What Does A Haunted House Mean In Your Dream?

Dreaming of a haunted house suggests left-over feelings you haven’t confronted, perhaps stemming from your childhood, your family, people whom you loved who have died, or repressed feelings and memories. It can also suggest you feel a bit lost in your life’s direction right now. If you only dream of the outside of a haunted house, this suggests there may be someone in your life is deceiving you in some way, and perhaps that means they can’t be trusted altogether.

Dreaming of being inside a haunted house suggests that you feel threatened or vulnerable by lacking something. Maybe you’re lonely, and the lack of contact with others has led you to feel vulnerable. It may even be in fiscal terms – you feel vulnerable because you don’t currently have the financial security that everyone strives for. 

If the haunted house in your dreams has huge cobwebs or looks like it belongs to the relative of the Addams family, this suggests you have a lot of growth to do, spiritually speaking. If you dream of dying in this haunted house, this suggests you’re focusing too much on yourself and not the surrounding people. If you lived in a haunted cottage in your dream, your life may be about to change and become more spontaneous.

Dreams always steal aspects of our waking lives, in order to fill our dreams, process our days and reset our state of mind for the next day. Haunted houses in dreams tend to be linked to fear. This may be a difficult situation you’re currently in where there’s no right answer, no way of solving the problem, where you just have to carry on. Maybe someone’s upset you or distorted your opinion of someone or yourself. These negative emotions don’t have to be happening in the present, they could be the past resurfacing. While it feels like time passes in a dream, and then this happened, and then this happened, it’s a collection of events that don’t have a rigid right order – your dreams draw from the past just as much as they do from the present. 

Dreaming of a haunted house is usually a call to resolve left-over emotions which could otherwise drag you down. Any unsettled conflicts need to be resolved in order to live a fully-present life. Only you will know what the haunted house in your dream represents, and from there, you can take steps to move on. 

What You Should Pay Attention To In Your Haunted House Dream

  • What state the haunted house was in. Was it like something off a Halloween set, or was it tidy?
  • Did you see any additional monsters (see also monsters dream meaning) in your dream besides the house itself? The ghosts? Any vampires (see also What Do Vampires Mean In Dreams), or other spooky creatures?
  • What part of the house did you dream of? Was it all of it?
  • Did anyone else appear in this dream?
  • Did you feel lost in this dream, or did you know your way around?

The Meaning Behind Your Haunted House Dream

While some dreams are very common, haunted house dreams don’t make the list. These dreams suggest that you’re stuck in the middle of an unresolved conflict or set of emotions that keep resurfacing from the past, and whatever the problem may be, it is stopping you from living your life to the fullest. These are one of the most useful dreams, where you’re able to recognize a problem and start solving it. Perhaps you need to re-visit a past situation, or it could be a sign that you never left it – though time has moved on, you haven’t.  The haunted house dream indicates how important it can be to resolve problems – especially past problems – as these issues can impair your ability to move forward and enjoy life. It may not be a straightforward road – sometimes it may be all you focus on – and at others, you may not realize you’re holding onto things that are gone. They’re in the past, after all, and that’s where you should leave them.

As always, details can inform or completely change the meaning of your dream. A haunted house that looks otherwise like a normal house is positive, it suggests that things are starting to improve. Did you know the house? If you recognized the house, your subconscious is most likely drawing your attention to this place for a reason. Perhaps you have something unresolved which happened in this house.

If you saw a ghost in your dream, this is a positive sign. If it was someone you know who died, this is a testament of how much you meant to each other.

Think back to where you were in the house, as different rooms can mean different things. A bedroom represents your health, the kitchen your diet, and the living room your well-being. If you were wandering through the whole house, this suggests you feel lost in some way, perhaps a goal didn’t work out the way you hoped. How you felt will also inform the dream. 

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Haunted House Dream

Worried. Lost. Anxious. Confused. This dream may have an emotional hangover, where you feel stressed, annoyed, helpless or frustrated afterward, and it could color how you react to situations in your day. You may feel you’ll never be past the unresolved emotions or situation, but everything gets easier with time.


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