the last moment. If you dream of both going up the ladders and down the chutes or snakes, your life is going to be normal, with both good and bad times ahead as is normal in most people’s lives.

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