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Penis Dream Meaning And Interpretation

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Sigmund Freud, a well-known dream psychologist thought that all the dreams we have are connected with our own inner needs that are concealed from view in our waking lives.

The meaning of a dream about seeing male genitalia in a dream symbolizes strength, power, accomplishment, ambition, intimacy, and above all focus on feeling a sense of potential frustration. If you see the genitalia of other people in your dream, it can mean potential confusion. There are times when we are growing and we feel as if our body is not enough. Having these types of dreams is actually common. It’s simply a way for your body to cope.

Is this a positive or negative dream?

This dream is not negative. On the contrary, it is somewhat positive. A dream about a penis is associated with having a feeling that something is powering up or overtaking your life. It is quite interesting to see yourself in your dreams without any clothes. This dream may have a lot of perspectives that are necessary to understand. 

However, not having any clothes in a dream can symbolize feeling exposed. The visions you have at night can help you in situations that you face in your daily life. These are especially to improve or understand yourself better. If your penis dream involves an unknown male, then this can mean that you are searching for freedom.

The human body highlighted in your dream suggests how you view others or yourself. As you have read already, it varies somewhat from the dream meaning from a male and female outlook. Without a doubt that the focus of the dream of genitals is on how you connect in your relationship. Usually, we sometimes doubt our own feelings in life and this kind of dream may have emerged because of this.

What do older dream books say?

According to ancient dream books, genitals are commonly related to masculinity. If you are a man and you have a dream about your own genitalia, it may be connected with your own inner confidence. This dream implies that there are different stresses that may be surrounding you at the moment. 

On the other hand, if you are a woman and in your dream, someone else has seen you change gender to a man, then this may imply that you are juggling feelings and emotions about a certain relationship. If a man dreams about seeing an exaggerated or large penis, it indicates a desire for better relationships. Also, the dream is related to how you focus your own energies in life.

According to dream psychologist, Freud dreams where you walk up and down staircases, metal ladders (see also Ladder Dream Meaning), stairs, or steps in your dream, it represents making love. This may seem surprising, but if you will think about it, it does sort of make sense. In society, it is no longer needed to go into long sessions with dream psychologists to decode the meaning of their dreams. The work of Freud was way back in the 1930s and during that time Google does not exist yet, meaning information is scarce.

As per Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud was, in his practice, concentrating on the complex human psyche. Jung concluded that dreams per se were related to mental equilibrium. Hence, this is the reason why symbols come to us during our sleep. Carl Jung believed that as humans we innate a symbolic improvement that is centered on creativity.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things in your dreams that can represent making love between two people. In many of Freud’s writings, he applied the Phallus which he considered as a representation of power and fertility as well as male sexuality. Nevertheless, Carl Jung did write that the penis is in itself a phallic symbol. 

Also, according to Jung, it symbolizes growth, death, relationship, rebirth, and life. In fact, a man named Eugene Monick who was the assistant of Carl Jung coined this as the “Phallic resurrection.” The reason behind this was that the sharp objects in your dreams were related to your own pleasure.

If you’re having a repetitive experience of this dream during your sleep, this may imply the urge to be close to someone. If your dream has provoked a connection to your own feelings, then this is merely letting you know that it is necessary to look for happy and comfortable times with your partner in waking life.

When it comes to old dream folklore when a male dreams of having more than one penis, it means a lot of children in the future. The penis dream can reveal that your desires for someone have not been accepted. Often, it is a representation of new growth, and it symbolizes that a happy period is going to come to your life as well.

What is the detailed dream interpretation?

On the other hand, if you do not have a partner in waking life, but you dream about your own genitalia, then this may show your longing for a relationship. The good news here is that you will see yourself settling down into a loving relationship soon enough. 

Furthermore, it is representative of the force of life. Likewise, the appearance of this dream indicates the way you communicate with other people which you should not ignore. And this can be applicable for both males and females. 

Seeing the male manhood of someone you know in waking life during your dream or someone popular, suggests that someone you know is going to share their secrets to you and perhaps even more than you want to hear.

Meanwhile, to urinate in a dream or you feel that you need to urinate, may represent your need to bottle up all your feelings and emotions. Doing so allows for a successful situation to materialize. If your dream was about being intimate, then there are features in this dream which you may need to consider.

According to folklore, if you are a woman and your dream involves a man out there who would like to very much get closer to you. On the other hand, to dream of being in bed with another guy, (regardless of your gender) does not necessarily indicate that you feel drawn to them. 

In old dream lore, it implies that you may very soon discover yourself doing something that you are not usually willing to do. This type of dream symbolizes compassion, love, and the fulfillment of a dream. According to biblical texts, a dream about a huge, erect, and immaterial genitalia is in religion linked with the Creator, and that you now have exceptional power and opinions.

If you’re a woman and in your penis dream your gender changed and you are pregnant, it may mean that you will conceive a baby boy (see also dreaming of a baby boy). However, if you are not expecting in real life, it may indicate that money will enter your life. Additionally, this dream can signify a chance for you to gain money at work. 

A dream about someone else’s genitalia resulting in the failure to have a relationship with another person may mean that you must allow yourself to make mistakes at times. Also, these experiences often spring up new perceptions and concepts. If in your dream of this nature you are injured, this may denote a challenging time in your life. There is also a fear of intimacy.

What does a small genitalia in a dream denote?

Ironically, these types of dreams may mean an opportunity for you to make a small bit of money. If it is slightly small, then this symbolizes that male forces are moving away and your contact with others are lost. 

If you’re a woman and you have dreams of small genitalia, this may imply that you can be pregnant in real life. According to older dream books, this signifies a baby girl. But if you are not expecting, it also suggests that you will come into money according to old folklore.

A dream of penis experienced by a user

A few months back, a user suffering from rejections after rejections contacted us. However, this man is smart, fairly good-looking, and caring as well. He was experiencing repetitive dreams about male genitalia and want to uncover what those dreams may mean. In his dreams, he feels as if he failed at having any genitalia. 

Of course, it is obvious that genitalia can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, to understand the dream thoroughly, we turned to Carl Jung, who is a well-known dream psychologist. Jung assumed the male genitals reprises a feeling of something being empty and not accomplishing goals in real life. Likewise, it can be a representation of the focus on moving forward when a person has to deal with excitement or emotional turmoil.

To see the private parts of many people in dreams can present you with a lot of symbolism. It may indicate that you are working on figuring out an answer to a subject that you are holding on to emotionally. If you experience seeing this in your dream, it can indicate that you will be successful at completing a job where you are involved in. 

There are times that such a dream does not signify anything. This is particularly true if you simply have strong feelings for someone in your waking life at the moment. If in the dream your genitalia was not normal, this may imply that someone is making you feel negative when you should be satisfied.

There is a focus on being inexplicably concerned after you experience this dream if your private part is exposed in any way. Also, is a remote connection between this dream and the romances of a man. Even though arguably, this dream may denote different paths in life that you could take, it is vital to read the actions you are taking in your penis dream.

What does a detachable penis mean in a dream?

A dream about a detachable penis may indicate that you may need to shift your focus on your personal views. Remember that psychology is developing at a rapid pace. And in the process, new disciplines are coming into play with the majority of them supporting the views of Jung views at the expense of Freud’s beliefs. The majority of dream psychologists thought that the symbol of a penis symbolizes a person’s gratitude to the miracle of existence.

What is the spiritual meaning of a penis in a dream?

To dream of seeing your own penis is suggestive of virility, power, competence, and happiness. Normally, the penis is related to a sense of power or capability of doing something in your life.

What does cutting off a penis mean in a dream?

If you are a man and you dream of cutting off a penis, it may be a representation of the fact that you may be experiencing problems with your sexual life. Perhaps you are feeling frustrations or you are not pleased with your sex life.

What does it mean to dream about sperm?

If you dream of sperm, it may indicate a release, one way or the other. This dream may be related to release in waking life or it may simply mean that you “desire to be released” from your responsibilities in life. In the waking world, you may have fulfilled your goals. 

To see sperm in dreams is also linked to rebirth. The reason behind that is the nature of sperm. There are times when it is necessary to think about what is challenging and interesting in life.

Furthermore, seeing sperm in a dream may be an implication of growing your seeds to see something grow from nothing. Perhaps now is the time to develop a business with a secured income model and thereby having all the things you need in your waking life. This is going to cause exceptional success and allow you to have all the things you want in your current life, as well as an investment for your future.

What does it mean to see your OWN penis in the dream?

If you are a man and you see your private part in your dream, it may indicate that your needs are not fulfilled. Nine times out of ten, this is related to your sexual pleasure. Alternatively, there may be a possibility that you do not have a sexual partner with whom to fulfill your sexual desires. Likewise, it could result in a lack of sexual gratification. On the other hand, this type of penis dream may serve as a hint and a warning that you may need to relax more.

What does it mean to dream of losing a penis?

A dream that involves you are losing a penis can be a pretty perplexing dream. This may be a representation of your feelings, perhaps you are starting to lose your power? To lose a private part because someone else is removing it, or if in your dream you don’t have genitalia may suggest a problem with your own inner strength. There may be an aggressive role that you are not able to perform.

What does it mean for your penis to be cut off in your dream?

We have been contacted by some users regarding dreams where their penis are cut off. Pretty painful right?

To see your penis being cut off in a dream is representative of losing power. Do you feel as if you are losing your hold at your workplace or in your social circle in the waking world? The reason behind it may be due to someone else replacing you or a new person who has entered your social circle. 

Alternatively, it may indicate that you are going to lose time, and you may want to think about spending your time more wisely. Perhaps it’s time to do the things that you love and enjoy in life.

What does it mean to dream of touching a penis?

A dream where you are touching a penis is a symbol of rebirth. This penis dream is not literal in sense. It may imply that other people will help you accomplish your goals. On the other hand, to dream of touching your own penis is related to the way you help people in real life. Think about whether you are giving others enough time or not.

What does it mean to see a penis repeating or growing in your dream?

Do some old wives ‘ tales come to mind? To dream of seeing your penis reproducing itself or growing in numerous directions, may denote that you are about to have a lot of children if you are young. Depending on the number of branches, it is directly proportional to the number of kids that you are going to have in your lifetime. If in your waking life you already have children, this may be connected to possibilities in the waking world.

What does it mean to dream that your penis is bleeding

To see your penis bleeding in your dream may mean that someone’s power is declining. Their competence and ability may be on the low side as well. Meanwhile, seeing blood (see also blood dream meaning and interpretation) coming from your penis is representative of life. Blood in dreams is associated with power, support, or skills. Also, it is a sign of loss of manhood, dignity, and honor. And even though this penis dream may seem like a total nightmare, the meaning is something positive.

What does it mean to see a strange looking penis?

If you see a strange-looking penis in your dream, it is a sign that you are going to encounter a sexual act. It is possible that you are going to come across a person to whom you will be sexually attracted to. If in case you are married and you have this particular dream, it means that you will have desires going forward.

What does it mean for a woman to dream of having a penis?

If you are a woman and you have a penis in your dream, it may indicate that in your current waking life, you are affirming power. You are executing some powerful decisions.

Meanwhile, to see a penis in your dream and you are a woman, can be a rather strange dream. It may be possible that you are experiencing dilemmas or difficulties that are associated with intimacy. And these are likely causing your disappointments in life. 

Also, it may be that you are very busy or that there are plenty of things that may be currently going on your mind. Do not look at it as a “negative” dream since it simply means you are utilizing your male side.

What does it mean to see a penis that ejaculates in a dream?

If in your dream you are seeing a penis ejaculating, it may suggest that you have projects which are being completed. Whatever this project or goal is that you have been working on for a long time, you may expect to finish it in a few weeks to come. At long last, all the hard work and time you’ve put in is going to be compensated, and you are going to spend time enjoying the fruits of your labor.

What does it mean for a woman to dream of having a penis and feeling uncomfortable?

As a woman, a dream where you have a penis (and you don’t have one in real life) may express your concerns and apprehensions about your sexual performance or your romantic life in general. If the penis you see in your dream has an unusual shape, this may be your subconscious mind getting bothered about the male traits you are bestowing. Perhaps it may be necessary for you to tap into your male side and consider the way you communicate moving forward.

What does it mean to dream of odd things coming from a penis?

Some people have also contacted us saying that they saw a cow coming out of their genitalia! Yes, you heard it right not! Have you had a dream where something visibly strange is coming from any part of your body? If your answer is yes, this may indicate the worries and apprehensions you have regarding your performance.

Moreover, it may be possible that due to your busy schedule or work, you find it hard to relax. Your attention on your private par such as its length, size shape, or whatever stuff is coming out of it could indicate that you may need to focus on yourself more over the next few weeks.

What does it mean to dream of an injured penis?

To dream about an injured penis may suggest that you may be hurt by a person in your social circle or at your place of work. To see a penis injured or being kicked in the bollocks in your dream may mean that someone will say something that will upset you. According to dream books, an injured penis signifies a fresh start or a new beginning.

What does it mean to see a large penis in a dream?

Seeing a large penis in your dream is a symbol of a phase of your life or you as a person feeling competent, very compelling, or powerful. On the positive side, it may be a sign of believing that you are more influential and successful than others around you.

What does it mean to see a small penis in a dream?

A small penis in a dream is a symbol of emotional weakness or being powerless. This penis dream will be common if you are feeling incompetent in some aspects of your life. Does it seem like you are weaker or less relevant than the people surrounding you? 

On the negative side of things, to see a penis in a dream may be a representation of your problems or other individuals holding power over all the things that you do in real life. It may be a symbol of a competing phase of your life or a predicament that is proving to be too powerful for you to handle. 

On the other hand, to dream of a shrinking penis, the penis getting cut, or falling off, is suggestive of emasculation, which is not positive.

What does it mean to see your husband’s penis growing in your dream?

Often, to dream of a large or small penis indicate losing or obtaining or authority. If in your dream you are seeing the penis of your husband increasing in length, it may be an indication that he is either becoming more powerful or you hope he becomes powerful. Meanwhile, a massive penis signifies a prominent character. Your penis dream may indicate that you may be suppressing your inner emotions.

What does it mean to see a penis covered with dirt in your dream?

According to folklore, to dream of seeing a penis covered in dirt may be a sign of backstabbing and deception. Likewise, there is a focus on reputation here. 

What does it mean to see a giant penis in your dream?

An enormous penis in your dream is indicative of your character. It may indicate that sooner or later success will be yours. The larger the penis the more likely for you to achieve your goals. On the other hand, the penis dream may be a representation of your uncanny sense to seek the help of others.

What does it mean to see a boyfriend’s penis falling off in your dream?

A penis being cut off or falling off is a sign of unmanliness. If in your dream the penis of your boyfriend is falling off, it may be a manifestation of your autocratic tendencies. Alternatively, this dream may express an impression of your boyfriend.

What does it mean to see a penis falling off in your dream?

To dream about a penis falling off can be a somewhat strange dream. It leads to the loss of control, diminished manhood, and debilitation. Meanwhile, penis detaching is connected with dominant interpersonal dynamics. It may signify your own suppressed personality as well as your nurturing nature.

What does it mean to dream of losing a penis while urinating?

As previously mentioned, the penis is a representation of fertility, vigor, and drive. So if experience a dream where a penis falls off, it may be a sign that you are feeling concerns regarding your relationship with a male in your life. From the viewpoint of power, it may suggest that you are losing control, which is signified by urinating. Meantime, to dream of someone else’s penis falling off when urinating may symbolize that you are striving to exercise your authority.

What does it mean to see a person with an erect penis on a bed in your dream?

Women dreaming of an erect penis is a representation of problems with sexuality or intimacy. A dream where you are a female, and you see someone with an erect penis on a bed may suggest that you are having concerns with your current partner in life because your sexual desires are not being fulfilled.

What does it mean for a female to see an erect penis in her dream?

In most cases, seeing a penis in a dream is associated with problems with sexuality. It may be that some intimacy aspect between you and your significant other is not completely satisfying. If that is the case, you may need more sexual contacts or special interests.

What does it mean to see a penis covered in feces in your dream?

This kind of penis dream is not very nice. A dream where a penis is covered in feces may signify that your respect for a male in your life is crumbling. Again, the penis in dreams is a symbol of masculinity and power. Meanwhile, the feces in your dream are a hint of trouble. In dreams, feces are often connected with growth. However, it is also linked to money and financial matters (see also Money Dream Meaning). A male around you may be having issues with finances.

What does it mean to see a bug on a penis in your dream?

To see bugs (see also bugs dream meaning) in a dream is a symbol of feeling reborn or social occasions of family members or close friends. The penis here depicts power, man, masculinity, sexuality, and pride. If you see a lot of bugs covering a penis, it may be connected to your inner confidence. Ask yourself whether or not you have inner confidence.

What does it mean to see a penis turning black (or another color) in your dream?

When the penis in your dream changes color, it is often related to your communication. To see a penis with a strange color is a sign that there may be intimacy between a couple of people that are close to you.


We can never truly uncover the meaning of dreams. And often, our subconscious mind creates several elements during our sleep. To dream about male genitalia is one of the most common dreams. So embrace it rather than fear it since it may mean that you will find a connection with your friend or partner on a deeper level.


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