What Does A Banana Mean In Your Dream?

Fruit being the star of the show in your dream is pretty rare, but it can happen. Each type of fruit has a different meaning, so what does it mean when you dream of a banana? 

Fruit in dreams is associated with affection, optimism, joy, and happiness. In particular, bananas symbolize productivity, fertility, passion, and desire.

Let’s take a closer look.

What Does A Banana Mean In A Dream?

Typically, bananas are associated with penises, power, and sexuality, as you might already know. This is often reflected in dreams, especially when a lone banana appears in a dream. 

It typically denotes that you’re enjoying the hell out of a romantic relationship, and it also references your great sexual chemistry with each other.

A single banana might appear in your dream when you feel sexually frustrated, or you’re thinking a lot about your sex life. However, they can also signal that you are trying to get too close to people, or not close enough.

Dreaming of a banana alongside other fruit is a less positive sign. It implies that you feel ignored by your romantic partner, or your relationship no longer fulfills you in the way it did.

It’s also worth looking at the state of the fruit when it appears in your dreams, as this can inform the meaning. For instance, a bright yellow, perfectly ripe banana signifies joy, satisfaction, and optimism.

Green bananas in your dream are no less positive, but they do denote that the time for these enjoyments is not quite ‘ripe’, and they are waiting for you in the future. This might be in terms of a new lifestyle, a new career, or something else that will add more meaning to your life.

Dreaming of rotting bananas implies that you are about to hit several snags in your professional life, and while they will slow you down, you’ll need to keep your productivity up as much as possible. 

Eating bananas in your dream denotes new opportunities in your professional life, especially if you find yourself looking forward to finishing it in your dream. 

Dreaming of eating bananas but not enjoying them reveals that while you’re working as hard as you can, you’re not getting anywhere tangible. 

If you dream of eating a banana and absolutely hate it every minute, but you feel you can’t stop, this draws your focus towards how you hate the effort and difficulty in trying to better yourself or move towards a goal, and you just want a good outcome.

A dream of a banana also draws your attention to the information your senses provide you with. Your subconscious mind urges you to pay attention to what your senses are telling you, as there’s something you need to take on board.

Maybe you don’t give a lot of thought to your physical senses which can actually provide you with a lot of useful signs to take into your decision-making if nothing else. 

If you dream of eating countless bananas and being unable to stop, this means that you prefer not to switch off when it comes to time to relax. You feel you must be on the go all the time, and keep moving forward.

Your dream urges you to relearn how to take some time for yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will not be able to work at your normal level, and you won’t be able to see clearly what’s happening around you.

If you dream of a banana dessert or a banana cake (see also Cake Dream Meaning), this suggests that it’s difficult for you to view something objectively. You may not be seeing things the way they are, and you’re choosing to visualize what you want to happen instead of what is happening.

A dream like this also draws your attention to how you need to remain mindful of the effect you have on other people, and what they might be feeling. 

Dreaming of a misshapen or broken banana implies that you will encounter a tricky situation with someone you love soon.

The Banana Dream Symbol

As a dream symbol, the banana represents joy, specifically happiness that comes from relationships and your sex life, but it may also refer to your professional life, too. 

If you’re familiar with Sigmund Freud’s dream theories, you might imagine that he had a lot to say about dreams of bananas! He theorized that a banana in a dream represents the phallus, and this also refers to any power or authority the men in your life have over you.

A dream where someone gives you a banana denotes sexual attraction, or even rejection, depending on your reaction in the dream! 

Seeing A Bunch Of Bananas In Your Dream

A bunch of bananas is a good omen for the future. It denotes success in your love life, as well as making new connections that have the potential to last a lifetime. 

If you’re single in waking life and your dream of a whole bunch of bananas, this reveals that you will soon discover a new romantic partner, whether that’s someone entirely new, or someone who has been in your life for a while.

You will create a profound connection with this person, and enjoy the hell out of the time you’ll have together. 

Having this dream while you’re in a relationship denotes that your connection is ready to move to the next stage, and you’ll continue to enjoy each other’s company. Tranquility and contentment are about to become a big part of your life.

A bunch of bananas in your dream doesn’t just refer to your love life, however. It may reveal that there are many paths you can take in the future, and if some of the bananas are rotten, this implies that there’s a risk you might choose a path that goes nowhere fast.

Peeling A Banana In A Dream

Dreaming of peeling a banana implies that you are finding someone that has a lot of power or authority. You might also encounter a lot of masculine energies, too. 

Someone in your life may be acting more stoic than usual, or you might be putting on a tough act when that’s the last thing you feel.

If you regularly dream of peeling a banana, this implies that you conceal your true self to an extent behind a mask. You want to be seen as the one who never gets rattled, and you’ve largely succeeded. 

However, dreams like this are also a sign that you can be making this into a bad habit, so people will always assume that you are just fine when you are the opposite. 

It’s worth letting yourself be a little vulnerable from time to time in order to be honest, and it will strengthen your connection with others, too.

Eating A Banana In Your Dream

A dream of eating a banana is usually a good sign. After all, bananas contain many vital nutrients and contain a lot of powerful antioxidants that help keep you healthy.

In dreams, eating a banana signifies how your outlook has changed for the better. You’re viewing things in a more positive light, and you’re recognizing opportunities when they’re coming your way.

There is some folklore that suggests that whoever eats a banana becomes wiser, so if you dream of eating bananas, this signifies that you are about to embark on a journey that will allow you to grow spiritually, and you’ll also gain more knowledge. 

To some people, dreaming of eating a banana is connected to desire and sex. Having a dream about eating a banana reflects your feelings for someone in waking life, which may or may not be returned.

If you find the banana isn’t all that satisfying, or it doesn’t fill you, this suggests that your feelings are not reciprocated. 

A dream like this also relates to your happiness, and how you might make adjustments to be happier in your waking hours. This might be a long road ahead of you, but if you don’t try, you won’t know how much of an impact you can make. 

It may be that you need to be honest with someone about something you’ve been holding inside. Maybe they’ve been a source of trouble, or you should share how you feel, otherwise, you will always wonder.

Watching Someone Eat A Banana In Your Dream

A dream of watching someone eat a banana indicates someone new entering your life, who will soon mean a great deal to you. 

If you dream of a stranger eating a banana, you may find a new romantic partner soon. A dream like this may simply reflect your desires for a romantic relationship, especially if you’ve been single for a while.

Seeing A Rancid Banana In Your Dream

Dreaming of a rancid banana is a bad sign. This matches up if you think about a perfectly ripe banana signaling happiness, it only makes sense that a rotten banana means misfortune or sadness.

Typically, a rotten banana appearing in your dream signifies trouble in your work life. You may be tasked with something extremely difficult, and it will take you a lot of time and effort to untangle it all.

A dream like this is common when there’s a disagreement between you and a colleague or your boss, which is preventing you from being as productive as you normally are. However, if you rise above it, and give your work everything you’ve got, good things are bound to follow.

Green Bananas In Your Dream

Green bananas appearing in your dream imply that you should try to be patient. Maybe things are great right now, or they’re not brilliant and you’re waiting for a sign that things will change.

The good news is that green bananas symbolize a shift in the balance and good things, but you will have to wait for them, as they won’t be immediate.

Some believe that green bananas in your dream mean that you should be more open with others, especially those you don’t know so well, as this will help you going forward. 

You might also receive some help from someone, and their input will be more useful than it seems at first. Seeing many green bananas in your dreams point to an improvement in your relationships, and how luck will soon be on your side.

If you dream of eating green bananas, this reflects how you are impatient for good things to come to you. Some things cannot be rushed, however badly you want them to appear.

Looking At Bananas In Your Dream

If you dream of browsing for bananas without buying any, you’re looking at your options in waking life. You’re considering all the possibilities before deciding on your path, and this should serve you well.

It may also denote that you are hesitant about committing to a relationship, or you don’t feel satisfied with your current partner. 

Dreaming Of Growing Bananas

A dream where you grow bananas is a positive sign, suggesting that you are setting yourself up for success in waking life with all of your hard work.

However, if you dream of seeing bananas growing on a plant without tending to them yourself, this is a bad omen. It suggests that you’re on your way to burnout, and you need to order your life before this happens.

As bananas are connected to desire, this dream may indicate that you will fall in love with the wrong person, or someone you’re ultimately not compatible with, though you are attracted to them. 

You’ll feel exhausted and disappointed, but this dream also reveals future contentment after this relationship is over.

Carrying Bananas In Your Dream

Carrying bananas in your dream suggests that you or someone you know is about to be caught up in an affair. 

Alternatively, this dream reveals how you will receive a surprise gift. 

Dreaming Of Buying Bananas

A dream where you buy bananas is a warning. It implies that you’ll soon come into some trouble in your relationships, so watch what you say and do. 

Buying bananas in a farmer’s market in your dream reveals that you should be careful who you place your trust in, as some people aren’t what they say they are. 

Selling Bananas In Your Dream

Selling bananas in your dream suggests that you’re wrapped up in a business deal that won’t go well. Despite all your hard work, at the end of this path, nothing will come of it.

If your work life is already busy and you have this dream, it denotes time-consuming tasks which you won’t gain any recognition.

Dreaming of selling many green bananas implies that new business opportunities will open themselves to you.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Banana Dreams

Spiritually speaking, banana dreams have a lot to tell us. Banana dreams can reflect the state of things now – if you feel frustrated in your relationship, or how you think things are going very well.

They can also point to great things ahead of you, where change will be a welcome surprise. But this shift in circumstances might be negative, in which case you won’t feel happy for a while, or you’ll feel detached from the people around you and life in general. 

It can also denote problems with your partner, especially in your sex life. This lack of fulfillment is affecting you more than you might think, halting your progress on your spiritual journey, because you can’t concentrate on anything with a clear mind.

Older Interpretations Of Banana Dreams

  • Eating a banana: happy times
  • Many bananas: several possibilities for happiness, wealth, and prosperity
  • Green bananas: future success and contentment, patience
  • Rotten bananas: misfortune, bad luck, and fear
  • Ripe bananas: luck and confidence
  • A banana-based dessert: new beginnings

Final Thoughts

Dreams of bananas are interesting, to say the least, and there’s a lot to unpack. 

The easiest way of finding the meaning behind a dream of bananas is to remember the condition of the banana, as this is the main detail that dictates the meaning. 

Rotten or bruised bananas can imply bad luck or difficult decisions, while perfectly-ripe bananas indicate happiness ahead of you, and changes to come.

As bananas in dreams often reference relationships, pay attention to who was with you in your dream. The meaning also changes depending on whether the people were strangers or those who feature heavily in your waking life.


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