Laundry Dream Meaning And Interpretation: What Does It Mean To Dream About Washing Clothes?

Doing the laundry is one of those endless tasks that rarely ever get completely finished, and when you do finally get through the lot, it can feel like a whole load off your to-do list, more than it physically represents. 

This relief directly relates to the meaning behind doing laundry in a dream, which is the spiritual equivalent of clearing your ‘plate’.

There are many things that your dream of doing laundry can symbolize, and it tends to be quite a striking image which will leave an impression on you even after you’ve woken up. 

While we do laundry in our day-to-day lives, it’s not very often that this task creeps into dreams, and it’s worth paying attention to it when it does. 

Reasons Why You are Dreaming of Doing Laundry

Probably the most pressing thing that this dream has created is the question of why. Why have you dreamed of doing laundry, when you could dream of flying, scaling impossible heights or discovering new worlds? 

Laundry, by all accounts, isn’t exactly the most fun activity on earth. It’s a chore, and while it can be satisfying to finally have it all done, that’s really the only upside.  So what made you dream of doing the washing?

Here’s some common reasons why you might dream of doing laundry.

You’re Looking Toward The Future

You’ve been taking stock of where you’re at in life, and how much you’ve achieved. You may have compared yourself to others, or got distracted by how much you did, or didn’t do, but now your focus is on the horizon, and what the future might bring.

Dreaming of laundry can occur when you’ve begun a spiritual journey, where you have nearly finished clearing your to-do list, and you’re looking at what you want out of the future. 

It can also be a sign of a major life change, telling you to get things sorted now, so you’ll be less stressed when this shift in your life occurs. 

It may be that you’ve subconsciously picked up on how you’ll soon be on a different path to the one you’re currently on, so you’re mentally preparing yourself for a brand-new journey by clearing your plate now.

You Are Stagnating

Dreaming of doing something as routine as laundry can indicate that you aren’t pushing yourself enough. You’re focusing on getting the day-to-day tasks done, but you’re not thinking of the bigger picture.

Maybe you find safety and comfort in a rigid routine in a life where there can be a lot of unpredictability.

Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between seeking the comfort of the familiar and never going foot out of that cozy comfort zone. It may be stopping you from having new experiences and growing as a person.

This dream can be a source of frustration, where you feel as though your life is just going through the motions, instead of going after what you really want out of life. 

This dream’s message is to go after what you want. There’s no better time than now to start something.

You Don’t Trust Your Judgment

Dreaming of doing extremely soiled laundry, or fishing only odd socks out of a pile of laundry, suggests that you don’t have enough confidence in your own abilities, and it’s hampering your progress in life.

As a result, you tend to rely on and listen to other people’s opinions before you form any of your own. This dream may come as a warning, as this habit can lead you astray very easily if you go along with everyone else instead of making the best decision for yourself.

This dream can also manifest when you’re feeling scrutinized by others, where you hold other people’s perspectives much higher than your own. You’re paying too much attention to what you think other people think of you, and this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Focus on what you want without letting it be detrimental to your life or those around you, and let that be your guide. Everything else will fall into place, eventually.

Buried Under Your To-Do List

If you dream of doing laundry over and over, and it comes out as dirty as it went in, this suggests that you feel stuck.

You’re either setting your expectations of yourself too high, or you have fallen into the trap of staring at the things that need doing, and concentrating on planning how you’d do them too much, rather than actually moving toward ticking them off.

You are overestimating exactly what you can get done in a short amount of time. Or, you’re not taking into account things that will prevent you from being as productive as possible. There are always potential setbacks and distractions, waiting to trip you up.

Your subconscious is telling you to prioritize. Make room for the most important things first, and break them down into smaller tasks, which will be easier to do. Complete one, and you’ll feel much better than you did at the beginning.

You’re Ready to Be Honest

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘to air your dirty laundry in public’. Something has been nagging at you for a while, and you haven’t told anyone for fear of being judged, or not knowing how to move past it.

While that particular phrase relates to oversharing, to air dirty laundry in your dream indicates a need to clear the air. You need to be honest with someone, and finally release the truth that’s been weighing you down.

You’re in a good place to do so, where you feel ready enough to come clean about something. 

This dream can also imply that you’re no longer worried about what others think of you to the point where it affects your self-esteem or potential. Instead, you’re ready to live by your own rules, not by other people’s. 

Specific Laundry Dreams and Their Symbolism

Dreaming of Mountains of Dirty Laundry

Dreaming of a huge amount of dirty clothes which you need to wash suggests that there’s a complicated problem which you directly need to confront. 

Maybe it’s something that’s on your to-do list, which looks simple at the first glance, but it may prove difficult to clear it all.

A dream like this can also be your subconscious nudging you to seek an outside perspective or someone else’s help. You may not be able to solve this issue by yourself.

Alternatively, dreaming of lots of dirty washing represents problems someone else has created. Maybe a mistake someone else has made has affected you directly. You may still be dealing with the fallout. 

This dream can also be your subconscious warning you that someone will convince you to do something you normally would never consider doing. You may not be able to trust them, as they could be using you for their own purposes.

If none of these seem to ring true for your dream, the dirty washing can symbolize negative patterns of thinking or habits which have gotten in the way of your ability to live your life how you want. 

It may be time to look closely at your habits or ways of thinking, and see if you can alter them to fit your life better. Even the smallest adjustments can make the biggest differences.

Washing Laundry in Dirty Water in Your Dream

Dreaming of washing your clothes in murky, muddy or otherwise dirty water isn’t a great sign for the future. 

The state of the water implies that you’ll soon be under a lot of stress, and you won’t be able to think objectively. The situation you’ll be thrown into will be emotionally charged, and if you’re not careful, you may make the wrong decision.

Washing clothes in muddy water indicates that your efforts to fix something or move toward a goal won’t help as you hope. Instead, they may even move you further away from your intended goal, or to something else entirely.

Murky water can indicate confusion, or a clouded outlook where you cannot see something for what it is. It can suggest that your attempts to help gain a different perspective won’t work in this case, as you cannot see everything.

Washing Clothes by Hand in Your Dream

Dreaming of washing your clothes without a washing machine and just using your hands symbolizes your attempts to expel negativity from your life, but you may be going about it the wrong way.

It suggests that you may be taking a longer approach than necessary, or you’re not using the right tools to do so. Maybe you’re refusing to seek help, and this will only hurt you.

Or, dreaming of washing clothes by hand can suggest that you don’t know what you want out of life. Nothing seems to appeal to you right now, and you feel deeply dissatisfied and uninspired. It’s time to broaden your perspective, as there’s something you haven’t considered.

If you dream of washing clothes by hand, this also indicates that you long for a simpler life, or you’re returning to the very core of something. 

We often turn to the familiar when things go wrong, or when the future looks uncertain. This dream can also be your subconscious reminding you that not everything has to be complicated, or you don’t have to reinvent something purely to make it feel like yours.

Dreaming of Using a Clothes Mangle

If you dream of using a clothes mangle for your laundry, this implies that some of your methods are obsolete, and you could do with updating them. There’s a faster and more effective way to get things done.

A clothes mangle appearing within your dream also implies that the values you’ve shaped your lifestyle on no longer serve you, and you should do some introspection in order to help guide you in the future. There’s something you’ve outgrown.

Someone Else Washing Clothes in Your Dream

Watching someone else wash clothes within your dream is a largely positive dream. It suggests that you’ll soon receive some optimistic news which will help renew your motivation or energy.

Dreaming of a stranger washing clothes signifies a new job opportunity or hobby which is coming your way soon, and you’ll need to grab it with both hands.

If you dream of someone you know washing clothes in your dream, this dream is telling you that you need to take a closer look at the relationship you have with this person. 

If this person is in your past, they represent a defining characteristic of your personality which needs fine-tuning.

Washing Clothes in a River in Your Dream

Dreaming of washing clothes in a river indicates there is some discord in your personal connection with others. You’re experiencing conflict in a relationship, or you find yourself being distracted and unable to find time to spend with other people.

This dream can also occur when you have some unresolved problems concerning a specific individual within your life, or feelings you’ve never reconciled. It’s time to move on.

Dreaming of using a river to wash dirty clothes (see also Dreaming Of Rivers) can indicate that you are afraid of letting go of the things you’ve outgrown in order to shape a new version of yourself. 

Maybe you’re worried that you won’t like who you’ll become, or you’ll have to drop an important part of your life that defines who you are.

Consider also the current of the river, and whether it was moving too fast for you to handle, or if it was running at a gentler pace. 

This can reflect your emotional state, and in this case, the act of washing clothes represents how well you’re faring with life’s demands. 

If you waded in and out of the water without any problems, you are doing well, and there’s no reason why you cannot accomplish your dreams.

If you stumble or fall in this river, this dream is warning you that you are in danger of being too caught up in your emotions to be able to move forward. Your first instinct may be to fight change, instead of adapting to it.

Being in a Dry-Cleaners

Dreaming of being at the dry-cleaners points to your ability to cope with problems as they appear, dealing with them in order of importance, or how easy you can clear them from your life. 

The setting of a dry-cleaning business within a dream suggests that you will overcome obstacles without facing any unexpected challenges, or the ability to call on others to do it for you, so you can better focus on something else.

The dry cleaner in your dream may even represent your support system, or something which you rely heavily on to help you through everyday life, whether that’s a constructive habit or an efficient routine that keeps you well-grounded.

If you dream of being at the dry-cleaners and feel nervous or otherwise out of place, the setting itself symbolizes you’ve become too comfortable in your routine, or you feel disconnected from problems, or you refuse to accept that some things cannot be solved.

How to Interpret Your Dream of Laundry More Effectively

There are other things to consider when it comes to dreaming of washing clothes. Here are some things to think about when trying to decipher the meaning behind your dream of doing laundry.

The State of the Clothes

The condition of the clothes which you are trying to wash in this dream can help you find a deeper meaning behind your dream.

If the clothes are bloody, and you’re trying to wash out the stains in your dream, this symbolizes how you’re harboring a lot of anger, stress, dislike or even hatred towards someone.

Focusing all this time and effort into actively maintaining negative energy will only hurt you in the long run. Instead, focus on something which is more constructive, something which can actively benefit you.

Trying to wash ripped clothes in your dream represents your efforts in trying to push past negativity, gossip, or mistakes you’ve made in the past.

If you are washing already clean clothes, this is a positive dream. You’ll enjoy a better connection with those you love, and things will fall into place.

How Easily the Dirt Comes Off

If you find it easy to clean the clothes in your dream, this suggests that you’ll encounter some unexpected issues when it comes to trying to achieve your dreams. 

But this is a good sign, as you’ll not only learn from the experience, but you’ll also be able to resolve these problems quickly.

The Type of Clothes You were Washing in Your Dream

What type of clothes you were washing within your dream can also change the meaning. If you were washing lace, or wool, you may have to treat a new situation with a delicate touch.

If you were washing children’s clothes, this indicates problems in your family life.

Washing clothes that don’t belong to you reflects how you are taking on other people’s problems as well as your own, and it also stresses the importance of avoiding trying to do everything at once.


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