What Does The Elevator Mean In Your Dream?

Traditionally, elevators or lifts only move in two directions, which means you’re either in a good place right now, (the lift went up) or in a place where you’ve been better (the lift went down). If you had a scary experience of the lift falling or crashing in your dream, you may be in the middle of a crisis in your waking life. It can also suggest you feel out of place, or that all your efforts have been for nothing.

If the elevator is otherwise not working as intended – the buttons don’t work, you wouldn’t trust the brakes with your life, the doors refuse to open – this suggests you’re feeling let down by someone or a situation. You’re doing everything you can on your end – so you should – but someone else isn’t doing their part, or you feel your hard word has gained you no recognition or no result so far. This can be a source of great frustration or conflict, and can be hard to move past. It can also point to an issue in your expectations of others – just because you put all the hard work in doesn’t mean other people will, and that can be infuriating. Readjust your outlook – as long as you know you’ve done what you can to the best of your ability, why let it worry you? You know you’ve done what’s expected of you, and for others, it will look badly on them alone. 

If you dream of falling in your elevator dream, the falling sensation usually suggests you fear losing a relationship or a security in your life, whether that’s in your job or a connection with someone. If you dreamed of falling, but you didn’t feel it, you may be experiencing a fear of failure, and this is a common dream if you’re worried about work and want better job security. If you dreamed of hitting the floor of the elevator, this is a testament to your resilience in a crisis. If you found yourself worried about the safety of others, perhaps they were in the lift when it malfunctioned, and you weren’t, this suggests you’re worried about losing a relationship or a loss of connection. It’s a sign to tend to this relationship – contact the person concerned, and express your feelings, and you may just reconnect.

In Your Dream, You May Have

  • Felt that horrible sensation of your stomach dropping to your toes.
  • Seen yourself trapped in the lift, high above.
  • Felt out of control or helpless, the lift didn’t do what it was supposed to.
  • Saw someone falling in your dream.
  • Been in a glass lift.

Positive Changes Are Coming If

  • You reacted as though you experienced a change in height – your stomach lurched.
  • You saw yourself standing calmly while the elevator hung over a huge drop.
  • You were scared of falling.
  • The lift went up.
  • You felt positive in this dream, or a sense of achievement or contentment.
  • The elevator didn’t have any problems.
  • You didn’t mind being with a group of people in the lift.

Time to Rethink Your Life As It Is, If

  • You were terrified at the height.
  • You woke with a start, feeling like you ran a marathon.
  • This dream is a recurring nightmare.
  • The next day, you start at unexpected noises, and you’re scared of tripping up.
  • You feel your life is not in control.
  • The lift went down, never up.
  • You didn’t want the elevator to go anywhere, you are fighting change.

What Does The Lift Or Elevator Mean In Your Dream?

If you find yourself falling, and you feel afraid in this dream, one of the oldest dream interpretations is that you’re likely to experience a great struggle soon. This will be of your own choice, and it will eventually lead to some material gain. 

Dreams about elevators or lifts are really common, and can connect to feeling a lack of control or the anxiety this feeling can produce. It may also occur when you’re trying to accomplish something or reach a goal in your waking life, and you are worried about how it may turn out. It may also be connected to a relationship or your career, and in order to find out the meaning of this dream, you need to examine what’s worrying you in your daily life. It may be something immediately obvious, or it may be something you hadn’t realized is affecting you negatively, enough for the worry to appear in your dream. 

A dream that a lot of people experience is pushing a button and ending up on the wrong floor, and if you remember the floor number, this can be significant. For example, if you dreamed of the sixth floor, or the third floor (see also Number Three Dream Meaning), specific numbers may have a meaning in your waking life. Maybe it’s a suggestion. Do you need to give something some time? Six weeks? Six months? Perhaps you have a problem at work, and it involves six people – maybe the number of your team. This suggests that you’re in tune with your spiritual self, for your dreams and reality to be so connected. But once your eyes open, focus on your waking life and not what your dream might mean – otherwise you’ll find yourself looking for meaning where there isn’t any. 

If the lift or elevator doesn’t work the way it should in your dream, this suggests your emotions have been ruling you lately, not the other way around. Are you feeling stuck in life? Do you feel like your job is boring you, and you don’t see an alternative? If, in your dream,  you are faced with a wall of numbers and don’t know which floor to go to, this suggests that the future is a source of worry. Take a step back, and perhaps you’ll see where you are a little clearer. Don’t forget how far you’ve come, or how far you might go if you try. You might consider a change in career, or take up a new hobby which will transform your life and what you hold dear. 

This dream is also really common when you’ve been thinking about your professional life. If you were stuck in this dream, and couldn’t get out of the elevator, this suggests you can’t think clearly right now. You’re stuck in a rut, or in a really concrete routine, and it’s stifling your decision-making ability or your perception of yourself and the world. The best way to approach this problem is to move away from it, and create a little distance, and you may be able to view this issue from a different direction, and come to a solution you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.   

If you dreamed of travelling both up and down in the elevator, this suggests that you’ll shortly encounter both positive and negative situations, and may experience both positive and negative mindsets in quick succession. You may be trying to get a promotion, and while you feel satisfied at the work you’re putting in, you’re not being recognized for it. It may not become clear how you can break free of this cycle, but as all things do, it will have to change at some point. Best case scenario, you may find an opportunity elsewhere where someone has taken notice of your hard work. Worst case scenario, you feel burnt out from all the effort you’ve been putting in. 

If you dream of the elevator or lift rocking from side to side, this suggests you’re trying to change your situation and are feeling frustrated at the lack of results just now. You may start to feel powerless if this continues, but carry on. Some situations have a longer period of time when you don’t see results for a while, and that doesn’t necessarily mean your hard work means nothing.  If this is a recurring dream, this suggests you need to look carefully at your choices – perhaps the way you’re approaching something isn’t working, or you’d be better off putting your talents to use elsewhere. 

If the elevator or lift takes a long time to travel down, this may be a bad sign. It could suggest a period of despair in your life, or you feel impatient about something. It may not necessarily be bad – some interpretations suggest that a slow descent is an indication of a good change – and not all of those happen overnight.

If you see the elevator travelling upward, this suggests that you’ll adapt to new situations quickly and with ease. Any transition in the near future will be nearly seamless, and what a lovely position to be in! If you dream of the lift going so high up it breaks through the roof, this suggests that you’re going places in the future, and nearly all of them are places you definitely want to reach. 

If you dream of the lift descending, and you’re not in it, this suggests that you’ll be spared some disappointment in the future. This may suggest that an opportunity doesn’t work out at the start, rather than getting further ahead with it, and then it collapses. Or perhaps things will work out the way you want with no problems at all.

If you dream of an empty elevator with no one in it, it suggests your sense of security or peace is currently under threat. 

If you are trapped or the doors won’t open, this suggests you’ll experience frustration in a creative endeavor, or another part of your life which you think defines you. 

Elevators or lifts in dreams can also signify your  spiritual place in life and how you feel. If you enter a lift, you may desire your life to dramatically change for the better. If you dream of the lift descending, you may encounter a situation that will personally challenge you – perhaps it will remind you of the past. Feeling anxious or terrified in this elevator dream suggests you’ll encounter some problems in the near future, but they won’t stop you. Dreaming of being injured or dying as a result of being in an elevator suggests you may be on the verge of losing some of the friendships you have. This may not be a fault of either of you, but perhaps you both outgrow each other, and make room for new relationships in your life. Dreams of lifts and elevators can also suggest a promotion or a demotion in your professional life. If you work for yourself, this could mean an uptick in work, or you may find yourself with nothing to do.

A modern elevator in your dream could suggest you may be overthinking your approach to a project, and this could cause you some trouble. Perhaps it’ll take much longer for you to complete your project, because you’re too focused on the little details instead of the progress you could be making. 

Finding yourself on the wrong floor in your dream suggests that things aren’t going your way. You feel you have no luck at the moment, and while you’re trying your hardest, you aren’t getting anything back. This is an anxiety dream – perhaps you should take a deep breath, and recognize how hard you’re trying. That’s the hardest part. Keep going.

If it’s easy to stop the lift, this suggests that you want to achieve, but you don’t know where to apply your ambition. You don’t know what you want, and that in itself can be very stressful! It may also point to a disconnection between you and your waking life. Maybe you feel your current life doesn’t reflect you as you are, in which case, it’s time to change it up. 

If you dream of escaping a lift, this is a good omen for the future, especially if it broke down during your dream, or the trip became hairy. It signifies your ability to overcome your problems, and your resilience, as well as an improvement in your professional life.

If you try to escape from the lift and fail, this isn’t a great sign. You may be the source of gossip in the near future, or perhaps your actions or words will be misinterpreted, and you won’t have a chance to explain. If this becomes a recurring dream, this suggests you need to take a close look at your life, and amend long-term plans as the present situation evolves. 

Additional Interpretations Of Your Elevator Dream

  • Descending floors in a lift suggests you’re in a good place to explore your inner thoughts and feelings, and connect with your spiritual self.
  • Another interpretation of the lift only going down is related to fertility, and perhaps a new child in your life.
  • If the elevator ride results in injury or death, you’ll suffer from the loss of friendships, and will encounter hardships.
  • You feel unfulfilled.
  • This dream signifies both the good and bad in life.
  • You feel confined, pushed into a situation you didn’t want at the start.
  • If the lift suddenly stops and doesn’t injure anyone, you may not be alone in how you feel.
  • Give yourself permission to have a break. You feel trapped somewhere in your life, and it won’t help your decision-making ability or your resilience if you carry on how you are. This may be a person or a feeling which is impairing you in some way.
  • Dreaming of the lift plummeting suggests a loss of control in your life.
  • A recurring elevator dream suggests there’s no quick fix for a situation you’re in or will be in shortly. You may have been ignoring what’s most important to you, and it’s important to return to the path of trying to achieve what you want.
  • If you dream of an elevator full of people plummets, and you’re not in it, this suggests that you’ve been focusing too much on other people’s problems. You cannot solve everything for them, and sometimes, you need to walk away to move forward. 

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Elevator Dream

In control. Helpless. Satisfied at what you’ve achieved. Positive at what the future might hold. Optimistic about how things will turn out. Confused. Disorientated. Unhappy, tired, or nervous. Unsafe. At a crossroads. Unsure of a decision. Scared of falling. Scared of your own mortality. Feeling alone. Feeling anonymous as part of a crowd. Trapped, unable to express your feelings. Feeling as if no one can or will help you. Satisfied with where you are in life. 


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