What Does It Mean To Dream Of Money?

When you dream about money, this can be an amazing experience that puts a spring in your step or something that completely ruins your mood for the rest of the day, depending on what happened during your dream.

Money dreams are very powerful – our emotions during the dream can tell us that for sure, but what does it mean to dream of money? Is it a sign that you’re about to become rich? Maybe it means you’ll get poorer?

The good (or bad) news is that money in dreams refers to control, power, and the relationship between what you want and how you go about making your dreams your reality.

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming About Money?

Dreams of money are usually very positive signs, but what causes you to dream of it in the first place? 

Most dreams of money are connected to your well being, and links to the concepts of self-growth, power, control, confidence, and self-image. 

If you dream of being rich, this mirrors how powerful your thoughts are in manifesting your reality. For example, if you believe that you are more capable than you think – that’s the attitude you’ll take, and this will serve you much better than believing you cannot do something. 

While this does affect your material wealth to an extent, it’s not the main theme behind dreaming of money. More likely, money in dreams is connected to your spiritual wealth, and how this can transform your life. 

Dreaming of money mirrors your waking life anxieties, where you might feel you’ll struggle to cope with what’s going on, or how you think you have a great handle on things now, but you’re waiting for something to happen and disturb this. 

What Does Money Mean In A Dream?

In waking life, money is in many of our thoughts, encompassing our ambitions, desires, and fears. 

How much you have, and how hard you work to get it can influence all aspects of your life, including your self-image, self-confidence, health, and lifestyle. So when it appears in your dreams, it has something important to tell you. 

A dream of money is common when you find it (or the lack of it) dictating every choice you make. Or, money worries within a dream can serve as an outlet for similarly deep anxieties which influence every decision you make.

Dreams of money are very common, but there are many ways they can manifest in your dreams, and the context does have something to tell you. 

Usually, money finds its place in our dreams when we need to look at our drive and motivation to manifest our desires. The more wealth you dream of, the more opportunities you believe are at your disposal in waking life. 

Remember that dreams are all about perception, especially that of the subconscious mind, so the money in your dream doesn’t usually pinpoint your wealth to come, or the money you have now. 

Instead, it denotes how capable you feel when it comes to the challenges of waking life, and how well you think things are going, as well as your hopes for the future.

Dreaming of a specific currency suggests that it’s time to ease back on the pedal of life. You’re trying to work too hard too fast. 

If you dream of someone giving you money with no expectations attached, this implies that you greatly value materialistic things, and this is tied to your overall happiness. 

You may be overly worrying about how you can accumulate more money, and this is distracting you from the things that could make you much happier for longer.

Dreaming of holding money in your hand is a way of searching for reassurance. You want to know that any decisions you make now will guarantee that you’ll make progress towards your wildest dreams. 

Your dream urges you to take stock of where you are, as this scenario comes from a deep-seated doubt lurking in your unconscious mind. Unless you find a way to release it, it will hold you back more than you might imagine. 

On some level, you are aware of this niggling worry, and this is the cause behind your dream, making you feel more unsettled. 

Dreaming of seeing your bank balance with many more digits than it does in waking life is a great sign. You’re about to enjoy a series of fantastic events in waking life, which will also set you up for something great in the future.

Buying items with your card instead of physical cash suggests that you need to trust your creative instincts more. The answer lies in an unconventional solution that you’re not convinced will work.

Lending money in a dream while expecting the person to pay interest implies that you’re about to be sorely disappointed by something. Unfortunately, this relates to your physical wealth, too, so be careful what you spend.

However, a dream like this can also reveal the need to take another look at your connections with other people. You might not be giving them everything they require from you emotionally or otherwise. 

If you dream of lending money to someone, but you don’t mind if they don’t pay you back, it is a great sign. It suggests that you’re about to enjoy an uptick in the money coming into your bank account. 

Dreaming Of Counterfeit Cash

Finding out that the money you have in a dream is fake suggests that someone is lying to you in some aspect of your waking life. This might even be yourself, if you feel you cannot confront the truth of a situation.

Usually, counterfeit money in a dream refers to problems in your professional life, where a goal will not turn out the way you want even though the projections are good, and your hard work won’t make much of a difference.

If you know that the money in your dream is fake as soon as you see it, this is a sign that change is around the corner, and you’re in the best position to handle it right now. 

Someone giving you fake cash, and you only know it’s fake when you go to pay for something is a bad sign. It implies deception, confusion, and a lack of direction or trust in waking life. You will trust the wrong person, instead of placing it in someone you can rely on.

Burning Money In A Dream

Burning money in your dream indicates that you’re taking an opportunity or part of your life for granted, and not appreciating it fully means that your potential is going to waste.

You’re not making the most of your life, and things will only get worse unless you take stock of how good things actually are for you right now. You may miss out on something that is made for you because you don’t see the opportunity in time.

Shredding Money In A Dream

A dream where you shred money implies that you’re disorganized with money. You don’t know where any of your money is going, and this is about to bite you. 

Try to clean up your financial health, and make sure that you only spend what you can afford, trying to set some aside for things you can enjoy later.

On a more positive note, shredding money in a dream can be a good thing. It implies that you’re letting go of anything in your life that you don’t need, replacing it with something that adds a lot of meaning to your life.

It may also indicate that you’re about to go through a spiritual transformation, where you’ll shed bad habits, negative relationships, and anything else holding you back. If you’re waiting for an excuse to do so, this is it.

Dreaming Of Stealing Money

Stealing money in a dream has several meanings. To find out which is the most relevant, consider the emotions that you felt during the dream.

If you were worried about being caught in this dream, and you bolted, this reflects the worries you have about your future. You don’t think you’ll reach your dreams with the way things stand now. 

If you got a rush of adrenaline in your dream, and you felt in control, this implies that you need to be more assertive in your waking life. If someone is trying to strong-arm you into doing something that goes against your moral code, make sure they cannot succeed. 

Feeling righteous after stealing money in a dream mirrors emotional hurt or betrayal that someone has caused you. You’re still reeling from the shock, and you’re wondering if you can ever trust them – or anyone else – again.

Dreaming of being caught when you steal money is your subconscious drawing your attention to your past actions, and the regret you still feel. Isn’t it time you reconcile yourself with your mistakes?

Alternatively, a dream that involves stealing money implies that you need to change something in waking life, or great change is coming for you whether you like it or not.

If you dream of being forced to steal money, this implies that you need to remove yourself from circumstances that are causing you a lot of stress and worry. Some things just aren’t worth it. 

Dreaming of finding something you greatly value being stolen from you suggests that while it isn’t clear now, you’ll find the right way through, especially if you get your possessions back in your dream.

To some, a dream of stealing money refers to the chances you get in life, and how they may not appear in the way you expect or hope, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come at all. 

If you watch someone steal money, this has some interesting interpretations, depending on who was stealing. If it was a stranger, this implies that you need to gain more self-confidence or experience before you can go after what you want and be successful.

If you dream of your parents stealing money, this suggests that you haven’t yet learned a lesson that waking life is trying to teach you. It may imply that you need to take yourself out of a difficult situation and try something less frustrating.

Watching your partner steal money implies that you don’t fully trust them, or you don’t quite understand them. Your connection with them is a source of doubt and worry, and your subconscious wants you to do something about it.

Dreaming that your sister steals money reveals a difficult conflict in an important relationship. Someone you love may not listen to your advice, and it will cost them. 

Your brother stealing money in a dream suggests that you need to be extremely careful with your money, and who you give it to. 

When it comes to money, don’t always expect people to fulfill their promises about paying it back. 

Being Robbed In A Dream

What a nightmare. A dream where you are robbed is not a prediction of losing your valuables in real life. Instead, the dream suggests there is some financial risk ahead of you.

Maybe you’ve made some difficult choices which won’t lead anywhere you want to go, and you know that money will be tight for a while. It could be that you’ll lose your job. 

You might find that your current career path – which makes you some money – isn’t actually what you want, and you’ll trade it in for something that makes less but gives you satisfaction.

If you encounter a dream like this, it’s worth doing a financial health-check to see where you stand. Maybe it’s worth canceling some things that you no longer use or appreciate, and set that money aside for something more worthwhile, or for emergencies. 

Alternatively, being robbed in a dream implies that you feel vulnerable or exposed in waking life. Something has come along to test your self-confidence and question your ability to adapt, and it’s halting your progress. 

The dream reflects the uncertainty you feel, and the damage to your confidence that a real robbery would cause you. After a dream like this, try to focus on the positives you’ve achieved.

Eating Money In A Dream

One of the more negative dream meanings involving money is when you dream of eating money. It suggests there is an overwhelming amount of negativity in your life right now, and you don’t feel you have the power to change this, or anything else.

This is starting to eat into your self-belief, creeping into every decision you make, where you second-guess yourself and anyone giving you advice. 

The good news is that a dream of eating money suggests that there is change in store for you, and this can only be a good thing. 

However, you need to do some of the work yourself in order to make this a reality. You need to work on changing your outlook, and tune out the negativity that’s causing you such stress and anxiety. 

Giving Money To Someone In Your Dream

A dream where you pay someone reflects the current difficulties you’re worried about. Your dream is warning you to keep a level head, and make sure that your doubts don’t affect your actions to the point where you can’t get anything done. 

While your doubt may be the loudest part of your mind right now, try to find a way to silence it so that you can move on. Giving money to someone in a dream is usually a good sign, but not if you’re paying for something.

Settling a bill reveals that you’ve taken the wrong approach in life right now, and it won’t lead you to where you want to be. Dreaming of many bills suggests that something is stopping you from making progress, and you need to figure out what this is. 

Paying a stranger in your dream implies that a great challenge is in your future. How you react to it will determine the outcome, so keep a positive attitude. 

Giving money to someone in your family draws your attention to your connection with them. You’re not giving them enough – whether that’s attention, effort, or consideration.

Winning A Cash Prize In A Dream

Dreaming of winning a cash prize on a game show or competition reflects a chance you’ve taken in waking life, one you feel confident about. Carry this good feeling with you, as you don’t know where it might lead you.

This might be in terms of a new romantic relationship, where you feel like the luckiest person alive. The person you’ve chosen has also chosen you, and you feel you are made for each other.

Maybe a risk in your waking hours has paid off much better than you would have dared to dream, and you’re happier than you could have imagined. You might as well have won the lottery (see also Winning The Lottery Dream Meaning) – things are great!

You might be tempted to take even chancier risks, because you’ve had a run of such good luck, and you want to see where it leads you. Keep in mind that this dream does not predict a good outcome in this scenario. Instead, it reflects your hopes.

If you aren’t generally a risk-taker, winning money in a dream refers to how your caution is paying off. You know exactly what your skills are, and you trust yourself to make the right decision by not leaving things up to chance.

Alternatively, winning a cash prize in your dream reflects waking life where you feel the universe is on your side right now. Things are going great, and you’re making the most of it while you can.

If you believe in the law of attraction, it is time to capitalize on your positivity, and use it to make further progress in your life. 

Being Rich In A Dream

Ah, what a lovely dream for some. Many dreams of being rich simply reflect waking life aspirations of not having to worry about money, and to be able to get what you want without a fight.

Maybe you’ve been reconsidering what you want out of life and the future in general. You dream of things being easier than they are now, and your subconscious urges you to bridge a gap between what you want, and how you might get there. 

Dreams of being rich also denote your spiritual wealth, and the confidence you have in your abilities. You know your worth, and have no inflated opinions of yourself. You get things done.

Saving Money In Your Dream

A dream of saving money is one of the best money-related dreams you can have. It implies that as long as you continue on your current path, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get what you want out of life.

Some people believe that the act of saving money in a dream – especially if you feel nervous in the dream – is a wake-up call. You need to watch what you spend and where you are spending it, as things are about to get tighter than you are used to. 

An older dream interpretation of saving money is that you’re being too ‘tight’ on other people. You’re not extending them the same allowances you give yourself, and your loved ones need a little breathing room from your expectations. 

Mostly, dreams about saving money are about reassurance and how you should work on improving your self-image, as this will help you greatly in the near future. 

Losing Money In Your Dream

Dreaming of losing money refers to your worries about finishing something important. You fear you may not get it done in time, or the outcome won’t be what you want. 

If you dream of losing your purse or wallet, this is connected to your sense of self and what you feel your purpose is. Something is challenging these things in waking life, or you feel you’ve lost them completely. 

In which case, you’re due for a period of transformation where you will find new reasons or motivations for life.

Being Chased By Bill Collectors In A Dream

Dreaming of desperately trying to avoid debt collectors has two different interpretations. The first is that you’re worried about money, and you will keep having dreams like this until the situation changes. Understandably, this dream can make you more nervous, making the problem worse.

Or, if you don’t have any debt in waking life, this dream is drawing your attention to how you feel stressed in waking life. You feel ‘chased’ by something else, and while the cause is different to the one in your dream, the emotions remain the same.

Consider that money in a dream also represents how you value yourself. If you feel you owe someone a debt, or someone keeps taking your generosity for granted, it’s no wonder you had a dream like this!

It denotes your frustration at not being able to do what you want, having to sort out other people’s problems instead, and you want to find the best way of telling them that you need some time to yourself. 

Dreaming of being in debt implies that there are so many elements of life that you’ve left unfinished that this is a source of anxiety distracting you from everything important. 

Some things you haven’t begun at all, and they keep piling up on a to-do list that never seems to get any smaller.

A nightmare where debt keeps piling up suggests that you’ve hurt someone, or they’ve hurt you, and the refusal of forgiveness is sapping your attention and motivation.

Having No Money In A Dream

Dreaming of having no money relates to a low level of self-confidence, belief, or how you make time for other people but never yourself. If you neglect yourself, it’s only you that will suffer.

Don’t forget to take some time to figure out what you want from life, recharge where you need it. Go after your dreams with everything you have. Why shouldn’t you? 

Alternatively, dreaming of having no money indicates that you cannot change a situation, no matter how hard you try or what strings you pull, it’s just not possible. 

It’s important that you accept the impossibility of altering it yourself, and turn your attention to the things you can actually change. 

Or, it reflects how you are trying to change yourself for the better, but you’re impatient, and you’re not seeing any results so far. This dream is one of frustration, especially if you try to convince people to give you money, and you get nowhere. 

Having no money and borrowing from someone you love indicates that things will be a lot more enjoyable soon.

Dreaming of being so desperate for money that you steal it reveals how your spiritual energies are plummeting, and you feel blocked and frustrated. Nothing seems to be going your way, but it won’t feel like this forever. 

Before you know it, these troubling situations will be behind you, and you’ll be able to make tangible progress once more.

Dreaming Of Finding Money

Many dream scenarios involve finding money. For detailed interpretations of dreams of finding money and what your dream is trying to tell you, you can check out our dedicated article on it here: Finding Money In A Dream

Someone Giving You Money In A Dream

A dream where someone gives you money is usually very positive. Consider who gave you money. If it was a stranger, fate or the universe has something fantastic in store for you. 

If the person giving you money is someone you love, this denotes the trust you share. If you feel awkward in your dream, this reflects how you feel you aren’t being considered in a relationship or situation that affects you.

If you dream of someone giving you a huge amount of money, this is a very positive dream. It means that you’ll get a lot of recognition from others, and your reputation will increase. 

Consider also what type of money you were given. Someone handing you a check for a lot of money implies that all the groundwork you’ve done in the past is about to pay off big time. 

Someone giving you the keys to a vault suggests self-discovery and enjoyment in the future, where you will feel content with your abilities and who you are as a person. 

Counting Money In Your Dream

Dreaming of counting money reveals that you have a lot of creative potential, but so far you haven’t made use of it. Is it time to bounce your ideas off other people, and see where things go?

Alternatively, dreaming of counting money suggests that there are many possibilities ahead of you, and each will take you down a different path. Take your time when it comes to choosing your options, as your choice may have a ripple effect.

Counting money that you own in waking life – perhaps in a real place you keep money – denotes great success and victory soon. You’ll enjoy the benefits of this, which will be an uptick in your finances. 

Dreaming of counting money that you don’t own reflects waking life, where you’re wondering if a chance you’ve taken is the right one. This dream indicates that you won’t find a better one for a while.

If you dream of working at a bank, and you count money, this is a good sign for the future. You’ll enjoy a string of positive events that will leave you feeling energized.

Banknotes Or Paper Money Dream Meaning

This is a good dream to have. Unlike most dreams, dreaming of banknotes does actually reference material wealth. It reveals that you’ll come into some money soon which will allow you greater freedom to choose what you want to do.

If you dream of counting paper money, something unexpected is around the corner. Paper dollars in your dream warns you to be careful what you do with your money.

Consider also the currency the banknotes were in. British pound notes, for example, warn you to find out where your money is going. Australian dollars can imply that a long lost friend will get back in touch with you. 

Paper money in your dream represents your thirst for life and everything it could offer you. You know that the positives that life can give you greatly outweigh the negatives. 

Stacking paper money in a dream refers to your longing for a new experience that will shape your lifestyle into something else, such as a new romance or conquering a great fear that’s been holding you back so far. 

Seeing banknotes in your dream implies that you should explore what you really want out of life, as anything is possible if you put your mind to it. A wealth of banknotes in your dream refers to victory and success. 

A Dream Of Coins

Coins appearing in your dream is usually a good omen, however, it can be a wake-up call to check on your finances, and appreciate the luck that you have. 

Dreaming of coins can also represent how you feel about your finances. If you dream of many coins and feel relieved, you are glad for what you have, and you feel you can get by. 

If you dream of a few coins, this may indicate good luck, or it can reflect waking life where you are worried about your money, depending on how you feel in your dream.

Silver Coins In Your Dream

Silver objects in dreams are interpreted as signs of good luck. When it comes to silver coins appearing in your dream, luck is on your side, so ‘spend’ it wisely and go after something you really want.

Silver coins appearing in your dream is a challenge to push yourself further. Maybe you think that if you reach for a goal and achieve it, you feel you might get worse luck in a different area of life.

A dream where someone gives you silver coins suggests that you need to consider the advice of others, and take their feelings into account, especially if your decisions affect them.

Gold Coins In Your Dream

Gold coins in a dream reveal a victory in waking life, one which can’t come soon enough. If you dream of a pirate’s chest full of gold coins, this suggests that one of your childhood ambitions is in reach, if you still want it.

Dreaming Of Dollars

Dollars in your dream mean that although you’ve had some tough times lately, you haven’t doubted yourself, and things will soon turn around for the better. But this is not the only interpretation.

Some people believe that a dream of dollars refers to your financial standing in waking life, and if you see only one dollar bills, this reflects how money is tight, or your careful attitude towards money.

Dreaming of many hundred dollar bills suggests that there’s an opportunity in the near future to better your finances. You just need to recognize it when it comes. 

Seeing Damaged Money In A Dream

Scratched coins in a dream refers to misfortune that you might have seen coming.

Torn banknotes denote that there are some unpleasant surprises headed your way, but they can also signify your anxiety about getting something right. You’ll need to work very hard to make something happen.

Counting Nickels In Your Dream

A dream where you count nickels implies that you feel frustrated with how things are going in waking life. While you might be trying your hardest to move forward, you don’t see much improvement.

If you keep losing count in your dream, this denotes your anger, and how you are comparing your lot to other people’s lives, and how they don’t seem to match up in any way. 

The Dream Psychology Perspective On Dreams Of Money

Both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud had a lot to say about dreams of money. They both theorized that many dreams involving money signified how much you value yourself and your skills, present and future success, and your progress in life.

Sigmund Freud believed that money dreams referenced power, sexuality, and how well you can influence those around you.

Just as money in waking life can cause us a lot of grief, worrying money dreams signify troubling times, upheaval, and difficulties ahead of you. 

It may imply that a decision you’re trying to make in waking life will dictate your financial future, or how you feel cut off from the consequences of not meeting your responsibilities though they are getting worse.

If you dream of someone stealing all of your money, fraud, or other crimes motivated by wealth, this suggests that you need to take a look at where your life is headed, and how you need a plan to move forward with.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Dreams Of Money

Dreams about money have a surprisingly spiritual side to their interpretations. This might seem odd, considering that your dream focuses on money, which isn’t exactly considered a spiritual theme.

But the exact spiritual message depends on the events within your dream. It’s all tied into your self-confidence, assurance, and how you approach your problems and goals.

Seeing a lot of money in a dream points to a renewed motivation, a better sense of purpose, and progress along your spiritual path. You feel you are getting somewhere amazing in your journey through life, and you can’t wait to see what is next for you.

If you dream of having no money, or money is a problem in the events of your dream, this denotes that something is blocking you from progressing along your spiritual path. 

You feel frustrated, your temper seems to be getting shorter with each minute, and nothing you try seems to be going right. We all have these frustrating periods, and often they have a lot to tell us. 

These dreams can reveal that your approach to life just isn’t working with what’s going on. Maybe it’s not a suitable outlook to have, or you have some naive expectations that just aren’t realistic.

It could be that the answer is right in front of you, but you’ve dismissed it completely. Take a look at the options you’ve put down, the possible routes you could take, and perhaps try something completely different. 

A dream like this often urges you to think creatively, and trust in your own abilities. You can handle what life throws at you, as long as you think you can.

Final Thoughts

Dreams involving money have many interpretations, and there are numerous scenarios to sift through, too. 

Keep in mind that these interpretations are just that: interpretations. There’s no right or wrong answer to what your dream means to you. So make sure you look at every aspect of your dream, and this will help you find its meaning.

It could be that you’ve been thinking a lot about money lately, in which case your dream reflects how you think you’re doing with money. Otherwise, money is usually connected to how you feel life is treating you, and how well you can cope with its problems and events. 

It may be worth keeping a dream journal to lock in the details of your dream before they have a chance to fade or distort. This way you’ll be able to come back to your dream at a later date, and you might find things are a little clearer.

The more you try to interpret your dreams, the easier it will become. As every dreamer is unique, so is the dream. 

It’s worth pointing out that your subconscious mind will use a different set of symbols and associations than someone else. 

There’s no concrete ‘standard’ or set number of interpretations when it comes to dream interpretations, so use these scenarios as a guide to find your way through to your own dream message.


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