What Do Zombies Mean In A Dream?

Zombies mean something different to different people. For some, they might be fun, killing them in games, and laughing at the countless low-budget horror movies in the genre.

For others, they are the ultimate nightmare. The dead come back to harass the living – but without their body or mind restored. Perhaps even worse is their all-consuming need to eat the living. 

These monsters are not beings you can reason with. They have one desire, and the risk of being eaten is an interesting concept in a dream. 

But what does it mean to dream of zombies? Is it just a sign that you’re playing too many games, or watching too many zombie movies? Or is there something deeper at work here?

Let’s find out.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Zombies?

Thanks to their popularity in different media, zombies often appear in our dreams. This is only natural when video games, comics, and movies use zombies as a regular source of conflict and drama. 

So it is possible that the zombies in your dreams just reflect what you’ve been watching, reading, or playing in waking life, especially if you like zombies to begin with. 

However, there are some other things to consider, too.

Zombies often occur in dreams when you’re about to go through something significant in waking life. You may be about to have an epiphany, where you’ll move further along your spiritual path, enter a new period of transformation, or have a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

To some people, dreams of zombies serve as outlets for anxiety and frustration and also point the way to why you’re not making progress in waking life. If you dream of zombies often, you may be feeling trapped in a situation in your waking hours.

As death often symbolizes change, the undead appearing in your dream can symbolize changes that are making you stressed, or how you feel you’re losing control of a situation in waking life. 

It can also denote positive changes when you are at the end of your patience or capacity for stress and problems.

In dreams, zombies can reference your creativity, too. This is because they appear in so many different mediums, and they refer to how your creative side is helping to drive your life and fill it with meaning. 

If you dream of making a zombie movie and it is successful, this denotes victory somewhere in waking life. Specifically, in any long-term goals or projects you have on the go. 

What Does A Zombie Apocalypse Mean In A Dream?

Usually, when we dream of zombies, we are thrown into a dream scenario where the world as we know it, has ended. 

Living in a zombie apocalypse in your dream is not as bad as it may seem, as it denotes a fresh beginning in your life. 

This may cause you a lot of uncertainty and doubt – much like living through an apocalypse would – but your dream foretells better opportunities.

Your life won’t be the same as you know it now, but it means that things will improve. It might not happen straight away, but you’ll recognize the change when it comes. 

But perhaps things aren’t as dramatic as that. Dreaming of an apocalypse does refer to change, however, and you will need to be ready when it comes. 

Try not to let change worry you into indecision, and turn this shift in your circumstances to your advantage.

Zombies Attacking In Your Dream

Dreams of zombies attacking you reveal how you feel attacked in waking life. Is someone taking advantage of you? Is waking life completely beyond your control right now? 

This is often why a dream like this occurs, and reflects your anxiety and anger. Consider what followed after the zombies attacked you.

If you fight back in your dream, this is a very positive omen for the future, foretelling how well you will adapt to shifting circumstances. 

Running away at the first glimpse of a zombie suggests that your emotions are controlling your actions more than they should. Is it time to look at your recent choices, and make some adjustments?

Maybe you’ve dismissed a great opportunity the first chance you got, instead of thinking it through. It could be that you’re busy enough right now, but these kinds of chances don’t come along so readily that you should instantly discard it. 

If you dream of saving a stranger from a zombie, this suggests that your perception is clear, and you’re about to come into a fantastic opportunity that you should take full advantage of. 

Rescuing someone you love from a zombie refers to a desire to get even closer to them. You desperately want to deepen your connection.

The action of defending them against the undead is a testament to your relationship with them, and exactly how much you trust them to have your back. It also represents good luck, too.

Dreaming Of Being Surrounded By Zombies

A dream where you’re surrounded by zombies implies that you don’t feel you have enough breathing room in waking life. Your problems are piling up, and despite your best efforts, they don’t seem to be getting any smaller.

This dream is very common when your responsibilities are clamoring for your attention, as well as everything else life can throw at you. 

If this doesn’t sound right to you, unfortunately the stressful time is in the future, and you will need to take a break from everything at some point just to recharge. 

Being Eaten By Zombies In A Dream

Oh no! What a stressful dream. If you dream of being eaten by zombies, it can denote the amount of pressure you are under. You thought you had left a problem behind entirely in the past, but it turns out that it has come back with a vengeance. 

This dream reflects your anxiety, and your despair. However, this dream is not all bad. As death in a dream symbolizes change, you’re in for a shift in your circumstances, which can only really be good at this point. 

A dream like this may imply that you need to spend more time with your loved ones, and make sure none of your relationships are deteriorating. It might be that you will need their help soon. 

Turning Into A Zombie In Your Dream

A dream where you turn into a zombie mirrors the trials of your waking life, where you feel worrying situations are draining the life out of you. 

If this is a recurring dream, your subconscious is telling you that you’re on your way to burning out completely. You need to find a way to stop pushing yourself so hard. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to stop your progress completely, but you do need to slow down a considerable amount to stop from completely stalling in life.

A dream like this may also denote how you are unable or unwilling to adapt to a situation, or be honest with someone or even yourself.

This particular dream scenario can also imply that you’re scared you might turn into someone you’ll no longer like or recognize. You think events might force you to adapt in a way that loses part of you.

If you dream of someone you love turning into a zombie and all you can do is watch, this suggests a problem in your relationship with them. Maybe your connection is changing, and you’re not sure if this is a good thing or not. 

If their zombie self instantly decays into a corpse, this reveals that you need to work on salvaging your relationship before it deteriorates completely.

Your loved one turning into a zombie and then attacking you in a dream can point to trust issues or regret. It may also denote future problems in your relationship with them. 

Consider whether you survived this encounter, which will give you some idea of how you really feel when it comes to your relationship with them. 

Running Or Hiding From Zombies In A Dream

Dreaming of being chased by zombies is one of the most common zombie-themed dream scenarios. It reflects waking life where you feel cornered by something. Your waking life is full of worry and doubt.

It also refers to your innermost boundaries, and those things you would never consider doing. Maybe you are forced to question these because of a situation in waking life. 

Dreaming that you are caught by a zombie usually refers to your worst fears and how they might be realized in waking life. It can also reveal any anxieties you have regarding your existence, and emotional connections with others.

Hiding from zombies implies that your thoughts are swimming with negativity. You don’t believe that the good things you’re dreaming about will happen to you, or that you don’t deserve success.

It can also signal that you want a different way of life, but you’re not sure how to begin, or the refusal to face something means that you can’t. Your dream urges you to stop hiding from your fear, and find a way past it instead. 

Dreaming of taking refuge in an abandoned house away from zombies implies that your core beliefs are about to change, and you’ll find a new perspective on life. 

Frightening zombie dreams, such as running away from the undead, implies that you’re worried about sad events you cannot predict. 

Things have been bad for you before, and you can’t let go of what happened, and you can’t stop thinking that things will get that bad again. 

Shooting Zombies In A Dream

Dreaming of shooting zombies is a good sign, as long as you don’t miss. It implies that any projects you have on the go are about to be a success, and you’ll also enjoy some success and great productivity in the near future.

However, if you shoot at zombies and don’t manage to kill any, this reflects how you’re trying your best to get somewhere in waking life but you’re not quite managing to reach your goals. It may be worth trying a different way of doing things.

Killing Zombies In A Dream

Dreaming of killing zombies points to a significant transition in waking life, as does most dreams of killing and death.

However, this dream also has an undercurrent of anxiety, especially if you are forced to defend yourself from the zombies, rather than hunting them to begin with. 

Killing the zombies without too much of a struggle indicates that while you’re under a lot of pressure right now, you’re still managing to keep everything going. 

The zombies in your dream reflect the stress you are under, but this is still a positive dream, as you’re ‘killing’ the source of the stress, which reflects your success in waking life. 

Things will soon calm down, allowing you to get a little more breathing room. 

Dreaming Of A Virus That Creates Zombies

Ah, that age-old tale where zombies are created from a virus or illness. A dream where infected people turn into zombies implies that one or more aspects of your life feel threatened.

Maybe you’re witnessing someone else’s misfortune, such as being made redundant, and you are worried this will happen to you and what it would mean. Perhaps you’re worried for them.

This vulnerability might even come from yourself. Perhaps you’re questioning your whole lifestyle, and part of you is disconcerted. You are afraid of change because if you do transform your life, you’re worried it will turn out worse than before.

A Nightmare Where The World Is Overrun With Zombies

Dreaming of more zombies than you can count means you’re on the way to burnout. Life is full of stress, misery, and doubts, and you don’t feel you have a minute to put together. 

It’s surprising how stress can affect the body quite deeply. We often think of how stress can cloud the mind, but not anything else. It can alter the effectiveness of your immune system, make your gut less efficient, cloud your mind, and make you more susceptible to illness.

However, it’s also worth pointing out that stress affects different people to varying degrees, and some extent, if you believe stress is detrimental to your health, it will affect you more.

Sometimes nightmares are a way of processing some of this stress, helping to alleviate the pressure even just a little. It might not feel like it, but it’s a way your subconscious can help you reduce the negativity. 

Dreaming that the world is completely overrun by zombies can also mirror a loss of power or control in waking life. You feel you have no say in current events, and you’re just trying to pick up the pieces as best you can.

If you imagine a world where zombies have taken over – this dream meaning makes sense, as you’d have about as much say in it as you feel you do in waking life right now. 

A dream where you look out of your window and see zombies taking over suggests that things are getting too much for you, and you’re starting to doubt your own abilities. 

If you dream that humanity is completely wiped out because of zombies, this refers to a dramatic transformation in waking life. 

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Zombie Dreams

While it might not seem it at first glance, zombie dreams have a lot of spiritual symbolism. As so many of these dreams refer to being chased or running away from death, they refer to spiritual change, transformation, and escape. 

 It’s worth noting that zombies in dreams are also a reflection of what’s holding you back from changing your life positively. You feel overwhelmed, and life’s challenges are getting the better of you.

Maybe you feel you don’t have enough time to devote to your personal goals, and your responsibilities are taking up all of your energy and spare moments.

If you’ve started a lot of projects but you haven’t managed to finish any, a dream of a zombie is fairly common. You want to change. The motivation is there, but something is still stopping you from making that happen. 

The zombie denotes your frustration, but also the decay of the belief you can change your own life. You’re starting to question your abilities.

A Zombie Dream Summary

  • A lone zombie in your dream: renewed creativity and purpose
  • Dreaming of a zombie apocalypse: a new chapter in life
  • A zombie virus takes over the world: fresh opportunities for transformation
  • Chased by zombies in a dream: overcome by stress
  • Turning into a zombie in your dream: your emotions getting the better of you
  • Defending your home against zombies: new beginnings
  • Fighting off zombies: miscommunication
  • Attacking a group of zombies: overwhelming worries in life
  • Behead a zombie: your relationships will suffer
  • Someone you know is bitten by a zombie: work harder to understand this person
  • Killing yourself before you can turn into a zombie: bad luck, misfortune

Final Thoughts

Zombie dreams are usually nightmares, reflecting stress, anxiety, indecision, and any pressure you might be under from waking life’s problems.

But they do have some positive meanings, too. Zombie dreams point to significant change, transformation, and spiritual growth. 

One good thing about nightmares is that they can be incredibly vivid, which helps preserve some of the smaller details in your dreams. 

These details are your roadmap to what your subconscious is trying to tell you, and if you can keep a dream journal, you can always come back to what your dream means later on.

Consider your emotional reactions to the events of your dream, as these and your actions are your biggest clues.


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