What Does A Butterfly Mean In Your Dream?

Butterflies and their various life stages have fascinated us for centuries, but what does it mean when you dream of a butterfly?

Most of us are familiar with the fact that butterflies undergo a dramatic metamorphosis, and this is connected to transformation and renewal in waking life, but is that all a butterfly might symbolize in dreams?

Let’s find out. 

Why Am I Dreaming Of Butterflies?

Butterflies may manifest in your dreams for many reasons, and it can be a little complicated when it comes to trying to find the meaning behind your dream.

Some people believe that a butterfly in your dream is a message from a loved one who has died, a sign of your enduring connection with them. 

In some cases, a butterfly in your dream can be a call to seek change within your life. Perhaps things have been the same for far too long, and you need to search for a new goal or something that will give your life more meaning. 

Most dream interpretation of butterflies focuses on change and transformation, so if you see one of these beautiful insects in your dream, expect things to change in your waking life. 

This may be something you will bring about yourself, such as a change in your career, a new relationship, or healthier choices in your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at what the butterflies in your dream can mean in more detail.

The Butterfly Dream Symbol

The dream symbol of the butterfly has a lot to tell you. It may feature in your dreams to refer to your soul, a period of renewal, transition, and the ability to adapt and overcome even the worst problems that life can throw at you.

Some cultures believe the butterfly represents immortality, where death is just another transition, and isn’t the end of life at all. Others associate the butterfly with death itself, and a brief, fleeting period in your life. 

Another interesting take on a butterfly appearing in your dream is that the butterfly represents your ability to change your life, but whether you choose to is entirely up to you. It’s not always something forced upon you.

If you see a butterfly with transparent wings in your dream, this suggests that circumstances that are confusing or conflicting will bring about a period of transition or change.

If you believe in spirit guides, a butterfly may appear in your dreams to bring about a transitional period in waking life. It may be a call to examine what you really want out of life, rather than settling for what fate gives you.

It may come when you’re not devoting enough time or thought to your wildest dreams, when your mind is preoccupied with life’s everyday problems and tasks. It may also refer to life’s chaotic nature, where upheaval can come as a blessing or a curse.

The dream symbol of a butterfly refers to how you might approach change with a more open mind, perhaps even seeking it out before it finds you first.

The Butterfly As A Metaphor For Transformation

The butterfly is a spiritual dream symbol, which can represent personal growth, new beginnings, and how you’re about to change internally. 

Perhaps your priorities are about to shift, where you will make healthier choices, or your outlook will transform and guide your life in a different direction. 

It can suggest you’ve been longing for something to change for a while, and your subconscious is calling you to finally act on your desires. 

A Butterfly In Your Dream Signals Renewal

Similarly, butterflies in dreams can signify renewal. If you’ve been finding things tough for a while, a butterfly may manifest itself in your dreams as a sign that some changes cannot come without difficult times.

The Butterfly In Your Dream As A Cycle

Butterflies have numerous cycles they must go through before they can finally become butterflies and in your dream, your subconscious may be telling you that you are trying to mold yourself into a better version of yourself without having the experience required. 

It may suggest that you have a way to go yet before you see the transformation you desire, or being in a position where you can achieve your goals.

A Butterfly As A Sign Of Adaptation

Another key reason a butterfly may manifest itself in your dreams is that you’re starting to adapt to a stressful situation where your resilience is getting better. 

You have a handle on things now – or perhaps you don’t – but things seem to be stressing you out less, and you know what you need to do in order to push through.

Anything currently worrying you will soon be a thing of the past, and you’ll also be less stung by any let-downs life has in store for you.

This dream is also a sign that your resilience is getting stronger, and your ability to adapt is getting better. Things will get tougher, but so will you, and you’ll be able to cope with more.

This dream urges you to enjoy the journey of overcoming issues and obstacles, not just the outcome. 

Is A Butterfly Landing On You Considered A Good Sign?

A butterfly landing on you is considered a lucky omen both in your dreams and in waking life. 

According to superstition (see also Itching Superstitions And Their Meanings), if a butterfly lands on you, it suggests that there will be some reconciliation between members of your family, or an event that will see you all gathered together.

In your dream, a butterfly landing on you implies that you will soon feel freer, and you’ll be able to go after your dreams without any problems for a while, so take advantage of this period while you can.

A dream of a butterfly landing on you can mean that you shouldn’t be afraid of showing people who you really are. Embrace your quirks, and don’t worry about being judged, as long as you do no harm to others or yourself.

Seeing a particularly colorful butterfly can imply that you need to tap into your creative side more often. It has something to teach you.

If you feel nervous when a butterfly lands on you, this may suggest you’ll make some mistakes soon, and lose something important to you, but this will make way for a wiser version of you, as well as room for greater things.

If your spirit guide is a butterfly, and you dream of one landing on you, this suggests that you’ll need to buckle down for a whirlwind of events, which could be good or bad. 

While you may be doing fine in waking life right now, your spirit guide urges you to do better, and pushing now will mean things are easier in the future.

A Butterfly Landing On Your Head In A Dream

If a butterfly lands on your head in a dream, this refers to your thought patterns, and how you might gain further wisdom in waking life, and move along your spiritual path.

It may also draw attention to your choices, and how they might be for the better, or might make things more difficult than they need to be. 

Or, a butterfly landing on your head in a dream can mean that your wisdom and desire for change will always see you through difficult times.

Dreaming Of A Butterfly Chrysalis

As you might imagine, seeing a cocoon or chrysalis in your dream reveals a period of transformation in your life. Normally this is associated with an internal conflict that forces you to change in some way, but this change will be for the better.

If you’re able to see the forming butterfly inside the cocoon, this can mirror how you feel in your waking hours. You might be going through an upheaval or transformative journey in waking life, and you’re wondering what the end result might be. 

But the cocoon or chrysalis in your dream can also reflect how you feel unable to make progress somewhere in waking life. You feel blocked, no matter how hard you try there is some resistance stopping you from achieving what you want.

This dream may be telling you that it’s not the right time to get what you’re dreaming of, or maybe you need more experience before this becomes available to you. 

This dream can occur when you’ve ‘cocooned’ yourself into a comfort zone that’s a tight fit, and nothing much is inside it. You don’t feel like venturing past it, so your perception and your experience is being limited more than it should be. 

Is it time to broaden your horizons in some aspect of life? Take a look at your recent choices, and make sure you’re not explaining away opportunities that could enrich your life.

Dreaming Of Moths And Butterflies

Moths have some interesting interpretations, but what does it mean when you dream of both moths and butterflies? Well, together they symbolize your spirituality, and how love, joy, and transformation feed your progress along your spiritual path.

Seeing both moths and butterflies in your dream is considered a very good omen for the future. 

They also imply that a recent decision or a path you’re about to take will have a lot of significance when it comes to your spiritual journey. Maybe it will be a new direction entirely.

Consider The Color Of The Butterfly In Your Dream

The dream scenario of how the butterfly appears to you is only half of the potential meaning. 

If you consider how colorful these beautiful insects are, and you remember the colors of the butterfly in your dream, you’re well on your way to a more insightful interpretation of your dream.

It’s also worth looking at the colors of the butterfly, as this can add a lot of insight into the meaning behind your dream. 

They may reflect your current emotions, but also signal the journey ahead of you, and any unresolved feelings lurking in your subconscious.

A White Butterfly In Your Dream

Seeing a white butterfly in your dream refers to tranquility, grace, an increased sense of purpose and notable progress on your spiritual path. 

This dream’s message is to rise above any stress, worry, or petty issues with others. Otherwise, you will miss the positives that are present in your life right now. 

It may be worth taking stock of where you are in life, and seeing if your perspective is really objective, or if you need to adjust your outlook accordingly. 

A white butterfly can also feature in your dream when you’re sick of where you are or who you think you are. This dream symbol is a call to action, to make the change happen yourself.

Dreaming Of A Black Butterfly

A black butterfly in your dream is probably the least common, but it has a very important message. 

Black butterflies in your dream usually denote that something in your life is coming to a close. This might be in terms of a career, a relationship, or a lifestyle.

Consider also the patterns on the black butterfly. If they are particularly unique or impossible in waking life, this suggests that you have a unique opportunity ahead of you to develop your skills further, or to show them off. 

If you see a black swallowtail butterfly, this can imply that you need to develop a better understanding towards current issues plaguing your life or old issues that are still affecting your decisions now. 

A Blue Butterfly In Your Dream

If you see a blue butterfly in your dream, this suggests that any unselfish wishes you’ve been holding onto for a while may be about to be realized.

A vivid blue butterfly in your dream points to a fun event in the near future, something that you will enjoy the hell out of. 

A blue butterfly in your dreams may also refer to your highest pipe dreams, and how an opportunity may come along for you to realize at least one of these goals. 

Seeing A Yellow Butterfly In Your Dream

A dream featuring a yellow butterfly denotes monetary wealth, good luck, and prosperity for the future. It may also act as your spirit guide, but only briefly, until you find your way.

Yellow butterflies often appear in dreams when you are losing hope for the future in waking life, and often serve as encouragement or a call to be more optimistic.

A Red Butterfly In Your Dream

A red butterfly in your dream can denote passion, but also the risk that comes with it. You might be at an important crossroads in your life when you see this butterfly appear in your dream.

It calls on you to develop a greater understanding of the forces at work in your life, and how you might find more meaning through your emotions. 

Dreaming Of An Orange Butterfly

An orange butterfly appearing in your dreams denotes unbridled joy, as well as a deep spiritual connection with other people. It may also suggest that you’re finally letting go of whatever is holding you back.

A Monarch Butterfly In Your Dream Meaning

One of the most famous and beautiful butterflies in the world, the monarch butterfly has a lot to tell you when it visits you in a dream. 

The main interpretation of this lovely butterfly is hope and optimism, and it may come to you as a reminder that you shouldn’t dwell on the past. 

It often appears when you are dragging past trauma around with you, making decisions based on how you want to avoid a repeat of this experience, rather than trying to move towards what you actually want to happen.

The monarch butterfly features in your dream as a call to move past this. If you think about the migration pattern, they travel more than 3000 miles in the fall to reach warmer climates, so this interpretation makes sense.

Spiritually speaking, the monarch butterfly may visit you to urge you to make some progress along your spiritual journey through life. It also suggests that there are better times around the corner, especially if you move to make them happen. 

You may also encounter a monarch butterfly in your dream when you need to acknowledge and find a way past emotional issues or unresolved feelings lurking in your subconscious. 

There are brighter times ahead of you, and it would be a shame if you weren’t able to enjoy them freely.

A Brown Butterfly In Your Dream

Dreaming of a brown butterfly urges you to listen to your intuition, and become more grounded in waking life. 

It can also refer to your level of self-confidence, and how you might recover from stressful situations, and what you do to recharge in your waking life.

Older Dream Interpretations Of Butterflies

Older dream interpretation suggests that a butterfly appearing in your dream can mean two things on the whole. 

The first reason a butterfly may appear to you in a dream is that it’s a call to recognize the good in your life. Perhaps there’s something fantastic that you’re overlooking.

The second is that a butterfly manifests itself into your dream when you are about to experience a deep joy from love in your life. This might be romantic love, but it can equally be other kinds, too.

If you dream of a butterfly in a field, this denotes that a situation in your waking life cannot be influenced or altered, no matter how much you might wish to do so.

If you dream of a dead butterfly in a display case, this suggests that you have some excess energy that you should channel into something constructive and beneficial in terms of your future.

Final Thoughts

Butterfly dreams can be quite complicated to unravel, but if you look at how it appears to you in your dream, what it does, how you react, and its appearance, these factors can all contribute towards your dream’s meaning.

Consider also your emotions during the dream, as this determines whether the butterfly in your dream is a positive omen, or a sign that you need to enact change and adjust something in your waking life in order to move forward. 


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