What Does It Mean When You Dream About Finding Money?

Think of the last time you had a bad dream. It affected the way you woke up, whether that was slowly and grudgingly, or feeling like you’ve run a marathon in your bed. The dream hang-over is real, it stems from good and bad dreams, and affects the rest of your day accordingly.  

The reverse is also true. If you’ve had a bad day, your subconscious mind can often give you a good dream to take some of that stress off, resetting your mind for the next day. Dreams of finding money rarely refer to monetary wealth, despite the emphasis on it in our everyday life. In a dream, money represents what you hold dear in your life, what you have an abundance of, and what you lack. It can also appear as a warning of things to come or new changes that will make themselves known.

The way the money appears in your dream is also significant. Wallets and purses always have windows for photos, to make them ours, a symbol of us and who we hold dear. In your dream, if you find money in a wallet or a purse, this is an indication of changes in your personal life. The money inside is a state of wealth, be it health, money, or spiritual, symbolizing an increase of these in the future.

What does it Mean When You Dream About Finding Paper Money or Gold Bars?

Picture someone in a sharp, tailored suit. Nice shoes, a watch bigger than a plate, their words as keen as their look. What comes to mind when you think about them? What’s their secret? In society, we closely link money with the ability to solve the majority of life’s problems.  Power, control, self-confidence in abundance. If you’re dreaming of finding money in notes or gold bars (give or take a few Mini Coopers), this is promising for the immediate future. What you have right now in self-worth, contentment and prosperity will grow soon.

What does it Mean to Find Coins in a Dream?

This is a nice one. Finding coins in your dream points to receiving something great that you weren’t expecting. It might have been on your radar as something you’d like, but you believed it wasn’t possible to have it. You might not have been searching for it at all. While this is a really nice sign, pull your focus away from what might be, and concentrate on the present as it is. This dream meaning is a promise, not a guarantee. If you can focus on your life currently, you’ll be able to appreciate what you have right now, instead of what might not be. If you find a cache of coins in your dream, this represents happiness, and your future decisions being the right ones. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Finding Foreign Money or Unknown Currency?

Ah, success at work. Dreaming of finding foreign money or coins and notes that you don’t recognize symbolizes an improvement in your professional life or productivity, which can only be a positive thing. Your professional relationships will bloom. On the other hand, dreaming of foreign or unknown money can mean you feel overlooked by those in your life, or they don’t recognize the effort you’ve been putting in lately.

If you’re dreaming of old money that’s no longer in circulation or hasn’t been for hundreds of years, you’re longing for the past or something you can’t obtain without outside help.

What does it Mean to Dream of Picking Money up from the Ground?

The ground or the earth featuring in your dream suggests that you need to be more grounded. Focus on your life and what’s happening in the present moment, rather than the future or past mishaps. Picking money off the ground in your dream reveals that a solution will come from introspection, going back to basics, or remembering how your choices affect other people. If you find yourself catching the money in a gust of wind, people are going to turn to you for advice, and having grounded yourself will help to work out what they need from you.

What does it Mean to Find then Lose Money in Your Dream?

Stress can make us tired, unsteady in our decision-making, and it can upheave everything. Finding and then losing money in your dream represents an imbalance. As finding money in a dream is a positive sign, losing money is a negative one. This may not be a future indicator, instead, it could be a reflection of your current state. Have you lost anything you thought you wouldn’t because they’re too important and you need them? Car keys? House keys? Locked yourself out of your place? This is that feeling. Re-examine the connection with the people you know, and make sure there’s a balance between you both making an effort. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Finding Money in Dirt?

A dream where you find money in mud, dirt, or soil is different from a dream where you find money on the floor or the ground. It suggests you’re losing track of the important things in your life. You might be doing really in several aspects, in your job or a personal goal, while neglecting other areas in your life to excel. Finding money in dirt or soil is an indicator that you need to find a new balance. This can also mean you’re having arguments with someone close to you, or there’s a problem with authority in your life.

What does it mean to Find Stolen Money?

Dreaming of finding stolen money means you’ve got a tricky decision bothering your waking hours. This uncertainty has crept into your dreams. You know there’s the potential to make a morally wrong decision here, and weighing up your options of reporting stolen dream money or keeping it mirrors confrontation or ignoring the real dilemma at play.

It can also signify risks that you’re taking to improve your life, or interacting with people who hurt your outlook. It can signify feeling bold, a feeling you might need to apply (lawfully) to your life. 

If you find yourself actively stealing money in a dream, this indicates you may be suffering from a lack of energy, whether that’s a will to create, a drive to try something new, or the belief that things will work out. You may need to take a breath and step back here, something’s been weighing you down, and holding the problem for so long will tire you out instead of finding a solution. Dreaming of stealing money also means that you’re anxious and stressed, or perhaps impatient for a situation to work itself out. 

Reflect on your five-finger dream discount. Did you feel justified or did it feel wrong? Who were you stealing money from? If it’s someone you know, it can represent any negative feelings they’ve caused you recently, if they’ve belittled you or taken credit for something you did. If you were stealing from a stranger, this is a sign of frustration. You’re frustrated at yourself, perhaps you haven’t done as well as you thought you could, or made the wrong decision that impacted someone else or your future. This dream is a message to let go of those things and press on.

What does it Mean to Dream of Picking Money from the Ground?

Dreaming of plucking money from the ground or pavement is a sign that you’re feeling positive about the way things will go for you. You’ve worked hard and it’s sure to pay off, even if there are things out of your control. Additionally, it can be reflective of your future goals, and you’re just waiting for the opportunity to move toward them. This can be a sign you’re making the right decision at the right time. Picking money from the ground in your dream can also be a warning not to place too much value on what you think might make you happy, as opposed to what actually makes you happy. If you feel luck isn’t on your side this time, try changing your approach. Dreams of the earth, or based on ground level tend to be a desire to ground yourself and get back to what’s important to you.

What does it Mean to Spend Money in the Dream?

If you find yourself spending money in a dream, you’ve got a lot of optimism for the future. Things are going your way, and this dream can help you realize the steps you need to take to make it happen. On a more depressing note, this dream can symbolize your fiscal problems, overhanging debt, or worry about meeting the rent. This dream is an opportunity to stop wasting time, effort, and money on things you don’t need. 

What does it Mean to See People Exchange Money?

Watching people in your dream exchanging money symbolizes frustration. Are you watching the way other people interact and feeling like you’re missing something? Are you jealous of someone’s success? Maybe you’re feeling lonely, and that others don’t seem to have time for you. This dream is an outlet of negative emotion, and a way of processing it, not a sign of bad things. Focus on the effort you’ve been putting into your life recently, and the positive things your hard work will bring you.

What does it Mean to Lend Money to Someone?

If you’re lending money to someone in your dream, you are worried about someone in your life. It might be that you’re considering how best to help them, or stop them from making a decision that would harm someone else. Your reaction to this is integral to its meaning: did you mind giving them the money? Did you suspect it would cause more problems than it would fix? Are you anxious about this person? It is also one of the rare dreams about money that focus on money itself and not what it might stand for. Are your finances niggling at you? Are you trying a new endeavor and unsure of its success? With any problem, clarity comes from taking a break. 

What does it Mean to Give Money Away in A Dream?

If you’re giving dream money away instead of lending it out, the meaning can change depending on who you gave it to. If you gave the money to someone familiar, someone in your life, it can be a desire to connect with them. Perhaps neither of you has had time recently, or you’ve mostly lost contact with them and seek to change that. Maybe it’s someone you don’t know very well, and you’d like to know them on a more personal level. 

Giving money to a stranger in a dream suggests that a stressful situation is finally past you, and while it’s ended, you’re still feeling the effects. It can also symbolize it’s time to re-evaluate – you’re focusing too much time helping other people and not spending any time improving your own life. In effect, you’re giving your own power to other people in a negative way, and you need to set some concrete boundaries to prevent this. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help others, but if it has a detrimental effect on you, take a step back and figure out a different way you can help.

What does it Mean to Dream of Winning Money?

The Dream, right? Who doesn’t want this? Hold off on buying that lottery ticket just yet. It goes without saying that winning money in a dream is a really nice dream. It doesn’t mean you’ll win the lottery, unfortunately (see also Winning The Lottery Dream Interpretation). This dream reflects a nice place that you’re currently living in your life, you feel you have a lot of luck, you feel content, and there’s little pressure on you right now. Things are going great, and you don’t expect your luck to run out soon. Winning the lottery in your dream brings recognition to your waking life successes, foretell a windfall or a new chance at something. What a great place to be! Maybe you should go out and buy that ticket after all. 

What does it Mean to Count Money in a Dream?

Are you wanting something new in your life? Could you do with a new journey or a fresh start? Counting dream money suggests you’re wondering where you stand in life, and you’re comparing your lot to other people’s. Measuring self-worth can be a good way of taking stock, but if it becomes too much of a focus then you will only find it stressful. If you feel you’re in a good place, a dream where you’re counting money means you’ll have a lot of counting to do! Likewise, if you don’t have a lot to count or if you keep miscounting and have to start again, something vital is missing from your life. Perhaps you’re in a negative situation or a vicious circle that needs pulling apart.

What’s the Biblical Meaning of Receiving Money in a Dream?

While the Bible offers a myriad of interpretations on wealth, the money given to you in a dream essentially points to your new personal growth. You’ve learned something from your recent experiences, and the wisdom you’ve gained on the way will guide you in the right direction for your future goals. To dream of receiving money doesn’t symbolize wealth itself. It’s recognition of how far you’ve come, and how far you’ll go. If this becomes a recurring dream, then your cup is full, and you could do with sharing what you have with those who need it most, which will benefit you in the long term.

What’s the Islamic Interpretation of Receiving Money in a Dream?

In Islamic interpretation, receiving money in a dream usually has negative connotations, depending on who you accepted it from. If this money is from someone you know, or a familiar place, it symbolizes a prolonged worry. However, if the person or place is no longer around, if it’s someone who has died, or if the place no longer exists, it’s a symbol of forgiveness. There might have been great pain on the path ahead, but you’ll be spared some of it.

If the person you’re receiving money from is someone in a position of power, like a king, or priest, this person – or who this person represents – will cause you some anguish, or be the source of a great dilemma. 

If you’re seeing money in someone else’s hand, you have many problems ahead of you. If you don’t accept the money that’s offered, this dream suggests that your pride will ruin a chance of forgiveness or reconnecting with someone.

If you swallow a coin, this is similar to the dream of giving money away – you’re giving too much of yourself to others, self-sabotaging your own life in the process. This is a sign to re-think how you can help others without hurting yourself.


Finding money in a dream represents what’s important to you. Think of a dream where you’re finding money as a set of scales, indicating the value you put on the things or people in your life. It may be that you’re placing too much or too little value on something. A dream of finding wealth is a progress review of sorts, making you aware of your current situation, feelings, and relationships. It’s there to guide you in making positive changes in your life, as well as releasing the tap on any negative emotions you may be carrying with you in your waking life.


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