What Does A Bull Mean In Your Dreams?

Bulls in dreams can tell you a lot about your motivations, how you tackle your greatest fears or hopes, anything lurking in your subconscious that you need to deal with, and how you might need to call upon your innermost sense of power and belief to push through a difficult situation.

But they may also come as a sign of good fortune or bad luck, depending on the dream scenario.

How do you tell the difference between a bull which reflects your current state of mind and situation, and one that may offer some insight into your future?

It all depends on the particular situation you’re dreaming of. Let’s take a look at how bulls can appear in your dreams, and what your subconscious is trying to tell you. 

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Bull?

Bulls may appear in your dreams to tell you that you’re being too brash, too abrasive, or aggressive. A bull in your dreams may suggest that you feel your back is up against the wall, and you feel the need to defend yourself or what you think is yours. 

It could be that your frustration is pushing you away from other people, preventing you from creating meaningful connections, or being able to consider their feelings as much as you normally would.

A bull can be a sign that you feel cut off from others, where you feel frustrated that no one is coming to your aid, or they haven’t noticed how things aren’t going well for you right now. 

But maybe the signs aren’t as obvious as you think, especially if they have their problems to deal with right now. A dream like this may urge you to reach out to someone and manage your expectations a little more, and find a way to deal with that frustration before it boils over.

Conversely, a bull may also manifest in your dreams to tell you to be braver. A situation might require you to take control and make the leading decisions, where you alone will be able to bring a vision into reality. 

It could be that you’re in danger of being taken advantage of, or someone is already doing this and will continue to do so until you stop them, or until you have nothing more to give. 

Someone may be taking liberties with your generosity, or it could be that they just don’t realize what effect their behavior is having on you. 

You may be worried about coming across as pushy, but this is something that you need to set aside if you want to solve what’s currently going on in your life. Reflect on what would make you happier, and go after it.

It may be that you’ve been taking on more than your fair share at work because of a specific deadline or a colleague was sick. 

Now that they are back, and the pace has returned to normal, you find that you’re still doing their share of the work or something that isn’t reflected in your job description.

In which case, is it time to ask for a raise, or a promotion? The bull in your dreams is an encouragement to find out what present circumstances call for, what you need from them, and what you need to do to move forward.

A bull may also appear in your dreams when you’ve set your sights on a particular dream, where you have a clear idea of where you want to be in the future, and how you will make it happen.

It denotes the potential you have in your life to achieve, and the power and confidence that’s waiting for you on the path ahead. It may also be a call to remind you of the control and power you’ve used in the past. Maybe you need to do so again. 

The Bull Dream Symbol

Primarily, the bull dream symbol is all about aggression, anger, frustration, and how you react to the unexpected. 

It can be a sign that you feel threatened somewhere in waking life, how you are being stubborn to the point where you will get in your way, or how you need to call upon your inner power to get through something. 

A bull may also suggest that one or more of your needs is unmet, and this is a source of conflict for you. Sigmund Freud suggested that a bull in your dream refers to pent-up sexual desire or impulses lurking in your unconscious mind. 

It’s also worth paying attention to what the bull does in your dream, and how you feel about it. A charging bull, for example, denotes aggression or fear, whereas a friendly or calm bull is a call to be more assertive and recognize your power to change your life.

A bull that has tears rolling down its face in your dream suggests that you feel cut off from other people, or you don’t feel other people understand you. Maybe someone’s not considering you in a decision that affects you too. 

If you see a bull in a peaceful field or farm, this suggests that you feel you’re in the right place right now. You feel you belong, and this gives you the confidence to assert yourself where you need to be in control without ‘bullying’ others. 

Here are just a few ways bulls might appear in your dreams, and how this can affect the interpretation.

A Bull Without Horns In Your Dream

A dream where you see a bull without horns implies that you’re letting go of difficult relationships, petty hang-ups and squabbles. 

Any competition you’re up against will soon seem easier to beat, and you’ll make a lot of progress in life.

Seeing A Bull With Great Horns In Your Dream

A bull with very large horns in your dream suggests that you have a few issues that need your attention. The more you ignore them, the more you will struggle to move forward. 

Things are more than a little messy in your life right now, and you need to find time to do a little ‘house-keeping’ and get things in order.

Feeding A Bull In Your Dream

A dream where you feed a bull refers to how you are stoking your motivation or passions in waking life. You know what you want and how to get there.

Or, it can mean that someone wants you as their romantic partner. This might be something you already know, or it may come as a complete surprise from someone you never expected.

A Bull Grazing In Your Dream

Seeing a bull grazing in a field in your dreams suggests that you have everything you need right now. 

Or, if you see a bull struggling to graze with little grass to go on, this reveals money worries.

Selling A Bull In Your Dream

A dream where you sell a bull to someone suggests that you regret a romantic relationship or choice you’ve made. 

While you thought you suited each other, you’re now seeing that you barely have anything in common, or they don’t love you in the same way.

Dreaming Of Grabbing A Bull By Its Horns

When it comes to dream interpretation, you’ll often find that popular phrases make it into your dream experiences, such as grabbing a bull by the horns. 

This dream means that you need to take back control of your life in some way, whether that’s being more decisive in your waking hours or making sure that no one makes any big decisions for you. 

It may be that a situation requires you to be assertive but optimistic for things to go your way. Perhaps you need to create a clear plan in order to move towards a goal you’ve been dreaming of, but it’s only a vague picture right now.

Facing A Bull In Your Dreams

Facing a bull in your dreams has several interpretations depending on your circumstances in waking life. If you currently have a partner, facing a bull in your dream refers to your passion for this person.

If you are single and dream of facing a bull, this implies that although you have the drive and motivation to move forward, a particular goal is not reachable right now. It may be time to adjust your expectations.

Riding A Bull In Your Dreams

A dream where you ride a bull – whether that’s a mechanical one or a real one – is a good sign, provided that you stay on the bull! 

If you manage to ride the bull without a problem, this reflects your certainty of the current path you’re on, as well as how confident you are in the decisions you’ve committed to. It is very unlikely that anything will derail you from your course, as you’re in a great place right now.

If you dream of struggling to stay on the bull, this refers to some uncertainty that’s interrupting your pace in waking life.

A bull that throws you off refers to many obstacles coming your way, some of which will knock your confidence, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a way to your dreams.

Running From A Bull In Your Dreams

Running from a bull in your dreams suggests that you’re refusing to see how stubborn or bull-headed you’re being. 

Or, it can suggest you’re about to come into some money in the form of an unexpected windfall.

Seeing An Aggressive Bull In Your Dreams

Dreaming of an aggressive or charging bull implies that you have a large obstacle ahead of you somewhere in your waking life. You will need to be very mindful of your next few decisions, as they may make the difference between achieving a goal and missing it entirely.

Or, it may denote that you’re frustrated with life itself, the way things are going, and there’s a lot of negativity in your life right now. 

It may be that someone is acting negatively towards you, but you’re not sure why this is, or it’s causing you a lot of stress. 

Or, maybe you are witnessing other people’s success, but you’re struggling to find any for yourself, despite your best efforts. This is a great frustration, and you’re not sure where you are going wrong, or why someone else is getting all the luck.

A bull that is completely out of control in your dream implies that your passions or impulses are in danger of derailing part of your life, or upsetting a delicate balance you’ve managed to achieve.

A Bull Attacking Someone In Your Dreams

Seeing a bull attack someone implies that you aren’t willing to consider someone else’s opinion or feelings. Your focus is only on yourself and your way of doing things, and this will not serve you in the future.

Make sure you keep an open mind, and be willing to consider people’s thoughts and emotions, especially if you’re making choices that affect them.

Seeing Bulls Fight In Your Dream 

A dream where bulls fight each other suggests that there are several people in your life that are at odds or a source of conflict in your life, causing a lot of stress and distractions. 

Bulls fighting each other in your dream can mean that there is a great imbalance in your life. Perhaps your work life is swallowing up all the time for your personal life, or vice versa.

Dreaming Of Killing A Bull

A dream of killing a bull may be a positive sign, but it depends on a single detail. If you are killing a bull in your dream because you’re defending yourself, this is a good omen for the future.

It suggests that you’re about to be very successful, and you’re in tune with your instincts and intuition, allowing you to see potential problems before they arise.

However, if you kill a bull for no reason in your dream, or it wasn’t trying to attack you, this implies that you will be too stubborn soon and this will land you in trouble. 

Or, you will be too brash in a situation that requires you to be delicate or more compassionate. Your mouth may be about to get you into a lot of trouble. 

Dreaming Of Spanish Bullfighting

A dream where you see a Spanish bullfight can be difficult to unravel, as it depends on several details. If you dream you are the matador facing the bull, this can imply that you’re trying to avoid obligations in your waking hours.

It might not be something that is strictly your responsibility, but you feel compelled to do something, and you’re trying to avoid it as much as you can. 

Maybe you don’t want to get involved because it might make things worse, but it’s hard to sit on the sidelines, and the Spanish bullfight represents your inner conflict.

If you dream you are the bull in the Spanish bullfight, this can imply that you need to take another look at your goals. Maybe something isn’t as possible as you think right now, or you’re taking the wrong approach which will mean it will take much longer to achieve what you want.

Or, this dream may suggest that you feel victimized or singled out in some way, and this dream is simply an outlet for your feelings. You may feel as though your misfortune or someone picking on you is out there for everyone to see, as a bullfight is a very public event.

It may also denote a level of anxiety about other people judging you.

Dreaming that you’re part of the audience at a Spanish bullfight suggests that you are bored with the way things are. You want more excitement in your life, where you’re dreaming of new adventures. 

Maybe it’s time you put aside your goals for a while just to have some fun, and see where life may take you. 

Seeing Someone Sacrifice A Bull In A Dream

A dream where someone sacrifices a bull implies that your lack of motivation is getting in the way of your success. 

It may also suggest that you’re expecting things to work out on their own without your input.

Seeing A Dead Bull In A Dream

A dead bull in your dream represents bad luck, and your determination, motivation, or sense of purpose completely derailing. 

Eating A Bull In Your Dream

This is a rare dream scenario, but it’s worth mentioning. It suggests that an opportunity is there for a new beginning in life, and accepting yourself for who you are.

The Significance Of A White Bull In Your Dreams

A white bull is typically a very good sign. It suggests that your spiritual path is about to give you a lot of certainty, purpose, and happiness.

Or, a white bull in your dreams may imply that your family is about to get bigger in some way. Maybe you, your partner, or someone you are close to is about to have a baby.

The Meaning Of A Black Bull In A Dream

A black bull in your dreams is usually regarded as a negative sign, implying that there are a lot of obstacles in your way, or someone won’t see your point of view no matter how hard you try.

Or, a black bull in your dream represents something you’re unclear about, and this is affecting how much you’re willing to push yourself or devote your energy to. Wisely, you’re not sure that you should until you get more information.

What Does A Bull Mean In Different Cultures?

Bulls have inspired stories and art for countless generations across the world. To many, this animal represents wealth, luxury, survival, and sustenance, and this spans across different countries and thousands of years.

Just picture some of the oldest cave paintings in the world, such as the 20,000-year-old ones in Lascaux in France, and you’ll find an image of a bull. This gives you some idea of just how long bulls have been in our lives alongside us, and how we have valued them.

To the Celts, the bull meant procreation and a clan’s survival. A bull symbolizes the solar system, and the riches the universe can offer, in the minds of the Druids.

In some parts of China, bulls represent resilience, determination, motivation, material wealth, and the importance of being stubborn in certain situations in life. 

It’s not hard to see that the meaning of the bull hardly changes across cultures and centuries, where they depict confidence, life, protection, and wealth.

The Bull As A Spirit Animal

If you feel drawn to the bull, and you often have dreams of this animal, it may in fact be your spirit animal. 

This serves as your spiritual guide and protector through life, often appearing in your dreams where you are more receptive to spiritual messages, without the distractions of everyday life that can make things easy to miss.

Your bull spirit animal may appear when you need to be more determined in life, where a situation calls on you to be more resilient to any obstacles in your way, and go after your goals with everything you have.

The bull spirit animal is interesting in that it will always manifest itself when you need to learn a lesson from it, and it will keep appearing until you do figure out what that message might be. 

Just like a bull in waking life, it is stubborn and persistent, and this particular spirit animal calls on you to defend yourself when needed, and be as constant as possible in a life filled with change and challenges.

It serves to give you a greater stability in life to work from, giving you a better foundation to work towards your goals and what you want in life, and knowing when to stand up for yourself, and when to stand back.

If you dream of fighting a bull, this can suggest that you need to change your attitudes in some way. Perhaps you need to give back some of your knowledge and experience to others, and through this you will figure out what is important to you. 

It may also imply that you are struggling with control or authority in your life, and the bull can help guide you through this, and make it clearer where you should take on board others’ opinions, and where you should try to take things in your own direction.

If you dream of bullfighting, and you see an injured bull, this spirit animal implies that there is something important that you need to take notice of in waking life. 

Being part of an audience in a dream like this suggests that you need to develop a clearer plan to get where you want to be in life.

The Animal Totem Of A Bull

The animal totem of a bull may manifest itself in your dreams when you feel your motivation has gone into a slump. Maybe the original reason for doing something doesn’t feel like it matters anymore, and you’re dragging your feet in some aspect of life.

The bull is a reminder that you are stronger than you feel right now, and it may be time to reassess why a project or dream is still worth it. 

It may also be worth reaching out to a community where you can share your experiences, and see if someone has a solution for the problem you find yourself in.

Older Dream Interpretation Of A Bull

In older dream interpretations, bulls are typically thought of as a symbol of fertility, virility, power, aggression, and productivity. 

If you see a bull in your dream, this may suggest that your family is about to get bigger in some aspect, or you need to focus your energy on doing something more productive or being more assertive.

As long as the bull in your dream does not act aggressively toward you, it’s generally considered a good sign of prosperity and good luck.

Positive Changes Are Coming, If:

  • The bull isn’t aggressive
  • You aren’t afraid of the bull
  • You ride a bull without falling off
  • You see a healthy bull

Final Thoughts

There are many ways a bull can appear in your dreams, and there is a lot of information to decode. One of the easiest ways to find the meaning behind the bull is to think about how it makes you feel in the dream. 

Positive dream symbols cause positive emotions, while warning dreams usually come in the form of anxiety, fear or aggression.


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