Dreams About Bridges

It is quite common to dream about bridges and if you do you will possibly be receiving a spiritual message. Maybe it is time for you to think hard about your life and decide if you are on the right path. Bridges also represent communication, stability, and moving forward. In the occult, dreams about bridges mean that you are going to have a transformation. The bridge is carrying you from your present life to your future life. 

Because bridges take you from one place to another, they suggest that difficulties can be overcome. If you dream about a bridge, it symbolizes that you can escape from turbulent times in your waking life.

If we take a quick look at history, we will see that bridges have been built for a long time, thousands of years in fact. Usually, they went over rivers from one bank to the other. In this way, roads were developed. The Romans, for example, built many bridges in Europe many years ago. They were probably the first people to come up with this concept. 

If you dream that you are crossing a bridge, it can mean that you need to take hold of an opportunity that is coming your way. These dreams are also associated with tackling a challenge in your life. If the bridge is tall or broken, it can suggest that you are worried about your future.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the meaning of different types of bridges in dreams.

We May Dream About the Following Scenarios:

  • Crossing a weak and rickety bridge
  • Crossing a strong bridge
  • Crossing a bridge over a river
  • You have fallen on the bridge
  • Swam underneath a bridge
  • Sailed in a boat underneath a bridge
  • Built a bridge
  • Seen a famous bridge such as Tower Bridge in London or Brooklyn Bridge in New York
  • Tried to cross the bridge, but were unable to
  • Fallen into the water from a bridge
  • Dreamed about a bridge shaking or collapsing

The Dream is Positive If:

  • You successfully cross a rickety bridge. This means that you are going to get through hard times.
  • Somebody is putting on a show on the bridge. A wish of yours will come true.
  • If you dream about a stone bridge, you are going to be rewarded financially.
  • To dream of a drawbridge when you have a business, it is going to prosper and become a success.

Detailed Dream Interpretation of Bridges

Dreaming of a bridge can suggest that you are going to have a new start in life or that you are going to travel. However, crossing a bridge may indicate that times are going to be hard but you will get there in the end. To see a  bridge being built signifies that you should organize your life better.

Let’s now take a look at different types of bridges. A rope bridge can be quite scary to walk on, but to dream of one doesn’t necessarily mean that life is going to be precarious. You need to look at the dream as a whole to decide if your passage in life will be easy or hard. If you dream about a brick bridge it is a good omen. You will have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Stone bridges mean that you are going to do well financially in the near future. 

Bridges often run above streams or rivers. If you dream about a bridge over water, it means that you are a creative person. Perhaps it’s time to explore that side of you. Can you sing, dance, act, or paint? Maybe you have kept your talents hidden, but now is the time to show people who you are. If the water underneath the bridge was rough, it suggests that you are worried about something. You may dream that the bridge was unstable and you were afraid of falling into the water. If so, you are going to have problems with either a friend or a romantic partner. If you are crushed by the bridge, there are problems at work. To be in a boat that passes under a bridge means good luck. Alternatively, it can mean that you have been working too hard. Perhaps it’s time to slow down and make time for yourself. If the boat is stranded, it can mean that you are going to have a hard time getting people to listen to your point of view. If you are taking a boat (see also Boat Dream Meaning) tour of bridges, you will do well in business.

To dream about falling from a bridge suggests that it is time to put your plans into action. Also, try and work out any problems you have with others. It isn’t healthy to hold grudges.

If there is a festival on a bridge, your greatest wishes will come true. However, if there are people fighting on the bridge, you need to be kinder to someone in your circle. Consider how other people feel instead of just thinking about yourself.

If you dream about two or more bridges, you could be a little stubborn. Alternatively, this dream is telling you to stand up for yourself and stop letting other people walk all over you. 

A drawbridge suggests that someone is being too pushy with you. The symbol of the drawbridge is that it can be pulled up and you will then be protected from this person. 

To see a bridge open and close like Tower Bridge in London, indicates that your friends think that you should relax more. 

A large bridge in a dream means that you need to change something in your life. Perhaps you need to change jobs or move house. A small bridge indicates that you are going to have some problems, but they will be easily sorted out.

To dream about a bridge that is close to a dam indicates that a lot of work is needed if you want to fulfill your aspirations.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Collapsing Bridge?

Bridges can collapse. In February 2019 there was a terrific storm on the island of Crete in Greece. Several bridges collapsed. One, in particular, was destroyed by powerful waves from the sea. If you dream about a bridge collapsing, you are going to have a problem that will take a lot of effort to solve. If you don’t know why the bridge collapsed in your dream, you are going to have to rebuild your life. Perhaps you are about to lose your job or your partner. If you dream that the wind destroys the bridge, you might get opposition from others on your ideas in the workplace. You will have to be tough to overcome these people. After all, you are entitled to your opinions. To dream of a bridge that has been bombed suggests that you have problems and disappointments in your life. You again need to be strong.

If you feel isolated in your waking life, it is common to dream about a bridge collapsing. The dream is telling you to make some effort to make friends. Perhaps join an evening class and meet like-minded people.

To dream about a rickety rope bridge collapsing means that you don’t feel at your best. However, all is not lost. Others will be happy to help you. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About a High Bridge?

It can be frightening to dream about a high bridge. Many people don’t enjoy driving over a high bridge as it is a long drop downwards. However, the dream isn’t negative. It means that you will soon build something important in your life. Maybe you will build up your own business. The higher the bridge is, the better your life is going to be.

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Opening Bridge?

There are a lot of bridges that open up to allow tall boats and ships to pass under them. If you dream about an opening bridge, the meaning is simple. There is going to be an opportunity that will present itself to you. You may get a promotion or the opportunity to move to a better house.

The Symbolic Meaning of Dreaming About a Bridge

To dream about bridges, symbolically means progress, stability, and connection. Perhaps you will reconnect with an old friend. Maybe you feel happy with a stable home life. Perhaps you are moving up the ladder at work. Dreams about bridges can also symbolically mean new beginnings, starting a new way of life, or changing the direction your life is going. Bridges are usually a sign of hope so it is generally not negative to dream about bridges. They can also be symbolic of a happy relationship with someone you have a deep connection with. 

If you dream that a bridge is being built, it symbolizes that you are feeling disconnected from the people around you. It is time you tried to reconnect. Unless you are a hermit, life without other people is not good. 

Dreaming that repair work is being done on a bridge could suggest that you need to organize your life. Start out by making a schedule for each day of the week.

What Does it Mean to Dream That You are Standing on a Bridge?

To dream that you are standing on a bridge suggests that you are finding it hard to solve a problem or that you have relationship issues. However, the dream also suggests that you are capable of moving forward if you consider the past. Learn what you can from what has already happened to you.  

What Does it Mean to Dream About Falling Off a Bridge?

If you dream that you are falling off a bridge, it can mean that you are moving forward with a task, but you don’t want to do this. Perhaps you have to do something you don’t want to do at work. This is accentuated if you dream that you fall to your death. 

To dream of someone you know falling off a bridge, it can indicate that you are finding it hard to communicate with this person. You can either try harder or cut off all ties with this person.

If you dream that you jump off a bridge, you have plans for the future, but you are scared of putting them into play. You can sit back and not go where you want to or you can be brave and move forwards. Alternatively, it can mean that your feelings will hinder you from reaching your goals. You could feel as if your emotions are locking you into a way of life you don’t want but you are unsure of what to do. Perhaps you feel as if you have committed to your partner by marrying them, but you don’t love him or her anymore. However, you feel too guilty to leave.

Falling in dreams is common. You usually wake up feeling as if you have fallen from a great height and it can give you a jolt. To fall from a bridge can mean that you have two options and you need to choose which path to take. 

The Meaning of Seeing a Famous Bridge in Your Dream

You might have a dream about a famous bridge such as Brooklyn Bridge which was built in the 1870s as a way for Italian immigrants to go to Manhattan to look for jobs. Other famous bridges include the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia, and Tower Bridge in London. If you dream about a famous bridge, it means that you want something better for yourself. It could be either in your personal or work life. However, in order to achieve this, you have to change something in your waking life. If you can do this, your life will improve considerably. 

What Does it Mean to Keep Dreaming About Bridges?

To keep dreaming about bridges night after night means that you need to make some changes in your life if you want to be truly happy. If you keep dreaming about bridges that cross water, you have a big problem in your waking life. Only you know what it is and you need to work out what to do about it. Perhaps it is work orientated and could result in a lot of people losing their jobs unless you step in.

If you dream about railway bridges night after night, it means that you are going on a spiritual journey through life. 

To continually dream about stone bridges means that you want to get away from activities that stop you from developing as a person. Maybe you have been persuaded to take part in sports when you would rather be going to evening classes to learn a language or to paint.

Dreaming About a Wooden Bridge

To dream about a swinging wooden bridge can mean that you want to make some changes in your life. It could well be in a relationship. You are going to come across problems and obstacles if the bridge has some planks of wood missing or the bridge is swinging high up. Perhaps people at work aren’t giving you the support they should. Maybe you are trying to buy a new house and it all falls through. If the bridge collapses, your life is not going well and you could be pushed to breaking point. 

If the bridge in your dream was an unusual color like pink or orange, you are going to have problems in a romantic partnership. Perhaps your partner doesn’t want to get married after all even though all the preparations have been made.

To dream of more than one wooden bridge means that you are experiencing instability in your waking life. Perhaps your marriage is on the rocks. Maybe the company you work for is moving out of the area.

In ancient dream books, dreaming about wooden bridges means that you lack motivation and don’t have the ability to focus. All in all, dreaming about a wooden bridge is not positive.

Dreaming That You Are Walking on a Bridge

If you dream that you are walking over a bridge, it can indicate that you are having some difficulties in your waking life. This could be either at work or home. 

In ancient dream books, to simply walk over a bridge in a dream can mean that you are going to break a promise to a friend. Perhaps you should rethink this.

Dreaming About a Bridge Breaking

It can be worrying to dream about a bridge breaking. It could even put you off crossing bridges for a time. The dream can mean that people are attacking you, if not physically then mentally. In ancient dream books, it says that the person attacking you is a friend who is using your friendship to better themselves. The dream is a warning, telling you not to completely trust any of your friends because someone doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Dreaming About a Bridge That Has Been Destroyed

It is not a good omen to dream about a bridge that has been destroyed. It means that you could have some problems psychologically. Perhaps you are suffering from depression or anxiety/ It is not something to be ashamed of. If you feel the need, speak to a health specialist. Alternatively, this dream could mean that your thoughts are stopping you from doing what you want.

Dreaming About a Shaking Bridge

If you dream about a bridge shaking, it can mean that somebody is causing you stress and you are finding it difficult to avoid this person. It could be a co-worker or your boss. Perhaps your boss is giving you too much work and you are having to work unpaid overtime. Your family isn’t happy that you are working all the time and this could be causing you more stress. 

If the shaking bridge is made out of rope, it could mean that you don’t want to work or take on extra responsibilities. You may have to rethink your attitude before people get fed up with you. You can’t sail through life without putting in some effort.

Dreaming About Someone Standing on the Other Side of a Bridge

If you know the person on the other side of the bridge, it represents your relationship with that person. If you wave to the person, it means that your relationship is good. However, if the bridge is old and shaky and looks like it will collapse at any moment, the relationship between you and the other person could end soon. If the bridge is sturdy and made of stone, your relationship is good. If you dream about a high suspension bridge, the relationship means little to you and perhaps it’s time to end the friendship.

Dreaming About Being Under a Bridge

To dream about standing underneath a bridge means you have some problems that you are finding hard to overcome. These problems are stopping you from reaching your goals. Perhaps your boss won’t give you the credit you deserve. Maybe you want to have a family, but your partner doesn’t. The dream can also mean that you are finding it hard to maintain a relationship. This could be a romantic relationship or a friendship. You need to look at the root cause of this problem. If you still want to be friends, you will have to treat them in the way you want to be treated. If they need help, give it willingly. Then they will be there for you if you need them. 

Dreaming About Crossing a Bridge

This dream could have one of two meanings. You may want to reach out to someone. Perhaps they have been going through a bad time. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you are trying to get somebody out of your way. Perhaps they are stopping you from reaching your goals. 

If you walk across the bridge with confidence, the decisions you have made will work out for the best. However, if you walk across the bridge slowly, you are unable to make the decisions that need to be made at the current time. 

Dreaming About Standing on a Bridge

If you have a dream in which you see yourself standing perfectly still on a bridge, it can mean that you have a problem and cannot think of any way to solve it. Perhaps you are afraid of what the future holds for you and so are nervous about moving forward. 

This dream is not a good one to have. You will probably wake up feeling that the situation is hopeless. Only you yourself can overcome the fear that you have of the future.

Dreaming About a Fallen Bridge

A fallen bridge in your dream is bad news. Something is going to happen that isn’t good. Perhaps you are going to lose your job. Maybe an investment you have made is going to collapse. 

You can’t cross a bridge if it has fallen down so you may have feelings of helplessness. How do you get to the other side of your problems? The dream could represent a failure you have just experienced.

If you dream that you are crossing a bridge and it falls, it is surprisingly good news. It means that you are going to be presented with great opportunities in the near future.

Dreaming About a Bridge with an Arch

Bridges often have arches. If you see a bridge with an arch in your dream, it signifies energy, exuberance, and wealth. If you see yourself walking along the bridge and ending up somewhere like a castle, it means that you are going to get gifts in the coming days. Alternatively, if you gamble, you are going to be lucky.

Dreaming About Building a Bridge

To dream about either yourself or others building a bridge suggests that you are going to experience some difficulties soon. This is because you have taken on too much, probably in both your home and your work lives. You find it difficult to say no to anyone who asks for help and as a result, you are finding life difficult. The dream is telling you not to take on so much. You can’t do everything so just choose the most essential tasks. If you don’t, you could make yourself ill.

Dreaming About a Bridge Partially Collapsing

To dream about a bridge partially collapsing is a sign that you need to be careful when you have to make decisions. Making the wrong decision could harm friends, family, or co-workers. At the moment you are more prone to making the wrong decision, so tread carefully. 

Dreaming About the Demolition of a Bridge

If you have a dream where you see a bridge being demolished, you want to get away from either some duties which you hate or from people that you don’t like. Doing either could send ripples through the airways.

According to ancient dream books, seeing a bridge explode suggests that you are being lazy and it’s time for you to lend a helping hand where needed.

Dreaming About Looking Down From a Bridge

It is a good sign if you dream that you are looking down from a bridge. In the near future, you are going to come into money. You might get a raise at work or you might be particularly lucky and win the lottery (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of Winning The Lottery?). However, it’s not all good news. If the bridge is situated over water and you are looking down at the river, you are going to have some bad luck in the next few days. You could lose your job or your partner. Perhaps you are going to be robbed. Be on your guard and try to stop things from going wrong if you can. You have been warned.

Dreaming That You Are Unable to Cross a Bridge or That it is Blocked

This dream is very much connected to romantic relationships. If you dream that someone is stopping you from crossing a bridge or it has been closed by something like a car accident (see also Dreaming Of Car Accidents Symbolism), you are going to enter a new romantic relationship but you are going to be disappointed. Perhaps you have been attracted to this person for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that you know what he or she is really like. The person could be dishonest, nasty, or have habits that will offend you. The dream is a warning. Make sure that you really know the person before you get serious otherwise you could end up with a broken heart.

Dreaming About Someone Falling From a Bridge

If you have a dream where someone falls off a bridge, it can mean that you have communication problems. Perhaps you have trouble telling your romantic partner what you feel about him or her. Maybe you’re not the best at giving your boss new ideas. Perhaps they sound great in your head, but you are unable to express them. The dream could also mean that you are inadequate socially. You don’t know how to communicate with people you don’t know. At the worst, you come over as arrogant. Maybe it’s time to examine your own personality and try and make changes so that other people will like you and won’t find you offhand.

Different Feelings You Might Have While Dreaming About Bridges

Uncertainty, Worry, Sleepiness, Thoughtfulness, Reflective, Excited, Happy, Free, Enlightened, Curious, Confused, Calm, Amused, Angry    


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