The meaning of a dream about eggs can be many various things, differing from one person to the next. Sometimes, the dream symbol may appear to provide you with better insight regarding what it means to dream of an egg.


There are several different ways eggs may manifest in your dreams. This food is very common, and breakfast will not be complete without devouring an egg or two. Plus, you can use it as an ingredient in a wide array of cookie and cake recipes. 

Moreover, many animals lay eggs, from reptiles (see alligator dreams) to birds. So you can expect that seeing a nest of blue robin eggs during the spring holds a very different meaning in comparison to seeing a plate of sunny-side up eggs for breakfast.


Often, the eggs in your dream may be a symbol of rebirth and renewal. When you see a nest of eggs, it may be a representation of the feelings you have towards beginning something new in your waking life, such as having to start a new plan or a project.

This type of food is quite natural as well, particularly when considering the fact that in a way, almost every human being and living animals start out as a little egg. It may also be a symbol of you wanting to feel complete and tap into how yu connect with the universe.

Eggs can also be a symbol of fertility

For instance, if you and your life partner are trying to conceive, you may experience recurring dreams about an egg. In such a case, that represents your personal feelings towards your desire to have a child.



There are times when you’ll see a nest of eggs in your dreams. If the nest of eggs you see is that of a crocodile or snake, it may imply that you feel anxious, uncertain, or scared about the outcome of a certain situation. 

Meanwhile, a nest of bird eggs in your dream may indicate your feeling of hopefulness regarding an imminent change. Likewise, it may mean that you are looking forward to starting a new endeavor or project again.


As stated above, eggs are a common food, especially breakfast. And no doubt, they offer plenty of nutrients and health benefits. They are also known as a good source of protein. When your dream about eggs involves eating a plate full of eggs, it may suggest that you are in some way nurturing yourself. It may also mean that you are doing something currently in life, making you feel invigorated and refreshed. 

Eating scrambled eggs may imply the uncertainties you have about the results of a specific situation. On the other hand, sunny-side-up eggs may suggest that you are feeling hopeful about it.

Knowing the meaning of food dreams and eating in dreams will enable you to learn more about what it means to dream of cooking eggs in your dream or a plate of eggs.


Did you discover a nest of eggs in your dream about eggs? This may mean that in your waking life, you are seeking ways on how you will be able to increase the income of your business. Additionally, it may imply that you want to be wealthier and for your life to be more abundant. Often, we associate eggs as a symbol of financial abundance and prosperity. Perhaps you are contemplating a new investment opportunity. You may also be finding ways on how you can save up a nest egg when you retire.


An egg dream where you see yourself gathering eggs, or you’re in a chicken coop, may imply that you may feel that you are ready to receive the rewards of all the efforts you put in your personal life or work. If in your waking life you’ve been giving your best at something, it may mean that you feel like it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  


You may occasionally see broken eggs in your dreams. The saying “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket” is applicable here. Dreaming of broken eggs may sometimes suggest that you may be depending too much on a specific thing. Hence, you may want to explore or look at other alternatives or create a backup plan in whatever endeavors you are seeking.

Moreover, the broken eggs in your dream may symbolize your shattered beliefs or faiths. It may also mean that you may be looking at the reality of a situation or experiencing destroyed illusions. 


One of the most common traditions during Easter is dyeing eggs. If you dyed or painted eggs in your dream, it may represent the celebration of life.

In Catholic beliefs, the egg dye and paint symbolizes the life of Christ. Moreover, the broken hard, outer shell of the egg represents the breaking of the tomb, as well as the resurrection of Christ in heaven. 

A dream involving the cracking or filling of Easter eggs may represent the hidden meanings in something or treasures you’ve discovered. If your dream about eggs is a negative one where you discover an empty egg or packed with negativities, it may indicate that you are feeling disappointed in waking life or that thing is simply superficial. 

What do you think your dream about egg means? Share your experience and let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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