Fish Dream Meaning – 50+ Types and its Interpretation

When you see an animal within your dream, it is rarely a coincidence.

Your subconscious may choose different types of animals in order to send you specific messages, or to provide you with some relief as an outlet for stress caused by waking life.

They may also represent hidden issues, desires, or parts of yourself that you’re not consciously aware of, and dreaming is a way of exploring these parts of you without judgment.

But what does it mean to dream of fish?

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At A Glance: Your Fish Dream

Fish in dreams generally symbolize achieving your desires (see also Dreaming Of Catching Fish Symbolism And Meaning), your journey through life, and success.

Fish are also deeply tied to emotions in dream symbolism, as water reflects your state of mind.

While a fish isn’t a common spirit animal, it’s worth mentioning here. A fish spirit animal embodies excitement, future progress, and the potential for new beginnings.

A fish is regarded as a sign of luck, abundance, and prosperity. It represents productivity, and the ability to create something from nothing.

It also symbolizes the power of the unconscious mind, which is often represented by water.

It draws your attention to the need to look after your wellbeing, and trust in your intuition, reconnecting with repressed emotions or ideas.

Dreams about fish usually indicate good fortune (see also Eating Fish Dream Interpretation) in more than one area of your life. It is a valuable symbol, as to many it represents creation, and food which sustains us (see also Food Dream Meaning).

The image of a fish in a dream reminds you of your own power to manifest what you want in life, as long as you’re willing to go down a long road of hard work in order to get there.

To the Chinese, a fish is a spiritual message, a sign of tranquility, balance, emotional regulation, and a signal that you’ll soon be able to carve out a life that you’ve always dreamed of.

In Japanese culture, a dream of a fish indicates bravery, resilience, your strong will, and the ability to fight back even when everything is against you.

The fish can also manifest as a reflection of your spiritual journey, or your current emotions regarding a situation in waking life.

It can even represent the way you go through life, how you react to problems and how you approach your goals.

If you dream of seeing a dead fish, this may reflect a fear of death, or a lack of faith in your abilities.

Exactly how you might interpret your dream of fish largely depends on your own associations and memories associated with fish, as well as the context in which the fish appeared within your dream.

Your own thoughts and feelings will come to shape the meaning of your fish dream more than anything else, so try to remember as much detail as you can.

Common Symbolism Behind Your Dream Of Fish

Good Luck For The Future

Dreaming of a fish can mean that the near future will smile kindly on you, and you’ll have a run of good luck that you should take advantage of.

If you’ve been thinking about making some big chances, maybe now is the time to do so. 

Any current problems are slowly drawing to an end, making way for personal growth and progress after a time of personal trial and series of annoyances.

Repressed Desires Or Deepest Wishes

Fish in dreams can represent your deepest repressed wishes or desires that live in your subconscious.

You may not be aware of them at all, but this dream is a reflection of deep dissatisfaction and the feeling that something is missing from your life.

Maybe life is far from what you imagined it would be like, or how you hoped.

This dream is telling you to aim closer to your deepest wishes, because if you don’t try, you will always wonder instead.


Dreaming of fish represents the wealth that you already have in life, rather than symbolizing wealth that is to come.

Make sure that you are aware of exactly what you have, and appreciate it while you have it. 

The more that you practice gratitude, you might be surprised at how many more opportunities come your way.


Fish as a symbol is deeply connected to Christianity, but also to ideas of spirituality.

It also points to being in tune with your innermost wisest form of yourself, having a great awareness not only of your surroundings but also of your instincts.

A dream of a fish may be urging you to reconnect to your sense of spirituality, to listen to your instincts, and make sure that they guide you.

Binary Opposition

Dreaming of fish can reveal the duality of life. Things are very rarely just one thing or another, usually they are wrapped up in contradictions and things to consider.

Binary oppositions are forces or ideas that are defined by their opposite, and without their opposite, they would not make sense, for example, light versus dark, good and evil, etc.

Paradoxes and conflicting ideas and values may serve to completely vex us, but they also influence every part of our lives, and how we approach living.

Fish appearing in your dream means that things will not always be wholly good, or wholly bad when you have a run of good luck or misfortune, there is always an element of the opposite.


Some people dream of fish when they are looking to have children, as fish signify pregnancy and conception.

This is also apt when you think that fish are capable of laying hundreds or thousands of eggs at a time.

But fish appearing in dreams can also mean productivity, and how instrumental your own will and hard work will help manifest your long term dreams or life goals. 

A Period Of Transformation

Fish can also represent change, and a shift in circumstances. If you look at water, you’ll notice that it’s always moving, altering, or modifying itself.

You may be about to go through a period of transformation, which could be good or bad.

It will mean that you’ll gain more experience, and you’ll be able to apply that wisdom into different areas of your life.

Remember That Life Always Changes Shape

Similarly, dreaming of fish represents the fluidity of life. You may love change, or you may hate it.

Whatever your feelings, change will come about whether you want it to or not.

Remember that water always takes the shape of the container it is in, so you should never get too attached to any particular outcome.

Don’t try to force change in a certain way, but always be ready to adapt.

This approach will mean that you’ll be better equipped to move toward your goals, and it will also mean less anxiety, too.


Fish can also indicate that you need to ‘cleanse’ part of your life. Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut, or that you always act a certain way or resort to something when times get challenging.

Maybe you’re bored with the way things are, and you wish something would change.

If this is the case, then you need to clean out some old habits from your life, and start afresh.

The best way to do this is to let go of anything that no longer adds meaning or value to your life, and hold onto the things that do.

Remain true to your values and beliefs, and you may find yourself transformed into a better version of you.

New Opportunities

A dream involving fish can imply that there is a bounty of new opportunities or possibilities for a fresh start just waiting ahead of you.

The hard part will be deciding what you should go for. Maybe you’ve had a tough time recently, and your subconscious is reminding you that good things are ahead of you, too.

Keep pushing forward, and make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. Use your determination and resilience to push forward, and achieve your dreams. 

The Different Types Of Fish In Dreams And What They Mean

Dreaming about different types of fish can change the whole meaning of a dream, so it’s worth looking at a few different types in detail.

Goldfish In Your Dream

Dreaming of goldfish can have several meanings, depending on the context and your own associations with them.

In general, goldfish represent reconciling repressed emotions and wishes, as well as achieving deep-rooted goals and lifelong dreams.

The presence of a goldfish in your dream means that you’ll enjoy a long and fulfilled life, which will be packed to the brim with happiness and satisfaction.

If you dream of saving a goldfish, and you are single in waking life, you will soon meet a romantic partner who you will spend your life with.

If you dream of holding a goldfish in your hands, this symbolizes new opportunities and good fortune coming your way.

Dreaming Of Catfish

Catfish in dreams reveal your innermost feelings, which usually encompass your deepest doubts, insecurity and fear. 

A dream of a catfish is telling you not to focus on your insecurities. Don’t fight change. Embrace it, and see what comes next.

By adapting to change, you’ll be able to grow much more effectively, moving towards your goals, and developing a deep sense of spiritual satisfaction.

Salmon Appearing In Your Dream

If you dream about salmon, this fish embodies perseverance, strength of will, obstacles, and productivity. 

Fish In The Sea In Your Dream

If you dream of the sea and fish in general, this symbolizes prosperity and coming wealth.

Expect good news soon, and make sure you take full advantage of opportunities coming your way.

If you’re in the middle of a large issue or series of problems, the fish in your dream represent rumors surrounding you, ideal chatter concerning your goals, and you would do well to tune it out while you work.

If you dream of a very small fish in the sea, alone, this implies that your finances or long-held dreams may be at risk in some way.

Koi Carp In Your Dream

Dreaming of koi fish can have several meanings. If you dream of them swimming in clean water, this is a signal of good fortune.

It means that you’ll enjoy an uptick in one or more of your relationships.

This dream also draws your attention to the vital skill of letting go of your pride, remembering that you don’t have to do absolutely everything by yourself. Don’t let your pride get in the way of your personal progress.

As koi fish can live for hundreds of years, your dream may be telling you that you will have to wait before you can accomplish your dreams.

You may be on a very long journey, which will take you to unexpected places, but the results will be worth it.

The color of the koi fish is also significant. Golden koi carp suggest prosperity and personal growth.

Black koi represent a transitional period in life, and a white koi with red around its mouth means an uptick in your love life.

If you dream of a koi fish with a red head, this means good fortune in business deals, or a promotion may be in store for you.

Dreaming Of Jellyfish

Jellyfish appearing in your dreams symbolizes an underlying aggression or annoyance that you are pretending doesn’t exist (see also Jellyfish Dream Meaning And Interpretation). 

If you dream of being stung by a jellyfish, this indicates that someone close to you has been harboring resentment toward you, and they will eventually let you know how they feel.

If you dream that you are stinging a jellyfish, you may secretly resent someone for their success, or the outward appearance of someone’s life.

Remember that you cannot see everything from appearances, and you may be missing something important.

It can also point to feeling the need to be in control of everything, all the time.

You may have overstepped somewhere, or you’re trying to control things which you shouldn’t concern yourself with.

Starfish Appearing In Your Dream

Seeing a starfish in your dream is a good sign. It shows that you are making progress towards achieving your goals, a greater sense of wisdom, of your own capabilities, and enlightenment.

If you haven’t already seen it, a transformation in your life will soon make itself known, bringing experience and wisdom which you’ll be able to rely on in the near future.

Dreaming Of Clownfish

Dreaming of clownfish suggests that you’re focusing too much on your emotions at the expense of other things that need your attention, especially feelings that you have never reconciled.

If you keep digging them up over and over, you’ll lose sight of what’s important now, and the new opportunities waiting for you in the future.

Or, dreaming of a clownfish represents a new solution or a wish to connect to yourself or someone else better.

Different Color Fish And What They Mean In Dreams

It’s worth knowing that the color of the fish can help shape the meaning behind your dream.

Dreaming of a black fish represents change, betrayal, transformation, loss, or grief.

A golden fish signals personal progress, spiritual or material wealth, success, and prosperity.

A white fish in your dream represents peace in your love life, and fulfilling connections with those you hold dear.

A yellow fish points to happiness, family, and friendships.

A red fish appearing in your dream is usually a warning, or a representation of your current anxieties, distracting you from your goals.

A blue fish is a manifestation of your negative emotions and thoughts, and can signal a downward spiral of depression and a lack of motivation. 

Common Fish Dreams And Symbolism

Catching A Fish In Your Dream

Dreaming of catching a fish represents imminent success in waking life, and the size of the fish corresponds with how big the success will be. A large fish represents a life goal, or something you’ve aspired to for years.

Catching fish in a dream is also synonymous with seizing opportunities and using them to your advantage, but only if you manage to keep hold of it.

Losing A Catch In Your Dream

Dreaming of losing a fish reflects a wasted or lost opportunity which you will blame yourself for.

This dream is telling you there is nothing that you can do about it now, so cut your losses and move on.

Dropping A Fish In Your Dream

Perhaps surprisingly, this one doesn’t have a similar meaning to the one above. It’s not about missed opportunities, but more about your feelings.

Specifically, negative emotions which you are still holding on to. You may be about to let your anxiety or doubt get the better of you, and this will halt your progress moving forward.

Take some time to reestablish your sense of power, and enjoy yourself for a while.

Return refreshed and renewed, and you’ll find things become that much easier.

Fish Hooks Appearing In Your Dream

Fish hooks in dreams are a negative sign., or

They may also suggest that your social life or life-work balance is out of control, and you need to sort this out before it gets worse.

Holding A Fishing Rod In Your Dream

Dreaming of a fishing rod suggests that you have all the tools you need to overcome your problems, and sort out any issues in waking life, as well as those lurking in your subconscious.

You are in the best place possible to clear your head and heart of long-standing problems, and this will help you move forward spiritually and emotionally, while also giving you some wisdom.

Fish In Clear Water

Dreaming of fish swimming in clear water indicates that your perspective is great right now, and you can see any obstacles forming from a way off, allowing you to solve them before they become real problems.

This dream also points to a new position at work, changing responsibilities, or a new sense of authority.

Dreaming Of Rotting Fish

Dreaming of rotten or rotting fish is unfortunately a bad sign. It indicates that there will soon be a breakdown in one or more of your relationships.

Perhaps you’ve outgrown a connection, but you’re clinging onto it because of nostalgia, or because it has defined you for a good chunk of your life. 

This dream can also suggest that someone does not have your best interests at heart.

Fish Bones In Your Dream

Dreaming of fish bones imply that you haven’t learned all you can from your previous mistakes, and how is the time to do so, before you end up repeating them.

Seeing A Fisherman

Seeing a fisherman in your dream denotes the need to relax and take things easy for a while.

You need to take your well being seriously, and remember that life is short, so enjoy it.

Dreaming Of A Fish Market

A fish market is a positive dream symbol. It suggests that new opportunities will soon unfold, and you’ll enjoy a lot of good luck in the near future, allowing you to grow.

Going Fishing In Your Dream

Dreaming of going fishing is a great sign for the future, and it’s one of the most positive fish-related dreams you can have.

It indicates that you’ll enjoy more wealth and prosperity, and any dreams that you’ve kept hidden will finally be able to be realized.

A Fish Biting You In Your Dream

Dreaming of a fish biting you suggests immediate problems in your future. You are about to run into some obstacles, if you haven’t already.

Most likely, these problems will crop up in your social or home life, though they may also affect your finances and your health, too.

An Empty Pond In Your Dream

If you see a pond without any fish in your dream, this indicates that someone is planning to move against you somewhere in waking life.

This is a call to be careful of who you trust, and make a contingency, or several, in order to safeguard yourself and those you love. 

Dangerous Fish In Your Dream

If you dream of a shark, another sea predator, or a fish that means you harm, this is a manifestation of current worries, insecurities, or obstacles that you need to face.

You may also feel dragged down by negativity, and it’s worth examining any negative influences in your life, and doing what you can to minimize or get rid of them completely. 

Killing Fish In Your Dream

Dreaming of killing fish points to victory, success, overcoming problems, and proving people wrong who doubted you, or people who didn’t want you to succeed in the first place.

It also means that you’ll achieve a new level of personal growth or spirituality, as well as enjoying the benefits of your hard work.

Seeing Many Dead Fish

Conversely, this dream has an entirely different meaning, and it’s unfortunately negative.

If you see a lot of dead fish in your dream, this suggests betrayal, anxiety, feeling as though you’ve lost your purpose or all sense of hope.

A relationship breakdown may be in your future, or you’ll feel completely misunderstood, even when you’re being honest.

Buying Fish In Your Dream

Dreaming of buying fish suggests that your ambition is taking over.

Your view of what is enough and what sustains you has become distorted, and you’re starting to be greedy, or you’re obsessing over something which will not serve you.

Seeing A Fish Out Of Water

Dreaming of a fish out of water denotes loneliness, and an uncomfortable situation that you find yourself in the middle of.

You feel alone, or unable to reach out to those you care about.

This dream is drawing your attention to the importance of upholding your relationships and keeping your support system strong.

Visiting An Aquarium In Your Dream

Dreaming of an aquarium (see also Aquarium Dream Symbolism) embodies your long-forgotten or unrealized dreams.

You may be looking back on these instead of looking forward, or your dream is telling you that it’s not too late to go after these things, if you still want them.

Flying Fish In Your Dream

Dreaming of flying fish implies that you’re about to overcome all of your problems, where you will then feel free to enjoy a period of tranquility and peace, and reap the efforts of your hard work.

Dreaming Of Many Colorful Fish

Dreaming of many colorful fish is a great sign. This sight points to a new beginning, realizing a long term goal, or a renewed level of optimism or hope which will carry you far in life.

It’s also a nudge to move away from your comfort zone, or take a chance on something unexpected. 

You may also have a latent talent that you’re unaware of, and a new journey will help you uncover it.

Cleaning A Fish In Your Dreams

Seeing yourself cleaning fish in a dream represents progress in waking life, and moving forward towards achieving your goals.

This dream is also telling you to let go of old habits which don’t serve you any longer, or those which are detrimental to your health.

Keep an open mind to new beginnings, fresh starts, and unexpected possibilities. You might find that they turn out better than what you had in mind in the first place. 

Fish Talking To You In Your Dream

If you dream of a fish talking to you, you should take this as a signal to strengthen your relationships, practice being more open, but in a tactful way.

You may also need to improve on how you communicate with others, which will help set you up for future opportunities.

Fish Swimming In Murky Water

Fish swimming in dirty or murky water represents current worries or health fears which you should confront.

Alternatively, the water can also suggest a clouded state of mind, or a position that means you won’t make the best decisions possible.

You need to clear your head, and be very clear about what you want to achieve out of life. Once you know exactly what that might be, your path ahead will be a little easier.

Fish Leaping Out Of The Water

A fish leaping out of water in your dream denotes unexpected transitions or a period of change in your life.

How you react to these changes will determine whether they are good or bad for the future, and whether change will rattle you, or if you’ll meet it head on.

Someone Transforms Into A Fish

If you see someone turn into a fish in your dream, this indicates positive change in your waking life, which you will get a lot of satisfaction out of. 

Dreaming Of Fish When Expecting A Baby

Dreaming of a fish when you’re expecting a baby points to the symbolic and literal change ahead, which will shape your life forever. 

This dream also represents how fulfilling you will find this journey, which will put things in an entirely new perspective.

A School Of Fish

Dreaming of a school of fish represents the wealth of knowledge and wisdom you have at your disposal. It also points to a period of growth, a new journey, or a renewed sense of purpose.

Eating Fish In Your Dream

Eating fish can have mixed signals. Enjoying a large fish represents great success or victory, as well as financial gain and profits.

Eating a small fish suggests that you don’t want to do the hard work that will get you where you want to be.

You want to be able to achieve your dreams through a shortcut.

It can also indicate that minor inconveniences are getting in the way of your happiness or sense of fulfillment.

If you dream of a fish eating you, you should be careful who you count among your friends, and be cautious that you don’t give away your power to someone else.

A Fish Tank In Your Dream

Dreaming of a fish tank implies that you have a wealth of creativity that you’re not taking advantage of. You just need to utilize it in your waking life.

Take advantage of your creative solutions, and try applying them to situations that you wouldn’t normally, and see what happens.

Fish Eggs In Your Dream

Dreaming of fish eggs denotes a new path in life, where a chapter of your life is coming to an end, and a new one is unfolding before you.

This may also suggest that your family is about to expand in some way, such as someone (or yourself) getting married, getting a pet, or having a child.

Seeing Dead Fish In Your Dream

Dreaming of a single dead fish suggests that you need to take care of your body. Ensure you get enough rest and exercise, and this will help to see you through troubling times.

If you see piles of dead fish, this implies the end of a relationship, whether that’s in your love life, a friendship, or working relationship.

Cooking A Fish In Your Dream

Dreaming of cooking fish isn’t a positive sign. It indicates that you’re about to face more than a few worries, and stress will be your constant companion for a while.

How you react to this stress will determine exactly what this will mean for you.

If you manage to keep your cool and overcome these issues, you’ll come out the other side wiser, with a wealth of new experience to draw from.

Dreaming Of Fried Fish

Fried fish in your dream reflects a calm and rational mindset, which will help you overcome obstacles and make the best decisions available to you.

In dreams, fried fish symbolize strength of will, and determination.

Seeing A Large Fish In Your Dream

A very large fish appearing in your dream denotes that something will soon come along to test your perseverance or determination in some way.

You will have to prove that you can handle this situation rationally, and new doors will open for you.

Remember that self-discipline can be your greatest tool in moving forward, especially during times of emotional turmoil.

Stay connected to your emotions, but don’t let them rule you.

Dreaming Of Swimming Fish

Dreaming of fish swimming around reflects happiness or tranquility in your love life, or something which will give you a profound sense of meaning or purpose in your life. 

The Spiritual Meaning Of Fish Dreams

Spiritually speaking, dreaming of fish points to wealth, abundance, good luck, being in tune with your emotions, and joy. 

It also means that you’ll achieve a greater understanding of yourself, your limits, and what you are capable of.

This dream could also point to a hidden talent, or skill that you’ve been neglecting.

Fish can also signify a myriad of other spiritual meanings, including:

  • Financial growth, resolving money worries, and an increased income
  • The importance of generosity and kindness, and how it will come back to you in time.
  • Being flexible to new ideas and changing situations, while keeping true to yourself
  • Achieving a greater emotional understanding so that neither your heart nor your head rules you
  • Understanding your higher self, and reaching a new level of spiritual awareness
  • Your well of creativity, which you haven’t taken full advantage of yet
  • New wisdom, inspiration, and sources of ideas and solutions
  • Gaining a better balance over all aspects of your life

The Cultural Interpretations Of Fish Dreams

Across many cultures, dreaming of fish is believed to be a very good sign for the future, where they represent knowledge, abundance, and intelligence.

Native Americans believe that the fish represents knowledge, and long life.

In China, fish dreams symbolize a happy married life, which is full of joy, devotion, and brings predictions of having a family, too.

In Japan, a koi fish dream is said to symbolize bravery, your inner strength, power, and freedom to choose your own path.

In Greece, dreaming of fish is considered a very good sign, where the fish represent the dreamer’s ability to ‘swim’ through problems as if they were nothing, and it’s a nod to the dreamer’s strength of character.

In Buddhism, dreaming of fish means that you’re well on a spiritual journey where you are learning to put away the past in order to move forward in your life. 

To some, the fish in dreams represent the eightfold principles of Lord Buddha.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Fish Dreams

In the Bible, fish are a common theme, and dreams which feature them usually suggest a run of good luck, a period of abundance, and good fortune.

Fish symbolize faith and loyalty to that faith, especially when times get tricky. Fish stand for sustenance, survival, and the strength of will you’ll need in difficult times to sustain you.

As they are creatures of water, they also embody your deepest emotions.

If you manage to confront and deal with them, you’ll go through a period of emotional healing. You’ll then be free to fully move on.

The sacred Ichthys symbol, resembling a fish, is a prominent symbol of Christian faith.

It symbolizes prosperity, manifestation, and wealth. This sign was also employed by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, as a symbol that would ward off evil.

How To Find The Meaning Behind Your Dream Of Fish

Dreams are very personal, and they are tailored to the dreamer, so each one contains a different meaning.

There are some things that you can do in order to find the meaning behind your particular dream of fish, which include asking yourself some questions to gain a better insight into your dream.

Try to remember as much detail about the dream as possible.

To help with this, you could keep a dream journal by your bedside (see also Tips On Interpreting Your Dreams), in order to remember as much as you can. The best time to do this is when you just wake up, if time allows.

  • How did you feel when you saw the fish?
  • Was there more than one? How did they interact with each other?
  • What colors or species were they?
  • What were they swimming in? A pool? The sea? A fish tank? A fountain?
  • Was the water clear, or cloudy or dirty?
  • Was it water at all? Or something else?
  • Did they swim well, or were they struggling?
  • What were the fish doing?
  • How did the dream end?
  • How did you feel when you woke up?

Fish Dream Meaning: A Summary

Fish in dreams stand for prosperity, moving forward in life, and productivity.

They are a mirror of how far you’ve come, and what you want to achieve in the future.

  • Catching a fish: making progress through life, success
  • Losing a catch: missing opportunities, or failure
  • A colorful fish: New beginnings, joy, and opportunity
  • A dead fish: anxiety, exhaustion, need a new direction
  • Killing a fish: solving issues
  • Seeing live fish: abundance and success
  • Seeing rotten fish: relationship breakdown, arguments
  • A black fish: bad luck, grief, misfortune
  • Eating a fish: you will be your own success
  • Buying a fish: greed is getting the better of you

Final Thoughts

Fish dreams are usually a sign of good luck coming your way, and any current worries will soon be made irrelevant, allowing you to go after your dreams. 

Fish in your dreams also represent coming success, either in your professional or personal life, usually in a long-held dream or lifelong goal.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to pursue a certain career path, this dream can be telling you to cast aside your fears, doubts, and insecurities, and try for it.

Worst case scenario will be that you’ll fail in some way and blame yourself for a while. The knowledge you’ll also gain from the experience will be valuable enough that it will be worth doing anyway.

Dreaming of fish can also point to a new spiritual journey, awakening, or a fresh purpose in life which will renew your motivation, and provide you with a fresh perspective going forward.


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