5 Spiritual Symbolism & Meanings Of A Dragon (Totem + Omens)

Dragons can manifest in your life in different ways, and similarly, there is a plethora of symbolism to look through in order to find what the dragon means to you.

They are closely connected to emotions, as well as a range of personality traits.

But there is some overarching symbolism to consider, too. Dragons, as mythical creatures, represent the intangible part of life, and the magic in the universe.

Read on to discover more about the symbolism of dragons, including dragon totems, the most common symbolism, what dragon tattoos represent, and the most common dragon dreams and what they mean.

What Does A Dragon Represent?

Across many cultures, dragons are symbols of ultimate knowledge, and vessels of power and magic.

As such, they may be guardians, protectors, or sources of betrayal. 

Dragons represent a great balance, and are usually said to bring good luck.

They are said to be masters of four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, too.

Let’s take a closer look.

Ultimate Authority/Knowledge

Dragons are usually representative of long life, and with that long life comes authority and insurmountable intelligence. 

They are believed to be the master of the four elements, and there is a type of dragon spirit animal for each element.

The fire dragon serves to push past any hurdles you come across, while helping you to achieve a great sense of self-achievement, and bolster your creativity.

It urges you to transform into the best version of yourself possible, and lead others.

The earth dragon, unsurprisingly, helps to ground you, and keep your vibrations consistent. It also makes you push past your fears to live the life you dream of.

The water dragon helps you to heal from past hurts, achieving a great emotional stability, while helping you avoid negative cycles or things which don’t serve you.

The air dragon serves to expand your horizons or sphere of perception, pushing you to trust your intuition among changing situations and unexpected problems.

Any dragon spirit animal helps you to live within a sphere of confidence and stability, assured of your own ability.


Dragons are fierce creatures, and while they might inspire terror, they are a great symbol of protection, partly because of the wealth of power and authority they represent.

Dragons are rarely made to be the villain, and more often than not in terms of guardians, you cannot go wrong with dragons, as they are believed to repel any bad intent meant for you, and redouble it onto anyone who means you harm.

Good Luck And Tranquility

Dragons symbolize balance, good fortune, and tranquility, so dreaming of one is a very good sign.

As dragons are believed to be intelligent creatures who are incredibly protective, it’s thought that they are quick to right wrongs and right injustice, which also bolsters stability.


As mystical beings themselves, dragons are intricately connected to magic of all kinds.

This also ties into elemental magic, as they have traits symbolic of all four elements, including fire-breathing, the ability to fly, and look similar to a snake, which is synonymous with the earth’s power.

Dragons In Different Cultures

It’s worth looking at dragons in different cultures, too. Depending on the cultural lens, dragons can mean vastly different things.

Norse And Viking Dragons

Dragons are perhaps most famous for being figureheads on Viking ships, which would symbolize war.

These particular ships were used for raiding, colonizing and exploring, and would be called ‘drakkar’.

They may also represent the Midgard Serpent, or Jörmungandr, the sea serpent which came from Loki.

According to the legend, the serpent grew large enough to reach around the world and  grab its own tail with its teeth, giving it the name world serpent.

Once it opens its jaws and lets go of its own tail, it’s believed that the world will end in Ragnarök and begin again.

Dragons and China

Dragons are entrenched in mythology and symbolism throughout China. 

It was believed that some dragons were water spirits, supporting and sustaining the basis for life when they are feeling kind, sending floods, tsunamis and other disasters if they are feeling hostile.

They also represent power, strength, and good fortune for those who are considered worthy.

Emperors would use the symbol of the dragon as part of their authority and nobility, used in many forms of decoration as a symbol of their power.

Dragons and Vietnam

In Vietnam myth, the dragon represents life, growth, and the universe.

They are also part of a very old origin myth, where people were created from a fairy and a dragon.

The dragon would bring rain to the land, helping to sustain life.

According to tradition, the first ruler of the Ly Dynasty, who was Emperor Ly Thai To, dreamed of a dragon taking flight and ascending to heaven.

He made sure that his capital was the place he saw in his dream, which is why Vietnam is also called ‘The Land Of The Rising Dragon’.

Dragons In The Bible

In the Bible, dragons are depicted as evil. They can be servants of the devil, or the devil himself, eating humans, cattle, and wildlife for the sport of it.

Biblically speaking, dragons are selfish beings who wreak havoc, terrorize, and destroy everything in their path.

Some believe that the biblical story of the Leviathan is actually about a dragon, an ancient sea monster which appears both in the Old and New Testament.

Some believe that the monster represents God’s strength, as not only did he strike it down without a problem, but also because it is a powerful enemy as an opposition.

Dragon Totems

Dragon totems are believed to be shapeshifters, and in Native American belief, they were originally snakes which managed to transform under their own power.

The role of a dragon as a shapeshifter is interesting, as it appears in many cultures.

Those which have the dragon as their totem are able to adapt themselves continually until they reach the best possible version of themselves, breaking free of unnecessary or negative ties.

They are also incredibly protective and have a lot of ‘fire’, but it’s important that this energy is channeled into good deeds rather than using it to destroy.

Dragon totems can make someone hot-headed, arrogant, or vain if they let their sense of power or authority get the better of them.

It’s believed that dragon totems should only be called upon in significant need, and not for your own gain.

The Dragon As A Spirit Animal

A dragon is a very powerful guide, and while it can enrich your life, giving you more confidence, self-assurance, power, and the drive to go after what you want, you do need to treat it carefully, and be wary of when you should call on it.

Establishing A Connection With Your Dragon Spirit Animal

You need to make sure that the connection between you and a dragon spirit animal is strong, so that you may lean on their guidance and use their favor in times of need.

One very simple way of doing this is to keep a physical totem of your spirit animal near to you, which can serve to strengthen your connection, and keep them close when you need to call on them.

It’s also worth practicing meditation, where you hold an image of your spirit animal in your mind.

You also need to do your research, and learn everything you can, which will guide you to creating the best connection with your spirit animal that you can.

When To Call On Your Dragon Spirit Animal

A dragon spirit animal can bestow the power to heal from terrible situations and things that life throws at you, those which you cannot overcome under your own power or strength of will.

An ideal situation to call upon your dragon spirit animal to aid you is when you need to help another person, and you feel like you don’t have enough support yourself, or a solid foundation to help them from.

If you find yourself feeling you don’t have enough knowledge or confidence to tackle something, go for it anyway, while calling on your dragon spirit animal when you undertake the task and the research required.

Another situation would be when you feel no one is on your side, or you feel powerless in a situation out of your control.

In these cases, you should try to connect with your spirit animal by meditating on them, and ask them to come to your rescue.

Dragon Omens And Dragon Tattoo Meaning

As omens, dragons are believed to only be good luck. They are guardians of wealth, prosperity, life, confidence, power, authority, and transcendence.

In terms of tattoos, dragons can symbolize a myriad of meanings, which is also dependent on the culture, art style, or country.

To some people, dragons represent wisdom, protection, authority, and good luck.

To others, dragons symbolize nobility, overcoming obstacles or adversaries, and bravery.

Common Dragon Dreams

Dragons are memorable dream subjects, and can mean very different things, sometimes which are geared towards your own beliefs or associations with dragons.

Let’s take a look at the most common dreams that dragons appear in.

Dreaming Of Turning Into A Dragon

Dreaming of turning into a dragon is a very, very good sign. If you don’t feel completely tranquil, in complete control and have a great deal of self-possession, you soon will.

You are completely in control of your actions, and have a clear view on how things are, giving you a good idea of how things might go.

This enables you to make the right choices, and communicate effectively, which other people also pick up on. They may come to you for advice soon.

Riding A Dragon In A Dream

Dreaming of riding a dragon indicates that after a period of stress, struggle, and one annoyance after another, it’s time to relax.

You’ve made it through the worst of the problems to come right now, and it’s now time to carve some time for yourself to recharge and readjust any goals or priorities as you need to.

You may even be on the verge of reaching a long-term goal, or starting a new chapter in your life, where you will feel as though the sky isn’t even a limit at all.

Dreaming Of Dragons Attacking

If you dream of being attacked by dragons, this means that you aren’t dealing with any sources of stress or your problems in the right way.

You may even be ignoring them, which is making everything much worse than it needs to be.

By pretending your problems don’t exist you only serve to compound them, and add dread and worry to your plate which doesn’t need to be there.

Your dream is calling on you to reassert your own sense of power, self-belief, and positivity, and it’s through these traits that you will get through this tough period. 

Keep the powerful image of a dragon in your mind as you move forward, and this may serve as a source of inspiration or strength.

Seeing A Dragon Spreading Its Wings In A Dream

If you see a dragon spreading its wings in your dream, this is a very good dream to have!

If you don’t believe in spirit animals, it is still a good luck sign for the future, where you should not worry about what could be, as you’re on the right path. Things will turn out just the way they should be.

In terms of spirit animals, having a dream where a dragon spreads its wings indicates that a dragon has chosen to protect you, and you’ll soon find that things will be better than ever.

Killing A Dragon In A Dream

Dreaming of slaying a dragon implies that you are feeding anger, negativity, or you’re holding onto a lot of stress.

You may feel unable to keep up with current events, and the pressure you feel is causing you to lash out in order to take some of that tension away.

To regain equilibrium, you need to regain control over your emotions, own your actions, and take a minute to breathe before you react.

Final Thoughts

Dragons are powerful images in themselves, who can help us overcome our fears, doubts, and worries, no matter what your beliefs might be. 

Dreaming of dragons can give you that push to apply more pressure in trying to reach your goals, and inspire confidence, and the belief you need to attract success.

These beasts of legend have inspired us for millennia, and no doubt they will continue to inspire us for thousands of years to come. 


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