Dreams about Spiders – 47 Scenarios & What They Mean

Spiders appearing in your dreams may be unpleasant to say the least, depending on your own associations and thoughts about spiders. 

If you are someone who has a great interest in arachnids, as a hobby or as part of your profession, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see them in your dreams.

If you absolutely hate the thought of spiders, these can be worrying dreams, especially if they are a regular occurrence. 

Spiders in dreams carry an important message, which is capable of being positive, negative, or even a bit of both. 

Considering the form they take, it can be hard or even detrimental to ignore what the dream is trying to tell you. Some believe that this is exactly why people dream of spiders – they are hard to ignore.

Let’s take a look.

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Spiders?

Spiders appearing in your dream is an interesting one, and the meaning behind their appearance does completely hinge on your own thoughts and experiences of spiders.

If you shudder at the suggestion of eight hairy legs and too many eyes, then it might not come as a surprise that spiders embody your fear.

Similarly, they can represent a ‘web’ you’re caught up in, your shadow self, dishonesty, things you cannot explain, and manipulation.

If spiders don’t scare you, in dreams they represent a new chapter in life (see also White Spider Dream Meaning And Interpretation), a well of creativity, and productivity, thanks to the spider’s ability to weave intricate webs.

Reasons Why You’re Dreaming Of Spiders

There are many reasons why you might dream of spiders (see also What Do Tarantulas Mean In Dreams?), and unlike many dream symbols, spiders in dreams are dependent on your own associations of spiders.

For example, if you’re creeped out every time you see a spider, your dream presents you with a similar meaning of fear or uncertainty.

Your subconscious mind may be giving you this dream as a warning, or an encouragement to push past what scares you, but there are also wildly different interpretations, too.

You Feel Trapped, Or Manipulated

When most people think of spiders, they get a little creeped out at the thought, to say the least.

The sight of lots of legs and eyes scurrying about your home can be unsettling, especially when they just go about their business, and you don’t know they are there until they are right in front of you!

In this case, dreams involving spiders are an undercurrent of worry, usually caused by other people, or past events. 

You feel as though someone is trying to manipulate you into making a decision you would never consider, or they are leading you to failure in some way. 

Spider dreams also point to how you are trying to rid yourself of negative forces in your life, bad habits, and repeating patterns that make you feel trapped (see also Killing Spiders Dream Symbolism).

A Better Connection To Your Creative Side

You only have to look at a spider web, and notice the intricate and beautiful patterns spiders weave to associate them with creativity. 

In dreams, spiders are a well of creativity and productivity, making art and new concepts out of nothing.

Dreaming of spiders represents how you are tapping into your creativity to apply it in more facets of your life.

These dreams may also point to new projects, or getting deeper into an existing project soon.

As spiderwebs are very architectural in nature, these dreams also draw your attention to needing to create and stick to a plan, in order to move forward towards your goal.

Your Shadow Self

If you have a phobia of spiders, dreaming of them represents your shadow self.

This is where your innermost insecurities, and deepest sense of vulnerability and fear lives.

Doubt, worry, and negativity all lurk here, as well as aspects of your nature which you prefer to leave unacknowledged, rolled up into one neat package. 

This terrifying image of a spider reveals that in order to live the best life you can, you need to push past your greatest fears. Prove yourself wrong.

Web Of Lies

Dreams of spiders, particularly those that involve spiderwebs reveal betrayal, shattered trust, cheating, lies, a breakdown in your relationship, and the loss of stability that betrayal causes.

If you have a dream like this, it urges you to be very careful who you give your power to, and who you trust. You must learn to protect yourself from deceitful people, because if you do not, you will end up losing everything.

To dream that you are being pursued by a spider, foretells that enemies will seek to destroy you through treachery.

Coming Success

Spiders work tirelessly, and their appearance in dreams indicates that you will achieve success in your endeavors, no matter what you’re working towards.

They represent hard work, and perseverance. Just picture the intricate webs they build, for example. Through your own hard work, you will achieve something spectacular if you put your mind to the task.

Spiders also reveal the importance of carrying on when you meet unexpected issues and complications. It’s only through your resilience that you will achieve your wildest dreams.

Feminine Energy

Spiders can embody femininity, where they represent traits we typically associate with the feminine, such as generosity, a nurturing nature, creativity, and a sharp insight.

A dream like this can reveal the need to be patient, or to endure something difficult before you can  get where you want to be in the near future.

A spider in your dream may also symbolize a female figure in your life that has a lot of power and authority.

The Spider Dream Symbol

While we may fear or admire them, there’s no doubt that spiders are clever creatures which not only weave the most beautiful patterns into their webs, but they are also great hunters.

When you dream of a spider, this represents the wealth of creativity you have to draw upon, but it also represents anxieties, issues, and doubts that you’ll encounter while moving toward a goal.

In many cultures, spiders in dreams are said to represent mystery, the unknown, fear, and uncertainty. 

Spiders also embody negative emotions such as envy, frustration, greed, disappointment, and sadness.

Sometimes, they represent parts of our psyche that we haven’t yet explored.

These dreams are a way of visiting our negative feelings, helping us to transform our perception in waking life so that we may move forward.

Different Colored Spiders In Dreams And What They Mean

Dreaming of a Black Spider Meaning

Black spiders in dreams represent discouragement, disloyalty, a breakdown of trust, and fear (see also Black Spider Dream Symbolism).

Dreaming of a Brown Spider Meaning

Typically, brown spiders in dreams represent prosperity, material gain, an uptick in your finances, and feeling physically comfortable.

Dreaming of a Striped Spider Meaning

A striped spider appearing in your dreams indicates that there’s more to a situation in waking life than you originally thought. 

Look closer, and make sure you haven’t missed anything. It will pay to examine your own feelings, too.

Dreaming of a Spotted Spider Meaning

A spotted spider in your dream represents sources of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and emotions getting in the way.

It draws your attention to these to remind you that you can push through them. Just make sure you don’t let them rule you.

Dreaming of a Hairy Spider Meaning

Dreaming of a hairy spider symbolizes several sources of negativity that are pulling you down. It may also indicate an unsafe or harmful environment.

It can indicate that you’re not seeing things or people for what or who they really are.

Dreaming of a White Spider Meaning

A white spider in a dream is a great sign. It symbolizes optimism, a period of healing, personal growth, and a greater spiritual connection.

Dreaming of a Green Spider Meaning

Dreaming of a green spider reveals a period of healing from a negative influence, past experience, or person that’s been holding you back.

It also points to tranquility, a peaceful period of solitude, and reconnecting with yourself and nature.

Dreaming of a Red Spider Meaning

Red spiders represent what drives you in life. They also embody desire, happiness, optimism, affection, and protection.

Dreaming of a Blue Spider Meaning

A blue spider reveals present or future contentment, and feeling like you have found your place in life.

Dreaming of an Orange Spider Meaning

Orange spiders point to a wealth of fulfilling relationships, kindness, and love.

Dreaming of a Yellow Spider Meaning

Yellow spiders represent joy which is found in the most unlikely of places.

Dreaming of a Silver And Gold Spider Meaning

A silver and gold spider in a dream means a wealth of good luck in the future, and a period of healing.

Dreaming of a Purple Spider Meaning

A purple spider represents authority, power, personal and professional growth, and justice.

Dreaming of a Pink Spider Meaning

Pink spiders suggest positivity, creativity, kindness, affection, and joy.

Dreaming of a Gray Spider Meaning

Gray spiders represent a breakdown in communication, misunderstandings, suffering relationships, and loneliness.

Common Spider Dreams And Their Symbolism

Dreaming Of A Large Spider

A huge spider appearing in your dream suggests that you’re missing something very obvious in your dream.

Or, you’re pretending it doesn’t exist, and this dream is drawing your attention to the pointlessness of avoiding it.

This dream urges you to face your problems before they spin out of your control completely. A large spider usually represents emotions you’d rather didn’t exist, but you will have to face them at some point.

A Giant Spider In Your Dream

If the spider in your dream is absolutely huge, this isn’t considered a good sign. 

Giant spiders appearing in dreams suggest a loss of stability, of prosperity, and wealth. You may run into problems in work and devote a lot of your time to your finances. 

Giant spiders in dreams come as warnings, and the importance of trusting yourself, and being wary of who else you trust.

Seeing A Small Spider In Your Dream

A small spider appearing in your dreams represents a fresh start, new relationships, and better connections in life.

If you dream of a baby spider, this reveals wise choices that you’ve made, or you’re about to make, and these will help shape the future into something grand.

A Spider Spinning A Web In Your Dream

Watching a spider spinning a web in your dream suggests that all your efforts will soon pay off. 

Not only that, but you will be recognized for your hard work, and you’ll be able to enjoy a period of tranquility where there won’t be anything required of you.

It’ll mean that you’ll be able to enjoy yourself, and recharge for the things ahead.

Seeing A Large Spider Web In Your Dream

A big spider web appearing in your dream implies that you’re wrapped up in a more complicated problem than you realize.

This issue will have a lot of complications when you try to untangle yourself, and all of your efforts will be concentrated on breaking free. 

You may be surrounded by bad luck at every turn, betrayal, and ignorance in one form or another. Your emotions will be a source of conflict, and it will be hard to see clearly past them.

Dreaming of spiders making webs across walls suggests that your life is filled with unnecessary things that you insist on holding onto. 

You may find that you’re unable to forget the past, or let go of a past relationship.

Spiderwebs covering the interior of an old house reveals that a tricky situation has been following around for a while, and you’re not able to look past it, no matter how hard you try.

This dream urges you to find a way to let it go.

Spiders Catching Prey In Your Dream

Pay attention to the type of creature the spider catches in your dream, as this influences the meaning.

A spider catching a bee in its web is a sign of good luck. A spider moving toward a wasp in its web mirrors how you will overcome people who mean to wrong you, and it also speaks of positivity.

A mosquito being caught in a spider’s web reveals someone’s best attempts to rile you, but you’ll manage to rise above it.

Dreaming Of Being Ensnared In A Spider’s Web

If you dream of being trapped in a spider’s web, this represents a period in your life where you will feel trapped, powerless, or ensnared in someone’s plans.

A future situation will cause you to feel powerless, completely stuck in this situation until it ends, or until you devote yourself to tearing yourself free. 

Dreaming Of Spider Eggs

Spider eggs in dreams represent disturbing truths. No matter how hard you work, there are just some things that will remain out of your reach, and there is nothing in your power that you can do to change this.

Spider eggs can also reveal the need to express your emotions in a healthy way, but for whatever reason, you are prevented from self-expression, and it’s making you feel stifled.

Many Spiders In Your Dream

Many spiders appearing in your dream suggests you are surrounded by trouble, or people who want to see you fall. 

This dream reveals impending trouble, and your perception will be clouded by confusion. 

A dream of many spiders also draws your attention to the importance of keeping your emotions in check. Allow them to guide you, by all means, but don’t let them rule you completely. 

Dreaming Of Spiders Hovering Over You

Dreaming of spiders hanging over you is a mirror of your worries, which are dangling over you even in the happiest of times.

This dream is urging you to learn how to silence them, or at least, not let them drag you down from enjoying life to the full. 

Your dream serves as a reminder to sort through your worries, fears, and problems. Cast aside those which you can do nothing about, and act against those you might be able to prevent.

Spiders Crawling Everywhere In Your Dream

Dreaming of spiders everywhere represents conflict in the future, from more than one aspect of your life. 

You may find that you have more than a few arguments, from no fault of your own or your partner’s.

A situation will cause a rift between you, and it will come to determine whether your relationship survives and grows stronger, or breaks apart completely.

This loss of stability may lead you to make decisions which you’d never normally consider, leading to more problems. 

Dreaming Of Spiders Crawling On You

From a Jungian perspective, a dream of spiders crawling all over you represents your shadow self. Those parts of you which you keep hidden, even from yourself. 

This makes a dream like this a terrifying experience, which no one wants to confront.

But the spiders in this dream are not the bad guy. They remind you that although you may repress your shadow self (this is one of its definitions, after all), you do not destroy it by doing so.

The spiders urge you to face your fears, and unpack all of the negative emotion lurking in your subconscious.

Commit yourself to becoming a better version of you, and you’ll gain complete control over your emotions.

Spiders In Your Hair In A Dream

Dreaming of spiders in your hair represents your fear of things being taken from you: your health, your wellbeing, your wisdom.

It reveals the danger of getting distracted by unnecessary anxieties and carrying around so much tension that you cannot see straight, let alone make decisions that may have a ripple effect on you and yours.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Spiders In My Ear?

What an unpleasant dream! When you dream of a spider in your ear, your subconscious is urging you to listen to someone in waking life.

Usually, when spiders represent people, they represent those with traditionally feminine traits, people who you turn to for advice, discipline, and those people who you would do anything for.

They hold the advice that you need to move forward in the next few weeks, so make sure you listen.

Dreaming Of Eating Spiders

This is a horrible one! Luckily, the meaning behind a dream of eating spiders is much less horrifying than the thought itself.

Dreaming of eating spiders represents how you will ‘eat’ any current problems, assert control over a situation, and tap into your inner power in order to achieve a better way of living.

A Spider In Your Bed In Your Dream

Dreaming of a spider in your bed, or crawling across your bed points to an invasion of privacy somewhere in waking life. 

This dream has an undercurrent of revulsion and horror, which is echoed in waking life. If you feel uneasy when you wake up, then you need to look for the source of this uncertainty. 

You may feel humiliated by someone, or feel utterly betrayed.

This dream also points to overwhelming negativity, frustration, anger, and little patience, all of which threaten your ability to make the right decisions for yourself.

Spiders Jumping In A Dream

A spider jumping in a dream suggests something in waking life is holding you back, stopping you from achieving your full potential. 

This is especially true if you keep having this dream over and over. Your subconscious is urging you to find a way to break free of what’s holding you back from the best things in life.

It may indicate that someone is manipulating you, or trying everything they can to ensure you fail at something. 

Perhaps it’s time to do some introspection, and find out where the roadblocks in your life are, and how you can remove them.

Dreaming Of Flying Spiders

If you dream of flying spiders, this is a positive sign, no matter how disturbing this dream was! 

Dreaming of flying spiders signifies victory, personal growth, and an elevated happiness and joy for life. 

You will feel very lucky soon that you’re making progress towards a goal, and you’ll be able to see the results of your hard work soon. 

These feelings will compound into a better productivity than you could have imagined, and you’ll go further than you believe.

Dreaming Of Spiders Standing Still 

A spider remaining completely still implies that you feel watched, and you’re expecting trouble and bad things around every corner.

You may feel as though you cannot trust anyone, even those closest to you.

A spider standing still in your dream suggests that you’re feeling trapped by an issue, and you’ll have to find a way to get yourself out, as no one else will do it for you.

This dream may also point to someone who is planning to betray you or move against you in some way. 

Keeping A Spider As A Pet In A Dream

Dreaming of keeping a pet spider is a good sign. You’re aware of any problems lurking in your subconscious, and you’re in the best place to deal with them.

You’re about to undertake a new spiritual journey to leave these problems behind.

Although challenges will meet you, you’ll also have new adventures, and meet some new faces which will help you in the next stage of your life.

Black Spiders Appearing In Your Dream

Black spiders in your dream are not a good sign. They signify loneliness, isolation, disappointment, disapproval, or grief.

They can also mean a loss of hope and faith in humanity. Someone may betray your trust soon, and the possibility seems too ugly to contemplate, so you ignore it.

Black spiders can mean that you’re hiding from anything and everything that may become a problem in the future.

Worries will cloud your perception, and you will end up making a series of wrong choices, which will be difficult to unravel, and harder to undo.

Black spiders reveal despair in your professional and personal life. Relationships may be eroding, and you find yourself reaching for people as they were, not as they are.

Problems in work are mounting, and you may feel as though you are getting nothing back for all the hard work you’re putting in.

A Redback Spider In Your Dream

A dream of redback spiders suggests it’s time to let go of something. You may be holding on too hard to people, old habits, or a way of life that’s no longer sustainable.

As change comes, you need to move with it. It’s easy to fight change, but battle that first instinct. You don’t know what change has in store for you, and it might be as equally positive as you imagine it could be difficult or horrible.

A redback spider in your dream invites you to surrender to something greater than yourself. Let go of anything that no longer gives you joy, and be open to new things that will give your life more meaning or purpose.

Killing Spiders In Your Dream

Dreaming of killing spiders in general is an outlet for your fear. Something threatens your stability or your life as you know it, and you have doubts about being strong enough to face it.

But killing a spider in a dream is a good thing. It means that you will overcome whatever you are currently struggling with, and you’ll regain control over the direction of your life.

Killing A Giant Spider In Your Dream

Killing a giant spider in your dream is an excellent dream, even if it was scary to begin with.

It reveals that recent choices you’ve made and committed yourself to were the best ones to make. Through these, you have managed to avoid several problems which would have been very complicated otherwise.

Dreaming of killing a giant spider also signifies your great ability to deal with situations where problems just stack up.

These issues don’t faze you, and you always find your way through them.

Killing A Black Widow Spider In Your Dream

Dreaming of killing a black widow spider is a very good sign. It reflects how you have managed to regain your own power and control of your own life.

A deadly spider such as a black widow represents misfortune, danger, negativity, and death, so thwarting it in your dream is a reassuring sign for the future.

Running From A Spider In Your Dream

A spider chasing you in your dreams suggests that you need to leave some form of naivety behind. 

Your dream is telling you to wise up, and take control of your life. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, but the more choices you make for yourself, the better things will be.

It’s time to stop blaming others for your problems, if you tend to lay the blame at their door, and lead your life in the direction you want to go.

If you see this dream often, then you should consider whether someone is manipulating you.

You may be letting them get away with things because you are afraid of losing them. Better to cut ties with them and find your own way through life, if this is the case. 

Dreaming Of A Spider Running From You

A spider running from you in a dream suggests that you are your own problem. This dream indicates you are causing your own well of anxiety which is causing you so much stress in waking life.

You avoid your problems to the extent that you cannot feel them anymore, but that doesn’t mean they don’t affect you. 

This dream suggests that you should let go of anything which doesn’t add value to your life.

A Spider Biting You In A Dream

If you dream of a spider biting you, this represents a troubling situation in the past which is affecting your present.

This may be lingering emotions or complexes formed from old hurts, and these are dictating your decisions. It may be making you jumpy, too.

The act of a spider biting you within a dream points to betrayal, hurt, dishonesty, and manipulation. You feel like a victim in some part of your life, unable to control the situations you find yourself in.

Poisonous Spiders In Your Dream

Poisonous spiders featuring in your dream draws your attention to any potentially toxic feelings you’re feeding, and carrying around with you. 

Something has poisoned your sense of wellbeing, whether that’s emotional or physical, and you may find it difficult to open up or trust people. 

Being Attacked By Spiders In Your Dream

Dreaming of being attacked by spiders suggests that you’re in a vulnerable position in waking life.

This threat comes from a position of power in your waking life, whether that’s someone you always turn to in difficult times, or an authority figure in your life.

It may even be something you’ve never before questioned, but this leaves you vulnerable in some way. 

Practice curiosity in every facet of your life, and make sure that you are the one making your own decisions, and not anyone else.

Tarantulas Attacking You In A Dream

A tarantula attacking you in a dream indicates that there are people around you who you should not trust. 

It also implies gossip, rumors, and hearsay will look as though they are reliable sources of information. These can cause you great harm, especially if you allow them to influence your actions.

Someone may be manipulating you to make a choice that will only benefit them in the long run.

Snakes And Spiders In Your Dream

Dreaming about both snakes and spiders is an interesting subject, but it’s not a positive sign.

It suggests that one person or several are looking to harm you in waking life. Snakes in dreams can embody people that you shouldn’t put your trust in, and spiders represent the intent of those who mean to harm you. 

But this also depends on the context in which both occurred in your dream. 

If you dream of a group of spiders killing a snake, someone will help safeguard you from people who mean you harm.

Dreaming of a snake killing spiders can imply someone is out to discredit you in some way, which may affect all areas of your life if they succeed.

Scorpions And Spiders In Your Dream

If you dream about both scorpions (see also Dreaming About Scorpions Meaning) and spiders, this suggests there is an overwhelming amount of negativity in your waking life. 

Problems are stacking up, and it’s becoming difficult for you to see what you need to do in order to move forward.

It may be that you’re suffering from a period of grief or emotional turmoil, which is affecting every decision you make. Every tiny complication seems like it was designed to hold you back.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Spiders?

Dreaming repeatedly about spiders suggests that you’re avoiding an unresolved conflict in your past, and it’s affecting everything you do in the present.

This dream is telling you that if you don’t resolve it, it will keep hanging around your neck, weighing you down and stopping you from living the life you’ve always wanted.

If you have recurring nightmares about spiders, this may be a warning about the future, and something that lies in wait for you. 

Your subconscious has picked up on tiny signs that suggest that something will go badly wrong, or events will not turn out the way that you hope.

The idea that the universe or your subconscious is warning you at all suggests that something about this event can be changed or halted completely, so don’t take it as a bad sign.

Alternatively, recurring spider dreams draw your attention to part of yourself that you hide away from waking life, or even yourself. 

The spider in your dreams can represent your shadow self, which you are not consciously aware of. This part contains your most vulnerable self, and also encompasses envy, resentment, shame, anger, and frustration.

This is the part of you that’s easily led by other people, and you hide this from others to make sure your vulnerability cannot be exploited. 

This dream may be signaling that someone has easily slipped past your defenses, and is taking advantage of you in some way.

You may be at the center of a ‘web’ of deceit or dishonesty, and this dream calls upon you to do something about it.

Confront those issues that make you vulnerable, and make sure they cannot be used against you.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming Of Spiders

Spiritually speaking, dreaming about spiders encourages patience, utilizing your wisdom, pushing through obstacles, and putting in hard work to get exactly where you want to be.

Spiders in dreams symbolize the importance of keeping a solid awareness of what’s going on around you, while also ensuring that you keep focused on the goal you have in mind.

These dreams also encourage you to keep an eye on upcoming opportunities which will let you develop and demonstrate your creativity and skills.

The positive aspects of a recurring spider dream include listening to your intuition, grace, elegance, and a high level of creativity which you put to good use in different areas of your life. 

Arachnids in dreams also urge you to develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of yourself, which will help you to make the right decisions and improve your life as a whole.

These dreams also represent your free will, and your individuality. They represent the need to find your own path, and fulfill your own desires, not just what people expect of you, or what you think they require of you.

They can also point to transformation in waking life, where you’ll ultimately learn to trust yourself, and listen to your instincts. 

Religious Interpretations Of Spider Dreams

Biblical Interpretation Of Spider Dreams

In the bible, spiders are represented as wise creatures that draw upon their creativity and skills. In dreams, spiders urge you to move towards what you want most in life, and leave behind you a great legacy.

These arachnids in dreams indicate that your hard work and persistence will bring you many opportunities, and you should take as many as you can.

Dreams like these reveal your wealth of capability, and how you have everything you need in order to accomplish your goals, as long as you practice patience, and let yourself be guided by your wisdom.

A different interpretation is that these arachnids serve as guardians in dreams, and their webs demonstrate how you are protected from malicious intent or terrible events.

Just think of the way spiders live on the outside of entryways, trapping insects from entering your home, for example.

The appearance of a spider in your dream tells you that while  you are protected from harm to some extent, you shouldn’t flirt with danger, sources of negativity or harm.

Spider webs are believed to be symbolic of evil, harmful intentions, and dishonesty in some places. As such, dreaming of spider webs warns you against causing harm, or putting yourself in danger.

Spiders in dreams can also present problems in relationships. Sometimes a small, nagging issue is more complicated than you think, and it may take you some time to discover the core of a problem.

Islamic Interpretation Of Spider Dreams

Spider dreams hold both positive and negative symbolism in Islam.

Perhaps the most common interpretation of spider dreams in this context is that someone is trying to deceive you. They are a toxic source of negativity, and take advantage of people whenever they see an opportunity to do so. 

On a more positive note, spider dreams can occur when you meet someone who will help you on your spiritual journey through life.

This person will serve as a guardian against evil and discontent, and they will be a great source of stability, too.

Cultural Symbolism Of Spider Dreams

In several cultures across the globe, spiders in dreams are symbolic of productivity, creating something from nothing, and transcending time. 

A creature that weaves a web and waits for prey to come to the hunter represents logic, patience, and trust. 

Spider Dreams In Egypt

In Egypt, spider dreams are believed to be connected to Neith, the Goddess of destiny, who weaves both good things and bad into the web of an individual’s life.

Spider Dreams In Japan

In Japan, dreaming of a spider is a sign that the dreamer is protected from harm. It saves people from the worst that life could offer, and also represents encouragement, to go after what you really want in life. 

How To Find The Meaning Behind Your Specific Spider Dream

As there is a lot of rich symbolism behind spider dreams, it can be difficult to know exactly what your own dream of a spider is trying to tell you. 

You may wake up feeling disturbed, anxious, or confused, even when the meaning behind your spider dream might be a good sign.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help find out what your dream was telling you.

  • What was the spider doing?
  • Where did the spider come from? Where did you see it?
  • Did the spider try to attack you? Did it attack someone else?
  • Did you fight the spider in your dream? Did you win?
  • If you saw a cobweb in a dream, how did you feel when you saw it? Had it trapped anything? Was there a spider on the web?
  • When the spider appeared, how did it make you feel? Scared? Relieved?
  • Was the spider telling you something? Did you feel confused, frightened, or enlightened?
  • What type of spider was it? Was there more than one? What happened to it in the dream?
  • What size and color was the spider?
  • Is there anything in waking life that’s hanging over your head? Are you worried about anything? Is there something that you know you should deal with, but you just don’t want to face it?

Spider Dreams Summary

  • A big spider: your feelings are overwhelming you, betrayal in waking life
  • A spider web: bad luck, loss of trust in someone, and a loss of motivation
  • A flying spider: victory, personal growth, and optimism
  • A spider on a bed: someone invading your privacy
  • A spider catching prey: prosperity, and optimism
  • Killing a spider: misfortune, fear, and lies
  • A hanging spider: your innermost vulnerabilities and fears
  • Spider eggs: problems getting in the way of achieving your goals
  • Poisonous spiders: emotions getting the better of you

Final Thoughts

Spiders have been used throughout history as symbols of good fortune and protection.

They’re often associated with healing, fertility, and creativity, which makes them a perfect symbol for those who seek success in their lives, and it’s also a very reassuring sign when they appear in our dreams.

The best thing to do if you have a spider dream is to take comfort in knowing that these creatures are not supposed to be scary to us.

After all, they have a great purpose in nature, helping to get rid of pests.

So, if you ever happen to dream about a spider, remember that this is a good sign. Even if the spider represents something bad – like someone who wants to take advantage of you, for example – the spider serves as a warning.

When you then know about the danger, you can do something to prevent it, which means that the spider dream symbol is still a good sign. It allows you to adjust your life accordingly to live at your best.


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