3 Spiritual Meanings When A Ladybug Lands On You

Ladybugs are some of the most fascinating common insects which you’re likely to see in your garden, or when you’re out and about.

They’ve captured our imaginations for hundreds of years, and have some interesting symbolism surrounding them. 

The majority of cultures across the world tell that a ladybird appearing is a sign of good fortune, no matter what color ladybird you come across.

As there are many interpretations, it can be difficult to know exactly what it means when a ladybug (see also Ladybug Dream Meaning) lands on you, so let’s get started.

The Meaning Behind The Ladybug

While there are a lot of layers of ladybug symbolism, it’s probably a relief to know that seeing a ladybug is a very good sign, as interpreted by many cultures across the world.

This beautiful, bright little beetle symbolizes victory, wealth, and good luck. The vivid color on the beetle’s back signifies optimism, hope, and happiness.

It also represents protection from evil, and if you find one with spots, then you’ll be protected from harm.

If you see a ladybird which is rare in the current season, in fall for example, this suggests that you’re about to have some much-needed luck.

If you stay open-minded, you may soon have more than you ever dreamed.

This may not necessarily be something material, it could be something that you’ve been wanting for years, but for whatever reason, it still feels out of reach.

Perhaps good fortune might provide an uptick in your love life, or you’ll enjoy some success in your professional life. 

Maybe you’ll find a whole new purpose to your life, one which will fill your days with meaning.

When you see a ladybug, it’s worth looking at the details. Like in dreams, the details in symbolism and interpretation can shift the entire meaning of an appearance.

Have a look at the number of spots the ladybug has, and how dark they may be. The more spots you see, and the richer the color, the greater your luck is about to become.

Ladybug Symbolism: Ladybugs And Love

If a ladybug lands on you, your luck concerning your romantic life is about to change for the better.

As ladybugs mean a change in your fortune, when she lands on you, this is sure to knock free any bad luck that’s been hanging over you lately. 

You’re going to feel like everything is finally falling into place.

Pay attention to where the ladybug lands. If the ladybug lands on a single finger or your hand in general, this signifies a new chapter in your love life.

If you’re in a relationship, this will start to deepen further, and you’ll both be better for it. 

Your relationship is going to improve, and you’re going to start feeling more confident and secure in all aspects of your life, since this relationship will provide you with a lot of security.

The ladybug is a symbol of true love.

That’s not to say that things will be easy – they rarely are – but if you both put the work into your relationship going forward, you’ll see there’s not a lot that you cannot overcome. 

If you’ve been searching for the one for you for a while, some folktales insist that the ladybird will help guide your partner to you.

If your romantic life has been fizzling out, or you long to see a sign that a relationship will undertake a rebirth, a ladybug landing on you is it. 

A ladybird landing on your arm, hand, or finger indicates renewal.

A ladybug doesn’t always signify romantic love, however.

A ladybug landing on you shows that someone cares about you deeply, and wants you to succeed in all aspects of your life.

The Ladybug Animal Spirit Symbolism

Probably one of the most recognizable beetles in the animal kingdom is the ladybird.

What you might not know is that their spots have a specific function.

They act as a warning to predators, in tandem with their colors, either red or orange, which say to any predators “Don’t eat me because I taste terrible.”

Many ladybugs eat plants which other insects can’t go near, as they don’t have the resistance to the alkaloids contained within.

As a result, they have become toxic themselves, and pose a danger to spiders, ants, and a range of other predators.

The Ladybug As A Totem

A totem animal is one that you feel a strong link to, as if something keeps drawing you towards the image of this animal, or a physical one itself.

If the ladybug is your totem, you are more likely to notice it when it comes across your path.

Often, the animal totem for you is linked to the traits you should adopt or incorporate into your life. 

But what does that mean if your totem is a ladybug? Ladybug totems signify a light heart, someone who is always willing to elevate the general mood of a room, and help others when they need it.

As ladybugs are the focus of many folktales, they also embody people who have a love of stories, or deep conversations which inspire better connections.

If you have the ladybug as your animal totem, it may mean that you’re more likely to be bored in social situations that you find unfulfilling. Having to do small talk may feel like you’ve died and gone to hell, too.

When your ladybird lands on you as your totem animal, it brings good fortune to your life, but it’s also a reminder to remember the impact you have on others.

If you have been in a place of self-doubt recently, the ladybug appears to reassure you, and the power you have in helping yourself and others.

The Ladybug As A Power Animal

A power animal is one which represents your personality, and the ideal which you draw from when you need to tap into your inner strength or wisdom.

The ladybird as a power animal represents a heightened sense of awareness, as well as protection.

You can see both of these traits in the shell, where the shell acts to protect the ladybird, and the spots on the surface almost represent eyes.

When the ladybug visits as your power animal, concentrate on what you wish for, especially where you want a renewed fortune within your life, focusing on those which are not selfish. 

As it leaves, remember that it has heard you, and embody her power animal traits of charm, living freely, and being adaptable to any situation.

A ladybug landing on you can also be a call to reconnect with your inner child, and the dreams you wanted to chase when you were younger.

The action of the ladybug landing can indicate that those dreams are still in reach, provided that you go after them, and connect to your innermost, intuitive self.

The Ladybug As An Animal Spirit

Your spirit animal (see also How To Find Your Spirit Animal) is that which helps guide you through spiritual matters.

Not just those times in which you feel directionless, but throughout your whole lifetime and the choices you make, and how you want to live.

If you feel drawn to the ladybird, this may be your spirit guide. 

Your ladybird spirit guide landing on you represents a shift in your life for the better, and this may be in one large and significant event, or countless tiny things that start to align.

One message from a ladybird animal spirit is to pay attention to where this good fortune comes from, so that you can use it to the best of your ability.

It may also signify that an old relationship of yours is about to be rekindled, or a new one is just on the horizon, waiting for you to recognize it at the right time.

The message is to have an open mind, and don’t rush things. As long as you feel it is the right time, love will find you.

What Should You Do If A Ladybug Lands On You?

A ladybird landing directly on you as if it was the most normal thing in the world is a rare occurrence, and while it signifies luck and prosperity, you can’t wait for everything to just come to you.

Some things you have to search for yourself, and in those that do seem to come to you of their own accord, you should be grabbing this spiritual opportunity with both hands, figuratively speaking.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind.

When a ladybird lands on you, make a wish. You don’t have to do this out loud, but focus on what you want.

There’s no telling how long it will take for your wish to come true (such is the nature of wishes, after all), but it will manifest itself eventually.

If a ladybug decides to rest on one of your possessions, this is also significant.

It indicates that you’ll receive more of these things, or what they represent, in the near future, but also draws your attention to the importance of being grateful for what you have.

It may even solely be through practicing gratitude that your increased prosperity manifests itself.

If you are far away from someone you love, whisper their name to the ladybug, and then gently blow the beetle away. 

This action is said to make the ladybug carry your thoughts, or your memory to the person you’re thinking of. You may even find that they will contact you soon!

Final Thoughts

As a ladybug lands on you, this is a great sign for the near future, and for anything that you’ve been wishing for lately. 

Pay attention to the details of the ladybird and its specific meaning to you, and remember to practice your gratitude for what you have, and you’ll soon see an uptick in your fortune.


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