A dream about a ghost is typically a symbol of being hunted by something in your past. Likewise, it may imply that old memories are resurfacing because of recent events.


Past Regret/Remorse 

Is there something you did in the past that you are now regretting? Are you feeling remorseful about it and wish you have never done it?

Old Memories

Dreaming of a ghost may signify memories of your past.


Do you find the supernatural or paranormal interesting? The ghost in your dream may be a representation of your interest.


Did the ghost in your dream scare you? If so, it may symbolize the fears you currently have in your waking life.

Can Ghosts Actually Visit Your Dreams?

Dreaming of a ghost is a dream symbol letting you know that you need to take care of some unfinished business in your waking life. However, some believe that it may be possible for you to experience an actual spirit visiting you in your dreams. This is especially true if the ghost dream is more vivid and feels real than usual. 

If you experience this, it may be worth considering opening your mind to the likelihood that spirits can appear in people’s dreams to convey warnings, messages, or simply to make contact.

When you encounter a spirit in your dream, and it’s making you feel uncomfortable, do not summon fear. Instead, invoke love and make them leave and let them know that they are not welcome in your dream space.

If the ghost you see in your dream is a loved one who passed away, read our post about visitation dreams to understand more about what it means.

Common Dreams About Ghosts And Their Meaning

Seeing a ghost in your dream can mean many different things. It may be a part of you that is unclear, specific aspects of yourself that you fear, regrets, or even actual representation of the dead.

To dream of a scary ghost

This suggests that someone will try to force their will on you, so you must be vigilant.

Faceless ghost

Dreaming about a ghost without a face may mean the source of something that you have not been identified. For instance, if it makes you afraid, it may indicate that you need to explore what’s causing your phobia or face your fear to overcome it.

Male and female ghost

If your ghost dream involves a male appearing on your right side and a female on your left side, it may imply that you are about to rise above uncertainty. 

A ghost pursuing you

This type of dream about a ghost may be a warning of disturbing experiences in the near future.

Ghost of an alive person

Dreaming of a ghost of someone you know who is still alive may imply that you may be in danger from a vindictive person or a friendship is about to end.

Did you have a dream about a ghost? Share your experience and thoughts about it, as well as what it may mean in connection to your waking life in the comment section below.

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