Magic Dream Meaning

While our dreams can be realistic, more often than not, we tend to dream about all kinds of unbelievable things. Flying, traveling through time, breathing underwater are just some of the things we see while asleep. We can’t do these supernatural activities in real life, but everything’s possible in the dreamland. And whether you actually believe in certain supernatural forces and beings or not is insignificant. Dreams of magic can mean a variety of things, and in this article, we’ll help you decipher subliminal messages your subconscious is sending you. 

What It Means To Dream About Magic

In dreams, magic appears as a symbol that’s connected to real-life situations you’re currently experiencing. Let’s be real, your dream about turning your loved one into a frog probably doesn’t mean you indeed have the power to transform a human into an animal. It’s much more likely that there’s a hidden symbolism behind it. 

So what does your dream about magic really mean? Here are the three most common themes related to this symbol. 

Transformation + Change

Magic has always been associated with transformation or change. In The Beauty and the Beast, an enchantress transforms a self-centered prince into a beast as a punishment for his behavior. A famous scene from The Sword in the Stone shows Merlin turning young Arthur into different creatures, and each conversion is intended to teach him an important life lesson. Finally, we can’t forget Alice in Wonderlands, a story that revolves around characters’ transformations. Behind all of these changes lies the magic.   

There are two ways magic can appear as a symbol of transformation and change in a dream. If you’re the one practicing magic on yourself in your dream, that probably means you’re going through some changes in your life. This is usually a good omen, and it means that you’re aware of the things you need to change in order to lead a better and more fulfilled life.

On another hand, you might also dream about another person casting spells on you. In that case, there are two possible meanings behind that. According to the first interpretation, you might need a guiding hand to change certain things in life. And that’s okay. We all find ourselves at a point where we need a little push from someone. The second interpretation, however, suggests that you feel changes in your life are out of your control. 

Control + Power

Besides having their corporeal form destroyed and their life force connected to a certain object, what’s another thing that Sauron and Voldemort have in common? The utter desire for power and control. These dark lords know no morality and are willing to go any length to conquer the whole world. 

Magic gives you great power. As we’ve learned from different fantasy books, only a handful of powerful magic wielders use it to do good in the world. The rest use it to dominate others. Remember when Galadriel rejected to take the One Ring (see also ring dream meaning) from Frodo, even though it was so tempting? She understood the alluring nature of power and decided not to wield it. Other characters weren’t so strong-willed. 

Both in fiction and reality, people who have power tend to misuse the power for personal gain. More often than not, that’s done to the detriment of others. When you dream about practicing magic, that can mean you’re feeling in control of your life. However, it can also signify you’d like to have control over certain things. This dream can be a sign to reconsider if the means justify the ends. 

If your intent is to punish, let’s say, someone in your life that did you wrong in any way, maybe you should give it a second thought. Magic in your dream can be a reminder that taking an eye for an eye won’t undo anything done to you. For a short time, you might feel satisfied, but in the end, it doesn’t change the past. Plus, if there’s such thing as karma, it will boomerang you with another misfortune at some point in your life. 

If someone else’s casting a spell on you in a dream, that means you’re not the one pulling the strings in your life. This can be related to both your career and personal life. 

Think about how you’ve felt during this dream. Scared or powerful? This will help you decide how to proceed next. 

Help + Support

Healing is one type of sorceries. A flick of a wand or a couple of murmured words in some weird language, and wounds are healing like they never existed. When we see people close to us struggling with something, we all wish we could magically solve their problems. So when you dream about casting beneficial spells on someone, that means you wish to help people around you, whether they’re your acquaintances or not.

Maybe you’ve dreamed about other people performing healing magic on you. This might mean you either have or want help and support from someone around you. 

Some Other Things To Consider:

There’s always an intent behind performing magic, and it can be either good or bad. The so-called white magic is performed through blessings and prayers, all for selfless purposes. Dreaming about this type of magic symbolizes a good omen. It represents positive transformation, loyalty, personal development. 

The grimmest color, black, is often associated with evil. Black magic thus represents a ritualistic practice with malevolent intents. This type of magic doesn’t necessarily mean you wish someone harm. It can also mean just not caring about hurting someone while reaching your goals. Dreams about dark magic can involve occultist elements, like candles, inverted pentagrams, dark hoods or just about any other “evil” sign we often see in popular culture. 

Dreams of black magic represent your negative feelings. You’re not satisfied with changes in your life, to say the least. Whether you’re not in command over your life or you simply miss encouragement, these things frustrate you so much, it haunts you in your sleep. 

Magic dream interpretation depends on the person performing the magic, too. When you’re the one casting spells in your dream, that represents the feeling of confidence you have about certain things in life. You’re ready to go through a transformation and start pulling your own strings. 

What if someone else is the magician in the dream? The person performing magic on you can indeed be the one who’s in control over a certain aspect of your life. If that’s a friendly face, the dream can be a good omen. Maybe your subconscious is telling you it’s okay to rely on the people you’re close with. 

However, dreaming about a stranger or a blurred face practicing magic on you usually has a bad connotation. You’re scared of people taking advantage or turning their backs on you. 

Common Dreams About Magic & Their Meaning

There are many ways magic can appear in our dreams. The meaning behind that dream depends on several things, including who’s performing magic and for what reasons. Here are a couple of different dream scenarios and their interpretations. 

You Are Performing Magic To Help Yourself

Casting spells on yourself in a dream obviously symbolizes you’re going through a period of change. To further analyze the meaning behind magic appearing in a dream, think about the emotions you’re experiencing in that dream. Are you hopelessly trying to change something you feel ashamed of or regret? It’s possible your subconscious is reminding you of the feelings you’ve repressed. If you feel proud or excited, that might mean you’re about to experience some positive changes in your life.

Someone Is Performing Magic To Harm You

If someone is using magic with the intention to hurt you, you’re probably afraid of someone doing you harm in real life. Think about your personal and professional life. Is someone trying to hinder your progress? Are you dreading your loved one betrayed your trust? These are just some of the negative emotions you might experience during this dream. 

You Find A Magical Object

In general, magical objects appear in your dream as a symbol of the key to personal growth. Often, these objects only appear to focus your attention on what you need to reach that. For instance, a magic wand can be pointing you to a portrait of a person hanging on the wall. The person it points to is the one that can help you achieve your goal. Pay attention to different objects in your dream scenario. These aren’t always obvious, and discovering them brings you one step closer to understanding your subconscious.

You Try But Are Unable To Perform Magic

We all had that dream where we open our mouths, but words don’t come out. Maybe you dreamed about being unable to utter the incantation, or your wand rejects cooperating. In such cases, there are a couple of possible interpretations of these cases. Maybe you’re feeling insecure and unworthy of other people’s attention. These feelings are your burden, and they’re stopping you from taking control over your own life. On another note, this dream might mean you’re too tired and burning out from your everyday obligations. 

You Are Watching A Stranger Perform Magic

Sometimes, protagonists in our dream aren’t the people we know in real life. There are several interpretations behind the stranger casting magic spells in your dream. An unknown magician can signify you’re feeling deceived by certain individuals with who you thought were close. 

It’s also possible that the person performing magic in your dream is someone that fascinates you in real life. It’s no coincidence that we often say we’re “under the spell” or “charmed” by someone. What we mean by that is that something about them, whether it’s their looks or brains, captivates our attention as if we were under the influence of magic. 

Finally, the stranger dabbling with magic in your dream can simply represent someone you see as a guide or a teacher. This person is skilled in areas you’d like to improve, and you’re observing their performance as their apprentice. 

When interpreting your dream, start by asking yourself a couple of questions. 

  • What are your thoughts on magic? Is it just a type of power elves and wizards from fantasy stories possess, or there’s a possibility that magic exists all around us?
  • What kind of magic did you dream about? Alchemy, spellcasting, dark or white magic?
  • How did that dream make you feel? Content or frightened? In control of your own actions or controlled by someone?
  • Are you currently going through personal development?
  • Do you need help from other people? Do you feel like people close to you are supportive of your choices and actions?
  • Where was the dream set? What other symbols did you encounter?

Interpretation isn’t always straightforward and a dream filled with symbols can seem overwhelming. Answering these questions gives you a starting point, a general idea of what your dream could mean. Just like a puzzle, connect the pieces to get the complete picture. 

Don’t get frustrated if you’re unable to do that on the first try. Dream interpretation requires practice. Keeping a dream journal can help you train this “skill.” With time, you’ll get better at recognizing dream symbols and understanding the meaning behind them. 

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