Garlic Symbolism And Dream Meaning

Garlic is a common ingredient in cuisines across the world. In this article, we’ll help you understand the meaning behind the dream of garlic.

Common Meanings Of Garlic In Dreams

This powerful herb can mean different things. To understand what it means to dream of garlic, you need to consider different cues from your dream. How you used it and how it made you feel are just a few things that will affect the dream interpretation.

In General, Garlic Can Mean These Things:

Strength And Courage

Roman soldiers believed that garlic gives them courage. Their generals even planted fields of garlic throughout the territories they conquered, believing that the courage will transfer to the battlefield. As a dream symbol, garlic represents strength and bravery. Seeing it in a dream can signify you’re ready to deal with stuff in your life that requires you to be courageous and strong. It takes effort, but everything will turn out okay. 

Need For Protection

In European folklore, garlic was seen as an effective ward against vampires, werewolves and devils. The tradition actually goes way back to Ancient Greece. Greek midwives used to place garlic in the room where the woman’s giving birth, to protect the infant from evil spirits (see also ghost dream meaning) (see also ghost dream meaning). So when you see garlic in your dream, it can signify you might need protection from someone or something. 

Desire To Spice Things Up

It’s general knowledge that children don’t usually like foods with strong, unexpected tastes and strange textures, and garlic is one of them. Let’s be real, most of us started eating garlic way into our teen years or even adulthood. And even then, we felt so bold adding it to our food, since it’s such a potent addition to every dish. As a dream symbol, garlic reminds you that it’s time to spice up your life a bit. 

A Sign For Health

Garlic has been a staple in medicine for thousands of years. According to Sanskrit records, it’s been used over 5000 years ago as a herbal remedy. Greek physician Hippocrates used it to heal anything from wounds to cancer and leprosy. If you dream of garlic, maybe it’s a spiritual signal to think about using garlic for its health benefits. Garlic features compounds that boost your white blood cells’ disease-fighting response when encountering viruses. Let’s be frank, the health situation in the world reminds us we can never be too safe, right?

The Way You Use Garlic In A Dream Can Also Have Different Meanings:


We mentioned above that garlic can be a symbol of the desire to spice things up. When you dream about using garlic when making a dish, this ingredient appears as a sign that your life needs more “spice,” more adventure. 

Eating Garlic

Garlic is one of those things that you probably avoid eating before a first date, because you don’t want the other person to smell you from across the room. If you’re eating garlic in a dream, it might mean that you need protection from something in your waking life. 

Planting Garlic

To see yourself planting garlic in a dream can signify you’re working on self-improvement. Garlic in your garden is supposed to make you tenacious and brave.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Did you encounter this ingredient recently? Maybe you used it in your meal, or you bought it during the last grocery shopping. It’s not uncommon to dream about things we came across lately.

What’s your first association when you think about garlic? Some people are grossed by it, others can’t imagine a dish without this ingredient. And then, garlic can remind you of someone. Maybe your best friend can’t imagine pasta without garlic bread, so you always think of him when seeing it.

Are you familiar with garlic folklore? If you’re familiar with the folk belief that garlic repels vampires, then your mind might associate garlic with these blood-sucking beings. You’re also probably familiar with the term “energy vampire,” which is a person that drains your emotional energy and leaves you feeling drained after every conversation. So when you dream about garlic, it can be a message from your mind that someone in your surroundings is zapping your life power. 

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