11 Spiritual Meanings Of The Sun

Across the world, the sun has been worshiped throughout many different cultures, celebrating its ability to sustain all life on earth.

Without the sun, nothing on earth would exist. It’s also interesting to remember how the sun makes us feel.

Often, it causes you to relax, to feel grounded and firmly present in the moment.

Just feeling it on your face can make a big difference in an otherwise unimpressive or dreary day. It lifts our spirits and our mood, helping us to turn to the future and look ahead, rather than back.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it features in many creation myths, and plays a large role as many gods in many cultures.

It also plays a large part in daily horoscopes and divination practices. 

We know that the sun is a powerful thing, and this is no different when it comes to its symbolism, either.

Let’s get started.

The Spiritual Meanings Of The Sun

There is one thing that most cultures have in common when it concerns the sun’s symbolism: it is powerful, and life-giving.

Essentially, the sun is linked to positivity and associated traits such as healing, the divine, birth, rebirth, abundance, and prestige. 

To the Ancient Egyptians, the sun was the giver of all life, as Ra, the sun god. He was primarily associated with the sun at noon, at its most powerful.

His power extended over the Earth, the sky, and even reached the underworld.  

In Christianity, the sun serves as the home of Archangel Michael, and it also represents God and everything holy.

In Greek myth, Helios was the god of the sun, who would ride a chariot every day, from east to west.

To the Romans, the sun was an unconquered god called Sol Invictus, though which god the sun represented changed over the years.

In some cultures, the sun represents divine female power, and in others, it is a divine male power.

But what are the most common meanings associated with the sun?

A Fresh Start

As a new day brings new opportunities with it, the sun’s action of rising to herald each morning as a new beginning.

Whether you’re waking up for work or school, just getting out of bed, or going to sleep after a long night shift, the sun reminds you that there is always another chance to start anew.

It is, of course, up to you to decide what you do with it, and how you live.

The sun is a reminder that every little choice can be the start of a new path or goal, and each one brings you that tiny bit closer than you were before.

This may come as a relief if you feel as though you keep repeating the same day over and over, or if you feel as though you cannot get any further towards a goal, despite your best efforts.

Divine Assistance

The sun has held a myriad of spiritual symbolism for millennia, but perhaps the most important meaning is that of divine assistance.

The sun is not only a symbol of light and warmth, but it is also a symbol of divine guidance.

To many cultures, the sun represents the god of creation, and while you may not always see the sun, you can be very sure that it’s still there, no matter where you might be in life.

No matter what your beliefs may be, spiritual support is always there if you need to call on it.

If you need help reaching a goal, or if you simply want to find your sense of self again, then the sun will guide you along the way.

Power And Authority

The sun, probably unsurprisingly, represents the ultimate authority and a great source of power.

Figuratively and literally the sun is the ‘power source’ of all life on earth, and how much sunlight we get directly affects our physical and mental wellbeing, not to mention that of animals and plants, too.

As it has such an effect on us, the sun represents power and prosperity.

And as creative and equally destructive as mankind can be, we cannot change the sun’s course or its position through the sky.

As a result, the sun symbolizes its own freedom, autonomy, ultimate authority, and control.

If you find you need to embody a sense of power, or you feel as though people do not treat you with the respect that you show them, you can call upon the sun to aid you.

This is especially helpful in places of work or in the world of business, where the expectations other people may be placing on you do not match what you are really capable of.

You may be able to use their underestimation of you to your advantage. 

If you find you are in need of a confidence boost to help bolster your own sense of power, or to right a power imbalance where mutual respect is not given, look to the sun.

The Divine

The sun also serves to connect the material, physical world, with the spiritual world that we can sense but cannot touch.

In some cultures, the sun acts as a messenger for people’s prayers, delivering them to deities. 

But the sun also represents divine figures themselves, which rule over the physical realm. Everything is within their sight, as the sun is above them all.

This will hopefully come as a reassurance, that no matter how difficult your journey, or how alone you feel, the sun is there to guide you.


The sun has a great role in astrology, where it is employed in trying to gain a glimpse of the future, as well as to pave the way to self discovery. 

In astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs, each for a particular month of the year.

The sun’s role comes into telling you more about yourself when you look into the sun’s placement in the zodiac at the time you were born.

Its exact position is said to shed some light into your own personal traits and character.

If you feel as though current events are pushing you to act like someone you are not, the sun can help.

Perhaps pressure is getting to you and causing you to act differently. In which case, the sun can help you remember your authentic self, and rise above any external or internal stressors.

Strength Of Will And Determination

As you know, the sun is the source of all life on earth. Without it, there would be no life at all. 

The planets (see also Planet And Space Dream Meaning) need the gravitational pull of the sun to keep them anchored, regulating their orbit within the galaxy. 

The sun also provides light and heat to sustain life on earth, plants in particular, which help support all other life forms on this planet.

As it is the source of so much life, even that which we cannot see with our most sophisticated tools, the sun also symbolizes the sheer strength of will to survive.

It is a reminder that everything will pass, and nothing lasts forever, not even the sun itself. 

There is a saying that you only have now. The past or future doesn’t really exist, but the present moment does, and you get to decide what you do with it.

As the sun is such a great source of energy, helping to lift your spirits and your energy levels no matter your original mood, it’s also a sign to keep going with whatever  you may be struggling with.

The sun serves as a light to help guide you on your way, but only you can walk the path you’re meant to take, and decide what is right for you.

The sun will help keep you going through relationship troubles, money worries, and bumps in your career. Remember that the sun reaches everything, so its power will always be with you.

Guiding Others

While stars were known to help guide those that were lost, or to help steer ships on the correct course, the sun dictates the zodiac chart, controlling the whole of the astrological field. 

When you think of the sun, you may picture warmth, light, and energy.

It gives us a sense of direction and purpose, but it also means that through your own power, you can guide others, too.

If you feel lost or without purpose, look to the spiritual energy of the sun to guide you.

It may even be that your lack of purpose comes from the way you aren’t guiding others, and it may be the push you need to get to where you need to be in life, in order to feel fulfilled.

The sun will often guide you to unexpected paths, providing you with the clarity you need to continue moving forward.

Spiritually, the sun has the power to turn discord back into order and tranquility, giving you a clearer perspective, and a better sense of stability to work from.

Happiness And Joy

Many people associate the feeling of the sun’s rays warming their faces with happiness, and it’s not difficult to see why.

In fact, the sun is one of the few things that are universally recognized as a positive symbol, regardless of culture, religion, or race.

It’s partly why so many of us look towards summer as the happiest season of the year, where we feel relaxed and at peace, when the sun is at its highest and most powerful.

Even if you don’t believe in God, the sun still brings joy, peace, and happiness, even in the smallest of ways.

It’s interesting to note that if you do not get enough sunlight, you can suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which can cause very low moods and tiredness, among other things.

Prosperity And Abundance

The life of plants absolutely depends on the light that they get from the sun.

This connects the sun to the symbolism of harvest, abundance, and prosperity.

With more light comes better growth, and this applies equally to our personal lives, whether that’s in material terms, or in spiritual terms.

The more light you have, the more opportunities you will attract,  and the more you’ll grow as an individual. You’ll also accumulate more wealth, which isn’t always material wealth.

So while you may not want to focus on getting rich, the sun does provide opportunities to better your life. 

Ask the sun for guidance in attracting these things, but keep an open mind as opportunities might not manifest in the way you expect.

If you’re not careful, you may miss them entirely. 

Looking Forward To The Future

As the sun warms the skin and the spirits, it is also linked to a myriad of positive symbolism, including optimism and joy.

The sun’s rays help increase our vibrations, especially after a series of downpours, blizzards, or any other dreary weather.

The sun acts as a reset button for a bad mood, helping us move past negativity, in order to clear our view so that we can see future opportunities when they come up.

The sun’s power helps us to be hopeful about the future, despite any worries in the present or the past, and encourages us to live every day as if there wasn’t another like it.

In short, it helps us keep moving forward, so that we may enjoy the things to come.

Renewed Self-Possession Or Confidence

The sun is made up of such immense heat and energy that some people liken it to a fireball.

The connection with the element of fire also makes the sun associated with confidence and self-awareness, as well as creativity.

The sun is literally what the planets in our solar system orbit around (see also Galaxy Dream Meaning). It provides the ‘center’ of our universe, and therefore symbolizes power, confidence, and ultimate control.

Those who associate themselves with the sun and the element of fire usually possess great levels of self-assurance and confidence, and this helps them in getting through any problem they come across.

One of the most vital skills that self-possession brings is recognizing when you need help, and taking steps to ask for it, the moment that you need it.

If you feel your confidence or your own sense of power dwindling, call on the sun to help rekindle your spirits, so that you can overcome any obstacle, and also help others where it is in your power to do so.

Final Thoughts

The sun has been used throughout history as a symbol of power, wisdom, and divinity.

No matter your beliefs, the sun is one of the most powerful symbols which has stood the test of time, and if you picture it in a time of need, you are bound to feel empowered and revitalized.


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