Bug Dream Symbols

To avoid a really awful pun, dreams involving insects or bugs suggest there’s something on your mind, niggling away at any current experiences which otherwise should be positive. As bugs and insects are typically symbols of revulsion or fear, they represent anxieties in your life. There’s some weight to the phrase “bitten by the bug” of something, suggesting obsession or strong emotions linked to an interest or hobby. The type of insect you dream of can give you a better insight into what’s troubling you and your dreams, and help you improve your waking life accordingly.


We know ants are fairly regimented creatures, and each one within a colony has a specific purpose. You may feel that you’re lacking a purpose, or you feel dissatisfied with the way your life has turned out so far. Whatever it may be, this worry will follow you in your waking life, and cause your temper to be shorter. You may be feeling restless with no obvious cause. 

Ants can also symbol industry, diligence and team work (see also Ants Dream Meaning). You may have an uptick in your workload soon. Perhaps you feel your life is too structured, your routine is too rigid and is boring you, in which case it’s time for a few changes. Ants in your dream can also resemble your resilience, and your emotional strength, as these insects can lift 10 times their weight.


Similarly to ants, bees in your dream can represent hard work and teamwork, but they lack the negative restless connotation. Bees can also symbolize wealth, good health, creativity and happiness. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “as busy as a bee”, and this applies to your dream, where your efforts in waking life will pay off, allowing you to enjoy the sweetness of your success. Alternatively, you may feel like there’s a lot to deal with in your life right now, and you may not get a quiet minute to yourself. 

If you dream of being stung by a bee, this suggests someone’s words have cut deep.

Dreaming of the queen bee reflects a dominant female figure in your life.


As some beetles can cause significant damage to houses or property, dreaming of beetles suggests there’s some destructive forces affecting your life, and you may feel you have to undercut what’s important to you in order to get through to the other side. Like with a beetle infestation, you may need some help to restore your life’s balance.

Black Widow

Black widow spiders (see also Black Widow Spider Spiritual Interpretation And Meaning) appearing in your dream suggests you’re uncertain or fearful about a relationship. This relationship has taken a turn for the worst, and you feel alienated, or unable to be your true self with this person, and you may even hate the other person for what they’ve done or how you are around them. 

As the female black widow tends to eat the spider it mates with, it suggests that in this relationship, there is a great imbalance between you, and it has the potential to get even worse (see also Black Spider Dream Interpretation). It may be worth rethinking your relationship altogether, if things persist.


Dreaming of bugs or insects which aren’t a recognizable species suggests that an anxiety or a specific worry is eating away at you. It can also suggest you’ve let a hobby become all-consuming, as if you’ve been “bitten by the bug”. 

If you dream that bugs are crawling all over your body, or they come out of your hair, this suggests something’s causing a great deal of confusion. You may be overthinking things and making them worse. It can also suggest you’re worried about what other people think of you.


Bumblebees appearing in your dream suggests there are fresh problems on their way, and they’ll trouble your peace of mind until you can solve them. As bees work similarly to ants, this dream may suggest you’re overworking yourself, and you need a break. 


Butterflies in dreams stand for romance, joy, spirituality, transformation, or completing an end-goal. You might be looking at things differently, or you’re in the process of a transition in your life. Butterflies appearing in your dream can also suggest that you lack focus, and you’re flitting from one thing to the next, and you might need to focus on one thing at a time. 

A butterfly in your dream can also suggest you need to be more outgoing in your social life (see also Butterfly Dream Interpretation), to resemble a “social butterfly”. Some new connections might help enrich your life in the long run.

Dreaming of two butterflies can symbolize luck in love, and a long, happy relationship. More than two suggests new inspiration, acceptance, freedom or growth.

Catching or killing a butterfly in your dream suggests you’re not focusing on the right things in life, and can also suggest you are being too possessive. A dead butterfly appearing in your dream can symbolize goals you’ve not reached, or ones you’ve chosen to abandon for others.

If you dream of mounting a butterfly on a display frame, this suggests sexual frustration.


Caterpillars appearing in your dreams suggest you’re on the right path to achieving your goals, perhaps you’re at the start, but you’re headed in the right direction. Keep going!


Centipedes in your dreams suggest that your fears or anxieties are controlling your life, and stopping you from growing or realizing your dreams. Try to think more positively, and stop giving negative thoughts “airtime” in your head.


Cockroaches in your dream suggests you feel unclean in some way. They can also suggest resilience, renewal, or longevity. Perhaps you feel there are areas of your life that need a lot of effort to reach where you want to be, or there are parts of yourself you really dislike at the moment. 

If you dream of two cockroaches fighting, this suggests there’s a lot of conflict in your life right now, and you need to push through it in order to get through it. It won’t be a problem that will go away by itself.

Dreaming of owning pet cockroaches can suggest you’re trying to limit a negative outlook or any negative traits in your personality from affecting your life. 

Having an awful, very visual dream where Madagascar hissing cockroaches come out of a part of your body suggests that someone is trying to get a rise out of you. They’re trying to make you say something they can later use against you, and the best revenge is to not react at all. This dream can also suggest something that you heard will be a great worry in the future.


Crickets in your dreams represent introspection, and you’re on the path to a period of personal growth. You are seeking advice or a new path, and this may come from an unexpected source. 

Hearing crickets chirping in your dreams suggests that you’re paying too much attention to hearsay or what people think, and you’re letting them distract you from what’s important.


Dragonflies are nicer images to have in your dreams! They represent change and regeneration. It may also suggest an unwillingness to focus on a single thing, and you feel the need to tackle several things at once. Dragonflies in your dreams can also suggest that you need to look again at something – it isn’t what you first assumed. If this is regarding a problem, you may need to find an unconventional solution.

Dreaming of eating a dragonfly suggests that a passion you’re currently fuelling may feed you for now, but it might damage a relationship or two.


Fleas appearing in your dream indicate that someone will play you. You’ll be manipulated and only realize it in hindsight. This may be provoking you into an outburst, or to make the wrong decision, and this Machiavellian figure will benefit. 

Dreaming of fleas biting you suggests you have more than one false friendship in your life, and it will be proven shortly.


This probably won’t come as a surprise, but seeing flies (see also Flies Dream Meaning) in your dream symbolizes filth, or  even garbage, and this can be either physical or emotional. It could be a plan you had for a while is no longer possible, or you feel guilty about something. You may come into contact with someone who will pass an illness onto you.

 If you hear the buzzing of flies in your dream, someone’s been annoying you lately and hasn’t got the message they should stop. If you haven’t outright told them, this dream is telling you to do so before you snap at them.

If you dream of killing flies, this is a good sign, as any problems or mistakes you’ve made will be solved, and you’ll be the one to resolve them. This will give you a nice sense of satisfaction which will silence the original regret.

Dreaming of white flies suggests death. Don’t panic – this could be a metaphorical death – you’ll shed your past self, or finally put an end to bad habits. Something will change significantly, and life as you know it now will transform.


Grasshoppers appearing in your dream suggests a new sense of freedom, independence, or spiritual wisdom. However, they may also suggest you have an inability to commit to something or someone.


A dream filled with hornets is a bad sign. It suggests trouble will find you in the near future, and you may face some danger. Perhaps you will let anger control you for a while, and make some decisions which you’ll come to regret. 

Dreaming of being stung by a hornet suggests you want revenge on someone, or you’ve adopted a vengeful attitude. Maybe you’ve been overthinking someone’s throw-away comment or nasty remark, and it’s overshadowing the positives in your life.

If you see a hornet’s nest in your dream, this points to a bitter argument in your future where you’ll both be worse off.


Insects in your dream suggest you have some minor issues that you nevertheless need to solve, and these annoyances will get in your way if you ignore them. You may feel your sense of peace or way of life is being disrupted, or someone’s getting on your nerves.

On a more positive note, insects can also indicate a sense of precision, or sensitivity, and a time when you need to collect your thoughts. 


Katydids, or long-horned grasshoppers appearing in your dreams suggests that your negative attitude will cause you to miss out on some of life’s chances.

If you hear katydids in your dream, this suggests you’ve been too reliant on other people. 


Locusts in your dreams can suggest you feel starved of something, or can also indicate greed. You may feel a lack of creativity, or you may feel lonely, and this dream is calling you to push through. Locusts can also resemble transformation, or a cycle of growth. You may also be feeling indecisive about something.


Ladybugs in your dreams (see also Ladybugs Landing On You Meaning) represent good luck and beauty. It may also represent a woman who is ‘bugging’ you in your waking life, and you need to tell her to give you some room, no matter how good her intentions may be. The size of the ladybug (see also Ladybugs In Your Dreams) in your dream also signifies how big the problem is, and how much trouble it will cause you.


Dreaming of leeches or of leeches biting you suggests that there’s something in life which is sapping your energy or motivation. This may point to people, habits, negative situations or emotions which are affecting you. If you dream of being covered in leeches, there’s an element of disgust. You have a negative body image, or you feel repulsed by some of your choices.


Dreaming of lice suggests you’re feeling distressed, frustrated, or guilty. Needless to say, it’s not a nice dream! You may feel physically or emotionally dirty. Lice can also represent a single person or a current situation that you want to keep at a distance, and you could be feeling overwhelmed.


Maggots (see also maggot dream meaning) appearing in your dream typically symbolize a fear of death. You may also have been ignoring a problem, and because it hasn’t been resolved by itself, it’s now niggling at you, and destroying your sense of peace.

If you dream of walking or stepping on maggots, this suggests you have a lot of regrets. It can also indicate your persistence or resilience.

Black maggots in your dream suggest you’re in denial about something, and you refuse to confront the truth. If the maggots come from your mouth, you regret something you said, and you know you can’t take it back. 


Millipedes appearing in your dream suggest that you’re letting fear get in the way of what you want. You may have made some progress previously, but a complication has set you back, and this is causing frustration. This dream can also suggest the value of co-operation, and how well you work in a team.


Moths appearing in dreams indicate you need to look closely at small details, as if you miss something, it could cause major problems later on. Moths can also represent your weaknesses, or a sense of fragility.


Seeing mosquitoes in your dream indicates that something has been sapping your energy or ability to deal with things. This may even be a person who is insistent on taking most of your attention. It may also suggest you’ll try to resist change, which won’t stop it from happening but might make you tired and unable to seize opportunities as they come up. 

Dreaming of killing mosquitos suggests that you’ll soon adapt to new circumstances, and you’ll enjoy a fresh happiness from them.


Parasites making an unwelcome appearance in your dream also suggests that your energy levels are not where they usually are. You may feel physically drained of energy, or have lost your drive, or become too reliant on other people. It can also suggest you’re taking too much from other people and aren’t giving anything in return.

Potato Bug 

Seeing a potato bug in your dream signifies your subconscious desires or instincts. It can also represent a negative influence which has a big hold on your life right now. 

Praying Mantis 

A praying mantis appearing in your dream suggests your behavior is currently destructive, or that one of your relationships is doing you more harm than good. It may also suggest that you’re taking advantage of others. 


Dreaming of having ringworm suggests there’s a big source of frustration or annoyance that’s getting in the way of living your life. You may have taken up some bad habits, or resurrected some old ones.


A scarab appearing in your dream denotes your ability to change, to carry on, and adapt to shifting circumstances, and it can indicate that the path you have chosen is the right one, right now. It can also signify any anxieties around aging and death. The Ancient Egyptians regarded scarabs as symbols of the sun (see also Sun Spiritual Meaning), resurrection, and immortality.


Scorpions (see also Scorpion Dream Meaning) in your dream signifies a current situation that’s hurtful, or which is causing some emotional conflict. It can also suggest negative feelings are driving you to destructive behaviors, or you’re at the other end of bitter words or hateful arguments. The good news is that the bigger the scorpion, the lesser the chance it’ll be deadly, and that probably goes for dreams as well. Scorpions also typically represent rebirth and death. 

You may need to start anew to regain a sense of balance. Scorpions can also symbolize someone in your life who was born under the Scorpio astrological sign. 

If you dream of scorpions floating in water, this suggests you need to let something go. It has hurt you for too long. 


Dreaming of spiders (see also Spider Dream Meaning) suggests you feel like an outsider looking in when it comes to some situations. You might want to keep your distance from temptation, or you’re exercising self-control where others are not. A dead spider appearing in your dream (see also Killing Spiders In Dreams And What It Means) is a testament to your strong will which rarely fails you. 

A spider spinning its web indicates that your hard work in a professional context will soon be recognized. You may receive a promotion, or another reward for your efforts. Spiders, when representing people, may symbolize an overbearing figure, or a woman who has a positive impact on your life (or both!). 

Spiders can also be associated with relationships (see also Tarantula Dream Meaning) which are too entangling to be healthy – perhaps they’re all-consuming, and you spend the majority of time with them. This dream can be a warning that you need to broaden your horizons, and make sure you don’t limit your attention to one person – if that relationship falls apart, you may find yourself very lonely. Conversely, a spider making its web in a dream can also be a testament to how strong the support is from the people around you, and it’s a nice position to be in. 

Dreaming of spider eggs (see also Egg Dream Interpretation) in a web suggests you’re holding something back or not telling someone the full truth, and this will hinder your relationship in the future. You may also believe that your potential is only a fraction of what it actually is.

Seeing a spider climbing up a wall (see also White Spider Dream Interpretation) in your dream suggests that your goals are within reach.

If you dream of a spider bite or being bitten by a spider, you will be in conflict with your mother or a mother-figure in your life soon. 

Dreaming of eating (see also Dreaming Of Eating) a spider or holding a spider in your mouth suggests you’re not afraid of adversity when it comes to getting what you want. 


Dreaming of tapeworms is a bad omen. This dream indicates you will be unlucky in your health soon, and there may not be much fun in your future, at least, for the moment.


Termites appearing in your dreams suggest you feel attacked on an emotional level, or someone is undervaluing what you hold dear.


Similar to dreams of leeches, ticks suggest that something’s draining you (see also Tick Dream Meaning And Symbolism). This could be anything – a relationship, a job, an impossible goal – and whatever it is, you need to change something before you burn out. Your subconscious can also be “punny” here, as you may be feeling “ticked off” about something lately, and this is what it chooses to manifest. Ugh, thanks, subconscious. 


Perhaps you’re afraid of wasps – and that would be the good reason for your dream. Wasps in your dream are nastier than bees, as they are in real life. Wasps stand for negative feelings, anger, and evil. A wasp stinging you symbolizes someone’s hatred or jealousy toward you is only getting stronger. 

Dreaming of killing a wasp demonstrates your resolve, and your bravery when it comes to dealing with enemies and standing up for what you feel is right.


Weevils in your dream are a bad sign. They represent loss, and deceit. 


Worms appearing in your dream typically represent negativity, either toward you or someone else. I believe they can also symbolize positivity and the benefits you gain from being grounded and in tune with your instincts and emotions. Worms greatly benefit the earth they inhabit, enriching the soil for every living thing that resides in it. While they might make you squeamish at a push, they do a lot of good which outweighs any aversion you may have felt in your dream. Without them, we wouldn’t have a lot of the life we do, and we’d probably be starving. 

Dreaming of worms crawling on you suggests that you need to be more in tune with your inner self, your emotions, and instincts. It may suggest that you feel someone is taking your kind nature for granted, and you should be wary of what they may do in the future. 


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