9 Meanings & Interpretations When You Dream Of A Boat

Boats are one of the most novel ways of getting around, but they also serve to bring us closer to nature and one of the most vital things on earth, water.

There are a range of possibilities when it comes to finding out what they mean in dreams, just as many boats serve different functions in life.

Dreaming of a boat is fairly common as a dream symbol, and it can have many meanings and interpretations.

It’s not uncommon to dream of water, or anything connected to this element, as this usually represents the state of your mind as a whole.

How clear or calm the water is reflects this, and any issues lurking in your subconscious. 

The dream of a boat is one that shows you where you are right now, and forces you to recognize anything you might have been ignoring, or putting off.

It’s also a way of demonstrating that the future you want isn’t as unreachable as you think. It serves as a way of exploring how you might reach the place that you want, or a desire for peace, and the freedom to choose your own path.

So let’s take a closer look.

What Does Dreaming Of A Boat Mean?

In dreams, boats can represent several different meanings, and it’s worth pointing out that some of them can be very conflicting, which can make finding the right one difficult.

To help with this, we’ll look at each one in detail, and you can explore further which one resonates with you the most.

Longing For Great Change

If you’re dreaming about a boat, then you may feel like there needs to be a change in your life. This could relate to a change in career, relationship, or even a move to another country to adopt a different lifestyle.

If you’re feeling stuck in your current situation, or problems seem to keep stacking up without ever going away, a boat in your dream serves as the outlet you’ve been looking for in waking life.

This dream can also indicate a lurking issue, where you feel you’ll only find satisfaction or tranquility away from your life right now. 

A dream like this may suggest that you need to change how you think about happiness.

Instead of envisioning something so far removed from your own life, it may be worth looking around you, and seeing exactly what might make you happy now.

Take It Easy For A While

If you dream of a boat that just drifts along a clear, tranquil path, or a boat that has no engine at all, this dream is drawing your attention to a slower pace of life.

You may be feeling restless, dissatisfied, or bored with your life and how it is right now, or maybe things keep stacking up against you.

Alternatively, you think things are going great, and you’re making great progress towards a goal. But, you’re ignoring a niggling feeling that you’re starting to tire, just a bit.

This dream suggests that you need to take time out for yourself for a while, especially if your first instinct is to brush an interpretation like this off, where you protest that you’re too busy.

You need a break. Your subconscious mind knows this, and it’s urging you to recognize this before you burn out. 

It’s a representation of your inner longing for some downtime.

Wanting To Start A New Adventure

Dreaming of boats can represent a desire for a new adventure in your life.

Maybe it’s been far too long since you last went on an adventure, exploring the outdoors or having no other reason just because you want to. 

In which case, you may dream of something like a kayak or a canoe, perhaps across a fast-paced river (see also River Dream Symbolism). 

Maybe you’ve been longing for a new start somewhere in your life, somewhere that feels less stuck, and more dynamic. 

It can also be a manifestation of a desire to see more of the world, and while this boat won’t help you explore all the world, maybe you should consider starting.

Wanting More Control, Power, Or Authority

Dreaming of a large boat, powerboat, or speedboat can point to the need to assert more control over your life.

With a fast boat, you’re sure to enjoy the experience, but remember that these boats have a captain to see the boat and the passengers safely through any waters.

Perhaps you’re struggling with other people ‘strong-arming’ parts of your life that should really be your choice and only yours.

A boat like this points to the need to assert control over your own life, reminding you that at the end of the day, it is yours, after all, and no one else’s life.

Maybe you’ve given your own control or power over your life to someone else, and now you want it back.

Or, you may have a desire to exert more authority over your professional life, or in your home.

Maybe you know that you can manage a project better than someone else, in which case this dream is telling you to guide them, but be careful in how you do this.

Dreaming of a powerboat speeding across water draws attention to your own power and capability in guiding your life forward.

Alternatively, a powerboat can suggest a fixation with power, drive, and authority. Perhaps you don’t deal well with other people having a greater hold over a situation than you. 

Your pride may be driving you to trouble, and this dream foretells rocky relationships, and control slipping through your fingers.

Your inability to delegate or relinquish control over something may soon damage your relationships or credibility, and this dream is drawing your attention to fix this before it is out of your power to do so.

You’ll Experience Tranquility And Peace Soon

Boats are synonymous with pleasure, with adventure, but they also serve to help you take time out and ground yourself in the present moment.

Fishing boats, or sailing boats in your dream represent a coming time of peace and happiness.

These boats indicate that you’re headed towards a great period of your life where you will feel content and happy. You won’t have to worry about anything, and you’ll be able to take it easy for a while. 

Alternatively, dreaming of a fishing or a sailing boat indicates the need to adapt to changing situations. 

A sailing boat in particular is powered by the wind, something that we have no control over. Your subconscious may be telling you that you are fighting change, and you’d do well to adapt to it instead.

You Are Scared To Commit

If you dream of a ferry boat, you worry that taking on too much, or making a large decision isn’t a good idea right now.

Ferry boats usually cover short distances, and within dreams, they symbolize how you want to avoid commitment in one or all parts of your life right now.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Dreaming of a sinking boat mirrors waking life, where you feel overwhelmed by problems, worries, and nagging fears. 

This dream is a very common one for those who feel like life is spiraling away from them, and any semblance of control is over.

It’s also common when you’ve tried your very best in a situation in waking life, dedicating all your time and willpower to something. Despite everything you’ve put in, you’ve not gotten the result you wanted. 

This dream serves as a reminder that sometimes, things just don’t go your way, no matter how much you wanted them to, or how hard you worked.

Let Go Of Old Hurts

If you dream of a tugboat, this indicates that you’re carrying more problems around than you need to.

Tugboats serve to navigate large ships through tricky areas, but the image of a smaller boat guiding a much larger one is an interesting dream symbol.

It implies that something is weighing you down, and halting your progress through life. In particular, it usually points to emotional hang ups, baggage, or old hurts you’re unwilling to let go of. 

It also points to problems in your love life, where your partner seems reluctant to commit to you or move to the next chapter of your life together. 

Crippled By Doubt

If you dream of a ship that’s ready to set sail, but it doesn’t actually go anywhere in your dream, this points to fear, doubt, or uncertainty standing in the way of everything you want.

Maybe you dream of a completely different life, but you don’t know the first thing about trying to get there. 

Or, you’ve made an incredibly big decision, and you’re wondering how things will turn out, and whether time will prove you right, or wrong.

This dream is telling you to push past your doubt, and insecurity, as it serves as a reminder that while we cannot control everything, it’s worth trying your best. 

If you’re paralyzed by indecision, or doubt, you will have nothing to show for it at the end.

Final Thoughts

Boats appearing in dreams can signify many things. To help you figure out what the boat in your dream represents, remember how you felt when you saw the boat, as emotion is the biggest indicator of what a dream symbol means.

It’s also worth looking at the type of boat, as these can have different meanings, too.

Recall the sea-worthiness of the boat, as well as what color it was, and whether it traveled well through the water, or remained still.

These details will help you on your way to figure out the symbolism behind your boat dream, and it may also help to guide you in the future, too. 


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