Gate Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Gates aren’t the most common dream symbol, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some interesting meanings.

Usually, when you see a gate in your dream, it implies that your life is about to change drastically. It also means that you’re about to come to a crossroads in your spiritual path, where you will have many opportunities to choose from.

Let’s take a closer look.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Gates?

Gates in dreams have several interpretations, and it all depends on the state of the gate in your dream. Locked gates, for example, have a completely different meaning than a gate that’s been left wide open. 

To see a very tall wrought iron gate that you would have no hope of getting through reflects how you think a problem is impossible to solve. This is especially true if you dream of running from something and this gate blocks your escape, denoting the pressure you feel. 

Walking through a gate in your dream means that you’re about to have a fresh start in life. Your life is going to change in several aspects, and you’ll take many steps forward.

Building a gate in your dream implies that you’ve put walls up in your life to stop people from getting too close to you. This could be by accident, or deliberate. 

It can also indicate that you’re taking some time out from other people to recharge your energy levels. Things have been difficult lately, but now you have the opportunity to kick back and see where you are in life. 

Let’s explore a few dream scenarios involving gates, and what they mean. 

Encountering A Locked Gate In Your Dream

Gates in dreams outline boundaries, and the possibilities that may see you through these blockades. When you encounter a locked gate, you’ve been focusing on how you are thinking about protection and vulnerability.

You might be feeling exposed somewhere in waking life, so your dream conjures up a locked gate to make you feel safer. It can also point to protecting yourself from something you believe will hurt you.

Locking the gate yourself reveals that you’re about to make new connections that will be greatly beneficial to your long-term goals.

Watching someone lock a gate suggests that someone is planning to move against you in some way. They may be trying to sabotage a relationship, your job, or something else entirely.

After a dream like this, make sure you are careful who you trust with your plans, hopes, and fears.

If you force the gate open in your dream, you are taking the wrong approach to something in waking life. 

Dreaming of a locked picket gate suggests that you’re about to run into some conflict within your family. Words will cut you more than you think. 

Seeing An Open Gate In Your Dream

An open gate refers to how the world is about to open up for you. You’re about to encounter many new possibilities that will set you along a new path. 

You have learned to let go of everything you can’t change, and anything you’ve not quite managed to achieve yet. Things might not be perfect, but they don’t have to be.

Climbing Over A Gate In Your Dreams

A dream where you climb over a gate refers to your ambition in life, and you’re longing to move past obstacles. 

Seeing A Metal Gate In Your Dream

Metal gates in your dream suggest that you’re meeting all of your current targets. Stay your course, remain unyielding like the metal in your dream, and you will soon find the way open for you.

Consider also the color of the gate in your dream, as this can add additional insight into your dream. Golden gates, for example, denote great spiritual progress. 

A Broken Gate In Your Dream

A broken gate in your dream implies that someone is trying to make sure you don’t succeed in some way.  It can also signify that you are dismantling any mental blocks in your way.

Dreaming Of A White Gate

A white gate in your dream denotes grace, contentment, spirituality, and tranquility. Things are about to get much easier for you. 

Seeing A Black Gate In Your Dreams

A black gate in your dreams is a positive sign. Your perspective is about to change, where a solution that’s been escaping you will become clear. You’ll also move past any current disappointments.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about gates lay out the possibilities ahead of you, and are usually a good sign for the future, denoting different actions you might take. 

They also denote spiritual opportunities, but they may also have negative connections such as feeling trapped, or having to guard yourself against a situation or someone who seems to mean you harm.


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