Vampires Dreams


Dreams about vampires have different interpretations. Most of these interpretations are often connected to certain negative thoughts and fears. That’s because vampires generally represent bloodthirsty demons, negative things, and so on.

When you see a vampire in your dreams (see also Garlic Dream Meaning), it signifies an aspect of your personality that is selfishly feeding off or parasitic of others. There may be a situation or individual in your waking life that’s draining your resources, energy, or time. Likewise, it may be your own selfish need to use other people or the way you think about other people who are feeding off of you. 

Moreover, dreaming of a vampire may mean either emotional or material dependency. Do you feel someone is draining you emotionally? Is someone in your life right now a bad influence? Does it seem like you can’t trust someone completely? Perhaps, people want to take advantage of you for sex?

Alternatively, a vampire may be a reflection of your feelings toward people who you believe are trying their best to pull you down to their level. They may also want to change your way of thinking negatively similar to theirs.

What It Means To Dream About Vampires

Vampires in your dream may be a symbol of dependence. It may be about problems with addiction, social pressure, or uncertainty. You or someone else may be feeding off someone emotionally. Furthermore, vampires can also indicate an illness that may be draining both your time and energy.

Seeing a vampire in your dream may be a sign that you need to start being more independent. Perhaps it is time to rely less on the accomplishments or resources of others. You may need to start valuing people, as well as respect and care about them more. Conversely, a vampire may be a reflection of your need to stand up against people who are only using you. There may be a need for you to cut some people off of your waking life.

To dream of being a vampire

If in your dream you are a vampire, it may represent your selfish urge to feed off or use other people. In order to achieve your goals, you may need to be dependent on someone else.

To dream of being bitten by a vampire

If a vampire bit you in your dream, it may mean that there are people in your waking life that are feeding off of you. They are merely using you for their advantage and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. If in the dream, you turn into a vampire (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of Zombies?) yourself after you are bitten, it may mirror the feelings you have about yourself. It may be changing your sound mindset towards using other individuals because you were used before. You may have a bad experience in the past with a brute that may be converting you into wanting to become one yourself.

To dream of killing vampires

This vampire dream signifies that you may be overcoming your dependency on others. It may also imply that you are facing someone or a situation that is feeding off you physically, materially, or emotionally.

To dream someone you know is a vampire

If your dream involves someone you know is a vampire, it may imply a couple of things. First, if it’s someone dear to you, such as a friend, relative, or partner, it may mean all the same as if you were a vampire. The person may be trying to control you out of jealousy or their protective nature. 

It may also be someone you know but who is not really fond of you. If that’s the case, your dream of a vampire may suggest that this person would like you to submit to gain complete control over your decisions or activities.

Examples Of Vampire Dreams 

Example 1: 

A person dreamed of being a vampire. In his waking life, he was using his friend to get ahead in school.

Example 2: 

A few individuals experience dreams of vampires biting them after they catch a cold.

Example 3: 

One woman once dreamed that a vampire was following her around wherever she went. In her waking life, that woman was starting to find his husband boring. She felt that he was draining her of any excitement and fun. The vampire in her dream was a reflection of her failure to escape the boring habits of her husband

Example 4: 

In the dream 7-year-old girl, she saw her mother turn into a vampire. In real life, she felt that her mom was using her inappropriately as a confidante to address her grievances about people she did not like. The little girl felt she was being pulled down by the negative attitude of her mother.

Example 5: 

A woman dreamed of seeing people turn into vampires. In real life, she unexpectedly bumped with old friends that she has no trust in. She believed that they were the ones responsible for all the bad things that she was experiencing.

Example 6: 

A woman dreamed of seeing a vampire having sex with people. In her waking life, she actually liked a guy that was totally dismissing her and thinks that the only way to make him interested in talking to her was to offer him sex (see also Dreams of Penis).


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