Dreams Of Being Chased – Chase Dream Meaning

The dream scenario of being chased is one of the most common by far, no matter what it is you are running from in your dream. But exactly why do we have dreams of being chased, or chasing someone or something?

A better question might be what are you running from in waking life? Anything that chases you in a dream, whether that’s a madman, a monster, law enforcement, or something else gives your brain a reason to act out on a specific fear that’s an undercurrent in your waking hours.

If you are chasing something in your dream, this may refer to going after things in life that you don’t need, even if you desperately want them. Your dream may signal that it won’t end well.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Is Being Chased In A Dream A Bad Sign?

Many dream symbols are a mixture of positive and negative associations, and this is also true of dreams involving chasing or being chased. 

Within this particular dream, it depends on the emotions that surfaced. If you had a nightmare of being chased, as you might imagine this is a negative dream. It can reflect money worries, a fear of uncertainty or instability, arguments, and falling short of achieving your dreams.

But even these nightmares have a purpose. They often serve as a safe way for you to confront what you’re afraid of without any actual risk. 

It allows you to better understand what scares you, and how you might face them in waking life. Sometimes these dreams can be incredibly helpful, allowing you to explore possibilities you might not even be aware of in waking life.

They can also be your subconscious’s way of checking on how you’re doing, and if a choice you’ve settled on in waking life is the right decision. Maybe you’re under pressure to make sure something is absolutely perfect, such as a project in your work life, or even a personal goal.

Your dream may urge you to adjust your course or expectations, or it could also reflect your success, if you manage to escape a pursuer, or you catch whatever you are chasing in your dream. 

Dreams of chasing can also signal when something isn’t right in waking life. Perhaps a change of pace in your waking hours has thrown something off balance, or you haven’t made the right decision somewhere along the way, and you’re about to see a ripple effect. 

Being Chased By Danger In Your Dream

A dream of being absolutely terrified when you’re running away from danger is a horrible experience. The worse the dream, the more helpful it is to try and find the meaning behind it. 

Dreaming of something frightening chasing you suggests that you are concerned about how life is going to unfold before you. You’re worried the future won’t be good to you, or those you love. 

This interpretation is especially true if you dream of running away from something you can’t physically fight back against, such as darkness, monsters, or something else you would never want to see in waking life. 

Chased By A Man In Your Dream

No less terrifying is a dream where you are chased by a man. The fear of this man pursuing you can also follow you into waking life, where you might feel jumpy and suspicious of people you don’t know! 

One of the biggest things to consider after a dream like this is who the man is. Is your dream pursuer someone you know in waking life? Or a stranger?

Dreaming of a man you know chasing you can denote problems with this person, arguments and conflicts. 

It may also denote trust issues, or perhaps your subconscious picked this particular person because of the traits they embody. Maybe you need to adopt some of them in waking life in order to move forward.

If you dream of a strange man chasing you (see also Man Dream Meaning), this represents an underlying insecurity or vulnerability that you always carry with you. It may also suggest that someone in your life is trying to influence you on a spiritual or subliminal level.

While you’re not consciously aware of this manipulation, your subconscious mind has picked up on these tiny signals, relaying them back to you within your dream.

Chased By A Woman In Your Dream

Dreaming of being chased by a woman has two main interpretations. The first is that your life is nearly being wholly taken over by a single person or aspect in life, and you’re worried about where your own actions will lead you.

You may question your whole relationship with this person, and how they have come to shape your life so deeply. Or, perhaps you can’t imagine life without them now.

The second dream interpretation of being chased by a woman is that you are deeply worried about being rejected by someone. Even a small snub or shutdown leads to an injured sense of pride, and this will get you into trouble if you are not careful.

Being Chased After An Argument

Dreaming of being chased after having an argument with someone denotes not knowing where you stand with people. 

Normally, this is an anxiety dream, where you feel uncomfortable in a social situation. Perhaps you can’t figure someone out in particular, and you are always guessing at their motives or what they might want from you.

Or, it could be a little more sinister. Perhaps someone is trying to bully, influence, or persuade you into doing something that goes against your morals. This dream urges you to make sure you don’t betray yourself, and stick to your guns.

Dreaming Of Being Stalked

A dream where you are stalked by someone is your subconscious trying to get your attention. There is something in waking life that you’re trying to ignore, but you know that the more time you spend denying it, the worse this thing will get.

One of the biggest things to consider in a dream like this is who is stalking you. If it is a stranger, this problem is something of your own making, or you fear uncertainty and tend to stay away from unfamiliar events or people.

If you dream of being stalked by someone you know, this may denote trust issues, difficult behavior, or how their actions are suffocating you in some way. 

A dream like this may also suggest that while a problem has surfaced, and you’re aware of it, you’re not ready to face it just yet. 

While you might have some breathing room, this dream urges you to confront your fears, and clear away your problems before they become unmanageable.

Dreaming Of Being Chased By A Madman Or Killer

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is one of the most common chasing dreams you can experience. It most often manifests when there is a power imbalance within your life, or you are concentrating on only your worries and potential problems in life, instead of the good things.

The madman’s state of mind reflects the panic you feel in your life, and how things may even get worse.

If you often have dreams like this, it’s worth finding a healthy outlet or consider where you might tip the scales back into balance in your waking hours. 

Dreaming of being chased by a killer represents the upheaval in your life. Change has come calling, rudely interrupting your progress or figuratively flipping the table of your life, and everything is chaos. 

This dream represents the uncertainty and the loss of security you feel, and how you might not have gone to someone for help when you needed it the most, or you’re unwilling to admit how difficult it is to cope sometimes.

Being Chased And Murdered In A Dream

What a nightmare. A dream of being chased and murdered suggests that change is coming for you, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. 

But this might not be a bad thing – perhaps something difficult is about to end, and what replaces it will be less stressful, or it will mean you will enjoy life more. 

Alternatively, it suggests that you are trying to move past a difficult situation that is past, but the feelings still remain. You are still trying to unpack the emotions that this event caused.

A dream like this can also mean that you’re about to undergo a complete transformation in waking life. Your lifestyle, outlook, or something else is about to change dramatically. 

Another option for the meaning behind this dream is that you are frustrated with how an aspect of your life is going. This dream is a way of releasing that pent-up anger or negativity, and giving it an outlet.

Hiding While You’re Being Chased In A Dream

This is an interesting one. If you dream of hiding while someone or something is chasing you, this implies that everything is in your control. You are free to shape your life how you want to, but for some reason, you are preventing yourself from doing so.

You are scared of admitting what you want, or you are subconsciously denying yourself for another reason entirely.

After a dream like this, it’s worth asking yourself why you might be doing this. Is it because a situation requires you to keep focused on anything but what you want? Or is it something else entirely? 

Perhaps you feel you don’t want things to change, as it’s safer for them to stay the same. Change will still find you, and when it does, why not let it be on your own terms? 

A Dead Person Chasing You In A Dream

A dead person chasing you in a dream refers to a long-held dream or goal which you have not reached. The window to do so is closing rapidly, or it already has, and this denotes your regret and loss.

It may also denote a fear of death, change, or losing something that you’ve worked incredibly hard for, and it might mean nothing in the end.

Being Chased By Law Enforcement

Dreaming of being chased by the police (see also Police Dream Interpretation And Meaning) or other forms of law enforcement implies that you are trying to outrun your daily worries or issues. 

If you struggle to evade the police in your dream, this can suggest that you have trouble accepting other people’s opinions or orders. You feel that your way is the only way. 

You refuse to believe that they are right, or you don’t trust someone as much as you trust your own instincts in a certain situation, and this may lead you right or wrong.

If you dream of committing a crime and then run from the police, this can imply that you’re trying to escape the clutches of an authority figure or their influence in waking life.

Alternatively, a dream that features the police can be a projection of the self-disciplined side of your psyche, the authoritative and controlling aspects of your personality. 

If you come into conflict with the police in your dream, this can suggest that there is an internal conflict between wanting instant gratification and knowing what the best thing you should do is completely different.

A police car chasing you can suggest guilt or regret, or not being able to move forward in life because you feel you don’t deserve good things. 

Police chasing you on foot in your dream implies upcoming arguments, usually someone who you are close with. If you don’t watch your words with care, this relationship may be rendered unsalvageable. 

This dream can also suggest that a cluster of problems will be caused by someone else in your life, rather than through bad luck or your own choices. You may also find that a single person tries to control the decisions you are making, when these should really only be yours to make.

Perhaps they are doing it out of a misguided sense of kindness or protectiveness, but this is a source of frustration that nearly nothing can match. Is it time you had a word with this person?

Chased By The Government

A dream where you are chased by government officials or agents draws your attention to a concrete authority figure or group in your life, usually one that you admire or listen to.

However, the act of chasing you in a dream points to someone overusing their power or control, to the point where you feel suffocated, or you don’t have any room to use your own power to change your life how you see fit. 

You may have very different ideas as to how your life should go, and this is a source of conflict and frustration. 

Alternatively, being chased by the government in your dream refers to external factors which are affecting your sense of stability in life, well being, or confidence. These elements of waking life are currently out of your control, causing you a lot of stress and anxiety. 

Chased By Soldiers

Being chased by soldiers in your dream refers to discord in terms of conflict, power, and authority. 

It could be that you’re focusing on the wrong thing with everything you have, ignoring the present situation and thinking about what you want from the future. 

Your dream is warning you that you may not have the future you want without focusing on something that needs your attention now. Pay attention to the present, to the people around you, and any issues you might be kicking down the road.

The Detailed Meaning Behind Being Chased Or Chasing Someone In A Dream

There are many things to consider when trying to find the meaning of a chasing dream, including many scenarios you may encounter. 

For example, if you dream that someone is chasing you, and you have an argument with this person, this suggests that the experiences that molded you when you were a child are heavily affecting your decisions now. Perhaps you’re facing a similar situation.

Being Chased By Someone You Know

An unsettling thought. Dreaming of being chased by someone you know is an interesting one, and the meaning is dictated by exactly who was chasing you, and your relationship with them.

If you dream of being chased by someone you love and trust, this can be a testament to your connection, where you are frightened you will lose them, or they will turn against you. You greatly value their place in your life.

It can also denote trust issues, where you’ve been betrayed before, and you’re not keen to repeat the experience. 

It could be that this person has greatly offended you or is a source of conflict and problems for you right now. 

Consider your current experiences with this person in waking life, and how this might relate to your dream. 

Being Chased By Colleagues Or People From School

Being chased by colleagues or people you know from your school life suggests that you know you’re not pushing yourself as hard as you perhaps should. 

It’s time to take a look at the reasons why. Do you feel you don’t deserve success? Are you tired, and feel that if you push yourself harder, you may burn out? Or is something else stopping you from achieving your dreams?

Chased By A Serial Killer

Oh, how horrible. Being chased by a murderer, serial killer, or someone with a weapon that they intend to use is terrifying. 

Like most nightmares, this is your subconscious trying to get your attention. This dream means that you need to take action in waking life. If there’s anything you’re ignoring, now is the time to turn your focus to it, so that you may be able to enjoy future success.

Chased By Someone Strange

If you dream of being chased by someone, but something about them seems strange, even in your dream – perhaps they don’t have the right number of eyes, they dress oddly, or something else is unsettling you, you should look at your approach to unexpected events.

Your dream is drawing your focus toward how you adapt to changing circumstances. Perhaps you feel you’re not very good at that, or you’re constantly measuring your success by the mistakes you have made.

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? A dream like this indicates that you aren’t focusing on what you’ve done well, but rather on what you have done wrong. 

While you might feel that this is a good way to learn from your mistakes, it can also get in the way of making progress, especially when this is all you focus on.

Being Chased By Criminals

Dreaming of being chased by criminals such as murderers or burglars implies that you are trying to guard yourself against the worst that people are capable of. 

Maybe you’ve trusted the wrong person in the past, or someone you love has recently proven exactly what they are capable of. If your pursuer in the dream is cussing you out or yelling at you, this denotes the frustration or anger you’re feeling in waking life.

It may also be warning you against acting out in anger, as the situation you are in may require a more delicate touch.

Being Chased By Someone Breaking Into Your Home

Most of us have had nightmares about this at some point. Dreaming that someone breaks into your home and chases you suggests that you feel invaded in some way.

If you take a look at what your home means in a dream – where your subconscious fills this dream space with the most vulnerable parts of your psyche – and this space is violated, you feel greatly uncomfortable.

Perhaps someone is being a little too curious when you are a very private person, or a situation has you questioning everything you thought you knew. It may also denote problems in your home life, too. 

Being Chased Through Streets

Dreaming of being chased through the streets suggests that money worries are following your every decision. 

If you manage to evade your pursuer, this is a good sign for the future and suggests that these worries will be shorter-lived than you might imagine, as long as you are careful.

Chased By A Car Or A Bus

Dreaming of being chased by a car or a bus (or someone driving either) implies that you have stepped off the path meant for you. This is usually in spiritual terms, where a particular choice or situation has led you off in a different direction.

If you dream of running after a car or a bus, and you don’t manage to catch the vehicle, this denotes frustration or minor failure coming to you in waking life.

Chased Through The Woods

A dream where you are chased through the woods implies that you have been lying to yourself about what you want. You aren’t considering your deepest desires, and it’s time you listened to your heart.

Chased By A Monster In Your Dream

Ah, what a stressful dream. Luckily, being chased by a monster in your dreams has some positive meaning attached to it. It implies that something is going to end soon, allowing room for a new beginning somewhere else in life.

Consider exactly what kind of monster you are running from in your dream. An alien chasing you has a negative connotation, suggesting that bad luck is around the corner, and it will take a while for you to regain a sense of control or equilibrium.

Dreaming of being so scared to turn around, and when you finally do, nothing is there, is a reassuring dream, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time! 

While you might be facing a lot of worries right now, your dream is telling you that you can push past them. Your fears won’t live forever, and you’ll soon be free to live how you want. 

If you dream of a huge animal chasing you – one that has no business being massive and isn’t nearly that big in waking life – this means that something you’ve been waiting for will be delayed. 

You’ll have to exercise some patience, as things won’t happen as quickly as you want. However, this dream also denotes a new start. Consider what animal was chasing you for additional insight into your dream.

In particular, if you are chased by a giant spider in your dream, this suggests that someone will approach you with a problem that you’ll need to solve for them.

Being Chased By Zombies Or The Dead

Dreaming of being chased by zombies suggests that your traits, habits, or lifestyle is getting in the way of making progress through life. 

It may be that you’re holding onto something you’ve outgrown, but nostalgia, another emotional attachment, or something is stopping you from letting go healthily.

If you manage to escape the zombies, this is a very good sign for the future. It reveals your ability to let go of the past, no matter how it tries to cling to you, or how you feel about it. 

If you hide from a zombie, and you see it trying to sniff you out or use its other senses to try and find you, this suggests that you need to trust your instincts. 

Dreaming of being chased by the dead suggests that one or more of your relationships in waking life are suffering, and it’s also a call to enjoy the company of others more than you have lately. 

If you dream of being terrified of the dead, if the dead only want to hurt you in this dream, it implies that underlying anxieties are taking over your life more than you might think. 

They may cause you to dodge your responsibilities, and only turn your attention toward instant gratification. 

As death in a dream also signals change, this scenario can imply that it’s up to you whether this change is good or bad, but upheaval will come calling no matter what.

The good news is that this dream is also a way of dealing with your stresses and anxieties by acknowledging them in your dream, which means they become a little easier to confront in waking life. 

Being Chased By Shadows

This is a frightening concept, especially if you think that you cannot physically fight shadows. Being chased by shadows in your dream implies that you want to escape from feeling trapped in your reality. 

You feel you don’t have a say in the events in your life, or a single event has dictated the course of your life. Turn your attention towards what you enjoy in life, and exactly what you want the future to look like if anything was possible, anything at all. Work towards that. 

If a shadow comes over you because there’s a hurricane or tornado that you need to run from, this suggests misfortune in your current path. You may feel despair or disappointment soon, or encounter more than a few arguments. 

Being Chased By A Robot

Dreaming of being chased by a robot or a machine reflects how you hope the future will bring you contentment or happiness, but you’re not sure if it will. 

This dream usually manifests itself when you are worried about what the future has in store for you, especially if you’re waiting for important results, or wondering how a situation will resolve itself.

Chased By A Shark

Being chased by a shark in your dream implies that you’re about to encounter several unavoidable issues, despite your best efforts.

Consider the state of the water in your dream. If you cannot see where the shark emerges from because the water is so cloudy, you are very unclear about the situation, and these things will take you by surprise.

Clear water in your dream and being able to spot the shark from a distance suggests that you have the right perspective, at least. You will be able to see these problems coming, giving you a little time to prepare. 

If you dream of successfully escaping the shark by swimming away, this implies that you have the confidence that will carry you through the most difficult times when nothing else will.

Chased By A Bat

Dreaming of being chased or dive-bombed by a bat, can imply there is the possibility that you will fall sick soon, or someone you love will come down with something. 

If you dream of bats and flies following you, you are surrounded by negativity in your waking hours, or something is eating away at your motivation and confidence, and this could cripple your success in a situation.

Dreaming of being chased by someone brandishing a baseball bat denotes difficulty with your partner and upcoming arguments.

Chased By A Bull

Dreaming of being chased by a bull (see also Bull Dream Meaning) implies that you’re about to encounter a cluster of problems in your professional life. 

Specifically, these may have something to do with someone envious of you, and this person may try to sabotage your progress.

Chased By A Lion

Being chased by a lion implies that your pride is getting in the way of living your life to the fullest you possibly can. You feel life should be entirely different from what it is, and you’re putting up walls to protect yourself from getting hurt.

This sort of distancing yourself, when it stems from denial will only serve to hurt you.

Alternatively, the lion in your dreams represents the more difficult sides of your personality, or abusive behavior you have received in your life.

Chased By A Dog

Being chased by a dog in your dreams suggests that there is discord somewhere in your relationships, particularly to do with loyalty. Perhaps you feel you can’t trust someone the way you once did. 

If you dream of a pack of hounds and horses chasing you, this means that you are encountering a lot of problems within your social circle. Perhaps your friends are arguing, and you need to figure out a way to restore the peace without getting too involved.

Dogs hunting a fox in your dream (see also Fox Dream Meaning And Interpretation) reveal that you’re taking risks in your love life, or you’re taking your partner for granted. Killing the fox suggests success, or ignoring your instincts, depending on how you feel in the dream.

If you dream of fox hunting but the pack or the hunters turn on you, this is a warning dream. A situation or a group of people is not what they seem, and you should be careful to make sure you guard yourself. 

Chased By A Snake

Being chased by a snake in your dream has several meanings. It may denote the need to trust in your intuition, and listen to your instincts in a current situation.

If you dream that the snake catches and kills you, this represents betrayal, and a subsequent new start, or defeating the odds despite someone who is trying to do everything to make you fail.

A snake following you in a dream suggests that a gesture you make towards a friend will never be forgotten, and they will soon pay you in kind. 

Being Chased By Swarms Of Bees

Dreaming of swarms of bees coming after you imply that trouble is around the corner. If you are stung by a bee or several, you are about to suffer some hurt in waking life, and this could even be a physical mishap.

Consider where on your body the bees sting you for additional insight.

Alternatively, dreaming of bees chasing you implies difficulty in your work life, where your productivity or reputation will be challenged. Perhaps circumstances will get in the way of your output, and it will be especially frustrating if these are beyond your control.

Dreaming of catching a bee that chases you, but not harming it implies that you are about to successfully confront something or someone without the need for conflict or emotional turmoil.

If bees swarm in your home in a dream, this implies that someone close to you will be a source of conflict, or someone will be jealous of you.

Laughing While Being Chased

If the act of someone chasing you is not frightening in your dream, and you find yourself laughing and enjoying the chase, this is a very positive sign for the future.

It denotes how you’ll find the solution to any present issues under your own steam.

Tripping Up While Being Chased

If you dream of tripping up while someone is chasing you, and you end up on the ground, this means that the reason why you’re not making progress in waking life is that you feel you’re not up to the task in some way. 

You may find yourself constantly doubting your every decision or thought, to the point where it’s interrupting your flow in life. Energetically, you feel blocked, and you’re unable to move past this.

It may suggest that your current surroundings are not helping you. Perhaps you surround yourself with people who don’t want you to move forward in some way, they are overly negative, or they’re trying to make sure you don’t succeed. 

Alternatively, circumstances in waking life are making you question your level of confidence, and these events are making sure your pride is getting in the way. You need to confront your fears and make sure you don’t bury them, otherwise, things will only get worse. 

Not Knowing What’s Chasing You

What a horrible dream. If you dream of running from something that’s chasing you, but you don’t know exactly what it is, this can be extremely stressful. 

The more stressful your dream, the harder your subconscious mind is trying to get your attention. 

Your dream is trying to tell you that your approach to something will not serve you well. You may be taking an entirely wrong turn in life, and it will take some time to recover unless you change course now. 

Perhaps it’s all in your mindset. Some things can be self-fulfilling prophecies. If you believe that you aren’t capable of something, you are unlikely to make as much progress as if you believe things are worth a try anyway.

This adjustment may need to be made in your professional life or personal life, but it more likely points to business success and relationships.

If you do turn around in this dream to try and find what’s chasing you, and you only see darkness, this suggests that you are depriving yourself of something incredibly important to you, or something that you desperately need. 

Being Chased And Running Towards A Light

This is an interesting one. If you dream of being chased, and you’re desperately running towards light, this means that you’re on the way to developing a better understanding of your spiritual path, and you’re about to trust your intuition more than you have previously.

Dreaming Of Being Unable To Run While Being Chased

Dreaming of being chased, but you can’t run or even move is very stressful. Similarly, it means that something in life is holding you back from making progress, and this is frustrating you and becoming a great source of worry.

The most common interpretation of this dream is that you need to work on your self-development. You may be ignoring your problems, or dodging responsibilities that have your name on them. 

While you might be dreaming of how you want to shape your future, you don’t yet have the experience or emotional knowledge to manifest this ideal reality. You need to do some growing first.

Moving In Slow Motion In A Dream Of Being Chased

Dreaming of only being able to move in slow motion while someone is chasing you implies that you need to pay attention to your relationships with others in your waking hours. 

You should consider trying to strengthen these connections, not only to get a little more stability and belonging into your life but also to help you in any business decisions, or if you need to go to them for advice.

Chasing Someone In a Dream

Dreaming of chasing someone can denote financial problems shortly, or that money is going to be the source of many worries for you. 

It does not mean that you will always struggle financially, but you will have some worries to deal with.

Consider The Distance Between You And The Pursuer

This is something that can give you vital clues to the meaning of your dream. It directly relates to how far away your worries or fears are, (if you are being chased) or how far away you are from a goal (if you are chasing something). 

If you dream of the pursuer being uncomfortably close, this suggests that you’re about to encounter more than a few problems soon, and they will come quicker than you might think. 

The pursuer or attacker being much further away can imply that these problems are close enough that you feel them, but they won’t surface for a while yet.

If you dream of being chased, but you never see what or who is chasing you, this can draw your attention to letting your fears get in the way of living your life. You may be worrying about things that never come to pass at all.

After a dream like this, it’s worth practicing some grounding techniques, and taking stock of how things are going. There may be some things that you are missing in waking life. Perhaps you can prevent a problem before it even starts, or before it becomes a disaster. 

This is an especially helpful thing to do if you feel like your dream follows you into your waking hours. You may feel jumpy, nervous, and unable to explain why the slightest of unexpected noises scares you.

Grounding helps to curb this dream hangover, and if you believe in energetic cords and spiritual energies, it also helps to cleanse these and bring them back into harmony, helping to stop these dreams from happening.

What Does It Mean To Keep Dreaming Of Being Chased?

When your subconscious mind presents you with the same scenario over and over, this implies that you have some work to do. You haven’t yet learned a lesson from your previous dream experiences, and now is the time to figure it out.

It can suggest that you’re chasing all the wrong things when it comes to trying to be happy. Maybe you’re focusing on materialistic things, rather than something that provides you with long-lasting happiness, or truly fulfills your soul or sense of purpose.

Perhaps you’re chasing a constant state of elation which just isn’t sustainable, rather than contentment mingled with the occasional joy. 

Consider what chases you in your dream. Is there something in your life or past that you’re refusing to move on from? 

The repeating action of you running away from something that is chasing you reflects a refusal to face something in waking life.

If you constantly dream of chasing something, this can refer to your ambitions in life, and how you’re not getting what you want, or you are getting what you want, but not what you need.

In order to break this pattern of dreams, you need to explore the hidden cause. This might be something you’re in complete denial of, or something that you have convinced yourself that it will make you happy. 

It may also denote how you feel you aren’t making progress in a long-term project or lifelong dream. Your subconscious may be urging you to stick with it, and eventually you will see progress, even if you have to change your approach. 

Older Dream Interpretations Of Being Chased

Just as with the more modern interpretations of being chased in a dream, examine what it is that pursues you for additional information. 

Being chased by a mythical monster, for example, suggests that someone you love will damage your trust in them, and shatter the assumption that they would never hurt you, intentionally or not.

Dreaming of being chased by more than one person suggests your feelings may be about to lead the way for a while. This may be good or bad. Just ensure that you keep them in check, so they don’t lead you to trouble. 

If you dream of being chased by a spider, there’s something underlying in your unconscious mind which will affect some of your decisions in the near future. 

It may be worth doing some introspection in order to figure out what this might be. Usually dreams of this kind denote a fear that is overshadowing your thoughts, whether you know it or not.

If you dream of being chased by a pet cat, this implies that you’re about to come into some luck, or you are ignoring your intuition, depending on whether the chase was a game or not.

Being Chased, Or Being Hunted? 

Some dream dictionaries refer to dreams of being chased as a hunt. As you might imagine, this is not a good sign if you feel you were the prey in your dream. It implies that you’ll soon be surrounded by difficult people who will make things more complicated than they need to be. 

Consider also if you were the hunter, and exactly what you were hunting in your dream.

If you dream of hunting a stag, and you are successful, this denotes great luck in the near future. Perhaps it’s time to take full advantage of it while you can. 

Hunting a fox implies that you have the wits you need to outmaneuver anyone who conspires against you, or anyone you’re in direct competition with.

A dream where you’re hot on the trail of a hare or rabbit suggests that a dream you’re chasing in waking life won’t satisfy you in the way you might think.

The Dream Psychology’s Take On Being Chased In Dreams

If we take a look at Sigmund Freud’s dream theories, he suggests that a dream of being chased relates to evolution and something called remote memory, which are the events that shaped you during childhood, especially any traumatic experiences or tough situations.

From an evolutionary perspective, dreams of being chased may reflect your ancestor’s experiences that have been hardwired into you, from being chased by predators, and dreams of this nature are merely an echo of their experiences and your buried instincts.

Alternatively, dreaming of being chased or chasing a person can relate to sexual desires and conquests, which lines up with the majority of Freud’s theories on dreams. It may denote sexual desire, where you are ‘chasing’ someone, or even the urge to run from people you are attracted to. 

To others, a dream of chasing relates to the stress you are going through in waking life. Whatever is chasing you in the dream is symbolic of something you’re desperately trying to avoid in waking life, which might be stress itself, worry, or uncertainty.

It may also denote the pressure that you are under from your loved ones to do well. They may not say anything, but of course they want you to be happy, just as you do. Consider how your choices affect them, but make sure that you are moving towards your own goals, too.

If you have recurring dreams of being chased, this implies an underlying and ongoing problem which you are refusing to face in waking life. You feel it every minute of the day, but for whatever reason, you haven’t yet confronted it. 

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Being Chased In A Dream

You may have a dream of being chased or chasing something when your subconscious has something to say on a spiritual level. 

The first possibility is that you’re surrounded by negative forces, making you feel vulnerable, so your subconscious throws you into a stressful dream to urge you to take action.

The second is along similar lines, where you do feel exposed – but this is on a different level. You’re too open and honest, perhaps giving away too much of yourself, and this is causing some discord.

You may also have a dream of chasing when the people who surround you are in some sort of conflict or frustration, which is also throwing you off balance. They may be lashing out at you or making hasty choices that also affect you, sending you into a similar conflict.

If you dream of being chased by someone or a monster, this may denote that you are currently closer to people who are overly negative, or those who might take advantage of you in some way, in which case this dream calls on you to protect yourself. 

But there’s also another spiritual interpretation worth considering. As you know, we have an urge to turn tail and run when something or someone gets difficult, or the very thought of something is terrifying.

This is an ingrained impulse, and it can be very difficult to ignore. Spiritually speaking, you may be trying to run from a part of yourself that you don’t recognize, or you’re rejecting altogether. 

Your dream may be a way of showing you how off-kilter this is making you feel, and how you’re unwilling to acknowledge your responsibilities or the part of you that you’re desperately trying to ignore.

Your dream calls on you to recognize the futility of this, and find a way to reconcile before things get worse, and you feel completely blocked.

Most dreams have a spiritual element of some kind, and this makes sense because they are a product of our subconscious minds, where reason or logic doesn’t usually factor in. 

We cannot explain away things that we would in waking life and dismiss them at first glance. If you think of how strange our dreams can be, you’ll also notice that we don’t tend to question how weird things are until we wake up.

Some believe that dreams of chasing have more spiritual connotations than other scenarios, which allows for a greater development along your spiritual path. These types of dreams can be extremely vivid, allowing us to connect to them on a much deeper level. 

It can allow us to tap into our inner knowledge which we are unable to access in our waking hours. It may provide you with a solution that you’ve been searching for in your waking life or dispel any doubts that have been plaguing you and halting your progress through life.

A dream like this may also encourage you to connect better in waking life on a spiritual level. Perhaps you’re only ‘reacting’ to things that come your way, instead of enjoying the journey, or you’re unwilling to look around you and make sure that others are doing okay, too.

But, if your dream of chasing focuses very specifically on people being the source of stress or fear, this implies that you are giving too much of yourself to others. You may need to build some more concrete boundaries, making sure to protect yourself.

Whether you believe in auras or not, one of the most useful visualization exercises you can do is to imagine a ball of light surrounding you, or something else equally protective, such as a castle (see also Castle Dream Meaning) or a brick wall. 

Some believe that this helps to protect your aura from negative influences, while others suggest that the mental exercise allows you to bring everything back into focus.

The Biblical Interpretation Behind A Dream Of Being Chased

Even if you’re not religious, it’s always worth looking into religious interpretations of dreams, as they have some interesting insights. If you are religious, you may find that these interpretations suit your dream better.

The biblical interpretation of a dream of being chased is that you need to turn and face whatever it is in waking life that you feel you’re unable to confront. You’re more than capable of facing it down, even if that means you need to turn to others for help or advice. 

Your dream of being chased suggests that something is stressing you out so much it’s affecting your dreams. It can denote a spiritual disturbance, where you don’t know exactly what the cause is, but you’re picking up on something.

It may denote negativity surrounding you to the point where you are unsure what you can accomplish, as you can’t see past this blockade objectively. 

You may also have this dream when you feel your soul needs guidance and a break away from life’s troubles.

What Should You Do After Being Chased In A Dream?

After a stressful dream, one of the best things you can do is figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you. After that, it’s a case of adjusting your life where necessary, making sure that you’re not ignoring problems or people that need your attention.

If this doesn’t seem to help as much as it should, it’s worth remembering the successes you’ve made lately, and focusing on the good things, instead of what might come for you in the future, and turning your attention to what you’re capable of, and what you want from life.

Positive Things Are Coming, If:

  • You end the chase
  • You escape from your pursuer
  • You aren’t worried that your pursuer will catch you
  • The pursuer stops chasing you
  • You catch what you are chasing
  • You enjoy the chase

At A Glance: Why You Might Dream Of Being Chased

  • You need to talk to your family about money
  • You feel ashamed about how you’ve treated someone
  • Avoiding a situation at work that bleeds into other areas of your life
  • You regret a choice you made in your professional life, and you want to do something entirely different
  • Your relationship with your partner is rocky at best, and you’re unsure whether you should continue your relationship
  • People are making things more complicated in a situation you thought would be easy

Final Thoughts

Dreams of being chased can be anxiety-fuelled, compounding the stress you’re experiencing in your waking life. 

If you can focus on what it is you’re running from in your dream, and draw any parallels to your waking life, you’ll discover that your dream is more helpful than you might first assume. 

It points the way to any problems or stressors in your life that need to be sorted, and sometimes, it might also give you the answer on how to solve them.

Dreaming of chasing someone or something points to your own ambitions, and how you might be focusing on the right things, or the wrong things entirely. 

It’s another way your subconscious allows you to take stock of waking life, and how you might improve it.

Consider who else or what else is in your dream, as this greatly affects the meaning. A stranger in your dream is usually a projection of part of yourself, mythical monsters tend to represent fears and anxieties, and those you know may signify conflicts with these people. 


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