Fishing Dream Meaning

Dreaming of fishing links to your sense of achievement, your goals for the future, and the pride that accompanies both. If your catch is small, you may even feel embarrassed. Catching fish in dreams also links to the love you have in your life, and the passion you have, as well as how far or how little you’ve come to achieving your wildest dreams. 

Dreaming of fishing on a boat indicates some events in the future which will shape your life going forward, and how you won’t be able to predict whether these will be good or bad for your life and how you live right now. Of course, you can have this dream if you see someone fishing in waking life, or you saw it happen on TV. Catching fish (see also 50 Different Fish Dreams And Interpretations) within a dream indicates the pursuit of your goals and the potential outcome, and the bigger the fish, the more this outcome will affect your life in the future. If you dream of buckets full of bait, this is a good sign of the support you’ll have in the future, which will enable you to reach your goals more easily. Fishing in a lake or a pond in your dream relates to an emotional discovery, or searching within your subconscious for answers.

Dreaming of plastic rods or pin hooks reflect how you’re chasing a dream in waking life, or you’re facing a challenge which you’re determined to beat. Dreaming of a fish tugging at your line indicates you’re at the end of a chapter in your life, and near the beginning of another. If you enjoy fishing in waking life, this dream can occur as it’s a reflection of your passion and how the sport is a big part of your life. People often turn to fishing to experience a slower pace of life and escape the rush and noise of modern life, and the same goes for your dream. Your subconscious is giving you a break.

What does a Dream of Catching a Fish Mean?

Dreaming of catching a very large fish indicates you’ll overachieve in that goal you’ve been working towards. If you dream of eating a fish you’ve caught yourself (see also Eating Fish In A Dream Meaning), you’re on the cusp of a new journey or a life of adventure, and this indicates wealth in the future. Dreaming of preparing a fish mirrors your hard work toward a goal, and how you’ll enjoy the “feast” at the end. 

Dreaming of catching a fish with nothing but your own two hands (see also Catching Fish In Dreams And What It Means) can suggest you’ll achieve your goals through your own hard work and nothing else. You won’t need anyone else’s input or insight in order to get there. The image of your own bare hands (see also Hand Dream Meaning And Symbolism) in a dream can indicate you will soon enjoy something unexpected as a result of your determination. 

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of a Fishing Dream?

Spiritually speaking, fishing in dreams usually denotes overcoming obstacles, and how we approach these and confront our feelings in order to move past them. It can also indicate a need to open up or to be vulnerable to some sense of risk, or being open to change in order to move forward in life. The symbol of fish appears regularly in Christianity, referring to how Jesus fed 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread (see also bread dream meaning). In Pagan terms, the shape of a fish is thought to resemble the womb, and fertility.

What does a Dream of Fishing Signify?

Dreaming about fishing reflects how you are searching for a goal, an outcome to something, or more knowledge in your life. It also refers to the need to be prepared when you undertake a long journey or a project that will take a long time to complete, as you may lose your way if you don’t spend enough time preparing or getting into the right mindset. It resembles the same futility of attempting to fish when you don’t know the first thing about it, or you improvise tools without knowing how to make ones that will actually catch something. A dream of fishing can occur when you wish for a good outcome to something, but it’s not clear yet that you will. It’s also an indication of wanting better job security, or a more stable lifestyle.

Dreaming of fishing in a pond indicates that the result of your hard work isn’t always dependent on how hard you work, or how much you know. There’s a certain amount of luck and chance involved in everything we do. If you catch the fish in your dream, this indicates success. Catching more than one fish in a dream is an indication of victory that will snowball, or your professional life will enjoy some growth. If you catch nothing in your dream, or something other than a fish, this suggests you need to adjust your approach, or you need to keep working hard.

Fishing dreams also relate to tranquility and patience, as the hobby incorporates a lot of both. Dreaming of fishing can suggest you need to find more peace in your life or within yourself. Seek a few quiet moments here and there. Something is making you worried, or someone has made your sense of contentment crash around your feet. Your subconscious is giving you a breather.

Fishing in your dream can mean an upset balance in your emotions, an uncertainty which is overshadowing anything good right now. You need to regain your sense of security or calm. Are you searching for something in waking life? What do you hope the future will look like? Dreaming of fishing in a river (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of A River?) implies your emotions are getting the better of you right now, or you’re feeling them deeply, you’re in tune with your inner self. 

Fishing in a calm, still body of water reflects your great sense of inner peace, and how balanced your life is right now. It’s a reflection of waking life, and how you should endeavor to keep to this state as long as you can. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Failing to Catch a Fish?

Dreaming of failing to catch a fish is a warning dream. The most obvious interpretation of this dream is failure, or falling just short of achieving a goal. You may feel that the goal you’ve been working towards is vital, but you might achieve it, and it will turn out to be not what you want at all, or it won’t suit you or who you are. This dream suggests you’re not on the path that will best suit you in life, but you’ll find what really suits you soon. Your subconscious may be telling you it’s time to look around you, take stock of where you are, where you want to be, and exactly who you want to be in the future. Now may be the start of something new.  

What does Ice Fishing in a Dream Signify?

Dreaming of ice fishing indicates you’ll have to push yourself through a grueling emotional period in your life in order to get where you want to be, or to fulfill your dreams. You might be in a place where you don’t feel as though you have any emotions, and this is a sign of being overwhelmed. An ice fishing dream can also occur after suffering from a mistake someone else has made, or someone’s spiteful behavior. You’ll feel inclined to get revenge, to make someone pay or feel what you felt, but forgiving or even forgetting is a better option for the long term. It will allow you to regain your inner peace. Turning to peaceful hobbies will also help. This dream stresses that you need to relax.

What does a Dream of Seeing a Fish Underwater While You’re Fishing Mean?

Dreaming of seeing a fish through clear water suggests you’ll see a good opportunity from a long way off, and you’ll be able to seize it when the time comes. Something will come along which will seem as though it was made just for you, and this dream is warning you not to waste this chance. If you dream of fishing and seeing a fish underwater and the line stays still, this suggests that you’ll recognize an opportunity, but you won’t have the means or the knowledge to make the best of it. 

What does Catching a Large Fish Mean in a Dream?

Reeling in a large fish in your dream represents very good luck in the future. You’ll enjoy a lot of success in a short period of time. It also embodies a leap forward in your professional life, which you may or may not be ready for. This dream also signifies a period where you’ll have a lot of energy, and you should put it to good use while you have it.

What does it Suggest to Dream of a Fishing Rod?

A fishing rod in your dream can be a warning sign. There’s a lot of potential in the future for falling for lies or scams which could cost you a lot of what you’ve worked so hard for. It’s a sign of a risk of failure, or someone who will act fraudulently. This dream isn’t all negative, however. It points to using your failures or your mistakes to guide you in the future, utilizing the knowledge you have to avoid future problems or people you shouldn’t trust. Fishing rods in dreams can suggest you’ve been worrying too much, or dwelling on disappointments that are in the past. You won’t find anything good back there. Be careful of people’s intentions, especially if things are going well for you right now. Jealousy does odd things to people, even those you trust.

What does it Mean to Dream of Removing a Fishing Rod from Water?

Dreaming of taking a fishing rod from water indicates you long for love. You may be in a relationship already, but you want more affection or reassurance. If you’re single, and you have this dream, you’re ready for a new romantic relationship, and you will give it everything you have. A fear of being hurt won’t hold you back.

Alternatively, removing a fishing rod from water in your dream suggests you’ll remove a negative influence from your life, or you’ll overcome a long-standing worry or problem. You may even cut off someone who is a source of negativity or their behavior causes you a world of trouble. You’ll recognize someone’s lies for what they are, and make sure they can’t take advantage of you or a loved one. You may even get rid of a financial risk.

What does Holding a Fishing Net Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of holding a fishing net indicates great potential, and opportunities you shouldn’t let pass you by. It’s important to trust your instincts here, over your skills and experience. You may face some emotional difficulties soon. You’ll overcome these quickly enough that you’ll forget it was such a big effort to do so. 

What do Fishhooks Mean in a Dream?

If you see fishhooks in a dream, there’s some creative ideas which you’ve had and not acted on, and you need to put these into practice. Or there’s a concept that’s occurred to you which would help in your professional life, but you’ve been too busy to even think about applying it. The image of a hook in a dream is what drives you, it’s the idea of success, wealth, and the satisfaction of achieving these. Time to push forward. Catching a fish can also suggest someone from your past may come back into your life.

What does a Dream of Fishing On a Lake Mean?

In Jungian dream interpretation, dreaming of fishing is a symbol of searching your unconscious mind for an answer to something, or you’re trying to get to know yourself better as a whole. If you dream of fishing on a calm lake and this is a recurring dream, this represents how well you’re adapting to changes in waking life. A calm lake in a dream symbolizes tranquility, a clear perspective, and contentment in whatever will come your way. 

What does a Fisherman Symbolize in a Dream?

A fisherman in your dream can suggest you’re at the end of your resilience right now. You’ve been juggling a lot of problems, and you’ve been helping other people while you push through your own struggles, and you’re tired. You may feel numb about what the future holds, or you can’t bring yourself to care about anything but how tired you’re feeling right now. You desperately need a break. 

An outlet may be utilizing your creativity in a situation, or expressing how you feel through a creative project. You may feel the need to withdraw from other people right now in order to make some time for yourself, and that’s probably a good thing to do to regain some energy. Recharge your spirit. This dream can also indicate a need for independence, or that your responsibilities are weighing quite heavily right now. They don’t normally feel this difficult to carry. 

If you dream of fishermen on boats, you have a shorter temper than usual, or you’ll encounter many obstacles. You know you have what it takes to push through things. You’ve been through worse before, and you’ve got through every single bad day you’ve ever had. This is no different. You may require outside help in order to push through, but you’ll get there in the end.

Fishermen in dreams aren’t always such a negative symbol. They denote being in “your element” in a situation, where you won’t have to try too hard, as you already have the skills you need to help you on your way. Something in your present life really suits you, as if it was meant for you and you alone. 

If you felt positive during this dream, it’s time to go after something you’ve always wanted, but you’ve always found an excuse in the past. Never mind your doubts, or your “it’s not the right time”’s, or how it may not turn out the way you’ve always dreamed. How will you know, unless you try? If you don’t go for it now, you may not have the opportunity in the future, and you’ll always have the question hanging over you. You’ve got this, whatever the outcome, you’ll be stronger, and you’ll have no regrets.


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