The Meaning Of Overflowing Toilet Dream

What does it mean to dream of an overflowing toilet?

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Overflowing toilet dream

To see an overflowing toilet in a dream is quite common. So if you think you’re the only one who experienced this type of dream, think again.

Toilet in itself is a symbol of our emotions and sentiments in life. In this article, we will try to define the meaning of your overflowing toilet dream. What’s interesting here is that most of the dream books out there state that in general, an overflowing toilet is a representation of your own emotions. And, more significantly, the toilet symbolizes that you are trying to get et rid of the emotions that you are hiding. When it comes to the dream lore, an overflowing toilet signifies that your “emotions” are not being heard or listened. Likewise, there’s a need for you to communicate your emotions.

What does it mean generally to dream of a toilet?

In general, a dream about a toilet may mean that you are trying to relieve yourself of emotional baggage. In terms of dreams, a toilet mirrors the emotions that you are holding on to. The toilet in your dream may symbolize how you control and hold on to your emotions. Your toilet dream may sometimes be a little graphic in nature. But this kind of dream signifies that you may be having some regret about dealing with other people in your waking life. 

Although it is impossible to change things or events that have happened to you in the past, you can think about what your reaction to these is. Then, you can change how things impacted your life psychologically. A toilet in a dream has an influence over your emotions and present life. In fact, you can change your past when it comes to your thoughts. 

Changing people is very challenging. But it is quite easy to change how you respond to others around you. So no matter what your emotions are dictating, you can always come to terms with it. Take in all the lessons and gifts that were handed to you in your everyday life.

What does it mean to dream of a toilet bowl overflowing with feces?

To see feces or excrements floating in a restroom may imply the powerful forces within you. Essentially, to see a “shit” (excuse the word0 in a dream may indicate that there’s a shitty person in your life. Alternatively, it may mean that you find it difficult to rely on other people. In general, your dream is an expression of your emotions, as well as the fact that you want to get rid of the troubles you are experiencing in your waking life. 

If you are having constant dreams of overflowing toilets, restrooms, or dirty bathrooms, it may just be your subconscious mind trying to work its way into your emotions in real life. Believe it or not, it is quite common for people to have this kind of dream, especially after a breakup from a relationship. Likewise, those who have taken a new project or career in life will experience this dream. It simply means that your subconscious mind is trying to relieve yourself of problems that have been overcoming your everyday life. 

Furthermore, certain messages may come into your mind. And this toilet dream is going beyond your past and present life to the point that you have to stop holding on to all your regrets in life. Consider embracing and fixing the problems that you are facing. You are the one responsible for your own growth in life, as well as that of the benefit of other people. Try to think about the fact that it does not matter what you’ve done. The only thing that matters is what you will do, as well as your emotional response to problems and challenges.

What does the water signify in an overflowing toilet dream?

Normally, the water in your dreams is a symbol of your own emotional responses in your waking life. It is obvious here that the water in your dream is contaminated, which may suggest that when it comes to your emotions, you are feeling somewhat fed up. This may be a wake-up call to you, Your dream may be telling you that you need to be honest with yourself. 

Try asking yourself how you truly feel about the status of your current life and relationship. Do you feel worried about what you truly feel about the people surrounding you? Often, we experience this type of dream when we encounter an event that’s life-changing, such as a new relationship, study, career, or job.

What does it mean to dream of an overflowing toilet with poop?

Did you dream about poop rising from the toilet? Or did your dream involves you discovering feces scattered all over the floor of the toilet or bathroom? This toilet dream is often related to your attempt to be happier in your waking life. This kind of dream is very intriguing and can be very graphic and gross in nature. 

Usually, toilets are blocked because they either have an object trapped in the bowl of the toilet. Also, it can be due to the toilet’s faulty float mechanism that may be affecting the flow of the water. If in your dream you notice that the poop is regurgitating, this may suggest that in real life you are trying to unplug your own emotions or feelings. 

Meanwhile, if the feces itself flows over but does not go beyond the sides of the bowl, this may mean that you still have control over the things in your life. Of course, this is coming from a spiritual point of view. You can often associate a flooded toilet in a dream with your own emotions. If you turn to older dream interpretations, poop in a toilet is an indication that you may be feeling rather distressed at your current waking life.


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