Magic Dream Meaning and Interpretation

One of the most interesting things about dreams is that they’re usually extremely surreal, usually including any number of impossible things, but they still feel real while we are in them. This is a magic all of its own, but what does it mean to dream of magic itself?

Magic in dreams carries a lot of symbolism, and while it has links to your own sense of agency and power over your life, there are many different ways magic can appear within your dreams, and this dictates the meaning. 

How Magic can Appear in Your Dreams, and What it Means

The way in which magic manifests itself within your dreams, regardless of whether you believe in any form of magic or not, defines the symbolism behind your dream. 

Magic is, after all, a very broad term, and the meaning can vary wildly, depending on what form the magic takes within your dream. Here are some of the more common dreams involving magic, and the symbolism behind them. 

Completing a Ritual, Spell, or Potion in Your Dream

Dreaming of doing magic, within a spell, making a potion, or completing a ritual successfully indicates that you will succeed in a long-term goal or project you’ve been working on, but you may need outside help to do so.

If you dream of doing magic to protect someone, this represents how you long to feel useful, worthy, or it’s a direct reflection of your desire to help others in waking life. 

Maybe someone you know is going through a difficult time, or you just want to feel needed.

Magic in dreams is also a warning, especially if the potion, spell, or ritual in your dream was meant to harm someone. 

You need to be careful how you treat people and delicate situations, as your attitudes and choices can often be reflected back at you later on down the line. 

This dream is drawing your attention to cause and effect, and the importance of owning your own actions. 

While you might be tempted to cut corners, or do something underhanded in order to get things done or to undermine someone, this very well could turn around and bite you. 

Finding a Mystical Object

Dreaming of mystical objects which hold a lot of power refer to your own personal power and sense of agency. When they appear in dreams, mystical or magical objects refer to the solution you’re searching for.

Think about the object itself, and what it might mean to you. If you dream of a magical book, for example, this might refer to needing more knowledge within your life, or more experience before you fully take on a project or goal.

You might not yet have what you require in order to get where you want to be.

Maybe it wasn’t the object at all in your dream that is the solution, or the ‘magic bullet’ for your life, but it was pointing toward the thing that you require. Try to think of what this object’s purpose was, and you might find your answer. 

If you dream of something like a magic pendulum or a magic wand, think about a question you might have asked in the dream, and what the answer was. You may already have the answer you need.

The Spell, Ritual, or Charm Didn’t Work

Like any theme, magic has the potential to go very wrong. Maybe you made a big mistake in the dream, causing the magic to go awry, or you did everything right, and it still failed.

This dream can occur when you have a fear of failure, or you feel you’re unworthy of those around you, or you’re scared of what you can’t control.

How you react in this dream is also important, as it is your subconscious’s way of gauging how you will react to potential failure in the near future. 

Maybe you’re worried about the outcome of a decision you have no say in, a project that you’ve done your best on, and now you wait around for the results. 

This dream can also be a warning that you’re trying too hard to control everything possible, and you’re in danger of burnout. This will take longer to recover from, than simply doing what you can without exhausting yourself.

Magical Symbols Appearing in Your Dream

If you dream of runes scrawled over walls, or books filled with magical symbols, this can be a confusing dream to start with. 

Dreaming of magic symbols can be stressful, especially if they are bewildering in your dream, and you cannot find what they mean. In this case, your dream is drawing your attention to your lack of knowledge, or understanding.

You’re missing something important in waking life, and you need to figure out what it is. 

Dreaming of understanding or decoding magical symbols in your dream points to a high level of self-confidence, and suggests that while you will encounter some obstacles in the near future, your experience means they will be relatively easy to deal with.

Dreaming of Visiting an Enchanted Forest

Dreaming of visiting an enchanted forest where you feel nervous reflects uncertainty and confusion in waking life. You’re not sure where you stand right now, or if you’ve made the right decision.

If you dream of walking through a magical forest, and you feel at ease or overjoyed, this implies that you’ll soon begin a journey of spiritual growth or enlightenment, and you find things much easier.

What Does Magic Mean in Dreams?

Magic in dreams strongly relates to how you feel in waking life, whether you think things are going badly, or as perfect as they can possibly be.

Unfortunately, wielding magic in your dreams doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly be able to use it in life, or banish someone you don’t like, but it does refer to your sense of power and ability to control your life.

While the meaning of your dream largely depends on the details and what form the magic took, there is some overarching symbolism worth considering.

A New Journey

For a lot of stories, legends, folklore, and religious texts, something magical or mystical causes a hero to start their journey, whatever that might be.

Magic appearing in your dreams similarly indicates a catalyst to an adventure or new stage in your life, which will appear soon. Your life will change, and this shift will be pivotal, for good or bad.   

Maybe you’ve been feeling trapped or bored, and you’re looking to start something new. This new journey may come about through your own choices, or it may seem entirely random, or something you just happen to stumble upon.

This change may be in terms of a new hobby or career which will add a lot of meaning to your life, or moving to a new place and starting afresh.

If you’re single, you might meet someone who will rearrange all of your priorities just by being in your life. 

If you’re in a relationship in waking life, this connection will become much stronger, and you may even move to a new stage in your relationship. Perhaps your family will get bigger.

The Power of Intention

When it comes to magic, you may or may not know that a big part of its rules in stories, folklore, and believers is that intention is everything. 

This is true of life, too. The choice to do something, the reason behind it, can dictate everything. Though it might not seem as important as the choice itself, the reason is what drives you in the first place.

Dreaming of magic which is influenced by your emotions or choices can indicate that you need to examine your intentions. 

Take a closer look at your choices. Are you making a decision based on your emotions, or logic? Which is better for the situation you’re in?

Would the intention matter, if the choice or act was kind? That’s up to you. 

Dreaming of suddenly gaining magical powers and people turning to you for help implies that you have more power or influence than you think. 

Your subconscious is telling you to be careful how you use these powers, as your actions may reflect back at you. Any consequences may be greater than you think. 

If you wish to exert your control over others, make sure you understand why, first, and whether the potential end goal is worth it. 

Dreaming of dark or evil magic can reflect how you feel life is out to get you right now. The odds feel completely against you, and you’re having what feels like incredibly bad luck. Things will have to balance out eventually.

Dreaming of healing magic draws your attention to your caring and nurturing nature. You want to feel needed, that you can help others. 

Something is Out of Balance

Dreaming of turning to magic for help suggests that something in your life is out of balance, and you’re looking for support. It can mean that you should seek advice from your support network in order to be able to move on.

Usually, in tales, magic is reserved for those situations that cannot be solved by normal means. Take Lord of the Rings, for example. Gandalf never resorts to magic until absolutely necessary, where magic is used against him or those he fights for. 

Within this universe, it suggests that magic has a very careful balance, and though he is an extremely powerful being, he only uses it when there’s no other option.

The same can be said for your dreams. You may think that there’s no way to solve something, and it’s making you feel powerless, so your subconscious mind creates a way for you to be powerful to give you back some semblance of control.

How to Interpret Your Dream of Magic

Think about the nature of the magic itself within your dream. Was the purpose influenced by you, or the magic user? Or was it inherently good, or evil?

Magic appearing in your dream which is not influenced by you or others can represent the outside world and forces you cannot control.  If the magic was good, this implies you’ll have a run of good luck shortly. If not, you may be in for some misfortune.

Think back to who was performing the magic. If it wasn’t you, but a magician who was knowledgeable, and extremely helpful, this can embody a part of you which is wise, trying to show you the way out of a situation, where the solution lies in your subconscious.

If you were the one performing the magic in your dream, this points to your own sense of power and control. 

If you dream of a spirit (see also Dreaming Of Spirits Meaning) performing magic, or you didn’t see the magician, this represents your worries about what others are capable of doing. You’ve learned this lesson in the past, and it’s not one you want a refresher on. 

This dream may also refer to fears of being powerless, or under the influence of someone else.

Consider also your own associations with magic, or those things you cannot explain, as this will undoubtedly inform the meaning of your dream. 

Your own belief in magic, or not, can point to a desire to gain control or power, or wanting to discover something impossible.

What did you feel when you encountered the magic in your dream? This will help decide whether the dream is positive or negative. 


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