Ants Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Ants can be found on every corner of the planet. They are quite fascinating creatures – strong, hardworking and well-organized. But what does it mean to dream about ants? In this article, we’ll elaborate on the symbolism behind these animals.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Ants?

Ants are tiny in size but powerful in symbolism. Here are a few things dreams about ants can symbolize.


You probably aren’t surprised that ants appearing in your dream can symbolize strength. These tiny creatures can carry in their jaws something 50 times their own weight. Imagine if humans could hold a truck, for example, in their teeth – that’s how strong ants are. But that’s not all! Their bodies can withstand the force more than 3,000 times their own body weight. These super powerlifters are the real definition of strength. 

In a way, ants in your dreams are representing you – on a subconscious level, you know you’re strong enough to overcome some difficult situations you’re currently facing. You’ll grow hardened and come out as a survivor or a winner.  

Mindfulness In The Present Moment

Ants appearing in dreams can be a reminder to be mindful. It’s okay to wander off sometimes, but when we’re not careful, important things will pass us by before we get aware of them. To notice these small creatures in your dream can signify you need to be more attentive and stay in the moment.

Community & Connection

Ants live in eusocial colonies – these are the highest level of society, based on cooperation and division of labor. They’re always grouped and engaged in their activities. If you happen to see a single ant, take a better look around, you’ll find its company somewhere. 

As we mentioned above, ants show a strong mechanism of labor division – they have different roles that allow each of them to contribute to their colony. Seeing ants in your dream can be a hint to focus more on teamwork in order to achieve something, whether it’s related to your job or personal life. Way too often we tend to forget how the team effort strengthens the community. Just like ants, humans live in their societies which are built on their cooperation and communication.

Common Dreams About Ants & What They Mean

Dreaming Of Ants Working Or Moving:

Since you always see ants in numbers, it’s more than likely you’ll see an ant army in your dream too. Dreaming about working ants might mean that a difficult task before you could be easily solved with combined effort. 

Dream About Ants In House:

Ants in your house can be a symbol of a certain situation in your life that requires more of your attention. The meaning behind that dream can be further specified, depending on the room you see spiders in. The kitchen, for example, is considered to be the busy part of the house, so if your dream is situated inside this room, it might mean that you should focus more on your career. The bathroom (see also dirty bathroom dream meaning), on the other hand, could be a sign of the need to take more care of your health. 

Ant Hills In Dreams:

An ant hill can symbolize a certain project you’re working on. Standing near the ant hill signifies that you’re afraid of the project’s volume, and you’re worried about not being able to complete it. If the ant hill in your dream is destroyed, it might mean that your worries will come true and you’ll fail in executing the project.

To See Ants Carrying Food:

If ants in your dreams are carrying food, then that’s a sign of your hard work being rewarded. However, this dream might also signify your worries about your financial situation. Maybe it’s time you start being more careful with money in order to fulfill your own basic needs. 

Dreaming Of An Ant On A Flower: 

If you see an ant on a flower in your dream, you should focus your interpretation on the flower itself – an ant is there basically as a sign that points towards it. Flowers in dreams indicate happiness, transition and progress. You might be on a good path towards achieving something great in your life. 

Flying Ants Dream:

Flying ants are not as common. To see one in your dreams can symbolize your need to let go of habitual activities that have been taking up a big part of your life. It’s about time you make the change and stop being so predictable. 

If the ants in your dreams are flying around or towards you, they might also signify some small things that are pestering you in waking life

To Have Ants Crawling All Over You:

For people suffering from myrmecophobia (fear of ants) this is possibly the worst nightmare they could imagine. But even for most people who aren’t afraid of these tiny creatures, the feeling of them crawling over your body is unsettling, to say the least. Therefore, we can safely assume that such a dream can represent something that’s irritating or troubling you in waking life. 

Dreaming Of Killing Ants:

To find yourself stepping on ants in your dream might symbolize that the project you’ve been working on is coming to an end. This dream might also mean that you finally put an end to something that’s been irritating you for a while now. 

Red Ants In Dreams:

The type of ant that appears in your dream is also important for a detailed interpretation. Red or fire ants are infamous for their painful stinging bites. A red ant in your dream can be a symbol of certain things in your past that you forgot about, but have recently made a come back, troubling you more than before. 

Ant Farms In Dreams:

Ants have one of the most complex hierarchical structures among all animals, and seeing an ant farm in your dream might mean you’re wishing for a good organization in your career. It could also refer to your satisfaction with working well in teams. 

Other Considerations To Think About With Ants As A Dream Symbol

Interpreting the meaning of ants in your dream, just like anything else, depends a lot on the context. In order to answer what does it mean to dream about ants, you need to ask yourself some questions first. Start by answering how you feel about ants in waking life? Are you afraid of them, and to what degree? Perhaps you enjoy watching ants do their daily chore? Do you try to avoid stepping on them when walking or you don’t pay attention to it? What other symbols did you see in the dream scene? How did you feel encountering ants? Answers to these questions will influence the meaning of your dream. 

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