What Does It Mean To Dream About Police?

A dream about the police can be quite worrying, especially if there was violence involved in your dream, or you feel like your own mind is trying to persecute you, made worse by an event your subconscious mind has thrown you into.

One way of clearing the fog a dream like this can create is to try and figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

So what does a dream of the police mean? Does it suggest a guilty conscience, or is there something else your dream needs you to understand? 

Why Am I Dreaming Of The Police?

A dream of the police can be worrying especially if you don’t have a good relationship with the law enforcement in your area. Dreams like these draw upon your own associations with the dream symbol, but they often have nothing to do with them.

So how do you tell what is part of your own experiences, and what is a completely different message? The secret is to pay attention to the details.

In general dream interpretation, police officers represent rules, social expectations, authority, self-discipline, and in some cases, guilt. 

A dream where you see the police using guns suggests that you’re trying to move past something you once loved. It was a big part of your life, but now you feel it’s time you moved on.

Dreaming of fraud and the police reflects money worries in waking life. 

If you dream of being harassed by the police, this reflects your responsibilities in your waking hours which are monopolizing your attention. Your dream is telling you to take some time for yourself.

When you dream of the police in terms of a drug bust, this may suggest that a single thing in your life is taking over several aspects of your life. 

Are you addicted to something? This might not even be substance-related, but it could reference how you are ‘addicted’ to screens, attention, company, or a hobby or habit which is taking over your life.

Dreaming of walking past police that are on patrol implies that you have quite a few worries ahead of you. 

Running From The Police In Your Dream

A dream where you run from the police can denote how you are questioning your capabilities in dealing with a tough situation. You doubt yourself. Perhaps you’re suffering from imposter syndrome. 

A dream where you are chased by the police suggests that you are running from your responsibilities, and this will not end well. You cannot outrun them forever. It also means you’re under a lot of stress.

Being Stopped By The Police In Your Dream

A dream where you are stopped by the police reveals that you have good intentions, but circumstances are stopping you or someone else from recognizing this. Perhaps your intentions don’t match your actions.

Or, a dream where the police stop and search you can imply that you are ignoring or repressing your emotional intelligence. You don’t want to acknowledge how you are feeling, or the truth of a situation. 

A Police Chase In Your Dream

Dreaming of a police chase can suggest that you need to make a decision that affects your future fairly quickly, and the pressure is getting to you.

It may also suggest that something is getting in the way of your goals or dreams, and you’re neglecting part of your life in order to try and claw back some progress.

Dreaming Of Being Arrested

Being arrested in your dream reflects feelings of being trapped, oppressed, or suffocated in waking life. Perhaps you’re not the one in the ‘driver’s seat’ of your life, and someone else is making your decisions for you.

A dream where you are mistakenly arrested is a positive omen for the future. It suggests that you will overcome your competition, whatever form that might take in waking life.

Dreaming of committing a crime and being caught means that you feel guilty about something you have done. It also reflects your fears of someone judging you for it. 

If you dream of the police charging you over something, this reflects the bitterness you have over the way a situation has turned out. If an officer hits you, this suggests that you feel guilty in some area of life, and you are carrying this guilt with you no matter where you go.

A Dream Where You Are The Police

A dream of being the police represents your desire to have things ‘in order’ in your life. You like being organized, and you feel strongly about what is right and what is wrong to you. 

If you dream of being the police, and you get into trouble, this suggests that perhaps you are taking things too seriously, or your instincts aren’t guiding you in the right direction right now.

A dream where you leave the police and side with criminals or the public means that occasionally you need to let go of your self-discipline and have some fun. The rules aren’t always a good thing.

Dreaming of being the police and arresting someone implies that you’re about to be in an emotionally charged situation, and it will be difficult to keep your head, but you need to remain focused.

Seeing Police Cars In Your Dream

Police cars appearing in your dreams symbolize the part of you that wants to achieve great things, despite any misgivings or problems you’re currently struggling with. 

Being locked inside a police car may suggest that you are running from something with everything you have, or you feel you’re being forced into a situation that’s affecting your long-term goals.

Dreaming Of The Police Being Unhelpful

If you dream of reporting a crime and the police don’t care, or you can’t reach them, to begin with, this denotes great worry or doubt in your life. 

Maybe someone you’ve always been able to rely on can’t be there for you in a situation you need help with.

If you dream of the police being unhelpful in a different way, this represents your distrust of people. You’ve been hurt in the past, and you don’t expect anyone to come to your rescue, or care though you might need an ear to listen. 

It may also be a call to become more independent. While your first instinct may be to reach out to someone when you have a problem, you might not need anyone’s help at all, just a little confidence to get you there.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind A Dream Of Police

You may be surprised to learn that a dream of police has some spiritual associations when police usually denote responsibilities and order.

A dream of the police may suggest that you need to become more disciplined in order to get where you need to be on your life’s path or to have a deep think about what really drives you in life. What gets you through the worst life has to offer?

If the police help you in your dream, or you have a positive dream about the police, it may suggest that you need to assert yourself more in waking life to make progress along your spiritual journey.

Perhaps you’re not ‘dreaming’ big enough when it comes to your aspirations, and you need to think bigger. You may be aiming for what you think you deserve in life, but this dream suggests that there is more open to you in life than that. 

Measure your goals by what you want out of life, not what you think you should want, or how you feel life should be. Make sure that you do no harm, but don’t let people take advantage of you in any way, either.

A negative dream of the police implies that something is getting in the way of you being able to achieve your goals. You feel suffocated or oppressed somewhere in life. 

Perhaps a lifestyle no longer suits you, or you’ve outgrown your current job, or you’re unhappy with the way things are but for some reason, you are reluctant to try and change them.

The Older Dream Interpretation Of Police

An older interpretation of dreaming of the police means that you will encounter a large problem soon. This won’t be something that you’ll be able to sort on your own, but it does suggest that someone in your family will come to help you out.

Maybe you’ll need to ask, or maybe they will recognize your need before you say anything, but you will be supported either way. 

Police Dream Summary

  • Police officers in your dream: responsibility, help, guiding morals
  • Dreaming of a police shootout: you’re ignoring something important
  • Being chased by the police in your dream: great stress
  • Hiding from the police: not taking care of yourself, stress, running from problems
  • Being charged by the police in your dream: things feel unfair
  • Dreaming of the police mistakenly arresting you: overcoming obstacles and competition
  • Being arrested for something you did in a dream: guilt
  • Dreaming of police cars: your drive to achieve in life
  • The police not caring in your dream: doubt, not able to trust people, or learn to trust yourself
  • A dream involving the police and drugs: you have become addicted to something
  • A police officer beating you in a dream: you feel guilty about something
  • Being a police officer: order, self-discipline, or needing to let go of responsibilities

Positive Changes Are Coming, If:

  • The police helped you in your dream
  • You were the police in your dream
  • You were mistakenly arrested
  • You avoided being part of a crime

Final Thoughts

A dream of the police is an interesting experience, and not usually one of the wilder scenarios that your subconscious can throw at you. 

But that doesn’t mean that your dream experience should be discarded, as it usually has something important to tell you in terms of authority, your choices, morality, or how you’re carrying guilt around with you.

A dream like this can be your subconscious’s way of taking stock of how your life is going, and how you might change things in order to suit you better, and reach your goals in life. 

It may also denote an inherent trust or mistrust of people, depending on what happens during your dream, and how this will serve you well, or cause you to miss out on things.

Look at the details of your dream, as well as the emotions that surface during this experience for answers, as often they come as the solutions to waking life’s problems, no matter how far-fetched that might seem.

It often helps to keep a dream journal, where you can always return to your dream experiences at a later date without forgetting any of the details, and things may become clearer over time.


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