Eating Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Over the centuries, we’ve gotten pretty good at refining our diets, and how to get the very best out of any flavor. We’ve invented so many techniques and different technologies to help preserve food for longer, whether that’s as we grow it or after it comes to the plate.

But it’s not often that food creeps into our dreams, which is interesting to look at when we need to eat a few times every day. 

Food appearing in our dreams largely symbolizes health, good fortune, and well-being, those things that you cannot buy, but are priceless regardless.

The Meaning Behind Dreaming of Eating

Measuring Your Vitality

Food can be an indicator as to where you feel you are in life, and how much good or bad luck you think influences your well-being, happiness, and outlook. 

It’s a way of your subconscious mind taking stock of your life, and what you can do to improve it. You may wake from a dream like this feeling energized, or less motivated.

An eating dream may also serve as a way of pinpointing any negativity that’s sapping your energy, and how you might begin to get it out of your life for good.

If you dream of a feast laid out on an elaborate table, full of place settings, this points to being in the best place possible. 

You have everything that fulfills you both emotionally and physically, allowing you to concentrate on what you want out of the future.

If you dream of a nearly-empty table, you can’t focus on anything past your current issues. You feel lacking in one or more areas of your life, and maybe this is something you cannot fix right now. 

It might be out of your control entirely, and you’ll just have to wait for things to improve. 

You Hunger For Something

The concepts of hunger, appetite and food cannot be separated, as one will dictate another. This is the same for dreams, where food can represent what you want most out of life (see also What Do Cakes Mean In Dreams?). 

If you see plenty of food (see also Food Dream Meaning And Interpretation) in your dream, it can represent your many goals, aspirations, and hopes for the future.

Dreaming of being unable to find food while starving in a dream suggests that you are confused. 

You don’t know what you really want. Your subconscious is drawing your attention to this, and calling you to figure it out, as having some concrete goals will help you in the long run.

How to Interpret the Meaning Behind Your Specific Eating Dream


When you have a dream about eating, are you alone, or are surrounded by people within this dream?

The company you keep within this dream can point to different things. Being surrounded by people in a dream of eating indicates that you feel good about where you are in life, and the strength of your support network. 

If you are alone in this dream, this can suggest that you could do with some company in waking life, as you feel lonely. Or, it can point to your independence, sense of confidence, and how you’re not afraid to be seen doing things alone.

The Type of Food

The food you are eating within your dream can also have some symbolism which you should take a look at, as it might influence the meaning behind the whole dream.

Eating fruit, for example, (see also Banana Dream Meaning) indicates that you need to stop worrying. There are good times ahead of you. 

Eating fish (see also 50 Types Of Fish Dreams And What They Mean) points to good luck and success, and eating meat indicates you have a lot of surplus energy that needs somewhere to go. You need to channel it into something positive.

The Symbolism Behind Common Eating Dreams

Dreaming of Food Turning Rotten as You Eat it

This dream indicates that you’re only now realizing how you missed a chance or an opportunity which would have helped you go further than you are now. 

There’s a bitterness to this dream, but it is also a caution to grab a chance with both hands.

Eating Something You Shouldn’t in a Dream

Dreaming of eating an inedible object suggests that you need to practice empathy when it comes to listening to other people’s problems, or you are about to undertake a journey which will teach you a lot about your own resilience and capability.

Starving in a Dream

This dream reflects how you feel things aren’t going your way. You feel the world is against you, and you’re not sure how to shift it back to something that seems less targeted. It will pass.

Dreaming of Being Eaten

Being eaten in a dream is a stressful and odd experience, and the meaning depends on what was eating you. If you dream of being eaten by an animal, this suggests that you are stuck in a rut, and you need to find a way to get free.

If you dream of people eating you, this suggests that you need to be wary of others in the near future.


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