Eggs Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Eggs, when they appear in our dreams, can contain a multitude of meanings. This can make it difficult to uncover the meaning behind your dream, as there is a lot of different symbolism behind an image of an egg.

Here’s what you need to know about your egg dream.

The Symbolism Behind Eggs in Dreams

Before we get started on what eggs can mean in dreams, it’s worth looking at the different types of eggs that can appear in your dreams, as different types of eggs can have different meanings.

Breakfast Eggs

Dreaming of scrambled eggs indicates that you’ll make something very satisfying, if a little unexpected, out of what you’ve been given. You’ll enjoy a period of tranquility in the near future. 

Or, scrambled eggs point to confusion, where you feel things are not as clear as they should be.

Boiled eggs indicate that you either need to become tougher and knuckle down when it comes to completing tasks or calling someone out, or you need to practice empathy more, depending on whether the eggs were soft or hard-boiled.

Bird Eggs

Dreaming of bird eggs isn’t a positive sign. It usually suggests that you’ll be verbally attacked by someone, or someone is gossiping behind your back. 

Reptile Eggs

If you dream of reptile eggs, this indicates that you’ll soon experience a period in your life where you’ll be well-grounded, and your instincts won’t lead you astray. 

This dream also suggests that you’ll gain some experiences soon which will help you achieve your goals.

Dragon Eggs

Dragon eggs appearing in your dream suggest that you are slowly becoming stronger, through every obstacle you push through. 

Dragons largely symbolize power and aggression (see also Dragon Dreams And Totem Symbolism), and this dream implies that you’ll soon have the power to transform a situation or aspect of your life for better or worse.

New Beginnings

It probably won’t come as a surprise that eggs often symbolize a fresh start, or potential. Seeing a lot of eggs in your dream suggests that you have many possibilities ahead of you, and you may have trouble deciding between them.

If any of the eggs start to rock or tremble in your dream, but you wake up before they hatch, this can signify that you need to be quick about making a decision, otherwise you may miss out entirely.


If you feel good or relieved when you see eggs in your dream, this indicates that all the work you’ve put in toward a better future will pay off soon. 

You’ll finally be able to put a long-standing project behind you, and you’ll move onto better things.


Equally, eggs in your dream can represent bad luck in the near future, especially if the eggs hatch into snakes. This can indicate that something you’ve been working towards won’t turn out to be the good thing you were hoping for. 

Maybe a connection between you and someone else is souring, and this dream can be suggesting that it is unsalvageable. 

Common Egg Dreams and What They Mean

Laying an Egg

If you dream of laying an egg, your productivity is suffering. This seems like the opposite of what this dream should mean, but it does signify an inability to see something through, or putting something off for a later date.

Stumbling Upon a Nest Full of Eggs

A nest full of whole eggs appearing in your dream points to a great sense of security in waking life, in particular, financial security, or having a safety net if you need to call on it. 

Eggs Hatching

Eggs hatching in your dream indicates the perfect outcome to something. You’ll reach that long-term dream you’ve been working so hard to achieve, or things will turn out better than what you’re hoping for. 

Stealing Eggs

If you dream about stealing eggs, this is a manifestation of the less-than-noble thoughts you’ve been having lately. 

You are tempted to act on impulse, or to cut corners in a long, drawn-out process. While this might seem like a good idea right now, hold off on doing so, otherwise you may end up with more work to do than you would have done originally.

Broken Eggs

Broken eggs suggest that your motivation, productivity, or ability to empathize is hanging by threads. You need a break to revitalize yourself.

Someone Egging Your House, Car, or Yourself

If you dream of a stranger egging your property, this suggests that you’re harboring some resentment toward yourself, either towards what you’ve done or what you could not have predicted. It’s time to let go of the negativity weighing you down.

If you dream of someone you know egging your property, this implies that you need to be more aware of your actions, or how your words can affect others.

Dreaming of egging someone else’s property points to holding onto anger, and what you think are insults or slights against you. Perhaps you need to adopt a different perspective.


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