What Does A Tarantula Mean In Your Dream?

Tarantulas divide people into two categories: those that are fascinated by them, and those who want absolutely nothing to do with them. You might run in the other direction as fast as you can!

This is similar to how they appear in dreams, as tarantulas can have two very different base interpretations. In some dreams, tarantulas are a symbol of fear, despair, bad luck, or disappointment.

In others, they can represent spirituality, how everything is connected, drawing your attention to the details in life that you need to focus on so that you may enjoy life to the fullest.

But which one does your dream of a tarantula point to? Is there anything else a tarantula can symbolize?

Let’s find out.

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Tarantula?

A dream where you see a tarantula isn’t usually considered a good omen. It may suggest that there is someone in your life that you cannot trust, and they will turn on you when you need them the most.

This sounds quite dramatic, but maybe someone won’t be willing to help you or even notice that you need help at the point where you could really do with it.

It can also mean that a situation isn’t what you think it is, where a goal you’ve been chasing for a long time won’t be what you want when you reach it. It may also suggest that you’re feeling frustrated in waking life. 

If you manage to kill a tarantula that blocks your path in a dream, this refers to how you will move forward.

It also denotes how you will see any plots against you before you become ensnared in them, and you’ll be able to unravel them without any major problems.

However, if you kill a tarantula for no reason, this suggests bad luck is around the corner, and you will find it difficult to move forward in a situation. 

It may also mean that you’re about to make some mistakes that will cost you financially, so tread carefully.

Running from a tarantula implies that you need to face up to your responsibilities, instead of trying to avoid them.

If you dream of being bitten or poisoned by a tarantula, this reveals the need to discard a failing project, relationship, or goal, and move on to something better.

A dream where you chase a tarantula implies that you have a good balance in your life right now. 

You know what you need to do, and what inspires you, and you manage to keep up with your responsibilities as well as your hobbies and dreams.

It also reflects how you deal with fear and unexpected situations, in that you don’t shy away from difficulty, and confront problems head-on.

A tarantula may also mean that you need to acknowledge some of your repressed feelings and memories, as these are affecting your decisions more than you realize. In effect, a tarantula can represent your shadow self.

If you don’t feel afraid when you see the tarantula in your dream, this is a very good sign and suggests that you have a good grasp of how your feelings and actions affect your life and the people around you.

Dreaming of many tarantulas is a good sign, no matter how nightmarish this scenario seems. It suggests that you have a wealth of support in your life to draw upon if you need it, in the form of your friends and family.

A very small tarantula implies that you need to make sure you learn from your regrets and mistakes, otherwise you could find yourself repeating the same vicious cycles over and over.

The Tarantula Dream Symbol

As with many dreams, the stranger, the scarier, or the more memorable the dream symbol, the harder your subconscious mind is trying to get you to notice something.

In the case of a tarantula, there may be something in waking life you’re overlooking, something incredibly important. If you manage to decode your dream of a tarantula, you may find that your life improves dramatically.

While some dream symbols have negative connotations and are considered a bad sign, on the whole, they can be very helpful and can point you towards something that needs your attention.

In a way, these symbols denote protection, as they help you to stop a disaster before it can start.

Older Dream Interpretations Of A Tarantula

The older dream interpretations of a tarantula largely depend on the appearance of this arachnid in your dream. Here are just a few examples to get you started.

  • A giant tarantula: a situation or detail seems more important than it is
  • A hairy tarantula: you’re not considering everything
  • A white tarantula: new beginnings, healing, revitalized energy
  • A black tarantula: fear, worry, lies
  • A red tarantula: protection, desire, happiness
  • A blue tarantula: motivation, spirituality, and enthusiasm
  • A yellow tarantula: joy, optimism, or misunderstanding
  • A striped tarantula: reconsider your goals or a current situation 
  • A spotty tarantula: a period of peace

Positive Changes Are Coming, If:

  • You save a tarantula
  • You are not scared by the tarantula
  • You feel joy at seeing the tarantula
  • You escape a tarantula trying to attack you
  • You free a tarantula from a place it’s not supposed to be in

You Need To Change Your Life, If:

  • You are terrified of the tarantula in your dream
  • You run away from the tarantula
  • The tarantula attacks you

Final Thoughts

While ‘scary’ dream symbols can overwhelm you with emotion, so much that it might color the rest of your day, they often have important things to tell you. 

The way to move past the emotions your dream creates is to look closely at the details of your dream, and what the dream symbol might be trying to tell you. 

It’s also worth keeping a dream journal, as the details will fade over time, but the emotions might not, which can make it a little tricky to figure out what your dream means.


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