Laundry Dream Meaning: Dreams About Washing Clothes

Washing clothes is part of modern life, but it can be tedious, especially if we have to hand wash items of clothing. If you haven’t got a dryer you will have to hang the washing out on the line and then comes ironing which can also be mundane. However, because it is such a fundamental part of our routine, it isn’t surprising that we can dream about laundry. In this article, we are going to take a look at the different meanings of laundry in our dreams. Remember to take note of other symbols in your laundry dream to give a full interpretation of the dream.

What it Means to Dream of Washing Clothes

If you see a big pile of washing waiting to be washed or if you see a washing machine in your dream, it can mean that you need to improve some aspect of your life. To see yourself doing laundry tells you that you need to clean up your life. Perhaps you have neglected to keep your house clean or maybe you haven’t been pulling your weight at work. 

However, if you see a pile of clean washing, it is a good sign. Your life will become more positive and luck will follow you. On the other hand, if you see a pile of dirty laundry it can mean that you have done something nasty to a friend or colleague, or perhaps the injustice has been done to you. Perhaps it is time to stand up for yourself or apologize to those you have wronged.

It is important to remember the types of clothes in the dream and the colors as they will have an impact on the dream as a whole.

If the clothes are dirty when the clothes come out of the machine, it indicates that you are going to face a difficult situation soon. The same goes if you dream about washing linen. If there are heaps of clothing lying all over the floor, it can suggest that other people are depending on you. If the items to be washed are delicate you may be about to come across a delicate situation. If you see yourself hanging out bedsheets in your dream, you are probably trying to compartmentalize your life. 

Here we are going to look at some reasons why you might have dreams about washing and drying clothes.

1. Your To-Do List is Too Long

If you dream about washing a lot of clothes and having piles left to wash, it can mean that you haven’t got enough time to do everything you need to do. Perhaps you have too much housework to do or maybe you have various appointments such as going to the doctor or accountant. You will need to sit back and decide what is most important. You won’t be much good to anyone if you are exhausted.

2. You are Bored with Routine Activities

To dream about washing clothes is not particularly exciting. You could dream that you are on an exotic beach somewhere or saving people from a fire, but instead, you see yourself up to your ears in the laundry. This can mean that you are bored with everyday life. You need to find something more exciting to do with your time. Perhaps you could start a new sport or even get a new job. Moving to a new house (see new house dream symbols) might seem a little extreme, but it could bring you into contact with a new set of friends. It is up to you to take the step towards a more interesting life.

3. You Feel Like Others are Judging You

If you dream that you have a big pile of dirty washing or have a basket full of odd socks, it can mean that you are feeling as if everyone is judging you even if this is far from the truth. You will find that that it is not other people that are hard on you, but it is you that judges yourself harshly. Perhaps you have this dream because you are feeling insecure and feel that others are better than you. Maybe you feel that you aren’t achieving your goals and that other people will think less of you. 

It is important to realize that it doesn’t matter what other people think. If you know who you are and where you want to go in your waking life, then that’s all you need. You are doing the right thing by following your dreams.

4. Feelings of Guilt. Is it Time to Come Clean?

Washing clothes makes them clean. If you see dirty laundry in your dreams, it can mean that you have done something wrong and in effect, you have a dirty conscience. Although clothes represent our outer beings rather than what is inside us, dreaming of dirty clothes (see also hat dream meaning) can mean that you are trying to make amends to someone. It could either be something you did a long time ago or recently. Perhaps it was out of your control, but you still feel guilty. Maybe it’s time to speak to the person you wronged and explain. An apology also wouldn’t go amiss.

5. Are you Ready and Prepared?

If you see a pile of clothes that have been folded neatly and are clean, it indicates that you have organized your life and are prepared for anything. If, however, you see a pile of messy and dirty laundry, the opposite is true. You need to sort yourself out otherwise you could end up in all sorts of trouble. Perhaps you haven’t been working as hard as you should at work and if you don’t pull your socks up, you could be sacked. 

It is also important to see how the clothes (see also clothing dream meaning) are folded. If you feel that you have accomplished the task at hand, it indicates your confidence. Whatever happens, you will be successful.

However, if you feel unable to keep up with folding the clothes and putting them away, you aren’t prepared for what life is throwing at you. It is time to get organized. You might get this dream if your life is cluttered. 

Additional Meanings of Dreams About Washing Clothes

It is important to remember what context the washing appeared in. Was it a pile of dirty clothes? Was the laundry hanging out on a line? Were you putting the washing into a dryer? All these symbols will have different meanings and we will look at some of them here.

Dream of Clothing Hanging on a Clothesline Drying

The way you feel in this dream is important. If you are feeling apprehensive about what washing you are hanging out for all to see, it can mean that you aren’t happy at work. Maybe you are under the impression that someone has betrayed you. Perhaps it’s time to stand up to this person. Another meaning is that you are afraid that people are going to discover your deepest secrets. Perhaps you inadvertently told someone a secret and are afraid that they are going to gossip.

You have probably heard the expression, ‘Hanging out your Dirty Clothes’. This means everything you have done wrong will come out into the open. It is time to prepare to be judged.

However, if you feel happy and at one with the world, you are probably content with the way your life is turning out. Both work and your home life are flowing smoothly, and you feel calm.

Dreaming that you are hanging your clothes out to dry can mean that you are not concerned with what other people think of you. You are ready to tell everybody your plans for the future. It doesn’t matter if they disapprove as it is your life after all. Perhaps you are fed up with keeping to the rules. You want to escape and be free of these restraints. 

This dream can also mean that you are going to be healed and cleansed inwardly. Even washing can be spiritual.

Dreaming of Piles of Laundry Needing Washing

This dream can have a couple of meanings. On the one hand, it can be quite positive in that you are trying to sort out your current life. Perhaps you are looking for ways in which you can be productive at work.

However, the dream can be negative. Piles of dirty washing can indicate that you can’t keep up with your workload and are not able to fulfill deadlines and demands. This could be making you ill because of the stress you are under. 

Dreams of Putting Clothes in the Dryer

Some people use a tumble dryer rather than hanging their washing on the line. Both washing machines and dryers work in a cyclical motion. If you dream about a washer or dryer spinning, this can mean that you aren’t moving forward, but going in a circle. You are repeating things in both your relationships and in your job. You need to sit down and think about how you can get out of this rut. Maybe take an evening class, learn a new language, or even look for a new job where you will be appreciated. 

On the other hand, the dream could be telling you that you aren’t ready to move forward. You need to prepare yourself before you can get out of this circular journey. 

It is interesting to look at this dream further if this isn’t the first time you have dreamed of a dryer spinning round. If you have done, compare the events that happened at that time to what is going on now. Did you feel the same then as you do now? If you didn’t, maybe it is time to sit down and work out where your life is going. 

Dreaming About Washing Other People Clothes

It is possible to dream that you are washing somebody else’s clothes. If you know the person they belong to, you may feel that they need help in waking life. You need to talk to them about their problems and see if there is anything you can do. 

The clothes could belong to your partner whom you love more than anything. Perhaps they have lost a parent or a sibling. Maybe they are being bullied at work. You probably feel that you will do anything to support and help them.

If you don’t know whose clothes they are, perhaps you are going to meet somebody who needs your help.

Dreams About a Laundromat

If you dream that you are in a laundromat it usually means that you have big plans for the future. The dream reminds you to sit down and think about how you are going to achieve your dreams before rushing in headfirst without thinking.

Other people at the laundromat can mean that you may form a new relationship with someone. It can be either someone new or somebody you know. Perhaps you have an acquaintance who you realize could be a friend as you have a lot in common. 

Another meaning for seeing other people in a laundromat is that you feel overwhelmed by the other people in your life. Perhaps they are too pushy or continually give you unwanted advice. Perhaps you have felt too shy to say anything, but if you’re not comfortable with their attitude towards you, it is time to tell them that they are upsetting you.

This dream can also mean that you are stuck in a rut. Maybe you are doing the same things day in, day out.

Someone Else Washing Your Clothes

To see someone washing your clothes can mean one of two things. Firstly, it can be a sign that you need to become more independent. Perhaps you rely on other people to do everything. You probably feel that you need someone to look after you, but you are an adult and it’s time to start taking responsibility.

On the other hand, you could dream that somebody steals your clothes and then washes them. This can mean that you believe that in your waking life, your privacy has been challenged. Somebody has found out too much about you which you believed to be a secret. Alternatively, it can indicate that you are not happy that someone wants to take away your independence.

Other Things to Consider if you are Washing Clothes in Dreams

If you dream about washing clothes, hanging them out on a line, or seeing piles of unwashed laundry, there are some other symbols you can look at to get a full interpretation of your dream

What Color Clothes are you Washing? What Kind of Clothes Are Being Washed?

Colors in dreams are extremely important so if you can see the colors in your washing basket it is a good idea to interpret what they mean. 

If you dream of a green item of clothing, it means that you are happy and will prosper. If you dream of blue, there are going to be some good changes coming up for you. Also, it can have connections with your spiritual side. If you dream about yellow, you know you must come clean about something bad that you have done. If you dream about red clothes, you are going to experience strong emotions that can range from anger to jealousy to love.

The type of clothes you dream about can also influence the interpretation of the dream. If you see yourself putting business shirts in the washing machine, it can mean that you are worried about what is going on at work. If you dream of dirty and scruffy clothes that you would wear for gardening, it indicates that you are doing a lot of hard work for little reward. 

Dreaming of washing clothes that should only be dry cleaned, like a ball gown can mean that you are not able to see why things need to be done in a certain way. Perhaps your boss is telling you to do something one way, but you are doing it in another which is causing problems at work. You need to change your attitude otherwise you may lose your job (see also what does it mean to dream of losing your job?). You might not realize that the small details are important when you are trying to reach a goal, but they are, and this dream is telling you that.  

How Does Your Real Life Laundry Situation Compare to Real Life?

If we dream about washing clothes, it can mean that we should be grateful for what we have. Perhaps we have been looking in magazines and seeing perfect laundry rooms and are a little envious. The dream is telling us not to be. We should be grateful that we have a washing machine and don’t have to wash our dirty clothes by hand as a lot of people all over the world have to do. A lot of people in third world countries don’t even have water connected to their homes and have got to go to the river to wash their clothes. 

Because washing and drying are such mundane tasks, your dreams about doing laundry can mean that life can’t be fun all the time and we must take on dull tasks. Life must be a balance between work and pleasure. 

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