Aquarium Dream Meaning

If you dream about a fish tank it can mean that your feelings are repressed. You could feel as if you are trapped just like the fish in the tank. If you are watching the fish in your dream, you need to unwind as you have been stressed. If you see yourself inside a fish tank, it can mean that you feel as if you are on display. This can be either positive or negative depending on how you feel about having everyone looking at you.

Water in an Aquarium

If you dream about water, it nearly always relates to your emotions and this is true for water in an aquarium. 

If the water in the aquarium is clear and clean, you are emotionally stable and can deal with situations in a collected and calm way. However, if the water is dirty, you could be feeling pressurized by other people and are finding it difficult to meet their expectations. Their demands could even make you feel trapped with no way out. It is time to set boundaries with other people and stop letting them walk all over you. However, if you see yourself cleaning a fish tank, there are positive changes ahead. This could be a reignited marriage or a new job offer.

Dreaming of Fish or Frogs

If you dream of an aquarium containing fish, it is usually a good sign. There could be exciting changes coming up or you might be about to take a trip which you have been waiting to go on. This is accentuated if the fish are swimming from one end of the tank to the other. 

If you dream about living fish, good luck is coming soon. The livelier the fish, the better your luck will be. If there is a variety of species of fish, your good luck will last for a long time. If they are exotic fish, you are about to meet up with old friends (See also Old Friend Dream Meaning). Goldfish are the fish you really want to see in your dream as they promise that you will get plenty of what you desire. However, if you see dead fish in the aquarium in dirty water, it is a bad sign indicating that your career is not going to go well.

Frogs represent communication and if you see one in an aquarium it is telling you that you need to communicate with someone. Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time at work and not enough with your partner. Frogs (see also Frogs In Dreams) also stand for rebirth and transformation and they can signify that you are about to make major life changes. You might be about to restart your life more positively and this is reinforced if the frog is green.

Dreaming you are Inside the Aquarium

It isn’t a good sign to dream that you are inside an aquarium. You could be worried that others are talking about you behind your back and you feel unsure of yourself. You could also feel that people are looking at you more than normal. Do they have kind thoughts, or do they resent you? Dreaming that you are inside an aquarium could also mean that you feel unable to do what you want or that you are trapped.

Buying an Aquarium

If you see yourself buying an aquarium in your dream, it could be quite literal and that you want to buy an aquarium. However, it could also mean that you are about to undertake a big project like an extension to your house. Another interpretation is that you are considering what to do with your life in the long term.

Selling an Aquarium

If you see yourself selling an aquarium in your dream, it can mean that you are going to help a friend. It could be financially, but it could also be emotionally. This person will talk well of you in the future. 

Pay attention to any numbers in buying or selling aquarium dreams. It could be the amount you should spend or sell the aquarium for.

Small Aquarium

If you dream of a small aquarium it can mean that you are going to have minor troubles at home. However, it could also mean that your business is going to collapse. You could feel insignificant, but there is a chance that somebody not in your household will help you.

Large Aquarium

To dream of a large aquarium is more positive. If you have any problems with family or friends, these are going to disappear, and harmony will be restored. You will reinforce ties with your family and friends.

Broken Aquarium

It isn’t a good sign if you dream of a broken aquarium (see also What Does Broken Glass Mean In A Dream?). You are watching something negative happening, but you don’t care about it. More serious damage will happen if you don’t do something to change the run of events. It can also mean that you are stuck with people you don’t like, probably in a work environment.

Many Fish in the Aquarium

This dream is a good sign. You are going to be able to resolve problems with other people, but you won’t do this by confronting them, but rather by changing yourself.


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