White Spider Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Spiders are everywhere. It’s an unavoidable fact of life, that at any given moment we are probably surrounded by spiders, living in the tiniest parts of our homes, and we don’t know it.

But that doesn’t stop them from giving us the creeps. Spiders are a phobia many people suffer from, but when it comes to the dream symbol, they can be a message of wisdom and protection.

But what about white spiders? Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of A White Spider?

White spiders may appear in your dream to signal prosperity, luck, happiness and optimism is near. Unlike the black spider, which may suggest that you’re confused (see also Black Spider Dream Meaning), that there’s an element of mystery at work in your life, things are about to become very clear.

You’ll use this new-found clarity to turn things to your advantage. You’ll soon be able to order things that have been murky for a while, and turn your attention to your spiritual path. 

As white in dreams represent renewal, fresh purpose, revitalized energies, you’ll find yourself with a better sense of belonging, and deepening connections like never before.

It’s a sign of reassurance, of feeling protected on a spiritual level from potential harm or risk, away from negative energies and influences that would do you harm.

But it’s not all positive, especially if you are afraid of spiders. Some dreams involving white spiders reflect an underlying worry about part of your life that feels beyond your power to influence. 

If you dream of a black and white spider, this is a call to act. You are torn between two different choices or opposing forces, and you need to make your mind up while you have the chance to do so.

A dream where you see a white spider that’s also other colors comes as a warning. It tells you to avoid a certain situation or person that has just entered your life, or to hold off on starting any major projects. Now may not be the right time.

If you dream of running from a white spider, for example, this reflects your refusal to meet the truth in waking life. The dream’s message is that you cannot hide from it forever, but you’ll only cause yourself more pain by trying. 

As you might guess, the difference between a good and a bad white spider dream depends on the context, and your emotions during the dream.

What Does White Mean In A Dream?

It’s worth considering the colors you see in your dream, as this can deepen your understanding of what your dream is trying to tell you. 

In a dream, white stands for rebirth, renewal, grace, spirituality, a new purpose, peace, dignity, and feeling as though you belong.

Outside of dream color symbolism, white is also connected to spirits, angels, healthy body and mind, and the ability to leave the past behind. 

White can also be an encouragement to let go of regret, guilt, and anything that might have seemed better or worse in the past, something that is influencing your present. It calls on you to give yourself a fresh start, away from past trauma and regret.

For some people, particularly in parts of Asia, white is used for funerals, to signify death and grief. 

Your subconscious may fill your dream with white to tell you that you should work from a solid base of morality and inner peace in any situation, and not to be afraid to start afresh somewhere in life. 

White may appear in your dreams when you feel stressed by life’s troubles, when you long for a fresh start in life, where you feel trapped, suffocated, or in despair.

The White Spider Dream Symbol

As a dream symbol, the white spider has a lot to tell you. It can be a call to let go of old hurts, to find a new meaning in life, renew any relationships that need some attention, or it may suggest that these things will come to you without you having to work for them.

Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why a white spider may appear in your dreams.

A Kind Authority Figure

In dreams, a black widow spider (see also Black Widow Spider Spiritual Meaning) can denote someone that has a lot of power over you, and this is a negative force in your life. So a white spider – as the colors are opposite – denotes that you have someone in your life who is a positive force, who is a figure of authority, too. 

This person may or may not be female, but they protect you from harm, and guide you where you might need some direction. They don’t try to influence you for their own gain, but guide you into helping you become a better version of yourself.


Another positive element to a white spider appearing in your dream is that it is a protective force, appearing to you when you might be making the wrong decision or something is leading you astray. 

A white spider may manifest itself in your dreams when you need to take another look at where you are headed in life, and how you might reconsider to prevent any problems and to protect yourself.

You Are Your Problem

If you dream of killing a white spider, this is usually a negative omen. As the white spider is a protective force, it suggests that you are destroying something that is protecting you, or ignoring the signs that you need to act.

Rising Above Conflict Or Temptation

A dream where you see a white spider crawling on you, this is a positive sign, suggesting that you have avoided a problem by ignoring temptation or conflict.

A White Tarantula In Your Dream

A white tarantula in your dream can refer to change and upheaval. This will be difficult to adapt to, but it will mean positive things in the long run. It may also denote a new spiritual path or meaning that will add to your life.

However, if you feel troubled when you see the white tarantula, this can denote someone who will cause you some trouble, and force you to re-prioritize and to see things differently.

A White Spider With Many Eyes

If you dream of a white spider with a huge number of eyes, this calls on you to look deeper in a situation, and trust your intuition. Your gut is offering some good advice right now, so make sure you take it.

More Than One White Spider

A dream that involves more than one white spider is a positive omen, and suggests there is a lot of good luck in your future. Stay true to yourself, and don’t be afraid to show people who you really are. 

This dream may be a call to go after what you’ve always wanted, as it may be closer than you think.

A White Spider Crawling Up A Wall

A white spider crawling up a wall is a good sign, as long as it doesn’t fall. It signals that you’re about to achieve one of your dreams, or one of your greatest hopes has the potential to be realized soon.

A White Spider Creating Webs In Your Dream

Dreaming of a white spider weaving webs implies that you are forging lasting connections with people who will give you a wealth of support, meaning, and great relationships. 

You don’t let yourself be worried about social barriers, and you can spot someone you’ll get on with a mile away.

White Spider Eggs

Dreaming of white spider eggs implies that you are limiting yourself. You are capable of so much more than you believe or demonstrate right now. 

Maybe you’re not allowing yourself to recognize your emotions or your instincts when listening to both would guide your way.

Baby Spiders

Dreaming of white baby spiders implies the potential for a new romantic relationship, or if you’re not single, a deepening connection between the two of you. If you both work at it, there is no reason why this shouldn’t be a lifelong connection, full of love and devotion.

A White Spider Bites You

A dream where a white spider bites you points to many problems in your future, usually that of a conflict with someone you love and look up to. It may also denote that you feel trapped in a relationship that used to add a lot of value to your life.

If the bite doesn’t swell or have any lasting effects, this means that your problems are temporary, and you will soon overcome them. If you dream that the bite causes you health problems, these issues will be around for a little longer, but you will still get through them.

A White Spider On Your Face

This is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. A dream where you find a white spider on your face implies that you are missing something that is right in front of you, and you need to find out what it is.

Usually, it denotes a relationship with someone that has gone downhill or become completely unbalanced. It may be time to let go of this connection altogether.

If you dream of a white spider coming towards you and then running away again, and you don’t try to harm it, this is a very positive sign. It suggests that luck is on your side, and you’ll soon be in a situation where things will go your way.

Holding A White Spider In Your Mouth

Oh, yuck! A nightmare where you hold a spider in your mouth is actually a good omen, despite how it might have made you feel sick! 

It suggests that your words will create a positive lasting impression on someone, and you are free to be yourself without fearing that someone will judge you for it.

You have a wealth of confidence that allows you to make connections with people and be your most authentic self.

The Biblical Interpretation Of White Spiders In Your Dream

Biblically speaking, there is a lot to consider when trying to interpret a dream of a white spider. White spiders usually denote how you need to be patient in some aspect of your life, and think positively.

However, if you dream of a spider’s web, this can imply that someone is trying to trap you in a situation or turn others against you. The white spider that spins the web may be someone who is determined to see you fail in some aspect of your life, so be careful who you trust.

The Islamic Interpretation Of A White Spider Dream

The Islamic interpretation of a white spider in your dreams is very positive. The white spider itself represents someone who is devoted and trustworthy. It is someone who has a lot of faith, in you and in Allah.

However, if you feel nervous when you see this spider, it can signify someone that you should be wary of, someone who is not telling you the whole truth.

If you see a white spider weaving a web, this can suggest that you’re about to doubt yourself, but something will come along to renew your faith and confidence. It may represent some difficult times, but these adversities will help you become more resilient and confident. 

Final Thoughts

White spiders in your dream are usually a sign of positive change, renewal, joy and fresh meaning, as long as they don’t attack you, or you’re not afraid of them within your dream.

Even when they appear in a nightmare, they still carry a useful meaning, helping you to avoid problems, potential disasters, and preventing you from missing important things in life. 

Always pay attention to your emotions in your dream, as this informs the dream more than anything. Positive emotions associated with any dream symbol turns it into a good omen, while feeling afraid or nervous is a call to action, to confront any problems or past events that are still influencing your present.


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