Jewelry Dream Meaning

According to history, jewelry has been around for over 40,000 years. From bones and teeth to stones and metals, they’ve been made of different materials, and with different purposes. Asides from being used as talismans, jewelry also served as social symbols. But that’s not all. In a way, every piece of jewelry was also an ornament, adorning the person that wore it.

As a dream symbol, jewelry has a lot of possible meanings. Type of trinkets in your dream and your personal jewelry preference are only a few factors a dream interpretation depends on. In this article, we’ll cover some most common dream scenarios involving jewelry and what they mean.  

What Do Your Dreams Of Jewelry Actually Mean?

Jewelry is often considered to be of high value, so that’s what it also represents in our dream state. When we see jewels in our dreams, they actually symbolize something in our waking life we hold dear. They can refer to a person we’re close to, but they also might symbolize things you value in your professional growth. In any case, a dream of jewelry usually means you have some important choices to make that will determine your success in the future.

For forever, jewelry has been a symbol of status. From rings to necklaces, they have been used across different cultures as a way of indicating power and wealth. In Ancient Rome, even men wore jewelry that indicated their high rank.

This hasn’t changed much to this day. A dream about jewelry can refer to people around you that are envious of your social image. You’re known as a reliable person that keeps their word, whatever the situation. But even though you appear tough, you’re actually very sensitive. Just like the finest piece of jewelry, you can break.

Not all trinkets appear as symbols of physical treasures. They say it’s more important to be happy than to be rich, but what this dream tells you is that joy is the biggest wealth of them all. You’re satisfied with where you are in your life right now, and don’t want things to change. 

The meaning behind a dream depends a lot on the type of jewelry. Let’s take the necklace for example. It sits around the throat, right where our vocal cords lie. As a dream symbol, a necklace might refer to problems in communication. Earrings, on the other hand, can be related to your listening skills. 

Lastly, rings have been used as a symbol of commitment for centuries now. A wedding ring represents union, while an engagement ring promises devotion. And then we have a family ring. Passed down the generations, this ring is a symbol of tradition and family values.

To Dream About Wearing Jewelry

Dreams in which you’re wearing jewelry are related to your self-worth. The larger your trinkets are, the more self-confident you feel. However, wearing jewelry in dreams can also have a negative meaning. If you dream about someone stealing your precious jewels, that’s a clear sign of betrayal. Someone in your surroundings is playing you around to change the situation in their favor. 

Dreams of silver jewelry, on the other hand, always have a positive interpretation. This metal is associated with the moon and the eternal goddess. And just like the moon reflects the sun, silver reflects all the negative emotions away from the one wearing it. It brings peace and protection from evil. Seeing yourself wearing silver jewelry means you are strong enough to fight off all the hatred and envy aimed at you. Just like this metal, you show everybody that you’re not weak, but flexible enough to become something better.

Lastly, dreams about gold jewelry can have several meanings. Gold stands for wealth and power, and in a dream, it can appear as a symbol of a financial gain you can expect in the near future. 

Gold jewelry gives off a sense of nostalgia, and dreaming about it refers to the person you miss. This dream is a reminder to rekindle your relationship and start where you left off.

Dreams About Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is a powerful purple crystal that is said to have healing properties. In dreams, seeing this precious stone means you’ve helped someone to heal their wounds, whether physical or mental. You have a special place in that person’s heart.

Amethyst is also known for improving your sense of calmness and tranquility. It keeps you grounded and warns you that balance is important in all aspects of your life. Amethyst in your dream reminds you that antipodes like life and death are two sides of the same coin. It’s okay to let both affect us emotionally, as long as we accept them as a lesson and not destiny. 

To Wear A Large Piece Of Jewelry In A Dream

If you go out in the public with a large, sparkly necklace, there’s a good chance heads will turn your way. Dreams with such a scenario usually imply someone has noticed your hard work. They want to give you credit for all your efforts. This dream can be related to both your private and work life. 

Rings with large stones are often associated with engagements, so dreams about wearing such a piece of jewelry are related to your love life. Such dreams are usually a sign that you’ve found the love of your life. You know it on a subconscious level, but you’ve yet to admit it to yourself. Don’t be afraid to give in and enjoy the presence of your significant other. 

Meaning Behind Dreams Of Diamonds

You’ve probably heard the phrase “diamonds are forever.” These precious stones really are timeless. It took earth over 3 billion years to transform carbon into diamonds. It’s no wonder humankind has been fascinated by this precious stone for thousands of years. Various civilizations have their own lore related to diamonds, but they agree on one thing. A diamond symbolizes strength and invincibility. Wearing diamonds in a dream means you’re going to be happy in life.

A dream about mining diamonds refers to your search for important things in life. You’ve wasted too much time on people that come and go, without leaving a permanent trace. It’s time to focus on things that are eternal, like these gems. 

If you dream about losing a diamond jewel, it means someone is trying to manipulate you into changing your priorities. By lavishing gifts on you, this person tries to slow down your progress, out of pure spite.  

In some cultures, diamonds are said to purify and detoxify a body system. As a dream symbol, however, they don’t appear as a cure. Instead, dreams of diamonds can usually be a sign to pay better attention to your health. Recent stressful situations have finally taken a toll on your body. You need to back down and prioritize your physical well-being.

To Buy Jewelry In A Dream

It’s not every day you walk into the jewelry store and treat yourself with a signature piece. When this happens in your dream, it’s a sign of a great future ahead of you. The dream might refer to meeting someone feeling as spiritually rich as you. Or it might symbolize winning a lottery (see also Dreams Of Winning The Lottery And What They Mean), both figuratively and literally. Finally, you’ve decided some things are worth taking a “shot,” both in personal and professional life.

However, if the trinkets you buy end up being fake, it means you’re going to be disappointed by someone or something. 

Dreams About Selling Pieces Of Jewelry

Lots of people want to get rid of the jewels they no longer wear and exchange them for money (see also Money Dream Interpretation) they desperately need. When you dream about selling jewelry, this can mean several things. First, this dream might refer to your current financial situation that causes you to resort to desperate measures. It can also symbolize communication difficulties you have with people around you. At this point in your waking life, you need to make all-or-nothing choices. One way or another, things will get solved. 

To Lose Jewelry In A Dream

Every rose has its thorn, and dreams of losing jewelry prove just that. You’ll experience a rough period, during which you’ll question your faith and dedication. But, you’ll get over it and rise even stronger. From his experience, you’ll learn the most important lesson in life – to only trust yourself. 

Sometimes, this kind of dream can be interpreted as a warning sign to keep a close eye on your finances. Your reckless spending can easily get out of your hands, and you might jeopardize your savings. 

Symbolism Behind A Dream Of Finding Jewelry

Finding jewelry in a dream is a good omen. When success comes unexpectedly, we enjoy it even more. A dream about finding jewelry means all of your troubles will magically go away, and you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. Finally, everything seems to fall into place.

Finding jewelry in a dream can also represent finding yourself. Through the dream, you’re trying to discover your personal value and hidden potential. And you’re going to like what you come upon. 

To See A Jewelry Store In A Dream

A jewelry store can symbolize a project you’re working on. If you dream about manically shopping (see also Shopping Dream Symbolism And Meaning) for jewels, that means you’re torn between different options and indecision is hurting your chance of success. If you’re the one selling trinkets, that means you’re the one holding strings in your hands. 

Jewelry As A Gift To Someone

Jewelry is an exceptional kind of present. We gift them to people for special days like birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. There are several ways to interpret a dream of giving someone jewelry. If you’re gifting a necklace, it represents someone or something in your waking life you need to say farewell to. If the ring is your jewel of choice (see also Ring Dream Meaning), that dream symbolizes your devotion and persistence in achieving life goals.

To Receive A Piece Of Jewelry From Significant Other

In dreams like these, a subject matters. If your love interest is giving you jewels, this dream symbolizes your strong relationship. What you two have is true love and nothing can come between you. 

However, if you have such a dream while single in a waking life, it means you’re tired of being lonely and ready to be in love again. 

Finally, if your beloved gives a ring to another person, that dream refers to your confidence struggles. Until you start seeing yourself as worthy, no one will. So go and show everyone you’re good enough and worth every effort.  

Meaning Behind Throwing Away Jewelry In A Dream

A dream scenario in which you’re throwing away your jewelry symbolizes your wish to leave everything behind and turn the page. Time flies fast, and there’s no point in wasting it on things that don’t matter to us. If a jewel of your choice is a wedding ring, the first step towards your new life seems like the hardest thing you’ve ever done. But be determined and stay focused on what comes later. 

To Receive Jewelry From Someone

Receiving jewelry in a dream refers to recent favorable circumstances. Unexpectedly, new opportunities arose. While unprepared, you’re eager to jump in and embrace new, exciting things. The world is your oyster, so go enjoy the uncertainty of life.

However, if jewels you receive in this dream are inherited, that can be a bad omen. You’re left to pick up one’s crumbs, and you know you deserve way more than that. This is a difficult situation, yet frustration won’t solve anything. Instead of crying over spilled milk, you need to pull yourself together and focus on your goals. Once you get there, all the setbacks will be forgotten.


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