Ghost Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams of ghosts can be very vivid, but what do they actually mean? A ghost appearing in your dream essentially represents something which has been left unresolved, and it’s still ‘haunting’ you to this day, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

Reasons Why You’re Dreaming of Ghosts

For the most part, ghosts in dreams represent something you’re unable to let go of, consciously or not. It may be something you thought you’d already resolved, but hadn’t fully processed. 

Let’s take a closer look.


Ghosts, like any other supernatural entity, can represent the ‘other’, or fear, as they aren’t something we can fully understand. 

This can be a fear of anything you might think of, or even time passing you by, but whatever the anxiety is, it’s managing to dictate your choices for you.

Resurfacing Memories

Ghosts in a dream can also embody a stage in your life which is long over, but you feel sentimental about. It can also represent a forgotten memory that you should keep in mind, which could help you in your present waking life. 

Law of Attraction

If you’re interested in the supernatural, paranormal events, or something more than day-to-day reality, you’re more likely to dream of it.

In this case, dreaming of ghosts is a wish fulfillment dream, where you discover something more than what is available to you in waking life.


Quite often, your subconscious will pick the most obvious symbol it can think of. We associate ghosts with something that haunts you, being unable to move on, something which keeps a spirit tied to a place. 

Is there something preventing you from moving forward in life? A past mistake you cannot let go of?

Common Dreams About Ghosts and What They Mean

It’s worth looking at some specific dreams about ghosts, as they can appear in dreams in many ways, which alters the meaning behind the dream. 

How the ghost appears, its behavior, and how it makes you feel are all clues to understanding the symbolism behind your ghost dream.

Being Scared of a Ghost

Dreaming of a ghost appearing and being overwhelmingly terrified by it indicates that it’s likely you will struggle to cope with something in the future, because you have something unresolved in your past.

Fighting a Ghost

If you dream of fighting a ghost, you are in conflict with yourself. You’re trying to fight change, or you’re going against your better judgment in order to feel better in the short term.

Dreaming of Someone who is Alive as a Ghost

If you dream of someone who is alive in waking life, but they are a ghost in your dream, it can suggest that a stage of your life is coming to an end. 

This may be in terms of a career path, a relationship, or anything else you might consider, but remember that the end makes way for a new beginning.

Being a Ghost

Dreaming of being a ghost implies that you feel trapped somewhere in waking life. This may be in a relationship, a job, or a responsibility. Something is taking its toll on you.


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