Black Widow Spider Spiritual Meaning

Certain animals may manifest in our thoughts to reflect the nature of the state of our minds or to bring spiritual messages to us, and one you should pay attention to is the black widow spider.

There are many reasons these spiders might appear in your thoughts, but all are spiritual and draw your attention to something that needs you to focus. 

A black widow spider usually denotes an imbalance in a relationship that’s affecting other areas in your life, but there are other meanings, too. Let’s take a look.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Black Widow Spider?

Black widow spiders are among the most famous, the females are instantly recognized for their red hour-glass markings on their undersides, the rest of the body being a glossy black. 

The female spiders are much larger than the males, are capable of delivering three times the poison, and often eat the males after mating. 

It’s interesting to note that a woman who is suspected of having killed her husband is sometimes referred to as a black widow. They appear to be in mourning, to be the victim, when they are the ‘spider’ underneath.

A black widow spider appearing in your thoughts may manifest for a number of reasons. One of the most common themes is entrapment or feeling a large power imbalance in a relationship. 

It may suggest that someone is dominating you, attacking you, making you feel vulnerable, otherwise taking advantage of you, or causing you a lot of negativity. 

A relationship in your life is suffering some strain, and you may be wondering whether it’s worth carrying on with it or letting it go. 

It may also suggest that someone has a great hold on you that you would like to break. They may be deciding on things that matter, things that should be your choice and your choice alone.

This may create a lot of resentment or even hostility towards them, and you’re struggling to unpack this without making things worse.

Or, someone has hurt you in the past, and now you want to make them understand exactly what you felt, by doing something similar to them. 

Often, a black widow spider appears in your thoughts because you feel a lot of doubt about the future, and you want to make yourself feel less vulnerable. 

You may want to assert yourself, but you’re unsure of what form this should take, but the urge to prove something to yourself is something you cannot ignore right now.

You’re Likely To See A Black Widow Spider When:

  • You want revenge on someone
  • You want to prove that you are stronger than others think you are
  • You feel you’re on shaky ground
  • You feel suffocated somewhere in your life
  • Your decisions don’t feel like they are yours or reflect who you are

You Should Call Upon The Black Widow Spider When:

  • You’re unsure if you should carry on with a relationship
  • There’s an imbalance of power between you and someone else
  • You feel vulnerable or exposed in waking life
  • You have had a huge relationship-shaking argument, and you’re still angry
  • Someone is making you feel trapped, or they are making decisions that should be yours

Final Thoughts

A black widow spider enters your thoughts when you feel you’re on shaky ground somewhere in life, and this is affecting more than one aspect of your life. 

It may call upon you to assert yourself in some way, to find a firmer footing to work from, something that will allow you to move forward and leave any doubts, resentments, or fears behind you.


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