Labyrinth or Maze Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A maze or labyrinth is a fairly uncommon dream, and it usually denotes a challenge of some kind. It can reflect your emotions about how you feel your life is going, if you feel you need more knowledge or experience in order to move forward.

While mazes and labyrinths are similar, it’s important to know the distinction between the two, as it can change the meaning behind your dream. A maze can have several entry and exit points, where a labyrinth leads to a center point, and only one exit. 

Mazes frequently feature dead ends, while labyrinths have no dead ends, only one path which is difficult to traverse. Like the maze, you cannot see where it ends, but a labyrinth is typically circular.

To some, mazes symbolize the choices we make, whether they are good or bad, whether they lead you to something great, or they don’t lead anywhere at all. They are also linked to the unexpected twists and turns life has in store for us.

Labyrinths have more spiritual connotations. They are more often associated with your life as a whole, and making your way through one is synonymous with spiritual enlightenment, and growing as a person through your journey through life.  

Any obstacles you encounter within your dream can also have a lot of symbolism. Whether that was the path was difficult to find or follow, or if you had to make a decision that would impact the rest of your journey through the maze, or if you encountered an impossible maze. 

Consider also the company within the maze or labyrinth. If someone was helping you, and what or who they might represent in waking life. 

If you dreamed of someone holding back, or misdirecting you, this can signify a lack of trust in people, yourself, or someone in your life who is not to be trusted.

Another thing to think about is the appearance of the labyrinth or maze you were making your way through. Was it an impossibly neat hedge maze, or something equally grand as a marble labyrinth?

The material of the puzzle itself can give you some clues as to its meaning. For example, if you dream of a maze made of ice (see also What Does Ice Mean In Dreams?), this can indicate there’s a disconnection between you and how you feel. 

Common Dreams of Mazes and Labyrinths, and Their Symbolism

Being Chased Through a Maze

Dreaming of being chased through a maze indicates that you’re under a lot of pressure to make a decision. Just because this choice is time sensitive does not make it any easier for you to decide, and you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Maybe the choice itself is impossible. You might have tried to look at it from angles, and you’re still not any clearer on what to do. 

It may be worth dropping the problem entirely for a minute. Let go of that responsibility, that pressure, and pick it back up once you feel a little better. You may find the solution is closer than you think.

Do you remember what was chasing you? This can also influence the meaning of the dream. If you cannot remember, or you didn’t see what was chasing you, this reflects how you need to gain a different perspective on things in order to make your decision. 

Dreaming of being chased by a monster through a maze can indicate that the pressure you’re under is a result of your own expectations, and that you need to remind yourself that you are only human. You don’t have to be perfect.

If you have a dream like this again, it’s worth trying to do the opposite of what your subconscious wants, where you can, to see what’s possible. Your subconscious may even show you the answer. 

Unable to Find Your Way Through a Labyrinth

Dreaming of being lost in a labyrinth can be as equally disturbing as being chased around a maze. 

A stressful dream like this indicates that there’s a long and difficult journey ahead of you. Because a labyrinth also represents spirituality, it may be that this difficulty will make you question your beliefs, your sense of purpose, or your faith in people.

If you manage to eventually find your way before you wake from this dream, your subconscious is telling you not to ignore something in waking life which has the potential to change how you see life in general. 

Completing a Maze

Completing a maze within your dream is a very good sign. It indicates that you will soon overcome any current issues or problems that have been causing you a lot of stress.

It also implies that you’ll navigate your way well through difficult decisions in the near future, avoiding those that could cause you or others harm or difficulty. 

While we never know where any choices may take us, not completely, this dream is also telling you to put aside any fear or uncertainty you’re holding onto. Trust yourself to make the right choice.

Dreaming of a Labyrinth Collapsing Around You

This dream is less positive. In fact, it’s mostly a negative sign. Dreaming of a labyrinth collapsing around you suggests that you don’t have enough experience or wisdom yet to attempt what you’re trying to do.

Alternatively, this dream is drawing your attention to feeling uncertain about where your life is headed, or a lack of faith in yourself. This is something you need to address, as exploring these concepts will help you make decisions quickly and painlessly in the future.

A Familiar Place Turning into a Labyrinth

If you dream of your house turning into a labyrinth, this reflects how your home life situation has gotten complicated, or it will in the near future. 

Maybe something will come along that will test your connection with those closest to you, or you’ll question who you can rely on in the most difficult of situations.

Dreaming of your workplace or office turning into a labyrinth also signifies that things will get difficult, but in both of these dreams, there is an implication that you may gain a higher sense of knowledge or wisdom at the end of it, which may even change your life.

What does a Labyrinth Mean in a Dream?

Spirituality, or Epiphany

While a labyrinth only has one possible exit (like life, if we’re being morbid, or to the point), it has many twists and turns, and you’ll notice that you cannot see far ahead.

This is similar to the nature of life, while we may have a feeling about how things may turn out, and we can have all the data and statistics in the world, there is always some element of serendipity. Something we cannot see coming.

A labyrinth in a dream is a reminder that we cannot see everything, but it’s important to take notice of a shift in perspective, which may change your life. It could provide you a whole new world view, new knowledge to take with you and to guide you through life.

It suggests that change is somewhere near, and it has the potential to shift everything. 

A Call to Be Patient

Dreaming of a labyrinth can be your subconscious telling you to slow down. While you may know exactly what you want from yourself, others, and from life itself, you won’t get it all at once.

This dream is telling you to be patient. You cannot see what is ahead, and pushing yourself too far now may leave you with no energy or motivation for what could be a perfect opportunity just around the corner.

Hidden Feelings or Memories

Dreams where you encounter a labyrinth can often come as a desire to know what lies in your subconscious, to truly know every part of your mind. 

This may sound like an odd thing, but there are many people who believe that the subconscious is full of unexpected truths which are worth taking the trouble to find out.

But sometimes we’re not ready for this kind of knowledge. Maybe there’s a memory or two you’re not keen on remembering, something that caused you a great deal of stress and anxiety, and your brain is trying to protect itself.

The more complicated the labyrinth, the more work you’ll need to do in uncovering those parts of your subconscious mind. 

What does a Maze Mean in a Dream?


Dreaming of a maze, especially one you cannot get out of, is a symbol of frustration. Things are complicated, too complicated, and you’re not sure that you’ve made the right decision. Only time will tell.

Sorting Through Ideas and Opposing Viewpoints

As you may know, dreams are a way of taking stock of everyday life. They are a way of cataloging thoughts, feelings, the events of the day. 

Trying to find your way through a maze in a dream represents the way your brain is ‘filing away’ ideas, trying to make sense of conflicting information and opinions. 

You may wake from a dream like this with a sense of relief, or a better feel for a decision or where you want to be.

There’s Something You Need to Solve

Dreaming of a maze can indicate that there’s a situation in waking life which will only be fixed with your help or input. You might find the solution where others can’t.


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