What Does Food Mean In Your Dream?

While eating is part of our everyday routine, food doesn’t often make an appearance in our dreams. But what does it mean to dream of food?

Did you go to bed hungry, or is there something more significant about food in dreams?

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Food?

In a lot of ways, food dictates how healthy we are, determining factors such as how much energy we have, how well we feel, and how healthy we will be in the future, too.

This is also linked to our level of wealth. After all, how much money you have to a degree determines how well you eat. 

So it may not surprise you that in dreams, food reflects how well you are taking care of yourself, how ‘nurtured’ you feel, and how prosperous you feel, too. 

Dreams of food call upon you to acknowledge what you want the most out of life, and how you can achieve this, and gain the greatest satisfaction you can.

As food is also linked to nurturing, it may also denote the quality of your relationships, and how they add to your life.

It’s interesting to remember that while some people enjoy the hell out of food, and to them, it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures, to others it is a ‘waste’ of time, and it’s a necessity that keeps them going. 

In dreams, this relates to what drives you, and what gives you the greatest satisfaction in life. After all, this means something different to everyone.

Consider what food appears in your dreams and if you eat it, how you eat it, as all of these details can determine the meaning of this dream.

Eating more than you need, or bolting down your food refers to how much attention and affection you crave from others. 

A dream like this usually happens when a relationship’s dynamics change, and you’re wondering how this will affect you.

If you often dream of food, this reflects your appetite for something in waking life, but so far, you haven’t managed to realize your goal or meet your need.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Food?

The meaning behind a dream of food depends completely on how it appears in your dream, how much of it you see, and its quality, so let’s consider a few scenarios you might dream of.

Dreaming of seeing lots of perfect food is a very good sign and points to how your goals, desires, and the people you love make you feel very lucky. You’re in a good place in life.

If you dream of rotten food, this points to despair, misfortune, arguments, and bad luck, unfortunately. Perhaps a goal of yours isn’t actually what you want or need. 

If you dream of biting into food that looks good, but it turns out to be sand, or completely rotten, this suggests that a situation isn’t what it promises to be, or you cannot take someone at face value.

If you feel starving in your dream, and you come across food you can eat, this suggests that you have a wealth of support around you in the people you love, and they will drop anything to come and give you a hand should you need it.

Feeling hungry within your dream and seeing food you cannot reach or eat suggests misfortune will find you soon. 

This dream urges you to make sure you are well-rested, and take care of any outstanding problems, so you will be free to deal with any fresh issues that arise, with a clear head.

This will mean that you will be able to solve anything that comes your way much quicker, so you can focus on the things you enjoy in life.

A dream where you see a lavish banquet laid out just for you implies that someone will do you a large favor soon. 

A three-course meal in your dream suggests that you feel out of step with the people around you. You long to belong, but you’re unsure if a group will accept the real you.

Dreaming of shopping for groceries implies an uptick in your prosperity or luck soon. Weighing food implies a future event with others that you will enjoy.

If you dream of a picnic, this refers to future joy, optimism, and enjoying other people’s company.

If you dream of shopping for meat, and you see a butcher, this suggests that you may suffer from a minor sickness soon.

Consider The Type Of Food In Your Dream

It’s also worth looking at the type of food you see in your dream, as each has its meaning. Here are some starting points to consider.

Breakfast Food

Any sort of breakfast food appearing in your dream implies that you need to do some introspection, and work on your reaction to stress and uncomfortable situations. If you do manage to do this, this will serve you well in the future.

Meat And Fish

A dream of general meat but not anything specific can imply that you need to confront an issue you’ve been treating like a secret. 

Beef appearing in your dream represents a situation that you feel very comfortable in, but gravy can suggest that you need to look after your health better.

If you dream of eating any pork, this denotes that you’re likely to run into conflict with someone you love, but you will take control of the situation. Ham in your dreams suggests good luck, and bacon implies that life is about to get more exciting.

Sausages suggest that you will be successful in a current project or goal, and also denotes satisfaction in your home life.

Roasting meat in your dreams implies good luck in your home life and improved relationships.

Dreaming of chicken can refer to the state of your finances, and how it would be a good idea to set some aside.

If you dream of sardines, this points to an awkward situation with someone you love, while oysters point to enjoying the best of life.

Clams suggest that you will need to be careful around people, as someone isn’t telling you the whole story.


If you dream of many vegetables, this can represent something in waking life that you need to vastly improve your life.

Turnips in your dreams suggest your career is about to take an unexpected but welcome turn and to eat turnips is a good sign, provided that they aren’t green.

Eating green turnips points to minor disappointment and setbacks.

Eating potatoes in your dream is a good omen, and points to resilience and good luck.

Carrots can imply minor health issues and stress.

To see mushrooms in your dream implies that you’re in danger of acting on your most selfish impulses and desires, and these will cause you a lot of stress and problems. 

While you are very tempted, try to listen to your intuition and your logic, which are both trying to shut down your temptations.

Cakes And Bakes

To see bread in your dream means that you’re trying to find better and more effective ways to improve the basic elements of your life. You may also be looking for ways to free up your time for things that matter more to you.

A dream of cake can suggest a celebration, but it may also imply that you are dying to have some fun. Things have been too serious lately. A lavish cake (see also Cake Dream Interpretation) filled with cream or chocolate is a very good sign and points to things you’ll enjoy the hell out of in the future.

If you dream of jam, this implies a minor setback in the near future, and you should not get too distracted by it.


Sweets refer to indulgence (see also What Does Ice Cream Mean In Dreams?) and life’s simplest pleasures that can make a big difference. 


A dream of milk implies that you know you need to do better when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Positive Changes Are Coming, If:

  • You enjoy the food in your dream
  • The food is delicious and fresh
  • You eat something healthy
  • You dream of enjoying a meal with someone you love

Final Thoughts

Food isn’t the most common of dream symbols, but there is a lot that it can tell you in your dreams. 

The key to finding out the meaning is to look at the details of your dream, if the food satisfies you, how much of it there is if you are hungry, and the state of the food.

It’s also worth considering any company you keep in this dream, as this relates to how these people affect your life and add ‘wealth’ or value to it, or how they are stressing you out and making things worse than they need to be. 

A dream where you enjoy other people’s company while you are eating is a very good sign and points to how you feel like you belong in your waking life.

If you dream of the opposite, this denotes how you feel left out, or others aren’t considering how you feel.


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