What Does It Mean To Dream Of Black Spiders?

Spiders in your dream aren’t usually a pleasant experience, so it helps to find the meaning behind them. This allows you to move on from difficult dream situations, and any stress, fear, or anxiety they can leave you with.

But what do black spiders mean, when you get past the fear of seeing them in a dream?

Black spiders typically mean that you feel isolated from others, or even from the events of your own life, but there are some positive dreams about black spiders, too. 

Let’s take a closer look at what black spiders can mean in your dreams.

A Dream Of Black Spiders Is A Positive Sign, If:

  • You kill a black spider that was trying to harm you (see also Killing Spiders Dream Meaning)
  • You don’t feel scared by the black spider
  • The black spider didn’t try to attack you

What Does A Black Spider Mean In Your Dream?

Most dreams of black spiders are negative. They are usually caused by fear, alienation, detachment, and concentrating on any anxieties rather than what is going on around you. 

A black spider in your dream can suggest that you are afraid of something, and this fear or anxiety is creeping into all aspects of your life. You’re letting fear get the better of you. 

You may not know what this is exactly, but you’re picking up on something being wrong, and this element of mystery makes things worse, as you can’t confront what you don’t know anything about.

The black spider in your dream serves as an outlet for the negativity you’re feeling in waking life.

Think about some of the characteristics we are familiar with when it comes to spiders. A web in your dream, for example, may imply that you feel cut off from the ‘web’ of society, or a problem or situation is connected to more elements of your life than you may assume at first.

A black spider in your dream may signal that you’re having problems in a specific relationship, and the stress caused by this is bleeding into other areas of your life. 

Watching a black spider weave a web may imply that if you manage to confront your anxieties, you will see significant progress in a creative goal or project. 

If you get caught up in the web, this can imply that ignoring a problem will make things much worse. It may also suggest that you will encounter an unexpected complication soon. 

If you dream of coming across a black spider all of a sudden, this can suggest you’re about to come up against a difficult problem, where you’ll have to search to find a solution, and the first one you settle on might not work as well as you’d hope.

If you dream of running away from a black spider, or several black spiders, this reflects how you are unwilling to confront something in waking life, and you’d do anything to avoid it.

A dream where a black spider eats you or kills you suggests that it’s time to overcome your fears, as you can’t avoid them any longer.

A nightmare where black spiders crawl all over you may suggest that your problems are much bigger in your head than in reality. You may be overthinking things.

Dreaming of a dead black spider, or killing a black spider in your dream implies that you are actively confronting your fears and leaving them behind you, so that you may move on.

What Does The Color Black Mean In Dreams?

It’s also worth looking at what the color black can signify, as this can change the meaning behind the spider in your dreams. 

The color black may represent despair, depression, loneliness, and isolation. So to see a black spider in your dream may suggest that you feel cut off from others, and swamped by problems to the point where you feel you can’t see a solution.

A black spider in your dream is a call to face your fears, and find a way through to the other side.

Final Thoughts

A dream of a black spider can show you where things are going wrong in life, and like many dream symbols that reflect problems, they can also provide you with the solution, so make sure you pay attention to all the details you can remember.


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