Maggot Dream Meaning

Have you been dreaming about maggots lately? We know, these dreams can be disturbing, especially if they start getting repetitive. Even a single maggot is kind of unsettling, but when you see maggots crawling everywhere it can make one feel quite uneasy. 

But what do these maggot dreams really mean? Is there a glimpse of hope that their interpretation could at least be positive? Well, yes and no. There are different meanings connected with maggots, and the interpretation could be both positive and negative. The first clue to guide your interpretation should be your feelings during the dream. 

Second, you should consider the main interpretations of maggot dreams. First of all, maggots in dreams are often a warning sign. They represent negativity, a situation that has been ‘eating us from inside’ so to say, things in life that need changing. Maggots in dreams are a sign that the fight ahead (often with ourselves) will not be easy, but victory is definitely possible. 

On the other hand, maggots can be a sign of enthusiasm and positive transformation. As a symbol of death, perhaps a bit counterintuitively, a maggot is also a sign of transformation, of new things to come. 

You might have dreamt of:

  • Looking at a single maggot with curiosity 
  • Seeing an infestation of maggots crawling everywhere 
  • Being surrounded by maggots 
  • Stepping on a pile of maggots 
  • Rotting meat and/or maggot infested dead bodies (see also what does a dead body mean in a dream?)
  • Fishing 

These situations point to a positive interpretation: 

  • You are not scared of the maggots 
  • You are scared but still fighting your way through the maggots 
  • You deal with maggots successfully (cleaning them away for example) 
  • You are fishing using maggots as bait

Maggot Dream Interpretation 

Do you know what maggots are? We may think of anything fat, disgusting, and looking somewhat like a worm as a maggot, but maggots are actually the larval stage in the life cycle of the fly. They start as eggs that the housefly produces. What emerges from the eggs is the maggot. It lives for around 15 days efore it turns into a fly. The peculiar thing about maggots is that they feed exclusively on decaying flesh which pretty much makes them the stuff of nightmares. They are thus connected with death, decay, and disgusting things. 

Ironically, maggots were historically used for healing wounds (and reportedly even today by some people). This strange characteristic of maggots can also point us to the other side of all interpretations connected to death: death represents endings, and endings are followed by new beginnings. Hence, maggots can also represent the death of the old self that ushers in a transformation which could also be seen as healing of the spiritual wounds. 

However, when we dream about maggots it is usually a sign that this healing wont come by itself, without our own effort. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, and it is your task to find out what is wrong and find your own healing path. This often also means breaking up with old ways we are used to living our life, but that is how it must be. 

In general, dreams about maggots are a warning sign of negative influences in waking life. These influences might come from outside, but often we are our own worst enemy. This is why maggots often symbolize negative behavior patterns we have adopted over time. It’s time to identify them and get rid of these self-destructive impulses once and for all. 

Common Dreams With Maggots 

Maggots on Dead Bodies 

Seeing a maggot eating a dead human body is one of the most iconic images involving maggots. Dreaming about such a scene might make you uncomfortable, but fear not, this is actually a good omen! If the scene of the dream was a crime scene, your dream probably symbolises new beginnings in life. 

This interpretation comes from the idea of the cycle of life. The dead body is feeding new life. Endings are always followed by new beginnings. As it is often the case with ancient symbolism, this dark sign has a positive side to it. 

On the other hand, sometimes maggots on dead bodies are also connected with some unresolved issue. You need to identify what are the obstacles you need to remove in order to make progress in some aspect of your life. 

Seeing maggots eating the body of a dead animal is always taken as a good sign. 

Fishing With Maggots 

As we mentioned before, when you use maggots as fishing (see also fishing dream symbols) bait in your dream, your dream will most likely have a positive message. Maggots in this dream still represent some negative things in your life, but you are dealing with them! You are looking to replace the negativity with something new. If in your dream you don’t manage to catch anything, it might mean there is nothing new to replace what you are getting rid of. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. You might be getting a new, clean slate to reinvent yourself in some area of your life. 

Maggots Eating Rotten Food

While maggots on dead bodies are paradoxically often interpreted in a positive manner, when you see them eating some rotting food or unidentified pieces of flesh, this is generally a bad sign. In this case, the dream is a warning that there are some problems or negative influences in your life that should have been dealt with a long time ago. Try to identify the sources of negativity in your life and do something about them before it’s too late. 

Stepping on Maggots 

This is a dream that is surprisingly common. In your dream, you are walking, and suddenly realize you are stepping on maggots. This dream has a double interpretation, so first of all consider how you felt in your dream. 

If you are stepping on maggots and feeling terrified, the dream means there is some grudge, a problem, a negative feeling that you are repressing and refuse to admit to yourself. These repressed emotions are eating you from the inside, but it’s impossible to run away from them. The sooner you face your feelings, the sooner you’ll be able to move with your life. But that’s not always easy. 

On the other hand, if you are stepping on the maggots confidently in your dream, perhaps disgusted but still brave, this is usually a good sign. The maggots in the dream can still be a sign of difficulties to come, but you should know you have the power to overcome them. 

Maggots Sucking on Your Body  

If you are dreaming of maggots sucking on your own body, this is a metaphor for someone (or something) who is doing that to you in waking life. Not literally, though, but spiritually, or perhaps even financially. Someone might be taking advantage of you, and this dream is a sign that you should take care of yourself first. 

Final Thoughts 

Although maggots are often connected with death, decay, and, metaphorically, with negative influences in your life, they are generally a good omen in dreams. Yes, there are bad energies around, or things that need to be dealt with, but maggots in dreams generale symbolize transformations and the circle of life. 

Sensations that arise in maggot dreams: 

  • Feeling of imminent death 
  • Fear 
  • Feeling filthy and unclean 
  • Worry 
  • Illness and disease  

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